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Pokemon Platinum


Gym Guide

by Gamer_gal234

Pokemon Platinum
First made June 20, Last updated Nov 28 09
Version 1.0

 ____       _                              
|  _ \ ___ | | _____ _ __ ___   ___  _ __  
| |_) / _ \| |/ / _ \ '_ ` _ \ / _ \| '_ \ 
|  __/ (_) |   <  __/ | | | | | (_) | | | |
|_|   \___/|_|\_\___|_| |_| |_|\___/|_| |_|
 ____  _       _   _                              ____                 
|  _ \| | __ _| |_(_)_ __  _   _ _ __ ___        / ___|_   _ _ __ ___  
| |_) | |/ _` | __| | '_ \| | | | '_ ` _ \      | |  _| | | | '_ ` _ \ 
|  __/| | (_| | |_| | | | | |_| | | | | | |     | |_| | |_| | | | | | |
|_|   |_|\__,_|\__|_|_| |_|\__,_|_| |_| |_|      \____|\__, |_| |_| |_|
  ____       _     _      
 / ___|_   _(_) __| | ___ 
| |  _| | | | |/ _` |/ _ \
| |_| | |_| | | (_| |  __/

Gym Team Guide
-------------pink (delete spaces)polka234
   at   yahoo (dot) com

Update (Nov 28 09)
I've received a lot of spam (so I've done that ^)
and requests for cheat codes. Although I do have an
action replay, I do not know of any codes other than ones you can find on the
internet, and do not reccomend using them. I'm very sorry for not filling in all
the pokemon's movesets in the gyms. If you do have them, feel free to email them
to me.  I haven't played much since beating the game, so I can't battle you with
out embarassing myself. If you would like free starters, I can give you some 
through wifi if you find me at the boards.

-Gyms list
-Gym Leader Guide
-Pokemon Starter Stats


Hello, it's Gamer_gal234. I just want you to know, I am not a competitive
player. I play for the fun and do not hack, collect shinies, or catch all
the event pokemon, ect. So any questions concerning events, extreme play,
or action replay should be emailed to somebody else.
I've played every generation of Pokemon except Leafgreen/Firered. I am
however new to Diamond/Pearl, but I am doing my best to help you with this
guide. I am not an expert at Pokemon, but I do well at beating the game
and strategy and such.

I'm working on the Elite Four section so hold on a bit. :) EDIT- (I've been
really busy with other stuff. The Elite Four are relatively easy if you have
the type advantage, if I can, I'll get Cynthia's team + strategies for her.

This is a guide to picking a good team to face all the 8 gyms.


What to Expect

The Gyms may have an effect on which starter you choose. In pokemon
Platinum, all the types have pretty much equal time, perhaps Chimchar
has slightly better advantage. At the bottom of this guide I've listed
Stats and info on the starters.

Oreburgh City: Roark: Rock/ground
Turtwig and Piplup are strong, Chimchar weak

Eterna City: Gardenia: Grass
Chimchar is strong, Turtwig does okay, Piplup is weakest.

Hearthome City: Fantina: Ghost
Turtwig's Bite will do well

Veilstone City: Maylene: Fighting

Pastoria City: Crasher Wake: water
Turtwig is strong, Chimchar is weak.

Canaclave City: Byron: Steel
Chimchar is best here but everyone does well.

Snowpoint City: Candice: Ice
Turtwig is bad here, Chimchar is good.

Sunnyshore City: Volkner: Electric
Torterra is good here, Piplup is bad.

They all do about the same as far as gyms go, Chimchar may be a bit better
but Turtwig has the best moves.


**The Gyms

Oreburgh Gym
Geodude-12 :Rock/ground
Onix-12    :Rock/ground

Place to Train: You shouldn't need to train, you should be 
to level 10 or 11. If not, go around grass and level up in a
few battles.

Team Suggestions:
Machop (Head north to Route 207)

If you picked both Turtwig or Piplup you should do well in this gym. It's got
a lot of hard defense, but not too much attack. You can use potions to help
yourself out of trouble if they do start to chip away at your health. You
should be level 10 or 11 yourself before trying this gym, higher if you got
Chimchar as your starter.

This pokemon has high okay attack, high defense, and horrible HP, Sp Attack,
and Sp. Defense. If you have absorb or bubble you can get past most of the
gym very easily. Geodude isn't much different than the rest of the trainers'
pokemon. He will use Rock Throw, Tackle, Rock Polish and Mud Sport. Rock
throw is the only move that could do you much damage. 

