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Operation: Tango Cheats & Tips

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Cheats, Tips and Questions for Operation: Tango

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Operation: Tango is an espionage-themed cooperative adventure challenging you and a partner to complete dangerous missions across the globe in a high-tech near-future world. As an exclusive team of two, you and your partner must work together in this asymmetrical spy thriller as a special agent or elite hacker, to bring a high-tech global menace to its knees. Operation: Tango is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC. Take a look at our tips to get help in the game.

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Cheat, Tips and Strategy

Got a cheat or hot tip for this game? Found a secret, or a strategy for success?

Work as a Team

You will not be able to complete the challenges in Operation: Tango by going it alone, the only way you can solve the puzzles associated with them is by collaborating with your partner and working as a team. Always maintain a positive attitude and keep patience in ample supply during the most stressful moments, and don't forget to thank your teammate for their efforts.

Communication is the Key to Success

Regardless of which role you play in Operation: Tango, the key to success is your ability to communicate with your partner using well-chosen words that details your situation accurately. This can be the difference between life and death as your partner can't see what you see and vice-versa and words are your only tool of communication. Describe in as much detail as possible your unique perspective and talk through each challenge and it's problems, so your partner understands the potential dangers you will be facing and can act accordingly to help you. It is crucial that you talk in a calm, precise, clear manner as you also have a timer which is counting down to contend with.

How to Recruit a Partner Free

Operation: Tango has a two-player requirement, so the first thing you will need to do before you can even start playing the game is recruit a partner. Even if you have friends that play on different platforms, you will still be able to invite them to play Operation Tango for free as the game supports both cross-play and a Friend Pass. All you need to do to recruit a friend is invite them to download the Trial Version of the game and then start a game together.

Should I Choose the Agent or Hacker Role?

In Operation: Tango you have the choice of either playing an Agent or Hacker, and both roles are equally crucial to the success of a mission as you work as a team using voice chat to communicate with each other while cracking puzzles that open vaults. Both the Agent and Hacker roles have been built from the ground up to be integral and the asymmetrical co-op aspect of the game requires constant participation from both roles, so neither player will be waiting around while the other has all the fun. This basically means there is no best role, you will encounter hazards and dangers that you will need to deal with regardless of which of the two roles you choose.

Should I Choose the Agent or Hacker Role?

Use the Hint System with Discretion

If you are struggling to solve a puzzle in a challenge in Operation: Tango, you always have the option to use the hint system, which is only a button press away. The hint system will not give you the answer you require outright, but will provide you with just enough guidance to inspire a new approach to finding a solution. Use the hint system with discretion, so you don't spoil your gaming session, it is recommended that you only resort to it when you feel the desire to quit the game out of frustration.


Operation: Tango Questions & Answers
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