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Follow the dark path or use the light
Inazuma Eleven 2: Kyoui no Shinryokusha - Blizzard Pack Shot

Inazuma Eleven 2: Kyoui no Shinryokusha - Blizzard



by nat31790

Inazuma Eleven 2: Kyoui no Shinryakusha - Blizzard Walkthrough

by nat31790 
email: [email protected]

- introduction [AAAA]

- The Main Menu [BBBB]

- Help [CCCC]
-- Controls [H001]
--- Movement, RPG
--- GP & TP 
--- Match + Battle
--- Special moves
--- Evolving special moves
--- Elements
--- Block and Long special moves
--- Burning Phrase

-- Systems [H002]
--- Points
--- Restore Points
--- Items
--- Match Strategy
--- Scout
--- Special Training
--- Competition Route
--- Naniwa Training Facility
--- Save
--- Connect
--- Download

- Walkthrough [DDDD]
-- Chapter 1 [CH01]
-- Chapter 2 [CH02]
-- Chapter 3 [CH03]
-- Chapter 4 [CH04]
-- Chapter 5 [CH05]
-- Chapter 6 [CH06]
-- Chapter 7 [CH07]
-- Chapter 8 [CH08]
-- Chapter 9 [CH09]
-- Chapter 10 [CH10]
-- After The End [CH11]
-- Diamond Dust [CH12]

- Competition Routes [EEEE]
-- Furukabu [CR01]
-- Hakuren’s Coach [CR02]
-- Rika’s Mother [CR03]
-- Oumihara’s Coach [CR04]
-- Secret Warehouse [CR05]

- Items [FFFF]

- Uniforms [GGGG]

- Formations [HHHH]
-- Match [FT01]
-- Battle [FT02]

- Special Moves [IIII]
-- Shoot Type {SM01}
-- Dribble Type {SM02}
-- Block Type {SM03}
-- Catch Type [SM04]
-- Skill Type [SM05]

- Special Thanks [JJJJ]

- This guide is made by nat31790 (manat31790) and can be found at only. Do not contribute this faq anywhere else unless it's 
to save it in your computer for a personal use only.
- Here's what you're going to find in this file.

1) Help on how to play a game.
2) How to advance through the main story.
3) Story's matches analysis.
4) Furukabu's competition routes.
5) List of Items, formations, uniforms, waza, and equipments.

- Items are pretty hard to make out what they are, so the section is not
completed for now.

- Therefre load of waza in this game and I havenft checked out all of
them. Iwill update the section soon after March.

- I haven't cleared any competition route other those of Furukabu's. Give
me some times and I may update them.

- If you have any question or you notice faults in this file, feel free
to email me. However, never send a spam or letter with insulting words in
it because if I notice them, I will place them into the trash immediately.

The main menu is the menu you can bring up by pressing X or touching on
the bag icon on the RPG map. Here are the commands.

- Friends

- Inventory
-- Items
-- Equip
-- Special moves

- Formation
-- Match
-- Battle
-- Connect team

- Info
-- Blog
-- Character Binder
-- Scout target
-- Uniform
-- Connect team data

- System
-- Help
-- Setting

- Save


 Controls [H001]
-- Movement, RPG
--- Map
In RPG Map, you can use directional pad to move your character. Hold B to
dash, press X to open up a main menu. Another method to move to to touch
a stylus on a map and drag it into the direction you want. You can talk
to NPC's or check a chest (blue color) to interact with them.

--- Minimap
On the minimap, there's a few symbols that will hint you locations that
are important to you. These symbols are:

 - A blue circle:    Recovery point
 - Lightning symbol: Practice point
 - Orange "G":       convenience store
 - A blue icon:      Sport shop
 - Purple symbol:    Waza (special ability) shop

-- GP & TP 
GP and TP are important in any match. GP is the amount of gut a player
has left. Moving and making him take actions cost GP. Once a player' GP
is dropped by 1/4, he/she will get tired and canft be moved very fast.
GP can be restored at a restoration point or use items such as water, 
rice balls, and veggies.

TP is the point needed to use special ability, pretty much like MP in
other RPG's, whether it's a shot, block, save, or dribble skills use TP. 
The stronger the skill, the more TP it requires. You can't use special if 
your player doesn't have enough TP. TP can be restored at a restoration 
point or use items such as snack bars, and veggie.

-- Match + Battle
--- Movement 
In the match or battle mode, you can use your stylus to drag the players 
to make them move. Touching a screen once makes the player with the ball 
pass it to the touched area. You can to those methods at the same time to 
improve your playing. Press directional button to move the map.

--- Duels
A duel happens when two or more players from opposing teams approach each 
other when one side has a ball in control. When this happens, you have to 
choose a character's action. 

In the attacking, you can either faints or charges pass your opponent. 

In the defending, you can either tackle or slide. 

As a keeper, you can either order the keeper to catch or punch away a 
ball that's being shot at him/her. 

Finally, when you're shooting, you can adjust the place where you're 
going to shoot, and do either a straight shot or a loop shot. Shots' 
power can be adjusted by 4 levels. The more powerful shot you make, more 
stamina a shooter need to use. 

