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Ultimate Spider-Man



by andrieos

    ----- Ultimate Spiderman DS Boss Fight & Unlockables Faq -----

BY: George Fought AKA Andrieos

A Faq For The Boss Fights in Ultimate Spiderman DS

This is copyrighted material.  This shall not be publically shown without 
my permission, in any way.  The only place it can be shown is at Gamefaqs.
If you're not there right now please email me at [email protected]
and I will deal with it if necessary.

Version History:

V 1.0 - Got all bosses done.  And most unlockables, next update will be 
any grammer and spell updates, and corections.

This is my second FAQ, and I'm working on another one for runescape.

This is my little boss fight Faq. I really enjoyed this game, so i 
decided to do this. This will provide strategy for beating all of the 
bosses in the game.


I. Football Feild Frenzy (Peter Parker Vs Venom)
II. Shocker Beat Down / Shocking Develoupments (Spiderman Vs Shocker)
III. Chinatown Rampage / Rhino In China Town (Spiderman Vs RHINO)
IV. Pest Conrol / Beetle Bash (Spiderman Vs Beetle)
V. Rooftop Serenade (Venom Vs Silver Sable)
VI. Heated Debate (Spiderman Vs Green Goblin)
VII. Showdown In Timesquare (Venom Vs Electro)
VIII. Beetle Battle (Venom Vs Beetle)
IX. Two To Tango (Peter Parker Vs Siver Sable / Spiderman Vs Venom)
X. Sibling Rivalry (Venom Vs Carnage)
XI. Power And Responsibility (Spider-Man Vs Venom)
XII. Unlockables & Cheats

I. Football Feild Frenzy

This is more of an introduction then a boss fight, since you and 
venom dont have any health bars. There isnt really even a point to this
section but what the hell. All you have to do is beat down venom with
your punch and kick combos. Do this to make 3 pannels show up at the 
bottom screen. After this you watch the video and you move on to the 
real game.

II. Shocker Beat Down / Shocking Develoupments

Shocker Beat Down: This can actually be a challenge first play 
through the game, which came as a shock after playing the console 
version (which is comparable to the fight with Mystireo in SM:2).
The fight takes place on Queensboro Bridge. You start out right infront 
of a civilian that you must carry to the ambulance to the right. I find
it better to rescue the guy before you take on the thug with the gun
because him and Shocker could take him down in three shots. After you've 
rescued the guy, i recomend using the Adrenalin Rush special. Try to
give shocker a beating for a minute or so without passing to the left 
half of the bridge. this is to not activate the AI of the thug around 
the other hostage.

when Shocker is going to blast you (indicated by your spider sense) 
dodge with the L button while running at him. beat him down with punch 
kick combos until you have your special. then activate it and let loose 
with punches and kicks. when your satisfied with Shockers first beating, 
web him up and move on for the hostage on the left. save him before 
Shocker breaks free. Now just continue beating him down. hit him with a
nice 4 hit combo and then flee before he does the sheild attack, then 
repeat. Throw some dodging in to the mix and you will take him down 

Shocking Develoupment: In this variation Shocker has blown around some 
cars and has left a bus full of people dangling on the edge of the 
bridge. This one is a bit easier then Shocker Beat down, but uses the 
same strategy for fighting Shocker. But this time you gotta web him up 
every so often to get a chance to pull the buss back up on the bridge. 
do this every time you see the warning sign of the buss slipping. after
a minute or two you should have Shocker defeated.

III. China Town Rambage / Rhino In China Town

This battle takes place in China Town while RHINO is plowing 
through causing many citizens in destress to save. At first, all you have
to do is run through the town saving a few people by lifting cars off 
them or carrying then to safty. Once you've saved them all the boss fight

At first all you have to do is dodge RHINO, while he charges at you
and continue moving on to the right until you see a fuel tank against 
the wall, jump up and stick to the wall (just under the barbed wire). 
RHINO will charge at it 3 times opening up a new area. Here you 
must save two people. start by pushing the pillar, then grabing them and
taking them outside of the action. Now you have the chance to take down 
RHINO, switch your special to wrecking ball, and keep your distance,
this will make him charge at you. dodge his charge and beat him in the 
back untill you get your special. you then dodge the charge again, and 
use your special to do significant damage. continue dodging and atacking
in this pattern and he will be a peice of cake.  You could also sit on 
the wall by the pillar you pushed up, and let him charge at you, and 
jump and hit down a a couple of times on him until you win.

