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Habbo Hotel Cheats

Cheats and Tips for Habbo Hotel

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There's no cheat codes for this game but but there is a whole bunch of scams about getting free credits you want to watch out for.

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Free Credits

There doesn't seem to be any cheat codes for this game. There are however scattered around the internet plenty of scams involving calling telephone numbers to receive 'Free Credits', watch out for people telling you about this as you could find yourself with a huge telephone bill... And no Habbo Credits.
Please only use official numbers as provided by Habbo, on the Habbo website.
And here is a little tip...
To Quickly Move Furniture:
Hold 'Alt' and click on a piece of furniture to move it quickly.

Move Furniture Quickly

If you hold the Alt key and click on a piece of 'furni' (virtual furniture) you will be able to move it quickly.

money cheat

money code is 0av67con but if you wanna use this code you need to download ae allstars for your computer if it dosent work you did something wronk and i dont recommed you put more than 30 coins at one time because your computer can tilt

Popular scams

Here are a few scams you should NEVER fall for, no matter how tempting it sounds.
"Give me a piece of valuable/rare furni and I'll give you *example* 7 handfuls back".
This is NOT true..i bought 4 of a rare item and gave 3 to people who said that, and I never got my rare back.
"I can duplicate your furni"
IMPOSSIBLE! People post this on cheat websites saying things like "Give a bit of furni to *a habbo name* and they will double it for you. It really works I tried it!" The people posting these cheats are most likely to be the owner of the Habbo who claims to be able to duplicate furni. Don't fall for it.
"Give me your name and pass and I will buy you some coins/furni"
Most likely they will change your password, steal your furni, send offens..

free creds

drop in bennycars1 room and altermnatekly get cred for how much it is worth 1 sofa = 5creds

No 'Free Credits'

There is NO such thing as free credits on habbo hotel, they are all other habbo numbers, so that you waste your money to give other habbos credits, there are no cheats to it either!

Move the loading bar

When Habbo Hotel is loading (when it says 'Sulake' above the loading bar) you can drag it by clicking the bar and hold the click down, move the mouse around and the bar will move!

Habbo hotel cheats :D

How do I make me thw owner of habbo hotel? Well I'm going to tell you how to do it.first search the owner 2 click on his badge of owner intullit turns blue.3click badge and your the habbo hotel owner and the old owner will not be owner forever/ever/ever/ever

There is no such thing as "Free Credits" It's al..

There is no such thing as "Free Credits" It's all a big scam. There are NO cheats for habbo hotel. From the Uk Version to the Russian Version (Coming Out Soon) there will NEVER be cheats for Habbo Hotel.
When people say type this code in when you call from the home phone (Let's take my code for example, 17386702 ) it is their Habbo Code and not the "Moderators or 'Hobbas')
Just thought I should tell you all before you end up buying somebody else some Credits.
If you need help on habbo hotel Uk, just send my habbo a friends request, Devils.eyez--x

there are no cheats

I am sorry to tell you that there are no cheats. However there are quite alot of scams about on habbo so you need to be cautious and NOT fall from them. These are just a two of the many scams:
Respect for furni- some people say that if you give them respect, they give you furni. My friend fell for this, so the scammer took the respect and kicked her
Furni for respect- some people come round saying that if you give them furni, they will give you respect. Most of these people do not give you the respect, but just run off with the furni. It is still a scam anyway, respects are worthless. If you get a load you can get pixels what can only buy you rubish rentals and a little bit of furni. Still you cannot buy pixels so they are worthless

Move Furni Faster!!!

The way to move ALL of your furni around hold Alt and then just try and move your furni around, Hope I Helped, And It does work, I tried it.


Oh yeah id like to say that my name on habbo is RockStarDude101 and I have tried phoning but it says you can't ring this number

NO cheats for habbo hotel

There is NO cheats for habbo hotel and if anybody tells you there are don't listen
All people that say that they can duplicate your furniture are not tellnig the truth
They just steal all the furni you give them and everybody who says that call a certain number and it will give you free credits it's a lie it just buys credits for them and your the one paying for it.

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