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How to build a base successfully hints and tips for Command and Conquer: Generals Zero Hour

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How to build a base successfully


Hey everybody,

I'm a real C&C Generals Zero Hour addict, so I will submit my favourite base building order here. I mostly start a game with 50.000 dollar starting money. I will submit base building tips for USA, China and GLA. First, I start off with USA.

How to (basically) build your base with:


First, click your command center and build two or three dozers. Spend your first General Promotion Point at a Spy Drone or the Paladin Tank. Start building a Cold Fusion Reactor with your already existing dozer. When your first builded dozer is ready, build a Barracks. When your Cold Fusion Reactor is ready, upgrade it with 'Control Rods' and build another Reactor near it, and also upgrade it with 'Control Rods'.

When your Barracks is ready, start building at least three Rangers, and build also the 'Capture Building' upgrade. When the Rangers are ready to capture a building, send them around your base to capture Tech buildings such as Oil Derricks and Oil Refineries. You will have an advance to the other players if you are the first one who has captured several Tech buildings around your base.

When the second builded dozer is built, start making a Supply Center (if you have built a Reactor) close to your nearest Supply Dock. When the building is finished, make at least 2 more Chinooks to have a steady source of income. Now you'll have: A command center, 2 Cold Fusion Reactors, both upgraded with 'Control Rods', a Barracks with three Rangers (With 'Capture Building' upgrade) and a Supply Center with three Chinooks. Your minimum starting base has been built.

Now build three or more Patriot Systems near any entrance at your base, and build more Cold Fusion Reactor spread out in your base to have enough power available. Build 2 Fire Bases near your Patriots and Equip them with 3 Missile Defenders and 1 Pathfinder. If you don't have a Pathfinder, equip it with a Ranger.

You can also put some groups of Missile Defenders somewhere in your base to have a good Anti Air Defense. If there are Civilian Buildings near your base, send the infantry in there.

Now start building a War Factory and an Airfield. Build four Crusader Tanks and three Hummers with a mix of 2 Rangers - 3 Missile Defenders inside the Hummers (Equip the Hummer with a TOW Missile) and begin defending your base from the entrance you expect the enemy to come from.

Now start a Strategy Center. I prefer to use the 'Search and Destroy' Battle plan, because all your units have + 20% Weapon Range bonus so they can attack enemy units before the enemy can attack you. Build gradually more upgrades at your Strategy Center to power your forces.

When the Strategy Center is ready, build 2 Supply Drop zones to have loads of money for building heavy forces lateron.

I recommend building a Particle Cannon as early as it can, so you have an advantage to the other players. The Particle Cannon is also the Superweapon that has the shortest countdown timer, only 4 minutes, while the SCUD Storm has 5 minutes and the Nuclear Missile has 6! So if you can build one early in the game, you can weaken your opponents very much.

So, that's it! Now you have a good working base with protection from enemy attacks. Keep building vehicles and don't forget to build aircraft, they are especially good in slowing down an enemy rush at your base. Later on in the game, start searching more Supply Docks and build another Supply Center near it. Build a small defense near it when it is outside your main base.

I will submit the Base Building Tips for China and GLA soon!

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Added by: Aurora Alpha
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