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Command and Conquer: Renegade Cheats

Cheats and Tips for Command and Conquer: Renegade


We have 6 cheats and tips on PC. If you have any cheats or tips for Command and Conquer: Renegade please send them in here.

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Change your suit

You can change your costume in multiplayer practice by clicking the arrow in the box (upper right corner)
Here are the ff. Which you can change his/her suits.
GDI:havoc,sydney(w/personal Ion cannon),mobius
Tnx.let me know if you need advice. Budadae.
I am still solving some more cheats/hints so stop by regularly!

Bonus Objective The Plot Erupts

When you get to the Shore Defense Cannon, Destroy it first with the Rocket Launcher BEFORE the SAM Sites

Unlock Codes

During game play bring up the console by pressing the '~' (tilde) key and enter the
Following codes to unlock the corresponding effect.
Unlock God Mode:
Unlock ALL Guns:
View Player Info in Console Window:

View Game in Progress Info in Console Window:
Toggle Frame Rate:
Display fps

Errors of game cheats

I was looking at codes and saw that someone said that on extras cheat for vehicles and characters for multiplayer practice all you had to do is put in extras, but that is wrong.
You put in extras fnkqrm and then you go to a purchase terminal and press "e" and select characters or vehicles while pressing the left alt on your keyboard and hold it. Then you select your purchase, there is also another code for the patched version but I don't have it right now.
See you later!

The lazy way!!

If ever you are in the Single Player game and come to a building you need to destroy, but either cant be bothered to fight your way through all of the NOD inside or cant find the main control pannel - there is a much easier way!
All you need is an Ion Cannon beacon (this is somewhat overkill, but I never used the Ion Cannon Beacons besides this). Just set the beacon up inside the building (anywhere), go outside, and watch a massive beam of light decent upon the doomed building... all you need then is some popcorn.

I have a few cheat errors to correct=1. You do n..

I have a few cheat errors to correct=

1. You do not type in "extras fnkqrm

just "extras"

2. "allguns" does not work

3. A way to check if a cheat is write is:

a)As your typing the cheat in, it shows a possible cheat that might be being typed in.

b)If the cheat you are typinmg in does not show, it is a fake cheat.

4.I have nothing else to do so i thought of telling you this.

PS Try not to cheat on the internet,...

... let me do that.

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