The icon in the middle of the commands allows the player to use his or 
her learned special moves.

During a confrontation, you can freely move your characters or plan the 
shot or pass.

--- Rules
Soccer Battle consists of a 4vs.4 battle. You have no choice but using 
Endou as one of the four because you need him as the leader. You change 
his position anywhere, however, not only limited to a keeper. In the 
battle, you have to achieve the objective given to you within a time 
limit. Often, you have to either score one goal against the opponents, 
steal a ball from them, don't let them score, or let them get the ball.

A soccer match follows the rules of the real soccer: foul, offside, 
corner kick, throw in, etc. Each match has two halves. Some play full, 
but some in the storyline's matches play only one or until the conditions 
are met. Each halves last 30 and a bit more of injury time.

During a duel and a technique sequence, time passes by normally.

A foul occurs sometimes after a duel. This is somehow being calculated as 
a percentage chance, meaning any action can cause a foul even though it's 
obvious that the player doesn't touch an opponent, for instance, Illusion 
Ball, Clone Feint and Afterimage. However, techniques that are physically 
harming a opponent like Breakthrough and About Face has more chances to 
cause a foul. There's no yellow or red card, nor any injury that's not 

--- Time Out
Touch on a hand icon during a match will stop it. You can use this to 
give instructions to your team, or access the formation menu, but during 
a time out, you can't change characters' position or swap them with 
substitute players. After each Time Out, you need to wait for a few 
seconds to activate it again.

--- Hints and tips
A player can run to intercept the ball that is being passed when hefs 
near an area the ballfs going to land.

Pass the ball to a player moving forward to move up the pitch.

When a player's being marked, you can pass a ball ahead of him/her and 
have the player charging through the marker to get the ball by tapping 
the stylus on the ball quickly. Note that this uses extra GP to pull out.

Players that are near the area the passed ball will land will dash for it.

A Keeper usually focuses on going for the one who has a ball, so you can 
use your winger to lure the keeper before centering the ball to another 
player to shoot while the keeper's out of reach.

Nice play occurs when you perform a series of successful passes, win a 
series of duels in a row or make a critical shot. The amount of nice play 
will be added as a bonus EXP, Nekketsu and Friendship points after the 
end of a match/battle.

-- Special moves
Hissetsu Waza, or special moves, can be used in a duel during a battle or 
match to improve the playing and add some awesome special effects to the 
game. Special moves are divided into 5 categories: Shoot, Dribble, Block, 
Catch, and Skill.

 - Shoot type is a special you use to shoot.
 - Dribble type is a special you when your player's trying to dribble 
pass an opponent.
 - Catch type is a keeper's skill that's used to either stop or punch 
away an opponent's shot.
 - Skill type is a passive ability that boosts the team's overall 

Each player comes up with 4 individual special moves that they learn as 
they level up or as you progress through the game. You can add two extra 
moves by pressing “Y” in the special moves page and use one of the 
special move manuals you collect in the game.

Some moves required more 2 or more players to co-op the move. You can 
select who to make a combination with by pressing A button when you're 
selecting a move from the menu. If the partner of the move isn't set, the 
game will generate the player nearby the user to co-op the move. Some of 
these moves, however, you can't change the partners that co-op the move 
such as Someoka's Dragon Tornado and Kidou's Inazuma Break. Without the 
required players, these moves will not be usable at all.

-- Evolving special moves
Special moves that are used lots and lots of time will be evolved into a
stronger version, namely "Kai" and then "Shin" versions of the moves. 
Later, the moves with "G1" (Grade 1) will evolve into a higher grade when 
used multiple and enough times.

-- Elements
There're four elements in this game, fire, wind (ice is considered a same 
as wind), wood and earth. Like a typical RPG, one element has advantage 
over another, and disadvantage on another. Each character has his/her own 
main element which effecting a duel. The player who has a disadvantage 
element, the icon of his/her element will be darken. Element also has an 
effect on the usage of special moves. Players that use moves that have 
the same elements as them will be slightly stronger.

The element graph goes like this. 

  Wind  <-----  Wood
    |            ^
    |            |
    v            |
  Earth ----->  Fire

-- Block and Long
Some special moves have "B" or "L" marked on the names. Skill with "B" 
lets you counter the shot an opponent makes and prevent it from getting 
to the goalie. This skill activated automatically when a player's in a 
range in which you can select which move to use, or just ignore it and 
let the keeper save the goal.

Moves that have "L" in them can be shot from long range, even from your 
zone's penalty area, by touching on the "S" icon on the screen. Note that 
if you touch the button when the player doesn't have a long shot move, 
he/she will do a normal shot.

-- Burning Phrase
Burning Phrase is a short period of time when your team's overall 
performance is improved. You can trigger it by pressing and

holding R or L button. Burning Phrase can be triggered only once per 
match, and it doesn't work in battles. Burning Phrase's benefits include:

 - Shots are more powerful
 - Chance of winning a duel increases
 - TP usage is reduced by 1/4

- System [H002]
-- Points
Points are like other RPG's currency. There're two kind of points in this 
game: Nekketsu (Prestige) point and Youjou (Friendship) point. Nekketsu 
point is needed to be used in shops to buy items, equipments, and special 
moves, as well as to train a player using a practice point. Friendship 
point is used to recruit more players into your team.

