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Enlisted Cheats for PC

Cheats and Tips for Enlisted

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Enlisted is a squad-based online first-person shooter game based around major World War II battles. Each squad consists of several soldiers who can be trained, equipped with new weapons and items and then taken into a battle. The weaponry, soldier's uniform, appearance and capabilities of the vehicles in the game are in line with historical facts. You play the role of an infantry squad leader, tank crew or an aircraft pilot. Enlisted is available on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, and PC. Take a look at our tips to get help in the game.

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How to Swap Soldiers

You will be able to stay alive longer in Enlisted if you know how to swap between the soldiers in your squad when you go down. Swapping between soldiers will also enable you to get your hands on certain equipment only specific squad soldiers have. If you are playing Enlisted on PC you can swap between squad members that are alive by pressing Y on your keyboard. On consoles you need to hold right on the D-Pad.

Mark the Enemy

In order to help your squad keep track of where enemies are it is essential that you use the marking mechanic to pinpoint where enemies are coming from. The more intel your squad shares the more likely your team will win. To pinpoint enemies on PC you need to press V on your keyboard, on consoles it is Left Trigger + up on the D-Pad. Once you mark a spot a small red triangle will appear, you can mark up to three times, with each fourth one replacing the first.

How to get More Order Tokens

To get the best equipment and weapons in Enlisted you are going to need Order Tokens. The best way in which to get this currency as well as other free rewards is by leveling up in the Battle Pass. This can be accomplished by completing Battle Tasks, which are daily activities.
You can also earn Order Tokens by completing the achievements where each one will reward you with one Order Token. By completing achievements you can get 15 Silver Troop Orders, 13 Silver Equipment Orders, and 1 Gold Troop Order. Achievements do not regenerate, unlike Battle Tasks.

Invest in a SMG (Submachine Gun)

The easiest way in which to get weapons in Enlisted is to retrieve them off the dead soldiers you come across during the campaign. To get your hands on a particular weapon you will need to earn a currency called 'Orders' which you earn from completing tasks or getting achievements as you play through the game. There are three types of Orders, these are Bronze, Silver, and Gold and the requirement will depend on the weapon you want to buy under the Logistics tab.
The 'Equipment Delivery' section will have items you can buy while 'Weapons Delivery' will present you with all the weapons you can purchase. Not all the equipment and weapons will immediately be available, to unlock these items you must reach a specific campaign level. It is recommended that you invest in an SMG as your primary weapon as soon as possible as one clip can wipe out an entire squad. Be careful when buying an item or weapon as one click will immediately purchase it.

How to get Ammunition

There are three ways in which you can get ammunition in Enlisted. You can get ammunition by picking up weapons you find on the ground, it is important to remember that in order to get ammunition for the weapon you currently have the weapon you picked up from the ground must be the same and even then there is no guarantee it will have ammunition.
The most reliable method is using ammunition boxes placed by Engineers which are marked on the minimap. Ammunition boxes will continue to supply ammunition until they are destroyed, and they will not allow you to refill ammunition for enemy weapons. You can also get ammunition by calling squad members to give it to you providing they have an ammo pouch.

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