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Command and Conquer: Generals Cheats

Cheats and Tips for Command and Conquer: Generals

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Check out our cheats which includes unlocking Skirmish awards and getting infinite health.

More Command and Conquer: Generals Cheats and Tips

We have 12 cheats and tips on PC. If you have any cheats or tips for Command and Conquer: Generals please send them in here.

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Battle Honors
The following Skirmish Awards are unlocked by completing the corresponding.
Unlock Apocalypse Honor:
Build each of the Super Weapons

Unlock China Campaign Honor:
Complete China's Campaign Mode

Unlock Endurance Honor:
Complete all Skirmish maps

Unlock GLA Campaign Honor:
Complete GLA's Campaign Mode

Unlock Streak Honor:
Win 3, 10, or 30 matches in a row

Unlocik USA Campaign Honor:
Complete USA's Campaign Mode
Unlock Air Wing Honor:
Build 20+ Aircraft in a solo or Multiplayer mission
Unlock Battle Tank Honor:
Build 50+ Tanks in a solo or Multiplayer mission

Unlock Blitz Honor:
Defeat an enemy in less than 10, 5, or 3 minute..

GLA Vehicle Upgrades

The list below is the salvage upgrades for GLA vehicles.
Level 1: Bigger gun
Level 2: Another rocket

Level 1: Bigger gun
Level 2: Another gun

SCUD Launcher
Both levels: Bigger SCUD

Level 1: Grenade Launcher replaces machine gun
Level 2: Rocket launcher replaces grenade launcher

Toxin Tractor
Both levels: Bigger sprayer

Battle Bus
Both Levels: Better armor

Quad Cannon
Both levels: Bigger gun

All other Units
Money or Veterancy

Skirmish cheats:Use any text editor to open the ..

Skirmish cheats:

Use any text editor to open the skirmishstats.ini file, which is found in the c:/My Documents or c:documents and settingsadministrator folder. You'll find all sorts of stats to edit, including 'Honors', which you can change up to 999999999999999.

Editor's note: Make sure you backup any files you edit, as editing game files can stop your game from working.

The perfect USA v GLA army!!

To make the perfect USA army you must build up your defense and wait for until you have 3 promosion points and get the pathfinder.
Make a war factory and a baracs. Build an even number of hummvies and build the TOW missile upgrade, fill each of them with 3 misile defenders and 2 pathfinders.
Try And Attack the tunnel networks as the pathfinders will take out the men in the stinger sites.

Quicker healing...

When you are China, build an airfield and put a speaker tower right behind it. So when your planes have got damaged in battle they heal faster while they are reloading. To make it even quicker, then upgrade the speaker towers in the propaganda center.

Infiltrate a base of China Or Usa easier

Hate those Gattling Cannons or Patriot Missles?
This time, you are not affraid for it. Play with China or Gla.
Build a couple of ScudStorms(GLA)
Or that... Other Nuke think of China.
These Buildings are strong for attack. Way 1(The Whatever you like way)
When the enemy has it's powerplant stick to each other.
Launch a Nuke Missle or a Scudstorm to the Powerplants.
Make sure you have a big force ready. When the Powerplants are destroyed
(The Toxic Will keep the Dozers away from it)
Go to his base. The Gattling Canons or Patriot missles cannot be used.
So, you can attack it with your prepared force, and airplanes(if you like)
Also something for the Plus Side: The Radar has been shot down, so he wont see you coming. Way 2(The Airc..

You can use the tunnel network as a quick escape..

You can use the tunnel network as a quick escape if you cave an ally you can build on there and one at your base and as long as you have on, you can't die.

Infinite Health.

Hi every body ..
I have a cool cheats to generals.
To have infinite health of all your units with GLA build Tunnel networks and when your units health is low. Gt they into the tunnel and get it out to have full health..
Thanks .

Tips for base building: U.S.A.start out with the..

Tips for base building: U.S.A.

start out with the cold fusion reactor. get another dozer and build a barracks. then build a supply center. once finished a 'copter will fly out. BUILD MORE (minimum of 2). build a war factory and an airfield. soon all will come... money... I mean.

Best Deffence!! (China)

Best defence ever! It always works for me. When playing as China, the best thing to do is build a bunker, and put 3 rocket and 2 rifle troops in it. If you make a group of these combined with the minnigun turrets, nothin can get past them. Then just build at least 5 Aircraft plants, and 3 - 6 Nuke Silos, you've got the map set!


These are the best combinations you could put inside the humvee.
If you don't have a pahtfinder yet, put these:
2 Rangers
3 Missle Defenders
If you have the pahtfinder then put these:
2 Pathfinders
3 Missle Defenders
For best effectiveness, buy the TOW Missle for the humvee.

Walk on Water

In the 2nd China mission, let a part of your army go to the bridge that was destroyed. Let them keep going and they should walk on the water! It seems that the bomb only made the bridge invisible.

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