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Pokemon Platinum


Natures, Strategies and Moves Guide

by poliet

|--------\    __    |        /             __
|         |  /  \   | /    ___    _____   /  \   ____
|_________/ /    \  |/.   /___|  /  |  \ /    \ /    \
|           |    |  |\   |       |  |  | |    | |    |
|            \__/   | \  \____   |  |  |  \__/  |    |
STRATEGIES Version 1.0
|__(a2I).'Tornado' Strategy_______________________________
|__(a2II).'Lightspeed' Strategy___________________________
|__(a2III).'Relay' Strategy_______________________________
|__(a2IV).'Invisible' Strategy____________________________
(a3).Move Tutors & Natures<><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><>
|__(a3I).Move Tutors______________________________________
--(a3IA).Route 212________________________________________
--(a3IB).Snowpoint City___________________________________
--(a3IC).Survival Area____________________________________
(a6).Frequently Asked Questions<><><><><><><><><><><><><><

|            (a1).Introduction                  |
This is my first home-made walktrough and first walkthrough submission posted on I will be updating this as I have more knowledge of other strategies to
help in Wi-Fi battles,etc.

This walkthrough also contains mves and how to get them, move tutors and Single Pokemon
exclusive moves.

|           (a2).Strategies                     |
|__(a2I).'Tornado' Strategy
Pokemon that can be used for this Strategy: Skarmory

[email protected]/Focus band

Ability: Keen Eye

Nature preferably naive:+speed,-sp.def or jolly:+speed,-sp.atk.

Stealth Rock




Explanation: The reason skarmory should have a naive or jolly nature is because they
both increase speed while decreasing the useless stats, and speed is vital in this
particular strategy. To start off, use Stealth Rock first and then Spikes. If you
get low on Hp then use Roost. After Spikes and Stealth rock keep on using whirlwind
or roar. But don't forget to use roost of the opponent goes first and deals a lot of

|__(a2II).'LightSpeed' Strategy
Pokemon that can be used for this strategy: Empoleon, Floatzel

Floatzel,[email protected] Water/Sea Incense

Nature Adamant:+atk,-sp.atk


Ability: Empoleon = torrent, Floatzel = Swift Swim

Aqua Jet

Swords Dance&empoleon, Bulk Up&floatzel

Rain Dance


Explanation: First of all Empoleon would be best to use for this strategy because
of its ability torrent and floatzel can't learn swords dance and empoleon can.
Start of using substitiute or swagger depending on which you chose. Then use
Rain Dance and then swords dance. combined with mystic water, STAb bonus, rain dance,
Swords dance and torrent aqua jets power is basically the same as a blisseys HP!
In other words use aqua jet next! trust me, I got a 97 win streak at the battle tower
with this one.

|__(a2III).'Relay' Strategy
Pokemon that can be used for this strategy: Ninjask.

[email protected] Beak

Ability: Speed Boost

Nature: Hardy, Serious, Bashful, Docile, Quirky - No advantages or disadvantages.


Swords Dance

Baton Pass

Double Team

Aerial Ace

Explanation: The only reason I have chosen the Sharp Beak is for Aerial Ace, 
because it gets STAB and Sharp Beak gives it yet more power. Use Swords Dance and 
Double Team. If the Pokemon Ninjask is against is weak to Flying don't use Double Team
yet use Aerial Ace instead. Once that Pokemon is down use Double Team then Baton Pass.
Fortunately, Baton Pass also passes on Stat changes, the whole point of this

|__(a2IV).'Invisible' Strategy
Pokemon that can be used for this strategy: Froslass.

[email protected]

Ability: Snow Cloak

Nature: Quiet



Confuse Ray

Double Team


Explanation: This is probably the most annoying Strategy on the list. If it weren't
for Froslass's Snow Cloak Ability this wouldn't have been possible. Snow Cloak
raises Evasiveness in a hailstorm. BrightPowder raises Evasiveness. So... use Hail
first. Then use Confuse Ray. You will be quite hard to hit and the opponent is confused
meaning that the chances of Froslass being hit is very very low. And then there's Double
Team to come yet. So use Double Team and KO the opponents team by using Avalanche 

|           (a3).Move Tutors & Natures               |                     
|__(a3I).Move Tutors
There are 3 new Move Tutors in Platinum, each whom teach different moves to your Pokemon.
They will teach your Pokemon moves in exchange for Coloured Shards: Yellow, Blue and Red.
These Tutors are living in different locations. I am going to tell you their locations,
what moves they teach and what Shards are needed.