Onix has better speed and great defense, but you can hit it hard with any
special attacks. He knows Bind and Tackle for offensive moves. Make sure
your most effective pokemon is at the front because you won't be able to 
switch out if bind is in effect.

The first time around, Cranidos wiped me out by using Headbutt repeatedly.
That's pretty much the only thing to worry about. Use water or grass again.
You will do twice normal damage but not four like the others. Cranidos has
pretty bad stats other than its base 125 attack! Yup that's why it hurts.

Once you will you will get COAL BADGE. This is not too tough of a gym, but
the Cranidos is something to worry about.


Eterna Gym
Cherubi-19  :Grass
Roserade-22 :Grass/poison
Turtwig-19  :Grass

Team Suggestions:
Ponyta (16 or higher)
Staravia (17 or higher)

Place to Train: Eterna Forest, while Cheryl was there to heal
you repeatedly. If you can get your pokemon all level 20, that will
be good.

It shouldn't be hard to take down all the trainers even if you do have to
take trips to the Pokecenter to heal. You should have a flying type and
a fire type. Ponyta is common on Route 207, North of Oreburgh. Train it
to level 16 and get ember. If you want to keep leveling up you can learn
stomp at level 19. Ponyta is likely to be your fire type for a lot of 
the game. (You can get Houndour, Magby, and Flareon also.)

Piplup users can peck the trainers out if it's over level 18. Chimchar
will have no problems. Turtwig could use bite or just let Staravia and
Ponyta do it all. (This should level them up to starter level)

This one is very weak and you can use ember to wipe the floor with it. 
Use a flying move with Staravia if you don't have any fire.

The turtwig doesn't pose much of a threat if you use fire on it. He's got
better stats than Cherubi, but still not great special defense. Ember.

This one is a bit trickier. Magical leaf will take out your water pokemon
Piplup if you dared use him for Roserade. Stun Spore is annoying and will
paralyze you. It has a high special attack so watch out.

This gym is pretty easy for anybody with a fire type pokemon, so just keep
using ember or whatever you have. If you don't have a fire type, Staravia's
gust will do.

Hearthome Gym
Duskull-24 :Ghost
Haunter-24 :Ghost/Poison
Mismagius-26 :Ghost

Place to Train: Route 209

Team Suggestions:
Buizel (<&^Typical elemental moves)
Normal type
Psychic like Ralts/Kadabra for Haunter

Try not to bring a Ralts, Abra, or Kadabra. Psychic will be crushed with
the first ghost type move. Don't use them until Haunter comes up.
All the starters should be okay here. If you
caught a Rotom, you will do well. If you have a pokemon that knows bite,
use that. Mostly the Pokemon will use Hypsnosis, Confusion (I HATE it),
Shadow Ball (Does good damage) and Faint Attack. 

Duskull will be the easiest to defeat. It doesn't have too bad of ghost
attacks. Bite it or use your best elemental moves to take it down. not
too hard.

will try to confuse or put your pokemon to sleep while using shadow
claw. Use psybeam at the beginning to try and wipe him out. Rotom's uproar
can protect you from Hypnosis as well.

The worst of the three. It took me down once I admit. She will use Psybeam,
magical Leaf (Beware Prinplup) Psybeam (Don't let your fighting or poison
get KOed) and Shadow Ball (Can hurt the ghosts and psychics)

I'd say your best bet is using your starter's elemental move a lot or Rotom
on  Duskull and the trainers. It's a tough battle. Be careful not to use any
normal moves that will not do anything.

If you have a normal type, teach it a few TMs and it won't get hurt with 
ghost moves. Make sure the TMs will actually AFFECT the ghosts. Eevee or a
strong Bidoof will do okay.

This gym is one of the toughest, I'd say. Mismagius was pretty tough with
Psybeam and Shadow Ball. I went in with Rotom, and Mismagius took him out.
My starter Piplup was hurt by magical leaf also. A fire type will do well
though. No water moves will be used.

RELIC BADGE! Once you win, the other gyms will be like a piece of cake.
Let's hope.


Veilstone Gym
Meditite-28 Psychic/Flying
Machoke -29 Fighting
Lucario-32 Fighting/Steel

Train: Route 215 until you reach level 25.

Team Suggestions:

Fighting is weak against Flying and psychic. If you have a Kadabra, Psybeam
repeatedly should take most of them out. Staravia's wing attack will get all
the trainers out of the way.

You should opt for flying to take him out. If Prinplup has Peck you can use
that as well. It's attack stats are horribly low, you have nothing to fear
with him. Just be wary of Confusion and it's annoying side effect.

