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Grand Theft Auto 3 Cheats for PC

Cheats and Tips for Grand Theft Auto 3

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A large collection cheats that will help you in this game and includes codes for getting weapons and vehicles, how to leave Portland early and see Darkel, and easier Vigilante and Firetruck missions.

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We have 23 cheats and tips on PC. If you have any cheats or tips for Grand Theft Auto 3 please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : iPhone/iPad

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Grand Theft Auto III Cheats

During game-play enter the following codes to activate the cheat

Pedestrians Fight One Another: weaponsforall
Invisible Cars: anicesetofwheels
Destroy All Cars: bangbangbang
Flying Vehicle: chittycittybb
100% Health: gesundheit
Tank (Rhino) Appears: giveusatank
Get All Weapons: gunsgunsguns
More Money: ifiwerearichman
Change Outfit: ilikedressingup
Super-speedy Game Clock: madweather
Crank Up Gore: nastylimbscheat
Better Vehicle Handling: cornerslikemad
Pedestrians Attack: nobodylikesme
Insane Pedstrians: itsallgoingmaaad
Lower Wanted Level: nopoliceplease
Higher Wanted Level: morepoliceplease

Unlimited Ammunition

Hold the pistol and enable the 'gunsgunsguns' code repeatedly. You will eventually have unlimited ammunition for any gun that you have to reload. You must keep repeating the code if you are wasted or busted.

Grand Theft Auto 3 cheat codes

Type the following codes during the game play
ITSALLGOINGMAAAD – crazy pedestrians
NOBODYLIKESME – pedestrian tries to kill you
WEAPONSFORALL – pedestrians carry weapon
CHITTYCHITTYBB – flying cars
SKINCANCERFORME – nice weather
ILIKESCOTLAND – fog thickness 1
ILOVESCOTLAND – fog thickness 2
PEASOUP – fog thickness 3
MOREPOLICEPLEASE – wanted level up
NOPOLICEPLEASE – wanted level down
GIVEUSATANK – spawn tank
ANICESETOFWHEELS – see through cars
CORNERSLIKEMAD – prefect handling
TIMEFLIESWHENYOU – fast game play
BANGBANGBANG – blow up all cars
MADWEATHER – time ..

Unlimited Flamethrowers

Put out 20 fires on each of the three islands (there are about 60 altogether) to get unlimited Flamethrowers at your hideout. This does not have to be done at once.

To enter any body's house

Gotohome- you can enter anyone's house/home any time any wherewith the help of this cheat. A don's house also but, first you have to complete all the missions of that don.

Unlimited Adrenaline Pills

When you save 50 people on paramedic missions you will get unlimited Adrenaline Pills at your hideout. This does not have to be done at once.

ok now listen these ARE CHEATS THAT ACTUALLY WOR..

ok now listen these ARE CHEATS THAT ACTUALLY WORK-

giveusatank- tank

turtoise- 100% armor

more policeplease- obvious

nopoliceplease- obvious

bangbangbang- blow all cars up including cars that have all ready been blown up

gunsgunsguns- all weapons but if you want more keep typing it

chittychittybb- when you go fast you fly(you can do this to get to staunton island but with a cop car and on the right hand side

i swear these work and if you dont believe me go to GTA3 cheats .com

Easier Vigilante and Firetruck missions

When the criminal's vehicle is near, press Esc twice. The criminal will get out of their vehicle which makes the criminal a lot easier for Claude to kill--usually, he can just run over them with his Police car.
When you get a Firetruck assignment, press F1 twice. The fire goes out, and you get another assignment.

ifiwerearichman-extra moneygiveusatank-gives u a..

ifiwerearichman-extra money
giveusatank-gives u a tank
gunsgunsguns-all weapons
morepoliceplease-gives u more police
nopoliceplease-gives u no police
ilikedressingup-changes what u wear
gesundheit-full health
turtoise-100% armour
anicesetofwheels-invisible car
peasoup-foggy weather
ilovescotland-rainy weather
ilikescotland-cloudy weather
skincancerforme-sunny weather
weaponsforall-everybody has a weapon
itsallgonemaaad-crazy people
remember 2 type these in on game play
From fabio

Get liberty state pen outfit

When you start the game at the loading screen click new game the new game will start while the video is rolling hit the esc button and load your game you will now have the state pen outfit p.s: I found this cheat by accident may not work for other haven't really tried another game or system good luck !!!