IV. Pest Control / Beetle Bash

This battle takes place ontop of a incomplete skyscraper. Beetle has 
three diferent attacks his lazer blasts (used for far rage), Lazer sword
(used for close range) and his sheild (used as a counter against combos).

First thing, switch your special to adrenalin rush, now he should start 
off blasting at you with his multi-directional lazers flying in the air.
You cannot dodge these blasts with L so dont try it. All you have to
do to avoid these is run back and forth under him. Whenever you see an 
opertunity, jump up and start beating him with air combos. If your
spider sense goes off while doing this simply jump away to avoid his
Sheild move. Repeat this until he starts getting close to the ground.
At this point you should jump over his beams until your up close enough
to uppercut him (Up+Punch), do this three times in a row and then put 
some distance between eachother. Use the adrenalin rush whenever you 
can and he should be taken down fairly easily.

V. Rooftop Seranade

This is the first boss battle as Venom. Here you fight Silver Sable on 
top of the Daily Bugal. This fight can be anoying because of all the
long range antacks. Between Sable's ninja stars and her thug's guns, 
you have a lot to look out for. This is basically a meele match that 
involves a lot of tentical flailing. All i can really say is try and 
pull off venoms tornado combo as often as possible so you can hit Sable 
as well as take out her thugs who like to creep up from behind. Dont try
and feed on anyone cause you'll just get ninja stared to death. Thats 
pretty much it, go crazy on the tentical lashing and dont stop for 

VI. Heated Debate

This is the battle against Green Goblin at the Latverian Embassy.
this fight can be very challenging if you have problems dodging attacks 
with L. the fight starts with Osborn jumping at you, so dodge instantly.
Now at first Osborn has three attacts: a simple punch/claw (for close
range), a jumping attack that sends a shockwave of fire along the ground
and his "Fiiireee!" attack. simply dodge the jumping atack when he is 
about to land and start using some combos on him. after about 4 hits 
you should probubly move away and expect his "Fiiiree!" attack to come 
next. during this attack you cannot harm him. he will either throw 1 or
2 fire balls at you which you need to dodge while standing still. after
this Goblin is left vulnerable to a combo (I again sugest using 
adrenalin as your special). smack him around for a bit while dodging 
at every chance you get until he breaks in to the embassy. now he will 
go after civilians at the far right. before he gets there start attacking
him to get his attention off them and swing to save them both. now Goblin
will up his game a bit and introduce a new move where he jumps and throws
fire balls. this is nothing too threatning. simply move out the way and 
wait for ur time to strike. the "Fiiree!" move is more often now 
(especially when you get close). just get that special meter up and 
adrenalin rush him to death.    

 VII. Showdown In Timesquare

This is the Battle with Electro for the right to kill Spider-man. This 
can be one of the more chalenging boss fights. this one plays very 
different then the others. when fighting Electro you must grab mailboxes
and cars with your tenticles and beat him down with them while dodging 
his electric projectiles. chances are you will loose health way faster 
then he does. When low on health just run to the left or right sides to 
feed on some people to gain health this will give him a chance to damage
spider-man, but hell survive. use R to feed on the girl on the left end 
because the touch screen grab doesnt work because of the weird angle.

After a while Electro will power up and become blue. at this point your 
objective is to beat the **** out of him with mail boxes and try to get 
him near fire hydrants. when hes above one, punch it to blast him with 
water, turning him human and vulnerable. Dont stop attacking him in his
blue stage because he will sometimes refill his health some how.
bottom line is mail box him and blast him with the fire hydrants untill
hes down for the count.   

VIII. Beetle Battle

Venom Vs Beetle. This fight is pretty simple in format but can get 
anoying. You should start off by grabing his floating mines and thowing
them back at him with ur tendrills while dodging his lazer blasts. after
all the bombs have been thrown at him its time to start kicking his ass.
to evade the lazers simply walk away from him then run under him. he 
should miss you every time. once under him whip him with ur tendrills 2 
times. if he blocks then hit him again. after those two hits he will use
his shield move, so get out from under him and repeat the process. soon 
he will come closer to the ground. at this poin get under him and 
upper-claw him to send him flying. do this twice in a row and then get 
out of there before he uses his beam sword thing. after a lot of lazer 
dodging and upward whipping you should be able to win the match. 

