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Age of Empires II: The Conqurers Expansion Cheats

Cheats and Tips for Age of Empires II: The Conqurers Expansion

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A collection of cheats that includes how to get a Cobra car, how to see the map, get 1.000 food, 1,000 wood and 1,000 Gold.

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Age of Empires II: The Conquerors cheats

Press 'Enter' during gameplay and enter the following codes.
Car: how do you turn this on

Show Map: marco

Show all Players: polo

Build Faster: aegis
Control Animals - but lose control of men: natural wonders

Lose Campaign: resign

Saboteur Unit: to smithereens

Slay select opponent: torpedo <1-8>

Useless Villager: i love the monkey head

Win Campaign: i r winner
Kill Player you are Fighting: torpedo2
Birds turn into Dogs: woofwoof

Kill all Enemies: blackdeath
Commit Suicide: wimpywimpywimpy
1000 Gold: robin hood

1000 Stone: rock on

1000 Wood: lumberjack

Destroy all Opponents: black d..

Get a Cobra

How do you turn this on

If you want cheats for this game just type in th..

If you want cheats for this game just type in the cheats for age of empires 2

Cheese steak jimmy's=1000 food

lumberjack=1000 wood

Robin hood=1000 gold

Rock on=1000 stone

How do you turn this on=Car with mini guns on the side

to smithereens=sabotoeur

press enter during gameplay to activate the chea..

press enter during gameplay to activate the cheat.


1000 food-cheese steak jimmy's

1000 wood-lumberjack

1000 gold-robin hood

1000 stone-rock on

corbra car-how do you turn this on

destroy all opponents-black death

fast building-aegis

full map-marco

see other line of sight-polo

instant loss-resign

instant victory-i r winner

monkey boy-furious the monkey boy

tall,fast moving,useless villager-i love the monkey head

Resorces and other stuff

cheese steak jimmy's =food
rock on = stone
robin hood = gold
lumberjack = wood
woofwoof = birds into flying dogs
natural wonders = you controle gia (you cant go back to youre own player though)
I love the monkey head = a raly dumb (but very fast!) villiger
how do you turn this on = a sports car that shoots bullets out of its headlights realy fast.
torpedo(1-9) = kill player (1-9)
aegis = biulding and resources collect instantly (apart form farms).
player2 will be slow at start and collect resources.
to beat: early attacks of about 20-30 barracks units and 10 knights
player3: strong and offenceive.
to beat: lots of atacks of about 40 knights and 40 champions.
Warning! if player 3 is persians try ..

Don't use Aztecs for this trick! First train 24 ..

Don't use Aztecs for this trick! First train 24 knights then train 16 cavlry archers, turn on the box formation and the knights will protect the archers! try monks instead of archers!

Beating the crap out of computer players!

Hey,all you cheaters out there I've got a few cheats for my favorite
computer game:
Age of Empires:The Couqurers,well I hope my cheats can help you people out!
Cheese steak jimmy's:
1000 food
1000 wood
Robin hood:
1000 gold
Rock on:
1000 stone
I love the monkey head:
Gives you a naked villager (can't build stuff)
Furious the monkey boy:
Gives you a super powerful monkey
How do I turn this on:
Gives you a car with machine guns on it
Black death:
Kills all enemys and allies
Wimpy wimpy wimpy:
Kills you (I think this is the code,but I'm not sure)
Building automaticly is b..

All The Cheats

No fog of war = marco
See path = polo
Jaguar = how do you turn this on
Suicide unit = to smithereens
1000 food = cheese steak jimmy's
1000 gold robin hood
1000 lumber = lumberjack
1000 rock/stone = rock on
kill your self
kill everyone
black death
kill player's 1 through 7
torpedo 1
stormy dog = woof,woof
control nature = natural wonders
big useless villiger = i love the monkey head

The Cobra car

Press the enter key and type in 'how do you turn this on' to get a car which throws rocks at least 5 rocks per second and each does 10 damage.

How To Get A Cobra Car And MORE!

How do you turn this on = Cobra car
Polo = No Fog
Marco = No Shadow's
Lumberjack = 1000 Wood
Robin Hood = 1000 Gold
Cheese Steak Jimmy's = 1000 Food
Rock On = 1000 Stone
Torpedox = Destroys Opponent With Number Of Its Place Were The X Is

See the map

Too see the map press enter then type polo
Too get rid of the fog press enter then type marco

Press enter and type in:Furiours the monkey boy ..

Press enter and type in:

Furiours the monkey boy (gives you a Strong monkey which can kill anything in 1 hit) ( when you have had enough press delete and watch him explode!!!) belive me it is GOOD!!!)

Lego Men

Ok First go to one player, standered mode. Be the Koreans. When you can build a keep or bombard tower build one and look at the bottom of it.
It looks like there are 2 lego men with no legs on the bottom. one is wearing a black hat and one is wearing a white hat.
Weird huh? Peace!

Better Defence

This may look like a simple yhing but it's really useful.
Just build 3 or more rows of fences around your city. This way it will be impossible to attack it.
And if the enemy is destroing one, you got all the time to build another one.
Also the best people are probably the Spanish.

Fight for tree's

Go to your seige work shop and create a onager and press attake ground and then trees will fall so good luck I hope I helped

have more than 1 base

Have more than 1 base so if the enemy finds 1 you still have more but make shore that at the other base they are collecting resources.

Attack Strategy

When using the Britons upgrade to the Imperial and upgrade your longbowman as much as you can. Build forty of them and 5 trebuchets.
When attacking the base send the longowmen in so they are out of range from the castles and towers. When most of the other guys units are dead put your trebuchets behind them. Get them to attack all the buildings. When the buildings in range are dead keep repeating the process.


If you want your soldiers to be protected always get some bowmen incase your soldiers get pinnned down and surrounded.

Not so useless Villager

You have to have a town center for this to work. What you do is press enter and type in (I love the monkey head) in the chat bar that appears without the parentheses ( ) You can use this VDML to explore the map because they move faster than anything in the game. However the villager has no attack or defense. Enjoy

No hurt

Get the britains and their specail unit is longer ranged than a castle

The best way to win the computer on hardest!!!

The trick is to get alot of farms at the starting and quickly look for gold
And also get to castle age as quick as posseble.

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