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Pokemon Platinum


Catching Darkrai (Via Member Card Wifi Event)

by PokerZ

****GETTING DARKRAI (VIA Member Card)****
             by PokerZ

As of August 3rd 2009 (until September 13 2009), you will have the chance to obtain Darkrai via Member Card.
I'll show you how.

- Wi-Fi Connection
- Mystery Gift Enabled
- National Dex Unlocked
- Elite Four Beaten

==Enabling Mystery Gift==
1. Goto the 3rd Floor in the Jubilife City TV Studio
2. Talk to the man at the bottom, he will interview you
3. For the first 'opinion', put in "Everyone Happy", and for the next one put in "Wi-Fi Connection"
4. Save, you will now have Mystery Gift enabled

==Recieving the Member Card==
1. On the menu, goto Mystery Gift > Recieve Gift > Via Nintendo WFC
2. Wait 1 minute or so while it retrieves the gift
3. Accept it.
4. In-Game, goto the PokeMart and talk to the green man, you will now have the Member Card.
5. SAVE!

==Getting Darkrai==
1. Goto Canalave City and talk to the boy who's having nightmares
2. Goto Fullmoon Island (via The Ferry) and pick up the Lunar Wing that Cressellia drops
3. Speak to the boy again, and hop on the ferry
4. Goto Newmoon Island, Darkrai awaits!

This should work, I did it myself!