-- Restore Points
Check the growing blue point on the map allows you to completely restore 
your team's GP and TP with quite high cost of Nekketsu points. The 
stronger the team, the more points you need to use.

-- Items
You can use collected items to restore GP and TP during an RPG mode. 
Unlike the first Japanese version of Inazuma Eleven, you can't use items 
during a match or battle.

-- Match Strategy
In the main menu > formation, you can adjust player formation for a 
battle matches, matches, and the connect team's formation. In the 
formation screen, you can drag and drop players to swap them with other 
players. Press Y to bring up a menu which you can set the formation, set 
a key-man player, equip a character with items, set their special 
abilities, or use items.

Key-man setting is the method to set certain player as a fixed member of 
the team. You can't put this member out of the squad, and you can't 
remove the key unless you put it on another player.

Some characters such as Fubuki, Kogure and Desarm have multiple modes or 
personalities, which effect their abilities and skills. You can change 
that by touch on a red arrow next to the character and press L or R.

-- Scout
In this game, other from the default characters, you can recruit other 
players you've met in random battles or even rival teams to aid you by 
using Friendship point. When you get the cabin and traverse through Nara, 
the systems will be slowly introduced. When you select one of the people 
to recruit, you need to locate and talk to that person. Usually, they'll 
challenge you into a soccer battle, and you need to to beat them to have 
them joined. 

There are three types of scouting.

--- Scouting
You can input the information of the players such as their origin, 
positions, names, or elements of whoever you want to find and Hibiki'll 
put up a list of players for you to choose.

When you select one of the player, you need to wait for Hibiki to reply 
you and tell you where the person you'll recruit is.

--- Recruiting
Another system provided by Hibiki. When you beat a rival team in a soccer 
match, you can recruit up to 5 members from that team. Simmilar to 
Scouting, you need to wait for a reply from Hibiki before you can recruit 
a person.

--- People Connection Map
This is a machine that's next to the cabin's door. Here, you can spend 
Friendship point to recruit members that appears as you move through the 
players' tree. You need to recruit a person before you can pass on to 
recruit another, and there are locks that you need to fulfill some 
conditions to unlock them. Unlike the scouting machine, you'll know the 
players' locations right away after you choose to scout them.

-- Special Training
Special Training is a system that lets you choose a player to take a 
specific training to improve their stats. At first, you need to use 80 
Nekketsu points to train, but as the player is training with these points, 
the total points needed for a training will increase. The stat boost for 
these training also depends on the point you spent for it. For example, 
you'll likely to get +1 when you use low amount of Nekketsu points to 
train, but you may get +2 or +3 as the point needed hit the three or four 
digits number.

-- Competition Route
These is the system Furukabu, the cabin driver, provides you. In the map, 
you can challenge a few teams into an exhibition match. Some matches are 
unlocked right away after you've won the former, but many of them need 
you to locate them first. Winning a match gives you a rank from B to S 
depends on your performance. Winning and traversing through the end of 
the route grants you two special benefits, one for beating every team in 
the route, and another for defeating them all for S ranks.

Conditions for getting the S rank are as follow:

 - Score at least 5 goals.
 - Do not use special catch or punch to save the goal.
 - Do not let the opponent score.

Other than Mr. Furukabu, there’are four more people who grants you 
competition routes after you’ve cleared the game.

-- Naniwa Training Facility
In Naniwa chapter, you'll gain access to the Aliea Academy's Training 
Facility. This is basically the same thing as Flash Training Facility in 
the prequel. You can choose the program to take, traverse through a 
dungeon, beat all fighters, and win a soccer match at the end. Naniwa 
Training Facility boosts all your active teammates' stat of what you 
choose to train. Note that you canft save while you're training in this 

-- Save
You can save the game data anywhere in this game.

-- Connect
Connect team can be used for two purposes, one is to play a match that no 
story needed character like Endou exist in the roster, and the other is 
to play online or play against your friends via the Nintendo Wi-Fi. If 
you're playing using Wi-Fi, you can swap players with your friends or use 
the Team-share mode to check out the online teams' data.

-- Download
With Nintendo Wi-Fi, you can download special events, characters, and 
items. Downloaded characters and items will be stored into a scouting 
machine and convenience stores, waiting for you to get them.

   CHAPTER 1 [CH01]

One year after the event in the first Inazuma Eleven, The story begins 
when Endou's mom wakes him up. After Endou has finished his breakfast, he 
rushes out and bumps into Kino Aki, the girl next door. You gains a 
control from here. Check the chest in the yard of Endou's house for a 
rice ball. Walk down the western road past the playground. Asuma will 
stop you and tell you about menu, inventory, saving and the restore point. 
Exit via the south western exit

 River Bank
Head to the soccer field east of the area and talk with any member of 
Raimon Eleven who are standing near the field. After a backflash and the 
arrival of Natsumi, the team notices a black soccer ball flying toward 
Raimon School, and a large banging sound, so you need to go there to 
check it out.

