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Command and Conquer Red Alert 2 Cheats

Cheats and Tips for Command and Conquer Red Alert 2

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We have several cheats for you to check out including unlocking special units, entering enemy bases, build anywhere, and how to get high-resolution graphics.

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We have 29 cheats and tips on PC. If you have any cheats or tips for Command and Conquer Red Alert 2 please send them in here.

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High-Resolution Graphics

At the 'Main' menu type 'HIRES' (without the quotes) to enable this feature.

Unlock Special Units

To get special units to use in a regular battle choose to be the allies and complete the following tasks.
Unlock Crono Commando:
Infiltrate Allied Battle Lab.
Unlock Psi Commando:
Infiltrate Sovjet Battle Lab.
Unlock Yuri Prime:
Capture Sovjet Base and build Sovjet Barracks
Unlock Crono Ivan:
Capture Sovjet Base and build Sovjet Barracks.

Entering Enemy Bases

Enter Enemy Bases Undetected:
When playing as the Soviets enter an enemy base undetected by using a Yuri to mind control a school bus and then drive the bus into the enemy base loaded with infantry units. The Allies will not fire on the bus.
Destroy Enemy Bases:
Enter an enemy base by building Demolition trucks with a fully charged Iron Curtain and then drive the trucks into the enemy base and engage the Iron Curtain before the enemy has a chance to hit them and they will not explode until they have reached their target.
There are no codes presently known for this game but you can get tips and hints by going to the Q&A section and the Command and Conquer: Red Alert 2 forum on SuperCheats.

Free Promotions for your Unit

If you can get a spy into the enemy's barracks/war factory ALL units coming out of your barracks/war factory will start off promoted to one bar giving them better range, self healing and more powerful weapons.

Build anywhere

When you have Paradrops and a building ready to be placed on the map click the 'Paradrops' icon in the sidebar but don't deploy them. Instead click your building that is ready and use the mini-map in the lower right corner to deploy your building.

Sabatoge, money boost, plans theft

A way to get extra money is to create a spy and copy the look of an enemy and send that spy into thier money thing that gives them money and when the spy gets there it will say something infltrated cash stolen and it'll give ya a hole bunch of money works best on medium level because then they keep grabing more money and you can steal alot of money///, sabotage copy an enemy send a spy into thier power thing only need 1 anything connected to power is shut of for like 50 seconds////, plans theft copy an enemy send a spy into thier con yard and barracks and machine making thing and send a spy into a battle lab

In red alert 2 play as libyans get a iron curtai..

In red alert 2 play as libyans get a iron curtain and nuke silo and then put about 6 demo trucks together in rows of 3 by 3 and then put the iron curtin on the middle demo truck then drive them into the enemy base.

Put 1 by construction yard 1 by war factory 1 by barracks 1 by airforce command 1 by tech center 1 by enemy chronosphere 1 by weather control machine and the other 2 in random places then put ure nuclear missle in the middle of the allies base and then total chaos.

First choose a map that has cars.Then if your a ..

First choose a map that has cars.Then if your a Soviet create one Yuri and then click him and click any car you can see.

You can use it as a spy to see any part of the base of your enemy.Your enemies soldiers won't attack it.

Crono Storm (Dealing with black gaurd).

Well once youved delt with how your going to fight to take care of or kill the black gaurd make a crono machine and instead of trasnporting your troops trasnsport theirs into the water to the north east.Hope you like it and game on!

Enemy stop and force boost

On the map that looks like a bone that has a unit in every corner take controle on the enemy on your side of the map thats like above you or below you (depending where you are) destroy everything around thier con yard BUT DO NOT DESTROY THIER CON YARD EXSPECAILY IF THEY ARE THE OPPOSITE TEAM OF YOU ( like if your alied) or (if your soviet) send a enginier into thier con yard and then create a mcv mobile con yard thing and put it in the midlle of the map and build a bas thier and put walls on the two roads that lead to the other side and what I do because I do the money boost cheat I have on the other cheat called sabatoge money boost plans theft, I don't build walls I build pillboxs as walls very useful and helpfuland another thing is you can build a (for alied) flying transport thing wi..

