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Follow the dark path or use the light

Anti-Snaking FAQ

by Ben Hur

       |                                                |
       |                                                |
       |               Mario Kart DS               |
       |                                                |
       |       Anti-Snaking Guide V 1.2        |
       |                                                |

Version 1.12
Version History: The first one

||                                                      ||
||    0. Index                                       ||
||                                                      ||
0. Index
1. Introduction
2. Tactics, you should learn
3. Anti-Snaking Tactics
4. Credits and Copyright (+Questions?)

||                                                      ||
||    1. Introduction                              ||
||                                                      ||
If you're a Snaker, and you're proud of doing this everytime you can, 
you should not read this FAQ, because this FAQ is for guys who aren't
able to snake, who hate Snakers and guys who snake, but want to 
stop doing this, because they just snake to have a chance against 
other snakers. 

Snakers are guys who drift left and right on straight roads to use the 
Drift-Boost to be more quick. You mostly find them on the 
Wifi-Connection. F-Zero GX players copied that technique from a 
glitch found in that game, and spread out via Wifi-Connection like 
a virus. Mostly they are guys who can't lose, so they play Mario Kart 
two show that they are the best, and not because they want test 
their skills against other players. Most players turn the DS off when 
they meet snakers, when they don't know theirselves how to snake.
Snakers think that snaking is a sign of skill, because you have 
to practise long to use this right, but IT'S NOT! Using these 
Technique for winning is just a sign of weakness, because they 
can't win without.

Snaking is as bad as cheating. There's a rumour that Nintendo 
confirmed it as an official tactic, because it's in-game, but I think 
that's another lie, told by snakers. Nintendo of Europe officialy said 
that it's an unfair technique and it's prohibited in official competitions. 
Of course it's hard to watch if they snake, but the Nintendo staff does 
the best. Also I think Nintndo will change drifting on Wii Mario Kart, 
because in no other Mario Kart before DS it's possible to snake
that easy. 

I know how to do it, but I'm an old-school player who plays for fun 
and testing my skills and not for winning 3000 games by tricks. 
I'm used playing fair matches against my friends (I'm also not allowed 
to us other charackter's that are my style, so I always had to take 
Peach while the others had DK, Wario, Waluigi and Mario), 
I also have three stars WITHOUT using the snake technique. 
I thought of some strategies against snakers WITHOUT starting 
snaking yourself, because snakers will never learn if you just go 
along with them by turning of or snaking too.

My Startegies are just theory, they aren't proved, so some would work 
better than others.

||                                                      ||
||    2. Tactics, you should learn             ||
||                                                      ||
If you learn these tactics, you can beat Pseudo- or experimental
snakers, those who just snake, because they saw it once and copy
that technique, or they just try new tricks like snaking trough the 
second Waterfall in Yoshi Falls.
But Pro snakers wouldn't even have a problem with those.  

This is simply the act of pressing and holding R while turning corners. 
Your kart will 'slide' around the corner without losing any speed. 
It's best if you press R a little bit before the corner, or you will turn 
much too widely and waste time.

Perhaps one of the most useful tactics in the game, powersliding 
allows you to get a small speed boost when rounding corners. 
To perform a powerslide, simply turn around any corner and press 
and hold the R Button. The kart will hop, then start sliding. Turn in 
whatever direction, then push in the opposite direction on the Control
Pad, then go back to the original direction. Blue sparks will appear on 
your back tires.
Do this once more, and orange sparks will appear. 

Let go of the R button, then you'll boost forwards for a quick second. 
There's not much else to it. Keep in mind that the higher your kart's 
acceleration rating, the longer the speed boost will last. Once you've 
mastered this tactic, you can gain a huge advantage over your 

Ever wondered what those blue lines that appear in front of your kart 
are when you're driving directly behind an opponent? It's a technique 
called drafting, which allows you to gain speed from your opponents 
wind, and catch up to them. Also, if you stay behind them for about 
four to five seconds, then you'll get a small speed boost that will last 
longer, but weaker, than a Mushroom. This is an extremely 
useful technique, which can help you when you're in the final seconds 
of a race and you have nothing to catch up to your opponents, 
who are about a second ahead of you. Of course it's hard to use this 
against snakers.