 Raimon Junior High
The school is now in a really bad shape. Just when you're entering it, 
Nechino and his goons challenge you into a soccer battle. This is a good 
time to learn how to learn how to use stylus. When the battle starts, 
just beat them with Twin Boost or Dragon Crush if you're not confident 
enough. After you beat them, they'll run away, and the mysterious group 
of persons will come to greet you before they disappear. Hirai will tell 
you the detail about the school's destruction.

Head west, you'll find that Raimon soccer club is destroyed as well.
Check the blocked door to have Hirai uncover the secret stair. Go down. 
Talk to Onikawara, and head inside the next room. Raimon will tell you 
more about Aliea and show you some more of their school smashing job. 
After this, the soccer battle encounter will be introduced and Aki will 
reopen her blog, where you can read some of the story comments. Now head 
out and exit via the main gate. You'll have to fight another event battle 
on your way, so be prepared. Get out of Raimon School and head to 
Kasamino Junior High, where Aliea is attacking now.

 Kasamino Junior High
The school gate is locked, so you have to find another way in. Head west 
until you can get inside from the broken wall. Head to the soccer field, 
and be prepared... to get stomped.

  VS Gemini Strom
 Objective: Give it the best shot against Gemini Strom
 Difficulty: Easy (story event-wise)
 Be wary of: Everyone, really...

Consider your team's lame stats, there's no way you can even dribble pass 
them or even steal the ball from them. Their forward will use 
extraordinary powerful normal shots to destroy your goal. God Hand won't 
work, so don't bother. After a while, the story will force a score of 0-
10 upon you. But hey! Don't get so down! Because Goenji is here to rescue 
you! Now, put Goenji in the roster and resume the match.

Of course, the situation won't be any better in the second half. Wait 
until Gemini's forward's shooting, and use Endou's God Hand. He'll be 
able to stop the shot this time, and the ball will be passed directly to 
Kidou in front of the goal. Immediately have him use Inazuma Break before 
an opponent has a chance to intercept him. The shot will fail, but the 
match will end right away.

The Gemini is going to go across the line and beat Endou to death. He'll 
lose conscious.

You'll realize that Max, Shourin, Shishido, and Handa helped protecting 
Endou from the ruthless players of Gemini and ended up seriously injured 
instead of him. Coach Hibiki will tell you to go to Raimon Junior High. 
So just do as you're told.

 Raimon Junior High
Talk to Hibiki or Raimon, they will show you the Inazuma Cabin, a van 
which is hidden under the soccer field(!) Also, we're getting an
introduction to Kira Hitomiko and her incredibly beautiful hair which
send everyone in a shock. However, you can't go off to an adventure yet
since your team doesn't have enough players for a soccer game. You need
to find three more members to join you. Also, you can now access the
train station. 

Here you can shop and recruit the following members:

- Domon Asuka (DF-Wood)
- Ichinose Kazuya (MF-Wood)

Just talk to them once to trigger a cut-scene, and talk again to recruit 
them. Note that you need these two later in the story, so you may want to 
recruit them now to save time from having to level them up later. Also, 
if you recruit these two, Aki will give you a Moon Salute manual.

 Kasamino Junior High
Here you can recruit some of 5 members Kasamino team. Talk to Tamae and 
then whoever you want to recruit.

- Itame "Tamae" You (FW-Fire) - Next to where you are after you talk to 
- Shyaki Chiito (MF-Wood) - Next to a south building.
- Misuguchi Saichi (FW-Wood) - North of where you are after you talk to 
- Yasunaga Hitetsugu (MF-Ice) - West, past the destroyed soccer field
- Tachino Seiichi (MF-Wood) - North of Yasunaga

Once you have three persons you need, a cut-scene will take place, and 
you'll be taken back to Endou's house. Exit to Raimon Junior High.

 Raimon Junior High
As immediately, you'll be shown with Goenji making a heartwarming 
farewell with his sister, but then there are two suspicious black dudes 
outside trying to do something to him. Anyway, we're back to Endou. Talk 
to Hitomiko. Endou heads to the soccer club before they leave. He then 
discovers the soccer club's nameplate on the ground. That means the 
Raimon Soccer isn't dying after all. Goenji then rejoins your team with a 
gloomy face.

   Chapter 2 [CH02]
You're introduced the chapter with Narashika TV scope on Shika Park's 
opening ceremony, which so soon that dear statue you see is be quickly 
destroy by Aliea, and the prime minister is caused to disappear. Shame 
that, that dear's quite a beautiful statue there.

Back to Endou. Talk to Mr. Furukabu to open up Nara in the world map. 
Head to the town in Nara.

With Inazuma Cabin, you can now travel around the part of Japan you have 
unlocked and scout for extra players with a scouting machine, which I
recommand to do so right now. Scout at least 3 members of FW, DF, and MF. 
You'll need them soon, and If you haven't recruit Domon and Ichinose yet,
you can do that now.

  Nara's Town
Use this opportunity to level up your team. Get at least level 11, scout 
some players, and buy some special move manuals and equipments to boost 
your party before you move on. In this town, head upstair though the west 
area. Keep heading west and you'll see a man blocking the path to Shika 
Park. Try to go pass him, he'll stop you, and you'll meet Touko.