IX. Two To Tango

This double boss battle starts with Peter Parker fighting Silver Sable.
The most anoying part of this battle is her thugs with tommy guns. 
prepare to use the dodge button (L) alot because you will need to dodge
lots of bullets, ninja stars and tranqulizers. Sable will start off 
flipping around alot this is just to put some distance between you both 
so she can over use her ninja stars. when the spidersense goes off, run
toward her while dodging then starting a combo. i find that it works 
best if you keep the combos simple (like all punches or kicks) because 
she seeems to move less that way. whenever a gaurd with a gun shows up
take him out quickly. the thugs with guns take off more damage then the
ninja stars do. after a while you should manage to get in the final blow
and move on to venom

Now its Spiderman Vs Venom for second time. first thing to do is switch 
to ur adrenalin rush special move. Venom will try and grab you 
with his long tenticle to feed on you when ever you run toward him, so 
get ready to dodge when you see that spider sense. running at him and 
dodging is really the secret to this battle. it really sets you up for 
instant combos. He will eventually feed on you (probubly more then once)
but dont sweat it to bad. once you get your special full, just unload on
him with punches and kicks untill hes done. then sit back and watch my
favorate cinimatic of the game.  

X. Sibling Rivalry

Venom Vs Carnage. This is the hardest boss battle of the game. Carnage
will pretty much hit you every chance he gets. He is much like venom in
the way he uses his tendrills and extending arms to hit you from 
anywhere. the only place your safe is the sealing. I usually like to 
start of whipping the **** out of him from long range. you usually will 
be able to get a nice 5 hit combo on him before he has a chance to 
recover. The whipping combo im talking a bout is the one where he spins
hitting everywhere with both tendrills and his tounge. after this combo
jump on to the wall and crawl up to the ceiling. crawl across the roof 
to the middle where that black line is then fall to the ground and 
quickly start whipping again. He should use his diagonal atack and miss 
you on the fall leaving him open for a beating. try not to get too close
or hell use his combo breaker where spikes flail from his chest. Its a 
hit an miss strategy since some times hell extend his claws to hit you 
while falling from the roof, but it usually works well. 

Personally im at the pioint of controll with venom where i can just 
whip him with combos and jump over him then continue. But this wont 
work for everybody. once he is knocked out you must aproach him and eat
him with R. the touch screen eating teqnique doesnt work because carnage
is too powerful to just pick up and move around freely (plus it would 
probubly lead to some nasty glitches).

If you really suck at this game as Venom, you can use my Invincible 
Venom Cheat in the cheat section that works especially well for this 

XI. Power And Responsibility

This is the final boss fight of the game. The Venom Spiderman showdown 
on the top of Trask Tower. Venom will be attacking Trask in the 
helicopter on the right side of the rooftop. Go after him, but use your 
dodge to miss his tentical grabs. Venom will try and slam you to the 
ground any chance he gets, so get used to dodging. all you really have 
to do is run at him dodge when indicated and hit him with a nice 4 hit 
combo ending in a lancher to set up some distance. then repeat. Hit him
with the adrenalin rush when you get the chance also.

Whe he get s low on health hell start trying to eat you to regain his 
health and take yours. when this starts just try and keep more distance 
between eachother and continue the running dodge then attacking 

                  ----- Unlockables & Cheats -----

Multi Player Unlockables:
World Councel Areana- Compleat The Game 30%
Subway Areana- Compleat The Game 75%
Queensboro Bridge- Compleate The Game 85%
Trask Labs- Compleate The Game 90%
Trask Roof Top- Compleate The Game 100%
Playable Carnage- Compleat The Game 80%
Playable Black Suit Spiderman- Compleat The Game 100%

Invincible Venom: When venom is in his dieing pose quickly fling his 
symbiot zip line to a near by platfor to bring him back to life.

Submitted by wizzah - Created 10/2/05 (Last Modified 10/3/05)
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