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Wario Ware Touched Cheats and Tips

We have 13 cheats and tips on Nintendo DS. If you have any cheats or tips for Wario Ware Touched please send them in here. You can also ask your question on our Wario Ware Touched Questions & Answers page.

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WarioWare Touched! Cheats

Hardcore Mix:

In Monster Megamix get 25 or more points. To unlock the Hardcore Mix touch the white 'Teddy Bear' that leaves the taxi.

Gnarly Mix:

In Hardcore Mix get 15 or more points.

Silver Character Crown:

To make a silver crown appear over the characters head unlock all Microgames for that character.

Gold Character Crown:

Successfully complete all Microgames for a character (marked with a red nose) to make a Gold crown appear over the characters head.

Whistle A Tune Toy:

Get Gold crowns for every character.

Happy Birthday

Once you unlock her go the ashly part of the album, next go to the mini game where you have to light the candles on the cake. once you light the candles blow on the Mic. and it will make the candles go out, but you wont loose! Make a wish!!!!!!!!

Beating the game

Unlockable Character Minigames.

Note: These are are minigames, not microgames.

To unlock the character minigames you must score 30 or more points for each character to unlock there minigame.

To receive the minigame, touch Orbulan's UFO to make it pop out.

Unlock Wario Man

To unlock Wario Man you must first beat every character.

After that a piece of garlic will appear on the character selection screen, drag the garlic with the stylus into Wario's body and he will turn into Wario Man.

Monster Megamix

After you beat Wario Man and watch the credits, a teddy bear thing will come out of a taxi. Touch it, and you can play Monster Megamix.

Beat Wario Man Monster Megamix

Hardcore mix

After unlocking Monster ..


After you unlock all the characters, if you play the games in their albums and you get to 20 or more, the game gets a rose. If all the games of a character has roses on them, then the character will have a gold crown.

The whistle

In order to get the whistle toy you need to beat all of the games and all of there minigames and get a rose on each one

Good Thing The Leaf Was There

This isn't really a cheat because it doesn't really help you but it is pretty funny.

On that one microgame where you are supposed to take off Wario's clothes,when you take off all of them he will be in his underwear.BUT if you try to take off his underwear(which you will suceed at)he will be holding a leaf in front of his...well,you know and he will look very embarassed.Heehee!

Good thing the leaf was there.

When your in the game where you take the guy's cloths off.When you get to his underwear pull them off. You will see a leaf.He will look so emmbarrsed & funny.I hope I could give you a good laugh.

P.S. This cheat works & it's funny.

They hunger...hint thing!

If you touch the stylus to the screen and let all of the little buggy things come towards it, stop touching the screen and watch them make little shapes like stars and stuff


When you get the turntable in your suvenears (excuse the spelling) play ashley's theme... Spin it fast and listen carefully when she sings that part where she starts singing by herself without the other dudes... She says "I HAVE GRANTED KIDS TO HELL" you have to spin it fast to hear it but it is scary. Try it

The Big Nose

When you turn on your DS and select the Wario Ware Touched game, you should see a video then the title screen.

The title screen will have lots of tiny noses on it. Wait for a garlic to appear and then throw at one of the noses with your stylus.

The nose should turn large. Then wait for 2 multicolured stars to appear and stuff them up the giant nose's nostrils. It will sneeze them out and leave a trail of multicolour.

Thats when you know you can start the game. There should be a new minigame waiting for you in the alien pig spaceship!!! Enjoy.

(this will not work if you have already done it once before).

Sesame_ramen :-)

Gold crown

To get a gold crown over the charecters head sucessfully complete the mini game the number of times exactly said.

P.S. You get a cool souviner I forgot what it was.


(note:you will need an AR or an emulator that exepts ar codes,and the infinate time cheat at!_Nintendo-DS_17825870-17___.aspx)In the level where you have to tap the '?' marks in 9-volt's level,if you tap mario,a coin will come out of his head.Do this 100 times and there will be a negative sign infront of the number(this number will go up about 4 coins).Then the negative sign will change into an icon,brick texture etc.Eventualy it will turn into the letters I and Q!!!(btw,I have a screen shot)

Unlocking Toys

To unlock toys in the toy room, during story mode beat a person. After passing, go to the Games where you can access them. Click on them and read their description until there is parenthesis and flashing words. It may say something like " Try and score over 30 points!" If you click 'start' and play micro games until you score 30 points or more, then when you run out of lives and automatically go back the Games a pink flying machine will come. Click on it and a toy will pop out. To play press 'Play'. If you want to fill your toy room, then unlock all story mode characters and do the same. An example of a toy is 'Clacker'. Be sure to get the toy from the Games to the Toy Room to press 'Move' when you click on the particular toy.

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