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Just Cause 2 PC Cheats and Tips

We have 14 cheats and tips on PC. If you have any cheats or tips for Just Cause 2 please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : Xbox 360 : PlayStation 3

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The following can be found at the corresponding coordinates.

Bubble Gun: X4249, Y25990

Gambler's Den: X8646, Y23133

Grounded Mile High Strip Club: X27272, Y9999

Collectibles (2 rare vehicles, gas pumps): X8033, Y28372

Fake Shark Fin (towed by propeller at lake): X12730, Y22494

'I Am Legend' Reference (with chair and desk at the end of pier): X18207, Y21543

Upgrades at the top of the four smaller towers and the main larger tower: X2297, Y2212

Mountain Sculpture (three large faces): X30377, Y30638

Racetrack with Sports Cars: X9170, Y11413

SAMs, Fuel Supplies, Windmills: X8268, Y26679

Three Kings Hotel: X3709, Y31482

Freefall Landings without a Parachute

To land safely without a parachute while free falling grapple the ground when you get close. This trick works regardless of the distance that you fell.

Easy Money

Whenever you complete a race you will be awarded $20,000, keep repeating races to accumulate $20,000 each time until you get the desired amount of money.


In one forest there is a ballon which you can steer by running in the direction you want while inside of it and use the steam with E to make the balloon fly up.

The coordinates are:



Wrecking ball kills

Call in a Sirkin 15 Havoc (Prefferably fully upgraded), then find a checkpoint.

Land you chopper, the attatch the nearby Oldman on a medium sized line.

Now pick up the car, and kill the ground troop wandering around the checkpoint.

If your heat goes up, cut the line and fly off to find another checkpoint.

Death-proof stunts

Tried doing an awesome stunt, but had to bail cause your car was about to blow up?

Well, if you stay in you car when it blows up, provided you're in free fall, you'll be fine!

Once the car stops though, you're dead, but you can jump out before then and you'll live.

Doesn't work if you're driving normally.

Low flyer

Stuck trying to fly low for 30 seconds?

Here's some tips:

1) Do it around water, or on a river

2) Get the Peek Airhawk (I think that's the name. The propeller one with the landing gear always down)

3) Start doing gentle circles with the plane

4) Move the camera so you can see the underside of the plane to check how close you are to the ground

5) If the main part of your plane touches the water, it will blow up. Avoid. (Wings and landing gear touching it are okay)

6) Don't accelerate or deccelerate when trying.

7) Sometimes, the game seems to glitch when using the Airhawk, and starts the Low Flyer timer much earlier than other planes. If it does, kepp doing whatever you're doing, and you should get it (This is how I got mine)

Easy Stunt Driver points

At X9170, Y11413 there is a race track.

In the race track, there is a lot of very fast cars.

If you take one of these cars (some of which are very rare) you can drive around at top speeds, which will start giving you loads of stunt points.

Added on Machine-Gun

When you fully upgrade a vehicle, it will add on a usable machine gun to the vehicle.

If there's already a Machine gun on it, it will most likely add rockets.

Doodling on posters

Find a billboard with a picture of Baby Panay on it.

Rappel onto it just where his face is and press use and Rico will draw glasses and a mustache on it.

Hot air Balloon

At X7390 Y16151 there is a hot air balloon.

It's in the middle of dense jungle, so it may be hard to find, but it's very colourful.

Shoot off the sandbags, hop in, and press use to start slowly drifting up....

May or may not be available in non-limited edition, but probably is

Beached Whale

There is a whale on the beach at X29601 Y31301.

If you throw an explosive at the stomach, then it will blow up revealing an armour pa


You can BASE jump 1000 Meters off the Mile High Club.

Just remember to open your Parachute for it to be counted as a BASE Jump.

Free vehicles

Need a car/boat/plane, but can't find one?


Go to any challenge that requires a vehicle of whichever type you want (land, sea, air) and the game will give you a vehicle, usually a good vehicle, and almost always that small propeller plane for air ones.

Now, hop in the vehicle and start the race, and go to wherever you want. You will run out of time eventually (about 1 minute), but the game won't reset, leaving you with a nice new means of transportation.

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