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Follow the dark path or use the light
Stronghold: Crusader Pack Shot

Stronghold: Crusader

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Some Hard Crusader Trail Levels hint for Stronghold: Crusader

Some Hard Crusader Trail Levels

Some levels are indeed very hard, and this is mainly because there is little or no resources near you. To make the most of your limited resources, turn your wood into crossbows, then sell them, turn your iron into metal armour(is made quicker than swords or maces), and sell them. If you have stone, there isn't much you can with it, so sell it. And don't be afraid to spend 2000+ gold on soldiers at the beginning of hard levels. If you get a good hold on your defences, then you will be safe and won't suffer as much from enemy attcks.

3. This Dusty Land:
A fairly hard level, but you are allied with the Lionheart, so there are some advantages. Put iron mines on every spot of iron there is south of you, and remember: an iron mine only needs 4 squares of iron to build on, so try and use this to place as many as you can in a limited space. Place square towers all along the north edge of your castle and equip them with ballistae, about 6 or 8 will do. Sell your iron for money and make sure you have lots of archers defending your farms from constant slave attacks: crossbowmen shoot too slowly. You can put some on your square towers to fend off the Caliph's swordsmen if they get too close, but your ballistae should get them while they are "camping" north of your castle. Use crossbowmen and pikemen/swordsmen to kill each Caliph, and start with the lower one. And be aware of pitch ditches around their bases.

4. An Old Friend:
Start building your south-west wall as quickly as you can, and don't be afraid to spend a lot of money at the beginning on crossbowmen. 20 of them will do. After you have a good hold on your defences, build ballistae on square towers. They will hassle the Pig's forces constantly. Counter his macemen with swordsmen, and don't let him take all the oasis for himself.

7. Greek Fire:
Can be difficult, but there are many resources on your side of the river, so take advantage of them!! And remember you only have to defend the ford west of you. Remember to use crossbowmen and ballistae on square towers.

8. Sands of Time:
Build towers as far south as you can to defend your farms and the large resource area in the middle of the map. Use crossbowmen, for they can kill the Rats's archers quickly, and kill their spearmen very quickly. Once you have a gold hold on your defences, start to fortify the resource area.

11. Rocky Valley:
Use crossbowmen to fend off the Pigs's attacks, and build as many iron mines and quarries as you can around the resources south of you. Build your walls around them, and place towers all along your castle, including the sides: their macemen head for the sides and will break through if they go unnoticed.

13. The Heat of the Desert:
Build your walls around the farmland, and use crossbowmen to defend against the Caliphs's attacks. Build ballistae on towers to hassle their castles. Eventually their economy will break down because your defences will be so close, they won't be able to get their workers past their gatehouses. Then pick off their archers, and attack with swordsmen. Easy.

17. Realm of the Camels:
Place crossbowmen on the inner gatehouses only, because then if the gatehouses get destroyed, you can rebuild them.

18. A Barren Land:
Build walls between each of the gaps in the cliffs, and defend with bowmen. Build quarries on the stone west of you, and build a tower as far out as you can to defend them against slave attacks. Build ballistae to counter the Snakes's catapults, but don't be worried about them because they only use one in each of their attacks. Start with Lord Python, then go anti-clockwise and wipe the rest out.

19. A Date With History:
To kill the Wolf, train 300+ crossbowmen(yes I'm serious)to defend, using stone for funds. When you think you stand a chance against him, wait for an attack, then attack with the crossbowmen you are using for defence. Just let your crossbowmen hang around his castle, picking off his archers and siege defences. When all his defences are crushed, hire 5 assassins, and take control of a gate house. Get your crossbowmen to get on the walls all around his keep, where they will kill all his forces and then eventually kill the lord, but keep them on the walls.

20. The Saracen:
Try to defend the ford south of you, but don't place any troops on the walls or gatehouses. Also defend the ford north-west of you, and use archers against their slave attacks. Build a water pot near the resouces north of the ford, in case slaves do get there. Lionheart will destroy most of The Jackal's walls, and when the time is right, attack with swordsmen. Erase him and then Lionheart can get a hold on his defences. Then fortify the gatehouse south of you with crossbowmen. And use ballistae if need be. Erase the other two Caliphs in the same way, and victory will be yours!!

22. Red Beak:
Build a gatehouse as far west of you as you can to defend your iron mines. Use crossbowmen and bowmen to fend off the Caliph's attacks. Trun your wood into crossbows for money, and turn your small amount of iron into armour for money. Eventually attack him with catapults and fire ballistae, then move in for the kill with pikemen. Build crossbowmen on towers along the cliff edge south-east of you, because he will set your castle ablaze with his fire ballistae. Then vistory will be yours!!

This is as far as I've got but I'll keep you updated. Stay cool, and good luck.

Added by: emo.blink
Sep 3rd 2006, ID#9448


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