Superstart Boost
To get a speed boost at the beginning of the race, hold down the 
A Button between the countdown of 2 and 1, more in 2 than in 1. 
You can actually get a larger speed boost if you have a higher 

The Bunny Hop
If you need to change direction quickly while you're moving, turn and 
repeatedly tap R until you're pointing where you want to go, 
extrem useful in the flying fortress, too bad you can't play this online.

Big Air On Jumps 
If you want big air on jumps, tap R just before you leave the jump, 
and it should propel you far above the competition. Apart from being 
a awesome thing to watch, it also allows you to launch various items 
while in the air, and avoid items that have been used against you.

Better landing (by "Son of a B**ch" Raffi)
Since Mario Kart works with Models instead of Sprites (since MK:DD), 
you can change your weight in jumps by pressing up or down. So if 
you first push down to make your fall faster and the press up till the 
bottom of your kart is equal to the floor you can save a sec or two, 
helps a lot in Wario Stadium on the ramp with three boost stripes: 
when you jump the first time, press down to set the kart bottom 
equal to the floor, then, after the second boost (the third because 
you won't get the second) press down when you fall and then before 
you land up to set your kart equal.

Better Items Tactic
Mostly, there are items short after the start, so stay behind the 
queue, if you're 6th, 7th or 8th, grab the items and you'll get the 
best items, very useful on SNES Koopa Beach, because one or 
two Bullet Bills are enough to become and stay first place 
(in fair matches).

||                                                      ||
||    3. Anti-Snaking Tactics                   ||
||                                                      ||
First keep some important things in mind, if you think like a snaker you 
get out their weak points.

1. How you see that enemies are snakers
Snakers always take easy cars and drivers, to increase the 
speed-boost, most-used combinations are:

1. Yoshi + Egg1
2. Dry Bones + Tank 
3. Mario + Stardust
4. Luigi + Poltergust

In the order of the most common ways. 
They of course combine it with other cars, drivers and standart cars, 
to push the items. If you see the enemy takes Dry Bones or Yoshi you 
can be sure of 60% that they snake (especially if there is more than 
one Yoshi in the same turn), if you see they take the cars said above 
you can be sure of 80%. You also see that
they snake, when they go left and right like mad when they're driving 
straight lines,tell me, could something that looks that drunken be so 

Snakers are used of snaking, so they mostly will have problems 
if you're better than them, beginner-snakers will turn the DS off or 
start playing fair.

If you see an enemy taking Dry Bones or Yoshi (especially if there is 
more than one Yoshi) they are mostly snakers, so prepare for one of 
the following tactics.

2. Offense Tactic 1: Fat-ass Technique
Take Bowser or R.O.B. or other fat guys (take R.O.B., it is equal with 
Bowser, but it's cooler eliminating snakers with R.O.B.) and a car that 
has a full item bar. Snakers rarely use other cars than Standarts or 
lower, because they NEED the Accelaration, so they usually get bad 
items, and are easy to kick. Try one with a high Top-speed, because 
the snakers are quicker than you and have bad items, so you would 
rarely have problems getting hit by your enemies items, and without
snaking you maybe won't reach them. This Strategy is out to kick 
snakers into traps and use hard weapons like blue shells against them. 
If you're quicker than them they won't get you away of this position 
just by items, because they only get bad items. 

Pro Snakers, who read this FAQ said, that Pro Snakers have no 
problems with blue shells or other Items. But it's very useful against 
Beginner-snakers and Advanced Snakers.

3. Offense Tactic 2: Hard Tracks:
On Wifi, you choose the tracks and the most voted is the one you 
gonna drive, if there's a tie, what's most of the cases, there's a 
random track of the ones you've chosen. These are the hardest 
tracks to snake on (thanks, snakers! Your ignorance on 
helped me to find those (and FalseGrace, thanks!):

1. choco mountain
2. rainbow road
3. wario stadium
4. cheep cheep beach
5. Luigi's Mansion
6. Yoshi Falls

In the order they are the most useful against Snakers, there are also 
more curvy tracks they hate. Now that you know that, choose these 
tracks if you found out (maybe by using point 1 of this section) that 
your enemies are snakers. This Tactic is the best, because only 
Pro snakers will still snake at these tracks without having problems. 
But you have rarely the chance that your track is chosen,
but the more famous this FAQ gets, the more people will choose these 
tracks. Also it would be good waiting after your enemies have chosen 
the tracks already, so you can choose one of the curvy tracks of your 
enemies. Good players or good snakers mostly don't care which track 
they drive, so they often take random, and if you have luck 
the random of them shows Rainbow Road or Choco Mountain.