Head back east. Near the equipment shop, you'll hear two women talking to 
each other then head back to Shika Park entrance and talk to the man. 
Some dears will drive him off. Now enter the park.

  Shika Park
From the entrance, you'll notice the glowing thunder symbol. That's a 
practice point, the place where you can spend some Nekketsu points to 
train and built up your characters' stats, but right now, you can't use 
it, so ignore it and keep heading north, you'll end up at the destroyed 
dear statue, where you'll find a black soccer ball. The SP then approach 
you and you'll have to play a match with them.

  VS SP Fixers
Objective: Win this match.
Difficulty: Easy
Be wary of: 
- Mai (DF)
- Goyou (DF)
- Smith (MF)

If you have trained and gotten used to stylus movement, you'll find this 
match incredibly easy. Touko can use The Tower once, which usually works, 
but that's all she can do. Mai has a dribble skill, and Goyou has 
slightly good sense of ball cuting, and SP's Two forwards have special 
shots, but God Hand should be able to take care of them.

The main problem you face in this match, however, is that Someoka, 
Kazemaru, and Kabeyama suddenly get something stuck their legs and are 
too exhausted to play from the very beginning of the match. You can't 
replace them in the first half, so stick with them and avoid sending a 
ball to them. Try to score as much as possible during the first half by 
using Goenji, Kidou, and Ichinose's specials.

After the first half, you have to push Someoka, Kazemaru, and Kabeyama 
into the bench. If you haven't scouted anyone, you'll find yourself stuck 
with eight members in the second half, making this match slightly harder. 
Otherwise, just replace those three with other players and continue 
playing your game.

After all of that, they will finally realize that your team is the 
legendary Raimon Eleven. Touko, who happens to be the prime minister's 
daughter, will ask for your help which somehow angers Smith. After they 
run out, three Furukabus(??) will appear and tell you about competition 

After the cut-scene, head to the monitor and talk to Smith. You'll learn 
that the Gemini has taken over Narashika TV station. Head there 

  Narashika TV
The guards will not let you in, so you have to back off. Return to the 
cabin. You'll be introduced to Person Connecting system. Use that to 
scout Nakatani. He's at the town at the stair. You can't miss him, really. 
He'll join you right away. Also, next to him is a famillar face, Yuukoku 
of Occult from the first game. Win a one-half match against him to unlock 
a free match in the cabin.

Go back to the TV station. The guard will let you in now. Get inside the 
building and use the second elevator. You'll encounter the Gemini, who 
more or less stomping SP Fixers. Endou agrees to help, and Touko will 
join your team. Put her, Goenji, and Endou into the formation and get 

  VS Gemini Strom
 Objective: Lose at least one goal to Gemini, and have Goenji use Fire
 Difficulty: Easy
 Be wary of: Everyone, again.

You're now better than before and you should be able to confront some of 
the Gemini's players. Goenji himself is pretty fit in this match and will 
have no problem dribbling pass some of the Gemini players. Your goal here 
is to have Goenji score with his Fire Tornado, so use trick passes to 
send the ball to him. Once he's trying to shout, however, something will 
catch in his mind, and he will totally botch the shot. 

There's something strange happening after this, the formation of the two 
teams will be totally messed up (forwards to defenders, left to right, 
and so on) and you can't change that either. Just have Gemini score a 
goal, and the match will end.

After losing, Goenji will get desperate and leave your team. *sigh* 
Meanwhile, Touko's father will be left on the road in front of his office. 
You'll return to Shika Park. Just leave to Tokyo to meet the man to end 
this chapter.

   Chapter 3 [CH03]
In search of another ace striker in Hokkaido, Fubuki of the Blizzard. who 
is rumored to be very great skilled, the team sets off there. This 
doesn't strike Someoka well, however. Talk to Furukabu to open up 
Hokkaido in the world map.

  Hokkaido's Town
Cross the bridge and head west, you'll notice Hitomiko talking to someone 
on phone and acting suspiciously. You'll also realize that Aliea acedamy 
is now attacking Hookaido's school. Grab all the treasure and go back to 

On your way to the school, however, the van's tire will stuck, and you 
have to continue on foot. (That doesn't stop it to carry you back and 
forth between three regions, though.)

  Great Snowfield
You'll see a person standing under the tree. Approach him. You'll take 
him back to the cabin for some heat. After that, you'll agree to take him 
through the snow field. Needless to say, go back there and head north. 
There, you'll meet another person, Ootani, who'll offer to be in your 
team. Just accept her request.

Head north to find two chests and yet another person. Grab the treasure 
and head north to trigger a cut-scene involved the boy taking out a bear. 
Keep heading north to reach Hakuren Junior High at last.

  Hakuren Junior High
You'll be greeted with a group of students. Follow them east to the 
school's front. Talk to a guy near the school's gate (not in front of the 
gate.) He'll tell you that the boy's hanging around girls just south of 
where you are. Head there to find him. You'll find out that he's actually 
Fubuki, that ace striker you're looking for. You now are going to play a 
match against Hakuren. Get ready and talk to Fubuki at the soccer field 
to begin.