Insert the cheat whilst on normal gameply:gngnsg..

Insert the cheat whilst on normal gameply:

gngnsgns - All weapens

ifiwerearichman - More money

gesundheit - full health

morepoliceplease - raise wanted level

nopoliceplease - less wanted level

giveusatank - get a tank

bangbangbang - blow up cars

ilikedressingup - new outfit

itsallgoingmaaad - Crazy people

nobodylikesme - people hate you

weoponsforall - everyone with a gun

turtoise - full armour

skincancerforme - clear weather

ilikescotland - cloudy weather

ilovescotland - rainy weather

peasoup - foggy weather

madweather - time speeds up..

Weapon cheats and vehicle cheats

Weapon cheats:
Full armour: R2,R2,L1,L2,left,down,right,up,left,down,right,up
All weapons: R2,R2,L1,R2,left,down,right,up,left,down,right,up
Vehicle cheats:
Get the tank: circle (x6),R1,L2,L1,triangle,circle,triangle
Get the dodo: right, R2, circle,R1,L2,down,L1,R1

More Violence and Gore

This is cheat to have more gore in the game: nastylimbcheat

How to leave Portland early and see Darkel

To let Claude Speed leave Portland the fastest, easiest way: right-click the game folder, click Properties, and un-check the "Read Only" green dot--click to OK that for sub-folders, etc. Make a back-up copy of data--handling.cfg in My Documents.
Go into data--handling.cfg--where you might go, anyway, to soup up the Submission vehicles or the Rumpo (to make "Big N' Veiny" easier)--and give a vehicle a -1 in column I: percent submerged. Then, when Claude drives the vehicle toward the far end of the Callahan or lift bridge and it falls into the water, he'll appear in it on the other side of the bridge.
Thanks to R.Rusk for the next two ways.
A 2nd way to get to Staunton early: have Claude back the Banshee W over the concrete roof of the tunnel in NW Portlan..

Having trouble beating El Burro's race?Well, her..

Having trouble beating El Burro's race?

Well, here's a cheat that will greatly help you. First you have to get to El Burro's mission. Next, go to the starting line.

You don't really need a fast car for this cheat even though it says you do. After the race starts, get out of your car and type in the all cars explode cheat(bangbangbang). If you did it right, all of your opponents should blow up. Then find a car and go through the checkpoints at your own pace.

If you have trouble, contact me at [email protected]

How you can get Dodo fly up?!!

So, if you go to Fransic Intl. Airport and you go to Dodo, it will not fly.
Now do the flying cars cheat and it will fly for seconds. But if you wanna that your Dodo will FLY download the mod "Full Winged Dodo" now if you go to Dodo it will fly!!!

Easy car repairs

You dont have to spend money on repairing your car when it gets damaged.
Here is an easy method to repair your car when it gets damaged, just take it to the hideout where you live, and then park the car inside the lot.
You dont even have to save the game.
Come out of the garage and then go inside, it will be completely repaired.

Your own music!

Copy the MP3 files of your choice into the "MP3" folder in the game folder and then you start the game. You will then have a new radio station named "MP3 player". Choose it to hear your music!


You find him by the 8-balls garage. Hey'll drive around with the for the whole game and he'll help you out by protecting you from gang members.


Type in the cheat "giveusatank" and you'll get a tank. Then type the flying cheat
"chittychittybb" and turn the barrel of the tank so that it's facing backwards. Then shoot and you'll take off! Keep shooting and you can travel some distances. Its Really Fun!!!

How to get a stinger in portland

To get a stinger in portland you have to do salvore first misson take maria to chico and then she'll tell you to go to the party,go to the party there u'll find three cars go into the middle one and park it into you're garage then you're misson will fail and you get a stinger in you're garage

On the second island there are cars that look li..

On the second island there are cars that look like a banchee with a top on it.

When you have one,the shift key will not be a horn button,but it will be a button that makes the car bounce up Just like a pimp mobile!

Coll Things

If you enter a police car you will get: full armor and a 5 shot shotgun
If lay low with a hooker you live is climb to 125!! But if you enter an ambulance it will drop to 100.. If you have low health enter a ambulance and your live will climb to 100!!

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