- will be easily hurt by psychic, Psybeam him. If you don't have one
use Wing Attack or Peck. You could also use Rotom against it. Machoke has
bad special stats so hit with an elemental move if you can't psybeam or peck.
It has pretty low defense as well.

 should be a bit of a challenge. Use fire against him for steel's
weakness. He is also weak to fire, so Monferno rules him. Otherwise, stick
with Ponyta. It has good stats, but with type advantage you'll do okay.

The hardest part of this gym is just GETTING to Maylene with those stupid
punching bags. All I can say is move ALL of them.


::Crasher Wake::
Pastoria Gym
Gyarados-33 Water/Flying
Quagsire-34 Ground/water
Floatzel-37 Water

Train Route 213 to level 28-30 for grass/electric, more for anything else.

For the water gym, You should have a Roselia you've been training for a while
now. If not, get one on Route 210. It's the best catchable grass type for now.
Rotom will be good here with electric. Water doesn't have all that many 
strengths and weaknesses. Grass and Electric is all.
If you put the right pokemon out this battle will be the easiest gym yet.

Team Suggestion:
Normal/Fighting/Psychic/whatever you have

 will be 2hitKOed with electric attacks most likely. It's 4x damage
because of both flying and water type. It has waterfall, bite, dragon rage
(I think) and brine. Don't let your health get below half or you'll risk
getting double strength brine hit at you. It should be easy to beat with any
electric moves.

Quagsire can only be taken out with grass. It will do 4x damage as well for
your ground and water advantage. It's immune to electric so switch out. The
Quagsires are pretty weak overall, and it doesn't seem likely that you would
be without a grass type at this point in the game.

has good speed and attack and average special attack. Ice fang and
crunch are the biggest threats. Leave out grass and use electric, ice fang can
be deadly to grass. For me, Floatzel was not very hard to beat but was 
definitly the weakest of Wake's pokemon. It will probably go first with its 

Wake is a breeze with a grass type. Roselia/Roserade defeated them all. You
get the FEN BADGE plus Brine, a good Water move.


Canaclave Gym
Magneton -37 Steel/Electric
Steelix-38 Ground/Steel
Bastiodon-41 Rock/Steel

Train in Iron Island until you are level 40. For now it is the best place to
train. The Gravelers, Steelix, and Onix give loads of EXP. I get 600 for every
Graveler and 900 for the Onix I think.

Steel is bad against Fighting, Fire, and Ground. All of which you should have.
Get a Graveler from Iron Island if you don't have ground. Your Machoke (Or 
whatever fighting type you have) is good, and so is fire. If you have Infernape
or Monferno your fighting and fire will both be good. I swept through the gym 
using Ponyta and Empoleon.

Team Suggestion:
Starter (all should be good)

Do you have a Torterra? does it know Earthquake? if it does, Magneton is done
for. If you want, you can fill the rest of your team slots with gravelers and
use  self destruct on each pokemon, letting a tougher one finish them off if 
they have any HP left at all. Fire power and Fighting will also be effective.

Any starter should be able to take him down. You should have practice with them
from Iron Island. Steelix has great defense and fair attack bad special defense
but fire should be able to kill it. I reccomend water though for its ground
type. Surf will do well.

You'll do 4x damage with Fighting or Ground type moves. Earthquake anyone? but
also water will do a good amount of damage to him. beware: He has GREAT special
and defense stats. Any starter will be able to defeat him. Infernape will be
great with both fighting and fire, Empoleon will have surf, and Torterra's
Earthquake will work. This is an easy gym.


Snowpoint Gym

Training: All you really need to do is train your Fire type to L45 on the
road to Snowpoint. The rest should remain around L40. By the end, the Fire
type should end up around 47.

Joy, now we get to battle FOUR pokemon. Okay then, it's all ice. You can use
fighting, fire, rock, or steel. It's easiest to just sweep through with fire
and fighting. You should have a Machoke and a Graveler to help out.

Team Suggestion:
Fire Type Ponyta

Sneasel is speedy, fair attack, low special defense, VERY LOW special attack.
Good. You may be able to 2hitKO it with a fire attack. Faint attack is the
biggest problem, but I'd be surprised if it had a chance to use it. 

He knows Take Down. Shockingly enough, Take down may do some
damage. For me, it was the only real problem. This is because he has a fair
attack, low defense, but VERY low special defense and special attack.
You can easily defeat him with surf or a fire attack like Flamethrower.

