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Starcraft: Brood War Cheats and Tips

We have 20 cheats and tips on PC. If you have any cheats or tips for Starcraft: Brood War please send them in here. You can also ask your question on our Starcraft: Brood War Questions & Answers page.

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Cheat Codes

During game play press 'Enter' to bring up the message box then type in the code for corresponding effect.
Enable Mission Select:

Infinite Energy:
The gathering

Instant Loss:
Game over man

Instant Win:
There is no cow level

Power overwhelming

No Supply Limit:
Food for thought
Unlock Faster Building:
Operation cwal

Play Secret Zerg Song:
Radio free zerg

Opponent has No Psionics:
Unlock 10,000 Minerals and Gas:
Show me the money
Remove Fog of War:
War aint what it used to be

Unlock 500 Gas:
Breathe deep
Unlock 500 Minerals:
Whats mine..

Unlock Secret Zerg Level

In under 25 minutes beat Zerg level 9 'The Reckoning' to access it.

Power Overwhelming - God Mode Show me the Mon..

Power Overwhelming - God Mode

Show me the Money - Get 10,000 supplies

Operation CWAL - Build Fast

Black Sheep Wall - Show whole map

The Gathering - Unlimited Energy

Food for Thought - Build more unite then limit

Something for nothing - Upgrades unites by 1 point

Modify the phase variance - Enable to build all buildings and units

Medieval Man - Get upgrades free

Hear the overmind Rap Hit enter and type in..

Hear the overmind Rap

Hit enter and type in radio free zerg.

You might have to turn the volume up maro than usual.Be careful not to click on units while listening, its as loud as a car horn!

Hacks that will make you win

For 10,000 minerals and gas:
Show me the money
The gathering
Infinite energy:
The gathering
Win current level:
Theres no cow level
Lose current level:
Game over man
All upgrades for all units:
Somthing for nothing
Reveal the entire map:
Black sheep wall
Well thats all but there are hack packs that well do this all for you just typing the first letter or somthing easy like that.

If you want to beat the zerg without cheats ther..

If you want to beat the zerg without cheats there is a way.

This only works with every upgrade building 3 times (incase they get destroyed) and make a large group of barracks in the middle of the map.

Then but thousands of bunkers all over it.make tons of marines and fill all the bunkers and put extras outside the bunkers too.

Then keep making bunkers that make a line to the enemy's base and then send a whole lot og marines with stim pack and you will win really fast!!!!!!!!!!!

Instantly win current level: there is no cow l..

Instantly win current level:
there is no cow level
Instantly lose current level:
game over man

God mode:
power overwhelming

Receive 10,000 Minerals/Gas:
show me the money

Receive 10,000 Minerals:
whats mine is mine

Receive 10,000 Gas:
breathe deep

Free Upgrades to all Units:
something for nothing

Reveal Entire Map:
black sheep wall

Disable Level Victory:
staying alive

Fast Build Mode:
operation cwal

Free Technology Upgrades:
medieval man

Disable Tech Tree:
modify the phase variance

Disable Food/Psi Requirements:
food for thought

Infinite Energy:
the gathering

My Unknown Cheat

I observed this game and it put myself hang up. It's fun!! Anyway here is my cheat caught up!!

Black sheep wall - map shows up + no fog
Food for thought - can build more units without Boundary radio free zerg - a wierd song but must have installed something??
Medieval man - upgrade cheat level one
Modify the phase variance - can build units, buildings without requirement
Show me the money - ores and gas plus 10000
Something for nothing - upgrade cheat level 2
Power overwhelming - infinite durability to units, buildings
There is no cow level - mission accomplished

Hey I've beaten this game about a million time..


I've beaten this game about a million times (13 or 14).

I rate this game a 11 its basically perfect except its a little complecated for the scenario editor so here is some tips.

To creat a game where you can play againts the cpu just turn on your grid and make sure you place everthing the same amount of squars away.

e.g. if your building has a gyser 3 squares away from your start location he must have a gyser 3 squares away etc.

If you start out with so and so money he must start out with the same or the cpu will just sit there and let you kill them because you have an unfair advantage.


Whenever you click on a character it says a ph..

Whenever you click on a character it says a phrase.