  VS Hakuren
 Objective: Win this match
 Difficulty: Normal
 Be wary of:
- Fubuki (DF)
- Yukino (DF)
- Iya (MF)

Isn't Fubuki a striker? Whatever, he's skill not to be underestimated 
because he has a good blocking skill. Iya is another problem because his 
dribbling special is quite good. This match's difficulty is depended on 
how hard you train. If you haven't been doing any training so far, this 
match can be troublesome. On the other hand, if you train a lot, you'll 
find this match surprisingly easy. Score as much as possible during the 
first half.

After the first half ends, Fubuki will change into a different person, 
and move to forward. Worse, he'll shoot as soon as he kicks off with his 
Eternal Brizzard, which is a sure goal.

Now, start your kickoff. With Fubuki as a forward, there's more chance in 
breaking through Hakuren's defense. In the other hand, letting Fubuki 
have a ball is dangerous. Don't let him have a chance to shoot.

Bad news, people, Aliea Academy is now setting their new target at 
Hakuren. Fubuki advices you to improve your speed. After everybody but 
Endou leave, Someoka's rage finally blows. After he's calmed down, 
head to the Great Snowfield.

  Great Snowfield
Talk to Fubuki at the very same place you met him. He'll introduce you 
the use of the Practice Point, which is a small thunderbolt shape you saw 
back in Shika Park. You can also gain access to a Tower area in Tokyo, 
which has a tire ball practice for goalies there. Now, talk to Kazemaru. 
After this cut-scene, go back to the cabin and put Kazemaru back into the 
squad then talk to Aki to end the day.

After 3 days, Someoka challenges Fubuki into a duel, and gains the new 
shot, Wyvern Crush. 

After that, Endou meets a mysterious person named Hiroto. Now, go back to 
Great Snowfield to see Fubuki. Agents from Aliea Acedemy will attack you. 
Beat them, and go Hakeren Junior High to settle the score with Gemini 

  Hakuren Junior High
Save and Talk to Reize. Begin your battle by putting Fubuki into your 

  VS Gemini Strom
 Objective: Win this match
 Difficulty: Normal
 Be wary of:
- Reeze (MF)
- Rimu (FW)
- Diam (FW) 
- Pandora (MF)
- Goruleo (GK)

That's it, the real and fair battle with Gemini Strom. Beware of 
Goruleo's Black Hole, it can catch almost anything include Someoka's new 
and awesome Wyvern Crush, which totally eats his TP when used. He doesn't 
have habit to use it right away at the very first shot you make, though. 
So you should have Someoka be the first one to score with his skill. 

Other Gemini members are not to be taken lightly before they have some 
nasty special dribbings that will annoy you. Keep the ball out of your 
goal zone and play it safe to keep yourself in the lead.

The second half begins with an epic cut-scene of your team totally 
overpowers the Gemini by and stealing the ball and runs across the field, 
but no, you'll begin in your zone with Fubuki having a ball. Just play 
the game carefully and have your players use specials at the goalie. When 
he's running out of TP, he's nothing against special shots.

You win. Enjoy the shock faces of Gemeni Strom which is like those faces 
seen commonly in Dragon Ball Z. Soon enough, the stronger team called 
"Epsilon" appears and declares that Gemini team is sacked from Aliea 
Acedemy. Whatever...

Meanwhile, you will see a glasses man Kageyama from the first game breaks 
out of his jail and deliver his maniac laugh. And Hitomiko's making a 
suggestive phone call again. Seriously, what's up with this woman? 

   Chapter 4 [CH04]
You're told to go to Kyoto because Epsilon's going to attack there. Talk 
to Furukabu to open the place up.

  Kyoto's town
That Fubuki and his girls... whatever, head north and east to the eastern 
area. You'll notice a boy being bullied. After helping him out, instead 
of thanks, he trash talks you and dashes off. The woman nearby will tell 
you that the boy, Kogure, is from Manyouji temple school. Get out and 
head there.

  Manyuuji Junior High
Head north and trigger a cut-scene which is rather funny. After that, 
talk to Kakita to play the match.

  VS Manyuuji
 Objective: Win this match
 Difficulty: Normal
 Be wary of: 
- Satori (DF)
- Makanai (DF)
- Kakita (GK)

Be careful of the defenders, especially Satori, who love to get in your 
striker's way and intercept the ball with his web. Kakita's special is 
also great. Eternal Brizzard will hardly work on him if he use it, and he 
can use it quite many times, so be sure to use only your best shots 
against him.

After defeating them, Kantoku the hermit will give you a "Megaton Head" 
card and you can now copy character's optional abilities to another with 
nekketsu point. You can't copy support skills, though, sadly.

Collect the treasures and exit the temple's gate and head where Haruna is. 
After the scene, go back into the school and talk to her again. Head out 
of this place.

  Kyoto's town
You'll find Hiroto, who will follow you around. Head to eastern part and 
talk to a woman there.

Next, head back to the main road and talk to a boy with glasses who's 
blocking a narrow alley on your left. He'll let you end, and you'll 
notice Reize in there. After the scene, you can now play a free match and 
recruit players from Gemini Strom. Head back to Manyuuji.