When playing against the computer with super wea..

When playing against the computer with super weapons, build your war factory as far away as possible from your base.

When ever they launch a nuke or weather control it will only go for your war factory so quickly sell it.

OK. this cheat is Really cool it can make you ge..

OK. this cheat is Really cool it can make you get Two yuri primes....

1. start a skirmish game as any allied team

2. get a spy and send it into a soviet battle lab

3. then capture a soviet Construction


4. build a barracks

5. then build a cloning Vat then Train a yuri Prime

6.anthor one will come out of the cloning vat

( this is also very good for building huge armies of tanyas or yuris)as well as building sovit stuff.....

to get a bus to be a spy and hold 5 of your men...

to get a bus to be a spy and hold 5 of your men.


Get a yuri to mind control a bus then put the yuri at the back of your base where no enemies.

Get to it then bring the bus back to the base and fill it up with 5 men of eny kind.

Then send the bus down to the enemy base (They wont no its yours).

Get to the con yard and let the men out by clicking on the bus twice then try to take it out.

If you have five full promoted men in side there is no fail on blowing it up.

I've only got a few tips, so bare with me.........

I've only got a few tips, so bare with me.........

In level 1 for the allies, destroy the dreadnoughts with Tanya and help the GI's at the statue, then when your at the low bridge, make Tanya swim off the edge nearest you, and down to the rocks blocking you, then swin to the side nearest the buildings till you step on a ledge-type thing, and there should be 3 boxes sitting there to upgrade Tanya a bit.

In Level 2 for the Allies kill the Conscripts with Tanya and some Roketeers will fly over, choose the roketeers and fly north up the edge of the screen, you should met some stranded roketeers who will join you. go further up and there should be (not making promises here) a little camp with 3-4 conscripts and a box, kill the Conscripts and s..

Easy victory

This takes precision timing, spies and 12 harrier/black eagle fighter jets. First build a spysat uplink so you can find out exactly where they are. Anticipate there every attack if this may somehow fail. Send a spy into their power supply to shut it down temporeraly. and then attack there conyard with your 12 fighter jets INSIDE THE PERIOD IN WHICH THEIR POWER IS SHUT DOWN. This will destroy their conyard leaving them near enough defencless as they cannot build any more.

Free soldiers

To get free soldiers, begin a game with a Soviet team and play on a map with a hospital in it (I would recommend the map May Day). After this, construct a reasonable base (Must have cloning Vat, Barracks and a battle lab would be recommended) and build an engineer from the barracks. With the engineer, take over the hospital and build a conscript and the soldier you would like to get for free. With the conscript selected, hold control (Ctrl) and friendly-fire/shoot the soldier you want for free, but DON'T kill him (Maybe shoot him for just a quick second). Now, heal the injured soldier (The one you want for free) at the hospital. Now look over at your Cloning Vat, and to your amazement, there's a clone of that soldier you healed!
I hope you enjoyed this cheat, have fun :d

Explore with a Cow!!

When you free the cows, you can select them just like any other unit, and make them explore. The enemies won't shoot at them! This is a great strategy to find unknown terrain!!
A litlle silly but it's ok!

Easy Missions

Allies level 3 just build around 24ish harriers and you win easy
On the allied mission in at pearl harbour - as soon as it starts begin building rocketeers nothing else. Send them systematically over to your allies island now when the soiets appear you blow up their base straight away and win.
The allied mission in Cuba - build a base and destroy the bridge to the north when you get the option don't be a chronosphere yet as when you do the 3 nukes become visible instead build 9 prism tanks, then a chronosphere then teleport all 9 into the soviet base and straight away you can destroy the nukes. Soviet level at the Kremlin build as many Kirovs as you can as fast as you can. Usually you have around 6 including the 2 you start with. Send them to the north east corner o..