The phrases vary, but not much. If you want to get special phrases, hot key a character( that can actually talk) by doing control+#.

Then press the number repeatedly after every phrase and you will start to hear new ones.

My favorite phrases are from the marine.

Stim packs without the pain! Build a barrac..

Stim packs without the pain!

Build a barracks first,then train a marine (If you know what I mean!)or a firebat.Then train a medic,build an armory,then upgrade the stim packs,then use it on the marine or firebat,then the medic will autimaticly heal the marine or firebats!


While playing the game, just keep clicking on a critter for about 1 minute and see it explode like an atom bomb. P.S. Don't worry, it wont hurt any of your soldiers.

I know the easiest way to defeat any level by us..

I know the easiest way to defeat any level by using protoss.
First you have to find a way to build two dark templar
Next, select the two dark templar and turn them to dark archon then, research the 'mind control'
finally you can control all units.

Some Pretty Darn Good Strategies

This strategy is for Protoss players only!! These are strictly Protoss-category strategies.
1) This is an obvious, but very effective strategy. Now, when you kill a player, you should leave at least 1 miner/builder alive IF they are terran and/or zerg. If you have upgraded to the point that you have a Templar Archives, then you'd better get your butt crankin out the Dark Templars (dt for short). While the dts build (you should have at least 6), research the Mind Control ability at the Templar Archives and the Argus Jewel to increase the Dark Archon's energy maximum. Now, for my favorite part: fuse your first 2 dt's into a dark archon. The Dark Archon is possibly my favorite unit in the whole game.
It is a muti-purpose butt-kicker. It has no "attack" of it's own li..

Hide your tanks//Lurkers!

This is a simple way to make your Seige Tanks and Lurkers un-attackable to melee units.
What you will need:
A liftable building. Easy enough to obtain.
An infested command center. A little bit harde to get...
What to do:
Step 1: Lift off your building.
Step 2: Move your Seige Tanks close to the building.
Step 3: Tell yout building to land.
Step 4: QUICKLY! Move your Seige Tanks under the building while it's landing.
Step 5: Put your Seige Tanks Into Seige mode before the building lands.
Do the same thing as the Terran do, but burrow your lurkers instead of seiging them.

Realy Cool

When you are Protoss get two dark templar (im sure you all know how to!) and fuse them into a Dark Archon, then go around and get the other players building units, gatherers, whatever you want to call them, convert them and then you can build all of there things aswel as yours! It's so cool!
Have fun

Dark Origin

On the ninth mission of zerg episode IV If you Complete with at least five minutes left (Destroying the protoss base) then You will do a secret mission called dark origion, where you start out with a few dark archons, zeratul, and maybe some other protoss units (not giving away any spoilers so you can see for your self however it is challenging). This level is inaccesible from the menu so you can only acces it by doing the 9th zerg mission and winning it in under 5 minutes.

zerg over runing you

If you can beat the zerg because they over run you don't get mad
All you have to do is make a lot of men and ceep actting they even if all the men you sent die send more. The zerg will find a weakness so leve some at your place because they find a nother rout so ceep men at your place. The best thing to do is type operation cwal in it alows you to biuld faster and show me the money gives you 10,000 dollers. It wont be ezsy...

Helpful Cheats

When your playing a player vs. Player game, you can't use these cheat codes, it's not action replay or game shark, it's just a game cheat, here they are,
Power overwhelming =Immortality
Show me the money =10000 Gas and Ore
Something for nothing =Free unit upgrade (Note: Only upgrades stuff once and cheat can be used a max of three times)
Black sheep wall =Reveal entire map
Operation cwal =Fast build mode
Medieval man =All technology upgrades
Modify the phase variance =Build anything mode
Food for thought =unlimited units
The gathering =unlimited energy
And if you want to be cheap and not do anything, use these codes,
There is no cow level =Auto win
Game over man =Auto lose
You must spell these the wa..

Power overwhelming-god mode food for thought..

Power overwhelming-god mode

food for thought-unlimited supplyes

the gathering-unlimited energy

operation cwal-building faster

show me the money-1000 gas and minnerals

black sheep wall-see all map

whats mine is mine-500 gas and minnerals

theres no cow levle-Beat game

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