  Manyuuji Junior High
After the conversation. The banging sound occurs upstairs. It's Epsilon!
Hurry and head up the stair to find them. There, you'll see Manyuuji team 
typically being overpowered. Endou challenges them into the match, and 
Kogure will join your party. When you're ready, talk to Desarm.

  VS Epsilon
 Objective: Have Kogure intercept a ball from an Epsilon player.
 Difficulty: Hard
 Be wary of: Right now, every one

Before the battle, be sure to keep put Kogure into the defense and keep 
his form as he is.

Prepare to be stomped just like the first battle with Gemini. You can't 
do anything to take a ball, and any special saves will not be able to 
stop those ultra powered normal shots. Just wait for 10 minutes until Zel 
start trash talking Gemini. This pisses Kogure off, and he will learn 
Senpujin blocking skill. 

Your job this time is to have Kogure intercept one of Epsilon's player 
with his newly learned Senpujin. Of course, this can be either easy or 
hard depend on the position you set him and how Epsilon strikes since you 
can't really steal a ball to make a decoy pass to an area near Kogure. In 
the worst case scenario, Kogure may ends up as a support for other player 
who attempt to intercept Epsilon's player in an impossible situation and 
renders him stun for a moment. But since this match plays full time, just 
be patiant and force Kogure on any of them. Senpujin will work no matter 
what, and it will immediately end the match.

After Kogure successfully steal the ball, Epsilon will give up and 
withdraw. End of the chapter.

   Chapter 5 [CH05]
You're immediately greeted by Kageyama, the headmaster of Taikoku who got 
out of his cell to challenge you. Like usual, talk to Furukabu to open up 
a new region in the world map, Ehime.

  Ehime's town
Somehow, the town people here is scared off you. Follow the path and talk 
to a girl wearing a light pink dress. She'll run away, follow her and 
talk to her again. Kidou will be greetedby his old friend on his phone.
Head to equipment shop and talk to one of the merchants. He will give you 
a White Spike and tell you to see his son, Yuusuke. Get back to the first 
map and talk to the boy on the marked spot on the map. Aliea agents will 
attack and you have to fight them off. You can now access the port.

Before you can do anything, you'll stopped by Hibiki, and he'll tell you 
to go to Taikoku Acedemy. It's in Tokyo. Train at the training spot if 
you want. Those guards don't notice you for some reasons.

  Taikoku Acedemy
Talk to the guards and head north. In the next room, talk to the boy 
who's blocking your way. Fudou will appears with his maniac laugh and 
tell you that he's Kidou friends hostages and openly abuse them on your 
sight. After they leave, you'll have no choice but to withdraw. Head back 
to the port in Ehime.

Head to the marked spot and help Hibiki drive the agents off. Kidou's old 
friends will help you out, and if you haven't recruit Domon yet, he'll 
show up as well. After you beat them, head north and check on the ship's 
parking. Shin Taikoku's submarine will appears out of nowhere. Seriously, 
who made that thing? Domon will officially join you now. Regroup and head 
inside the ship, talk to Kageyama to begin a match.

  VS Shin Taikoku
 Objective: Win this match
 Difficulty: Normal
 Be wary of:
- Genda (GK)
- Fudou (MF)
- Megi (DF)
- Iyatani (DF)

Put Kidou and Someoka into the field.

Shin Taikoku isn't that though as they look if you're playing well. 
However, it should be very helpful not to let them get a ball. These guys 
are pretty good at intercepting and dribbling, but non of them should 
post much trouble as long as you go all-out on defenders' specials. Shin 
Taikoku plays rough, and usually cause fouls.

Like always, push the ball to forwards to blast the keeper away with 
specials. After 12 minutes or so, though, Kageyama will have Sakuma uses 
his Penguin Emperor No.1, and that will earn Shin Taikoku a free goal. 
Keep striking and shoot. Genda will be able to catch one of your shots 
and send it directly to Sakuma to let him use Penguin Emperor No.1 again. 
However, Kidou will block it in time. Note that each time use his Penguin 

Emperor, his TP is dropped. And he uses that two times, which drains all 
his TP, and becomes almost helpless against you.

At the beginning of the second half, Sakuma will use the skill again for 
the third time despite his amount of little to no TP he has. Someoka will 
block it with his body, injuring him and making him instantly run out of 
GP. Continue your best to win this match.

After you win, everyone but Kidou will get out of the sudden shaking ship. 
Endou returns and gets him out of there in time before the sub explodes. 
Bad news for you, however, Someoka's totally out of shape, and he'll have 
to leave your team. End of the chapter.

   Chapter 6 [CH06]
Raimon states that there's a secret base where Aliea Academy practice 
their soccer somewhere in Naniwa, Osaka. Again, talk to Furukabu to open 
up Osaka region.

  Osaka's town
Use this opportunity to train and upgrade your team, and play free 
matches. In the town, go north to the northern area then head west. Talk 
to a man in a dark blue suit next to the practice point to trigger a cut 
scene. After that, exit to the newly opened Naniwa Land.