--(a3IA).Route 212
This Move Tutor is west of Pastoria City at the end of the bogs next to a Parasol Lady.
This Move Tutor collects Blue Shards.
Here are the moves:
Air Cutter, Blue x4 Red x2 Green x2
Dive, Blue x4 Red x2 Yellow x2
Fire Punch, Blue x6 Red x2
Fury Cutter, Blue x8
Ice Punch, Blue x6 Red x2
Icy Wind, Blue x6 Green x2
Knock Off, Blue x4 Red x4
Ominous Wind, Blue x6 Green x2
Sucker Punch, Blue x6 Yellow x2
Trick, Blue x4 Yellow x4
ThunderPunch, Blue x6 Red x2
Vacuum Wave, Blue x4 Red x2 Green x2
Zen Headbutt, Blue x4 Yellow x4

--(a3IB).Snowpoint City
This Move Tutor is in Snowpoint City in one of the huts. He colects Yellow Shards.
Here are the moves:
Helping Hand, Red x2 Yellow x4 Green x2
Last Resort, Green x8
Magnet Rise, Blue x2 Yellow x4 Green x2
Snore, Red x2 Yellow x4 Green x2
Spite, Yellow x8
Swift, Red x2 Yellow x2 Green x4
Synthesis, Yellow x2 Green x6
Uproar, Yellow x6 Green x2

--(a3IC).Survival Area
This Move Tutor is in a house on a rock climbable hill in the first grass patch east of the 
Survival Area. He collects Red Shards.
These are the moves:
Ancientpower, Red x6 Green x2
Aqua Tail, Red x 6 Green x2
Bounce, Red x4 Yellow x2 Green x2
Earth Power, Red x6 Green x2
Endeavor, Red x4 Yellow x4
Gastro Acid, Red x4 Yellow x2 Green x2
Gunk Shot, Blue x2 Red x4 Green x2
Heat Wave, Blue x2 Red x4 Green x2
Iron Defense, Blue x2 Red x4 Yellow x2
Iron Head, Red x6 Yellow x2
Mud-Slap, Blue x4 Red x4
Outrage, Red x6 Yellow x2
Rollout, Blue x2 Red x4 Green x2
Seed Bomb, Red x4 Green x4
Signal Beam, Yellow x2 Green x2 Blue x2 Red x2
SuperPower, Red x8
Twister, Red x6 Yellow x2

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of the Natures:
Lonely, +Attack -Defense
Brave, +Attack -Speed
Adamant, +Attack -Special Attack
Naughty, +Attack -Special Defense
Bold, +Defense -Attack
Docile, None
Relaxed, +Defense -Speed
Impish, +Defense -Special Attack
Lax, +Defense -Special Defense
Timid, +Speed -Attack
Hasty, +Speed -Defense
Serious, None
Jolly, +Speed -Special Attack
Naive, +Speed -Special Defense
Modest, +Special Attack -Attack
Mild, +Special Attack -Defense
Quiet, +Special Attack -Speed
Bashful, None
Rash, +Special Attack -Special Defense
Calm, +Special Defense -Attack
Gentle, +Special Defense -Defense
Sassy, +Special Defense -Speed
Careful, +Special Defense -Special Attack
Quirky, None
Hardy, None

|       (a4).Contact                       |            
If you have any questions or ideas for updating this walkthrough my e-mail address
is [email protected] Anything related with the strategies or if they need updating
will also be necessary.

|       (a5).Copyright                     |
This Walkthrough is mine and mine only and I am therefore Copyrighting it. Anyone
who ignores these words will be reported and possibly banned.

|       (a6).Frequently Asked Questions    |                              
None yet. To be created in Version 1.1.