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Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures Cheats for PC

Cheats and Tips for Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures

We have 27 cheats and tips on PC. If you have any cheats or tips for Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : Mac

You can also ask your question on our Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures Questions & Answers page.

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Count Dooku Costume

To unlock a Count Dooku costume, enter 'trudooku' in Redeem Code.

RA-7 Droid

To get a RA-7 Droid, enter the code 'Mcplaycwa' in Redeem Code.

Free sc

First go to free realms then type your password and username that you use for clone wars adventures then when you get back on clone wars adventures and you will have free sc

4 awesome cheats

Cheat1: cwagift10 (membership)
Cheat2: mcplaycwa (RA-7 droid)
Cheat3: jetpack01 (speeder)
Cheat4: secretmission (C-3PO)

Z-4 Speeder

To get a Z-4 Speeder, enter the code 'Jetpack01' in Redeem Code.

Some cheats

1. Cwa power boost 300 boost points
2. Tru dooku dooku gear
3. Secret mission droid
4. Mc play cwa idk I didnt read to
5. Jetpack01 speeder
6. Go to join the to get a gungan light saber
7. Milk rocks I think I don't know what it does I didnt read it
Thats it all I know

Gungan Lightsaber

Go to Skip the video and then click on the 'Clone Wars Adventures' thingy on the bottom right-hand corner. It will take you to a login page, where you login with your Clone Wars account, then bam, free Gungan lightsaber Smile

Awsome cheats

1. Cwa power boost
2. Tru dooku
3. Secret mission
4. Mc play cwa
5. Jetpack01
6. Go to join the to get a gungan light sabor
If you want to be my freind write Lune Phasesore on the freind list

Free boost points

To redeem a code for free boost points go to redeem code under the my gear button then type the code cwapowerboost


Sorry peeps bu the code for membership cwagift10 no longer works so try and buy star wars action figures with clone wars adventures sticker or get buy the membership.

Speeder bike

Go to redeem code and type jetpack01 and youll get a green speeder bike.I hope you enjoy your green speeder bike.

Star wars clone wars adventures PC

1. Cwa power boost 300 boost points
2. Tru dooku dooku gear
3. Secret mission droid
4. Mc play cwa idk I didnt read to
5. Jetpack01 speeder
6. Go to join the to get a gungan light saber

Ra-7 droid

To get this droid what you do is go to redeem a code and type in "mcplaycwa" and you get can get the attachments for him only if you are a jedi member

CWA codes

1. Secretmission=C-3PO
2. Mcplaycwa=RA-7
3. Jetpack01=Green 74-Z speeder bike
4. Cwapowerboost=300 boost points
5. Aquaassaultprize=M1-L0 astromech droid
6. Trudooku=Count Dooku's Original Gear[/b] [/i]

Free count dooku robes

Go to the redeem code button under the my gear button then type the code trudooku and you will recive count dooku robes and boots

Code for a speeder

To get the code for a speeder type the code jetpack01 under the my gear button to redeem the code

Free c-3po

The code for him is Secret Mission to redeem him go to the my gear button then click redeem code last type the code

Get m1-l0

The code is aquaassaultprize to get m1-l0 droid hope it still works my guy name is josh monnier.

Free gungan light saber

First logon to clonewars adventures then open a new tab and go to and watch or skip the video then click the clonewars adventures app then you will recive a gungan light saber

Code for ra-7

To the get the ra-7 droid type the code mcplaycwa to redeem the code click the my gear then click redeem code

Forever Lasting Codes and 2012 Only Codes

Forever Codes:
Jetpack01 - Green 74Z Speeder Bike
MCPLAYCWA - RA7 Protocol Droid
Trudooku - Original Count Dooku Gear (No lightsaber included)
Secretmission - C3PO Protocol Droid
AquaAssaultPrize - M1LO Astromech Droid
2012 Only:
NELONA - Nelonas Double Eged Lightsaber

How 2 get droids

Dont think those cheats will work but if you want a ra 7 droid type mcplaycwa don't be mad if the code does not work. Ps. Type secret mission for c3po

Codes for cwa

3.powerboost:300 boostpoints
5.aquaassaultreward:a green astromeck droid I forgot the name
Thats all folks if they work freind me on clone wars adventures the name is danz hoverroamer have fun

Top floor

In calac theres this place that you can get to if you know someone thats up there friend them and teleport to them

How to get a nelona dual - eged lightsaber

Go to and find Clone Wars Adventures at the bottom. Then, Read the code: NELONA. Then go to the game. After that you go to mail. Click ACCEPT on the lightsaber. There you go. Have Fun Players!

Tired of droids at beggining of game?

Instead of stopping to shoot with 1 click the attack button and keep running. And also a cheat use aqua assult prize no space equip the droid by going to menu and go to pets and mounts click companions and equip it when you click it as soon as it appears you will get a health boost that lasts ten seconds but it recharges

Free sc

First log out then make a new tab then type in free realms put in your cwa password and username then login on free realms download the game and accept the turms of use go quick play or customise choose your name then accept go to stats in a little box on the bottom right corner of the screenand you should have atleast three hundred an forty nine sc so log back on cwa and wow

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