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Command and Conquer: Tiberian Sun Cheats

Cheats and Tips for Command and Conquer: Tiberian Sun


We have 7 cheats and tips on PC. If you have any cheats or tips for Command and Conquer: Tiberian Sun please send them in here.

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Control NOD Ore Processor and Mining Vehicle

The following trick can be used on the Destroy Chemical Tanks GDI mission. Position an engineer next to the NOD ore processor and wait for the mining vehicle to dock with the structure before capturing it. Doing this will give you control of the building and the vehicle.

Hijacking Vehicles

Take a Mutant Hijacker into a city and find a car, truck or a bus and select it. This will give you control over the vehicle and allow you to use it as transport.

Unlimited Firestorm Wall

If you have the original unpatched game you can do the following trick to get a fully charged Firestorm Wall to last indefinitely without having to turn it off to recharge. Fully charge your Firestorm Wall and turn it on. Then before it turns off or runs out of power, sell or turn off your power plants until the message 'On Hold' appears in the Firestorm Icon. Your Firestorm Wall will now remain on indefinitely unless you build or turn on your power plants.

the rescue stratos mission

In the rescue stratos mission,at the first nod base go along the side of the mountain and order umagon to take out the infantry there butnot the tanks that look like cycles capture one of them by using the mutant hijacker then use it to lure enemy soldiers far from the base to umagon and ghost stalker to kill them and avoid the spotlight in that base for it will blow your cover destroy the nearby power plants to shut it down then go through.

Easier wins on skirmish as NOD

When playing as NOD quickly build until you can get the laser fencing and then build a lot of power plants and advanced power plants and then build lasers all around your base then build a couple of obelisks of light near where the enemies attack the most and then camoflauge your base and if your playing on tech level 10 build multiple bases to make it harder for the enemies to kill all of your troops.happy hunting!!

Build anywhere there is open space on the Map.

This cheat is tricky to master.
Start construction on whatever structure you want. I would advise starting with something small, like lasers or component towers.
Once construction is complete, choose the area you wish to build. It must be open ground or it won't work. Doesn't matter if it is revealed or not.
Move around on the map until the structure on the menu is just to the left of the area you want to build on. "Don't select it".
Now align your cursor with the structure and have the cursor half on the playing field and half on the power bar, in alignment with the structure you're going to place.
Press and hold the right mouse button and quickly move the cursor to the structure on your menu and left click on the structure with the right mouse button still held down. You must be quick about this because you will start to scroll across the map as soon as the cursor leaves the playing field. Be careful not to release the right mouse button as sometimes this will cancel the build and you'll have to start construction on it all over again.
There you have it. If it doesn't build, the area either isn't clear or you released the right mouse button before you hit the left mouse button. If not, move your cursor back into the playing field and deselect the structure and try a different spot. Structure has to be ready, but not selected.
If you have trouble with this, don't get discouraged. Keep trying and you will soon master this cheat.
This cheat was written Exclusively for SuperCheats by evilxx.

Here's a way to make an almost indestructable ba..

Here's a way to make an almost indestructable base. First go to skirmish and put the tech level to 10.

Then build a NOD or GDI wall that surrounds your base. Then if your using NOD set up a LPF (laser Powered fence)make sure it's powered.

If GDI set up a Firestorm wall around your base. Then put a wall inside your other wall barries.

Remember to put Automatic gates so that your units can travel in and out your base.

Also remember to put lasers or any other destructive devices outside your wall.

I always do this and it has never failed me yet

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