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Command & Conquer Red Alert 2: Yuris Revenge Cheats

Cheats and Tips for Command & Conquer Red Alert 2: Yuris Revenge


We have 16 cheats and tips on PC. If you have any cheats or tips for Command & Conquer Red Alert 2: Yuris Revenge please send them in here.

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Make sure you are yuri then build a cloning vat ..

Make sure you are yuri then build a cloning vat and get 2 yuri primes.

Then attack from two sides with the yuri primes, from another with flying saucers and the other by 5 brutes, 10 men and a sniper.

Get the saucers at the refineries and power plants and he is basically out of action. From then on you can do what you want.


Mods, available at, make this game so much more fun! Especially the Supernova or Black Missile mods. I'll only spoil the new unit list for the Allies for Supernova:
Overlord: The Allies answer to the Kirov. It's rate of fire is slower, but it can take minutes of Gatling cannon/tank fire. It's ion cannon is decimating against buildings and the proton cannon actually blows up infantry and buildings! Watch the pieces fly! At $4000 these things aren't cheap, but they self repair and almost guarantee victory! The only dissapointing thing is you can only have one at a time.
BZ Bomber: a more powerful plane then the Harrier or Black Eagle, this thing makes three bombing passes. Be careful, they are $1800 and very fragile.
Orca Lift: This truck has a..

On skermish mode, if you want to get the technol..

On skermish mode, if you want to get the technology of all three sides right at the beginning of the match, follow these directions:

1:select a side for yourself and put two of the different sides nearby on the map.(for example, I am Yuri, i put an Allied force and a Soviet force near my positon on the map.)

2:set it so that you don't start out with any units except the MCV(and make sure to have the "re-deployable MCV"option on.

3:Start the mission, build a barracks and two engineers as soon as possible, and use the two engineers to capture the opponents construction yards.

4:Bring the captured construction yard into your base and deploy them there.

Once you have d..

Easy MoneyIn skirmish if your playing Yuris side..

Easy Money

In skirmish if your playing Yuris side, there is a cheap way to get money.

First build alot of mind control units or structures, (e.g physcic tower,yuri clone,Master mind...) then build a grinder.

When a enemy attacks your base use the mind control units to grab them all.

Then send them all to the grinder.

You make alot of cash when they attack lots and its good when you grab expensive tanks like apocalypses and prism tanks.

This trick is good when your in a tight spot and you need cash.

Black eagles on Yuri's side

1.Be a yuri on skirmish game.get 3 ally (Korea,France,Russia)
2.Build buildings till you get yuri prime.train it.
3.Control the allied MCV(France)
4.Build an Air Force Command
5.Control the allies(Korea) Air force command when filled with black eagles
6.Select black eagle and send them away.
7.sell the controlled air force command.(make sure you have your own Vacant air force command)
8.Buala! You have your own black eagle.

Hint's on online play

Ok, want to know a really good way to win battle's fast, or even to defend you base against a truly powerful opponent, well Iím not your guy ;). I'm just going to tell you a few cool way's to win a game whilst online, or even during a normal skirmish game. Firstly once you have a comfortable base (As an allied team), defend it by buying maybe 20-30 IFV tanks (You know those tank's that look like patriot missileís). I'd recommend getting a few oil derricks first. Now, build a couple battle fortresses, and put 3 guardian G.I's inside, a navy seal and a crono legionnaire inside each of the battle fortresses.
Now it's time to build an offensive army, if the opponent team is a nooby guy, send half of your IFV's and one of your battle fortresses at him, if he is not, then start buil..

During skirmishes...

1.when doing a skirmish have at least 6 total players because it's funner.
2.make yourself yuri
3.make three your allies and four your enemies, or all allies except one medium enemy.
4.have one ally be a soviet nation, one an allied nation, and the last doesn't matter.
5.the enemies don't matter as long as they're not yuri, trust me that's annoying.
6.use a map with oil derricks
7.position the ally soviet and allied nations closest to you than anyone else and your enemies furthest away.
8.when you start make your buildings as you want until you have a cloning vat and yuri prime makeable (cloning vats should be next to active barracks in your base with same rally point).
9.when you have the two yuri pr..

If you play as Yuri you have the best chance of ..