Abomasnow will start a hail storm. This will not affect you much, a little bit
of Hp will be chipped away is all. It has moderate stats, but is grass and
ice type. 4x fire damage!! One hit should knock it out, but even if it doesn't
he shouldn't be a problem. The annoying thing is, if you don't kill it, 
Candice will hyper Potion it up to full health. Oh well.

Is ice and ghost type. You may use a dark type move or a fire. If you have
a Houndour, you can use both. Otherwise keep sticking to fire and it still
won't be a problem. Fighting moves won't effect it, so don't even send one
out. If it continues to use Double Team like it did to me, it will get hard
to hit, so try to finish it quickly with fire. It may know confuse ray, and
that is annyoying. Overall, this gym is not a problem for fire starters
at all. Infernape, once again, will KO every pokemon. As for anybody else,
you still won't have a problem if you have a fire type or fighting.

****************Thanks to Amanda Bosley for these movesets***********
    ice shard
    aerial ace
    faint attack
    double team
    shadow ball
    stone edge
    water pulse
    focus blast
    wood hammer

Sunnyshore Gym
Jolteon-46 electric
Luxray 48 electric
Electivire-50 electric
Raichu-46 elcectic

Training:You shouldn't have to train. You probably have already beefed up
past level 50 in your Galactic beating. A Torterra that knows Earthquake
can KO EVERY pokemon here. I did.

Whew, Jolteon is FAST and has great Special Attack. He uses Charge Beam,
thunder wave to paralyze, Iron tail, but isn't too bad. Use Torterra or
a Graveler against him and hit it with Earthquake or Magnitude a lot.

Luxray uses Ice fang, which will hurt Torterra or any grass types. Luxray
has exellent stats but not many are actually electric unless he has 
thunder Fang. DO NOT bring a flying or water type here! Luxray is pretty
tough so watch out. Luckily, he has an average/kinda slow speed so you 
may go first. Use a powerful ground move and cross your fingers it at least
2hit KOs him.

is a beast with base 540 stat total and great all around stats. His weakest
point is defense, so hit him with non-special moves like earthquake. He is
only weak against ground, so he may be the worst of the bunch. Volkner can
and will reheal his pokemon with items, so try to knock it out quickly.

Bad, bad, bad, bad, bad bad defense!! Magnitude or Earthquake him and hopefully
he will be history. Hopefully you will be immune to whatever attacks he throws
and you can finish him off to win the BEACON BADGE.


COMING SOON: ELITE FOUR (Maybe, i'll TRY to write it!)

Team Suggestion:
Giratina if you have it.(Knows Shadow Ball)
Water Type (Knows Surf, Ice beam)
Fire Type (Knows Flamethrower)
Grass Type (Knows Earthquake)
Lucario (teach it Water Pulse for Ground bertha)

Train at: Victory road until you are level 55-60. You will want your best 
pokemon at level 60 or higher.

Aaron: Flying and Bug

Bertha: Ground

Flint: Fire

Lucian: Psychic

Cynthia: Champ with different pokes. By far the toughest, just use your
toughest pokemon with special attacks.

Preparation: You will need many items such as Max Revives, Full Restores,
and as many hyper potions as is nessasary.


Pokemon's Stats

HP: 55

Torterra Base: 525

Which means: He has the best attack, but that really doesn't matter if you
use grass type moves. Best defense, which WILL matter a lot battling enemies.
He has the worst Special Attack. WORST SPEED. Good thing he's got defense to
help take the extra hits. Good HP to help on defense.

MOVES: Turtwig DEFINITYLY learns the best moves. 32 Earthquake, 22 bite,45 
crunch 57 leaf storm, 51 giga drain, This makes up for the weaknesses.


HP: 44

Infernape Base: 534

Which means: Great attack, weak on defense. This common tradeoff is okay 
if you are strong enough to KO in 3 or less hits. You can defeat the pokemon
before it attacks you. Speed is strongest which is great.

MOVES: Chimchar and its evolutions have very good offensive attacks such as
14 Mach Punch, 19 Flame Wheel, and 57 Flare Blitz. 


HP: 53

Empoleon Base:530

Which means: Best special attack. Low speed which gets lower as it evolves.
It's pretty average in all areas but I do wish it was speed in the fifties.

MOVES:All you have to look forward to is Hydro Pump and Bubblebeam. And maybe 
drill peck. It's sad really that the steel type is unnessasary and moves
are weak. You can teach it Surf for a good move and HM.



This faq is owned by me, Gamer_gal234,  and may not be copied or reproduced
in any matter without my personal permission.

Questions or comments? email me (email at top)