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Gift Pokemon

by PhilXZ

Gift Pokemon

There are 4 pokemon in the game that are given to you in the story. They are necessary for completing your Pokedex!

-#133: Eevee-

Eevee gets handed out a lot doesn't it? Obtain it from Bebe at Hearthome City. Her house is next to the Pokemon Center. You can't castch this Pokemon until you have obtained the NAtional Dex
Right now it has a wide range of evolutions like Umbreon, Jolteon, Vaperon, Espeon, and Glaceon. When obtained, it will be on level 20.

-#137: Porygon-
Not availbable in the wild for the entire game, Porygon is a rare sight. It can be obtained in on of the northmost houses of Veilstone City. When obtained it's base level is 25.

-#175: Togepi-
Togepi will be given to you by Pokemon League Champion Cynthia. It serves as a reward for defeating the Galactic Grunts at Eterna City. 
It will be an egg at first and won't appear in the wild until you have attained the National Pokedex. Togepi's final evolution, Togekiss, can serve as a real powerhouse.

-#447: Riolu-
You will obtain Riolu from Riley at Iron Island after helping him clear it from Galactic Grunts.
Riolu will be in an egg and will later evolve into Lucario. Riolu is very rare as it cannot be found in the wild in any game.

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