If you play as Yuri you have the best chance of winning. You could use boomers and destroy a whole base in ten minutes or less providing you have at least 5 boomers attacking the base. Another would be to amass a huge army of initiates because barely any unit can stand even 3 intiates. Master minds are a waste of time and money. What computer only sends three units at a time to attack your base? They will be overloaded and all that money goes down the drain. If you play as the Allies don't even try to use rocketeers. They go down too easily and spend to much time getting into position to shoot. If you are against Yuri and are playing as the Allies you should think about building robot tanks for your main attack force. Getting a prism tank mind-controlled is a really bad experience. If yo..

The Base Ripper!

The Dreadnought, or as I call it, the "Base Ripper", is the best soviet unit for softening up a base. On a map with water, build 3 Dreadnaughts, 5 subs, and 4 sea scorpions (for protecting the Dreadnoughts). Manuver near the enemy base, then launch all 6 missiles at the same time (the more missiles in the sky at once, the harder it is for the base defenses to shoot them down) at the enemy's power plants. After you destroy the power plants, destroy the base defenses and con yard, then take over the base or desroy it. If you are going to take over the base, keep the barracks and war factory intact if they are a different nationality. If you are going to destroy the base, send spies in first to everything. Always destroy: power plants, base defenses, units, ore refineries.

An easy way to take a base out is to use 2 UFOs ..

An easy way to take a base out is to use 2 UFOs (floating discs). plant 1 over an enemy power plant and the other over their ore refinery.
they now have no power or money.
Trust me for I am a master at this game
by shadowscythe, formerly known as dark lord 050888.

Medium and Brutal Enemy Yuri.

Before you go up against him, be sure you're good enough at the game to withstand waves of Initiates, Gattling Tanks, Lasher Tanks, Master Minds, Brutes, Yuri Clones, and, rarely, Yuri Primes. Trust me, all the people who say it's impossible to beat Yuri are just quitters. If your base defenses are up to the task, it's no problem at all (don't forget coastal defenses). I have defeated a Yuri/Korea brutal enemy team by myself as Lybia. The trick is to take one of them out first. (Korea should die first, trust me Black Eagle strikes are annoying). All I did was pound them with Dreadnaughts and Demolition trucks and they dropped like flies. (Be sure to protect your Dreadnaughts/Aircraft Carriers with Sea Scorpions/Aeigis Cruisers and Typhoon Attack Subs/Destroyers or the enemy will knock th..

Chrono (ivan [Kaboom] )

1.infiltrate a soviet battle lab.
2.train a Chrono Ivan(10)
3.Teleport them near the base.
4.get them armed with Dynomite(ALL OF THEM!)
5.Before they explode teleport them inside the enemy base the show until KABBOOM!!!!

Bay of Pigs (2-6 player map, skirmish) positions

Position yourself in one of the side positions (one of the ones with two ore refineries)and garrison your starting troops in the first two buildings you see. Put walls infront of the buildings (you may have to expand your base or move your con yard)to protect it (but leave a gap for more troops to enter or an engineer if it gets damaged). Extend the wall one out toward each other and put a defensive tower there. Now even if you are facing five medium enemy Cubans, their units will have a hard time getting to your base. The walls protect your garrisoned troops and the two towers from terrorists and tanks. Just watch out for air attacks. Aegis cruisers and IFVs are best at taking down Kirovs if you're allies.

Best Allied Fleet

Note: Have the "Supernova" mod downloaded
from c&c guild: google it.
The best allied fleet to have is 3-5 destroyers for ant-sub protection, 2-4 Aeigis cruisers for AA, and preferably 2 heavy crusiers if you have the "Supernova" mod. If you don't have "Supernova", then replace the heavy crusiers with 3-4 aircraft carriers.

Easy WIN

Build 10 or so gi's select them all press D on your keyboard and kill as much as possible if you get a sargeant he is awesome get a few of the sarges and camp outside a base the range and damage of the sarges is surprisingly good and I think they heal themselves too.

Trojan Bus

First be a soviet
1.First get a yuri
2.Then control a bus using the yuri
3.After you could already put soldiers so put soldiers
4.Then send the bus into a allied base
Then deploy youre troopers and attack the base

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