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Get a Bigger CreatureAdded 19 Dec 2007, ID #11937
To make your creature bigger, you have to go to land 2, and search for a guy that lives beside some singing rocks and tap them by this order 11889986655331
And it will become night then use the leach to bring your creature to the pen of your temple and make him sleep all the night. Do this some time and youŽll have a very big creature

Hope I helped Smile

P.S.: if your playing with a turtle, keep him with 50% of fatness or instead youŽll have a lizard instead of turtle, and is ugly, I tell you, UGLY!!!!!!

UnlockablesAdded 2 Jun 2006, ID #8672
Complete the following tasks to unlock the corresponding

Unlock Sheep:
Help the farmer find his sheep in the 1st Level in your village

Unlock Polar Bear:
Do the Sailor Silver Reward Scroll in the 1st Level and you will meet them again in the 5th Level with a Polar Bear

Unlock Zebra:
Solve the riddle in the 2nd Level by Lethys's village

Unlock Chimpanzee:
Bring the witch a little boy or girl in the 3rd Level. The Silver Reward Scroll is by Lethys's Temple

Unlock Tortoise:
Help a boy get some fish in the 4th Level by your Temple

Unlock Bear:
Clean the village in the 5th Level

Unlock Lion:
Guide a lion to his food in the 5th Level
Added 1 May 2006, ID #8480
I'm not entirely sure if this glitch just happens to my version, but, if you change your creature, then go back to before you changed your creature, you should STILL HAVE the new creature. This is the only (reasonably) legitimate way I know of to get a lion at the start of the game, get it at the end then reload an old save.
This won't work if you go before you got a creature, though.
In addition, he'll keep most of his miracles that he's learned, even if they were 'in the future'!
(By the way... Anybody else have problems with creatures forgetting miracles with no warning? I wouldn't mind as much, but I DIDN'T do this, and my ape completely forgot how to cast megablast!)
EVERYTHINGAdded 13 Sep 2003, ID #3327
Important Note:
If you by chance downloaded the patch, the infinity Food or Wood code will not work (apparently it was a bug they spotted and decided to remove it instead of leave it as an easter egg).

One Shot Miracle 101:
If you want to teach your creature one of the one cast spells, instead of getting it, casting it, and waiting for it to respawn, there is an easier way. Pick it up by holding the action button down. Then with the rope leash on the creature, move the mouse up to him untill it turns palm up. Then hit the same button you would use to feed him. He should pick it up and get the experience points that he would have normally received if you would have cast it. This is an effective way to teach your creature the more destructive spells, like lightning, without killing anyone.

Infinite Food and Wood:
Activate a Food or Wood Miracle. Then, hold the Hand over the door of the village store or workshop and quickly and repeatedly press the Right Mouse Button. If done correctly, a large amount of food or wood will be created for very little mana.
Infinite Water Miracles:
Use the following trick to get unlimited Water Miracles on the first level. At the place where there is the first silver reward, scroll on land one. After completing it, knock over the rock again and it will turn into a Water Miracle.
My Creature Can Cast Mega Blast. Can Yours?:
Your creature can be taught how to do big miracles like Mega Blast, it just take a lot of patience. The easiest way I've found, though tedious, is to go into a Scrimige (have one god to avoid distractions) game and find the miracle bubble for Mega Blast (it's on the hill). Build a village center to get close or get your creature to fetch the miracle. Find your creature put him/her onto the leash of learning and hand him the miracle bubble, don't stroke him or let him cast it, wait just long enough for your creature to gain the points from it then get him to put it down. This way you teach your creature as well as you keep the miracle handy to get him to learn straight away rather than to have to look for or cast another miracle. You can teach all one-shot miracles this way they give about 2-4 points per try but Mega Blast takes 4 tries to even get 1% of the miracle learned therefor it takes some time but megablast can and should be taught to your creature easily if not qu! ickly! enjoy.

Creature Growth Spurts:
If you want to make your creature grow really quick go to the second level and do the singing stones task. Tap the stones to produce songs. Tap twinkle twinkle little star by pressing rocks 11889986655331 in that order. Then it will turn into night. Get your creature to sleep in the pen and each night he will grow 3 meters taller. Repeat the task every day to make it turn to night and get the creature to the pen. Keep doing this and you can grow him to full size in 7 creature years instead of 40.
The Red Death:
Do you wanna kill some enemy villagers? But when you try the enemy puts up a shield to stop you? No problem. Just find a Red Mushroom (There are some on the first realm, just trow them into the vortex when you leave) Just throw 1 of the Red Mushrooms in the enemys village store. The food will become poisoned. The villagers will become infected, sweet! Wait about 5 minutes for the poison to take effect and then they start dropping like flies, HA! You can usually expect to reduce a town full of 200 people down to just 10 in half an hour! And if the enemy is thick he might not even notice his villagers being killed off! And when he does it'll be to late!
I See It:
If you watch were the lightning bugs hide in the morning (like under a rock or under a tree) there will be a one shot miracle.
Extra Creatures:
Sheep: Get all ten sheep. On the first level
1.Beside the house of the stonecutter
2.Behing the big fence
3.By the pigs at a farmer
4.On a mountaintop
5.At the trees near the sickman
6.At a singing stone near the visplaces
7.At the big stone thing where you can practise stone trowing
8.Beneed palmtrees at the beach where you begun
9.At the mountain near the palmtrees

On the second island. You have to get all creatures (the turtle and the wolf and your creature) in the fighting
ring and cast a shield.

Fourth island. Help the boy to catch two school's of fish

Funny Thing:
Set your computer on 1 april and your creature will do funny things

Brown Bear:
5th level there will be a town owned by no one if you take the town over there will be a silver
reward scroll click on it.A man will come out and say some thing smells in the forest. You must
find pieces of crap with flies around when you find all of them you will get a brown bear.

Polar Bear:
If you help the sailors on the first level when you get to the last level you will find a ship crashed.
In side will be the sailors and they will give you a Poler Bear.

Thanks to best cheat sender Lukas (Magical Frog).
ID #379

Me again folks. Bet ya' didn't know that each creature has it's own weird acion I.e. Mandrill-Might suddenly run from the camera to the nearest creature and dance!

Or the horse-might run into the village and hump the village totem.

Of coure the leopard might start a fight with the villagers.

You can also unlock the cat in the game by searching land five and clicking on it. It's hiden though....

If I find anymore cheats, I'll tell you.


ID #374

Unlimated Food/Wood

to get unlimated food/wood get a fodd or wood mirical and hold it over the door of the village store and click it sort of fast and the mirical will never run out or u get more out of the mirical it can't go wrong! do the same with the water mirical exept hold it any where in ur relm


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