Easy sovjet victory

I don't know the name of the mission exactly but it's the mission where you need to distroy the invading fleet from korea.
Just build as manny tanks and infanterie as you can send them to the west side of the map as close to the wather. Take the lighthouse with your infanterie and leave the others close to it.
Wait untill the fleet arives and distroy all the amfibious transports before they deploy.
They will have no con.yard so you can eliminate them with ease (Build enough defense around your base for the attack before the big evasion).

O.k this may be a bit confusing but I'll make as..

O.k this may be a bit confusing but I'll make as simple as possible.

To get speical units listen up!

When your soviet:Have 2 comp teams on your skirmish 1 soviet, 1 allied.

capture the allied base but not the battle lab!

now U R the soviets who can train spy,s.

Also U have a allied barracks.

So put the spy in the allied battle lab.

U now get Chrno Ivan & Chrno Commando!

now put a spy in the the other soviets battle lab and U get Yuri prime and psi commando!


Lots Of Money, Some Good things

If you are playing a Skrimish game be capture the enemys Con.Yard and build everything. Have a barracks & a Clonang Vats, and build walls around the Barracks and doble click it, you will hear a person say "prymary building selected" then ALL men are free. Build a spy and send it into an enemy Battle Lab & barracks, Now all your men are vets.
Build 30 tanyas and yuries,Then send them back into the cloaning vats and you will get free money

Good Things
Buy a crono legonear & send hem into an I.F.V. And hes poofing powers will become even better

Thats all for now

Good defence

Build loads of ore refineries, when your money is up surround your base with pill boxes or senary guny have them 2 to 3 layers thick and 20 patriot missiles or flak track and nothing will be able to get past.

GET ppls passwords

Right I kno I shdnt be submiting this but you lot do it only if you really h8 the person or have run out of user names.
Right you get sum1 user name and type it in with a false password and it shud send you to a chat bit and you're all on you're own.
Type in 'reset passwords' and then press print screen and paste that onto word as you wont remember the password. The go bak onto log in screen and then type in user and then the password you just got. It should work.

Fake Or Useless Cheats.

Over The cheat from The Bummer 09:
To get a free unit built a cloning vat and a barack build a unit and the free one
Coms out of the vat.
Over the cheat from Rajii2k:
To get two Juri Primess
Get sofiet and built a cloning vat a barack and a Battle center.
Built the juri and there are two juri's.
PS:I Know The Spelling is:#[email protected]*@#


In skirmish, get a spy satellite and train 6-8 corono legionares. Then send them near the enemies but not to close because they need time to recover. After they recover send them to the nearest building and eliminate it. Take out any immediate threats first!! *Note: you should leave one or two to protect the rest of the group.

Easy defeatBuild lots of GIs or Conscripts and a..

Easy defeat

Build lots of GIs or Conscripts and a few engineers.

Make a tesla coil or prism tower but do not build it yet.

If u see weakly covered spot in your enemys base take your infantry and engineers to the weak spot in the enemy base.

Cover your engineer with your infantry and send an engineer in any close by building that is able to be captured, then when the building is captured build your prism tower.

By the building you captured than slowly build things to protect your little base in the enemies base!

Easy bulding a superweapon.

If you want to build a superweapon you must make two ore refinery at the beginning then you wil have enouf gold to buy easy your weather control or nuke. Missle.
I hope this wil help you.

Easy Winning 4 Allied

For all alied countries, train a spy and get him inside a alied command center, so you can now train chrono commandos, then get about 2-4 spies and 1-4 commandos, use the spies to disable the enemy's electricity, then use commandos to destroy prism tower or tesla tower first then their construction yard + super weapons, they are good at it because they can kill all infantries in one shot and if tanks came just teleport away. It will be better if you have air cover.

Easy Winning 4 Soviet

Just build lots of those flying things with the smiley face.
Or if you want a fun game then use those expensive tanks that costs $1750 + tesla troopers + lots of yuris(about 10-25).
Get some (5-10) of those little spider robots to annoy them before you attack.

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