Be aware of broad roads like the first track in Mushroom cup 
(8-Circuit) or GCN Luigi Circuit. Moo Moo Farm is too a broad road, 
but it's the track with the most items, so if you use point 2 of this 
section this would also be a good choice against Snakers, because 
you may get good items to use against.

Choco Mountain is a good choice. This track is hard to snake, you 
maybe will have better chances to not fall down than the snakers and
Drift Champions will have another advance. If you use point 2 of this 
section and wann kick Snakeman, then do it on the end of the big 
curve with the falling rocks, because if you kick anyone here, 
they have to drive the whole curve again ^o^
(Inspired by "Apeman" Fixi).

4. Flight Tactic 1: Just playing with friends
You can get rid off snakers by just playing your frineds, but you can 
just save 60 friends, and these friends aren't always online, so this is 
a bad tactic, because you won't find as much as by scanning other 
options (except your Friend Code is on every board in your signature,
but also snakers will use this code).

![ The following are bad tactics, only use them when the  ]!
![ former ones didn't help you                                      ]!

5. Flight Tactic 2: Turning the DS off
If you see an enemy taking Dry Bones or Yoshi you CAN turn your DS 
off, Flight is mostly the best offense, but it's also an annoying Tactic
for your enemies, also you never know if your enemy just plays 
Dry Bones, because he is a Dry Bones fan or if he snakes really, 
turning the DS off during a 'Wifi-Cup' of four rounds counts also as 
a loss, but you can also disconnect your Internet, but this Tactic is 
unloved,but ONLY use it if you can't handle any of the former 
techniques. Because it's as weak as snaking.

This Tatcic is hated by Snakers and normal players so this is only for
n00bs who can't handle the next tactic (or if you play against three

6. Defense Tactic/Worst Tactic: Killing a snake by snaking
Of course you can snake too, but only use this Tactic only, when 
non of the Offense Tactics helped you and you don't really like the 
Flight-Tactics. But if you use this bad-thought tactic, snakers will 
never stop snaking, the snaking technique will spread and spread 
without a stop. Many youngsters will lose their will in playing wifi 
Mario Kart. If you use my tactics (especially the Offense ones), 
snakers will maybe stop, or turn off, but they will meet new 
Anti-Snakers. I know, not much people will read this FAQ, but if 
they are just 10, and when they play 10 turns against 3 snakers, 
sucessfully Anti-snaking, you showed that tactics to 300 Snakers 
(in the best (or worst) case), some of these will copy your 
technique. Snaking will maybe turn into a technique, that is only 
used in Time Trial and Mission Mode (except a hand full of morons, 
who will never learn). Call me a dreamer, but I'll hold on this dream.

||                                                      ||
||   4. Credits and Copyright                   ||
||                                                      ||
This FAQ is inspired by the Anti-Alt.Spammer Guide on the 
Metroid Prime Hunters section on

Special Thanks to my friends "Krax'n" Tzdif÷m 
(Waluigi+heavy Yoshi Kart), "Child user" Wutti (Mario+Tractor), 
"Son of a B**ch" Raffi (Wario+Waluigi Bike) and "Apeman" Fixi 
(DK+Luigi heavy Kart) who loved kicking me 
(Peach "da B**ch"+Yoshi Standart) and my brother 
(Dry "Boney"/"Dumbone"+Yoshi Standart) into the gap, because of
you I love the fair Challenge and I hate snaking in Mario Kart. 
Special Thanks to FalseGrace, the first one who tried to help me 
with this FAQ on 
before I released this FAQ.

This FAQ is only allowed to be shown fully, in parts and changed on 
the following sites:

   GameFAQs    -
   Super Cheats -
   IGN FAQs      -
   Gamer Help   -

If you see this FAQ on another site, not listed above report it to 
someone or to me.

Copyright (c) by me Ben Hur (a.k.a Bensei, XYtouchesXXboob, 
YGOUncensorer and B**ch)

||   Questions?                                    ||
If you have questions, or just like to tell me what's wrong or that 
you love my FAQ, or you have new strategies send me an E-Mail 
(but please no Spammers or Snakers, who want to tell me that 
Snaking is good, and that they hate my FAQ >_>):

My Adress: [email protected]

If you wanna play me (also snakers, so I can test my Anti-snaking 

FC: 073091-041379

But I don't have often the chance to go wifi.