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Pokemon Platinum


How to get the lustrous and adamant orbs.


            Make sure you have beaten the Pokemon League, caught Giratina, and have spoken to the elder of Celestic town (Cynthiaís grandma) about summoning Dialga and Palkia to the spear pillar for this to work.  You will need the HMís strength, rock climb, rock smash, surf, and waterfall. First you need to be at mount coronet (go to the entrance near oreberg city). Go through mount coronet as if going to Spear Pillar, but donít go all the way. You want to stop when you get to the snowy area. Once there go to the wall with the rocky surface (the area where you can use rock climb). Use rock climb then go to the right and you should find a cave entrance (itís hard to see, but it is exactly 8 steps to the right of the rock climb area). Go in then go to the left and you will see water.  Use surf and go to the waterfall then use waterfall. When at the top you will see a cave entrance go in and the two poke balls in the cave are the lustrous and adamant orbs. I hope this helped! Leave a comment saying this helped. I will appreciate that a lot.