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One Piece Odyssey Cheats and Tips

PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X
Last Updated: by Richard

One Piece Odyssey is an RPG project to commemorate One Piece brand's 25th Anniversary, which combines classic staples of the JRPG genre with the unique elements of One Piece. We've got you covered with the best One Piece Odyssey cheats and tips in the game check it out below.

Easy Level Up in One Piece Odyssey

Here are a few tips to help you level up quickly in this game, check out the video too

Setup a Camp and have a 'Party'

Utilize Luffy's Field Action, Haki

Defeat rare enemies

Trigger Dramatic Scenes

Recommended Side Stories for Leveling

Recommended Bounty Head Hunts for Leveling

Recommended Memory Links for Leveling

Exploring the Island

Different characters have different abilities in One Piece Odyssey and you'll need to keep swapping out your playing character in order to complete challenges and get through the whole game.

For instance, Luffy can perform actions with his stretchy arms, Zoro can force his way through obstacles with his swords, and Chopper can use his miniature body to get through narrow passages. Each member has their own strengths, but also their own weaknesses that you will have to keep in mind during your journey.

The Battle System

The battle system in One Piece Odyssey is similar to a classic turn-based command battle. The battle occurs on a battlefield divided into different areas, where players can reposition and decide which move to make.

Depending on how the battlefield is set at the beginning of the battle, players may be rewarded for strategizing throughout, as well as for utilizing the Crew's unique abilities and special attacks to their advantage. With turn-based combat, players can decide which move to make and defeat the enemies at their own pace.

In addition, unpredictable situations can occur during battles in the form of sub-objectives that must be achieved, such as defeating a specific enemy first or protecting a team member. As a reward for clearing these random subquests, players will receive more experience and loot.

Combat Tips

This is a cool video packed with some very useful combat tips for One Piece Odyssey.

Power beats speed, speed beat technique and technique beats power, learn about the game mechanics and how you will excel in combat with tips like this from the video above.

Don't underestimate the value of Bond Arts, this is a great way to empower your whole team.

How To Unlock All Bond Arts

Bond Arts are powerful team-based combat skills with these you can defeat enemies more easily in the game.

To get Bond Arts you need to complete Memory Link Quests and you'll need certain Straw Hat Crew members to coordinate to resolve the frayed edges of 'Memoria' known as 'Hysteria', a fractured world deeper within 'Memoria'.

Standard, Deluxe and Collector's Editions

There are three different editions which can be purchased, standard, deluxe and collectors, here is a rundown on what you get for each one so you can spot the differences and decide which is the best version for you.

Standard Edition:

This includes the base ONE PIECE ODYSSEY game and a Pre-Order Bonus (10x Energy Apples, 10x Excite Apples, 3x Golden Jellies, 100,000 Berries, and the Traveling Outfit set)

Standard Edition

Deluxe Edition:

This includes the base game, the Deluxe Pack (Two Jewelry accessories, the Sniper King traveling outfit), the Adventure Expansion Pack (One Ultra Useful Accessory Set, a future additional Story DLC, and 100,000 Berries), and a Pre-Order Bonus (10x Energy Apples, 10x Excite Apples, 3x Golden Jellies, 100,000 Berries, and the Traveling Outfit set). The Deluxe edition will be available in Digital form only.

Deluxe Edition

Collectors Edition: This includes the contents of the Deluxe Edition, an exclusive Monkey.D. Luffy & Lim figurine (23x21x21 cm), and a Pre-Order Bonus (10x Energy Apples, 10x Excite Apples, 3x Golden Jellies, 100,000 Berries, and the Traveling Outfit set)

Collectors Edition


One Piece Odyssey FAQ's

Our Latest Questions

How long to complete the game?
It takes around 30 hours to complete the main game.
Can I keep my demo progress?
Yes, if you save progress from the demo version can be carried over to the full game when it is released.
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