  Naniwa Land
New bgm, finally. After the cutscene, Endou will get surronded by the 
girls, and you have to take one of them with you. You can't really avoid 
this, and none of them affect the story, so just choose one of them and 
get going.

There won't be random encounter when you're with the girl, so relax and 
search the place for treasures. Head north of the fountain will trigger a 
cutscene. After that, exit east. When you finish your dating, talk to 

Kurimatsu seems to have a bit problem with girls, who one of them is the 
one he bumped into earlier. Their leader, Rika comes unto the scene, and 
you have to play a match against this team.

  VS Osaka Gals
 Objective: Win this match
 Difficulty: Normal
 Be wary of:
- Rika (FW)
- Reika (FW)
- Hanako (MF)
- Harumi (DF)
- Hiromi (DF)
- Machiko (DF)

This team has a lot of intercepting and dribbling skills, A LOT of 
intercepting and dribbling skills. Plus, they have incredibly good 
passing work. Be careful of their Burning Phrase. Counter that with 
tricky passes and powerful special shots. Luckily, Koi is not really a 
good keeper, so just throw your best shots and relax.

Unless you have Ichinose, Rika refuse to tell you about Aiiea secret's 
training area. If you don't have him, have Hibiki scout him. After Rika's 
love at first sight thingy, follow her and talk to her again. After you 
get inside the back of the building, operate the switch to make to change 
the picture into an evening scenery, then exit.

After the cut-scene, Rika will join your team. Go back to put her into 
your team if you want. Now check the training machine. You can select 
what program you can train, but I recommend you to take GP and TP program 
since everything else can be trained easier with Practice Points. You 
can't save or lose in any battle while in there, so be careful. At the 
end of the line, you play a match with Naniwa team, which is the 
combination of the opponent data. Even though most of them are Manjuuji's 
players, I'm not sure if the team changes each time, so no guide, sorry. 
Just beat them up and earn your stat boost reward.

After you've cleared the training, head out and talk to Aki to end the 

After that, all the team members gather up, except Ichinose and Rika. 
Where are they? You have to look for them.

  Osaka's town
Remember the ookonomiyaki shop? They're there. Get in there and witness 
the lovely(?) scene. Get back to the cabin and put Ichinose and Rika back 
into the squad.

  Naniwa Land
Be sure to train up because you're going to need it. Go back to Aliea's 
secret training zone. Pick any program and go through it, you'll be 
surprised by Epsilon's Desarm, waiting for you at the end. Time to finish 
this once and for all!

  VS Epsilon
 Objective: Win this match
 Difficulty: Hard
 Be wary of:
- Zel (FW)
- Midon (FW)
- Suoam (MF)
- Kripto (MF)
- Makyoa (MF)
- Fado (DF)
- Desarm (GK)
Put Rika into the field.
Unless you have been boosting up your team, you'll find this match very 
hard for you. Epsilon's full of skillful players who will not hesitate to 
use specials to steal the ball from you and break though your defense. 

Be very careful during Epsilon's Burning Phrase because you're going to 
have very hard time with them. If any of them is trying a special shot on 
Endou, forget God Hand and use Majin the Hand. It's safer that way. But 
since Majin the Hand drains loads of Endou's TP, be sure to keep Epsilon 
from striking, or else you'll find your goal hard to protect unless you 
have one or two powerful keepers to substitute him. 

Be careful with some of the players, they can use their skills without 
using TP. The only way to counter them is to use specials. Good luck with 

Desarm's is pretty good, but Eternal Brizzard, Twin Boost, and Butterfly 
Dream should work fine on him. Try your hardest to score goals because 
Desarm doesn't consume TP to use special saves. 

After you win, Epsilon will retreat, and you'll get out of the training 
zone, and learn about the new enemy team, Genesis. Kurimatsu then notice 
someone watching you and go out to look, only to come back with some sort 
of goose bump. End of the chapter.

   Chapter 7 [CH07]
Kurimatsu gets injured and kicked out of the team. Just perfect. Mamoru's 
mom calls in and tell you about the secret technique note belonged to 
Endou's grandpa, which is now hidden somewhere in Fukuoka. Talk to 
Furukabu to gain access to it.

  Fukuoka's town
Try to cross the bridge to get to the other side of the railway, you'll 
notice a group of people next to a white limo. Talk to them to trigger a 
cut scene involved Tachimukai and his friends from Yokato Junior High. 
Head to that school for now.

  Yokato Junior High
Like always, you'll be challenged into a soccer match with the school's 
team. Talk to Toda when you're ready. 

  VS Yokato
 Objective: Win this match!
 Difficulty: Normal
 Be wary of:
- Toga (MF)
- Matsubayashi (FW)
- Matsurida (MF)
- Shika (DF)
- Ishiyama (DF)

Yokato's overall performance is good. It also has a very firm defense. 
However, Tachimukai, the GK, is not very good, not to mention that he 
doesn't use God Hand as much as he need to. Be careful of this team's 
dribbling and blocking skill as they can override almost anything except 
those who are power boosted. Don't hesitate if anyone's shooting at you 
and use your best save technique. Rush your attack and score as many 
goals as possible.

After you beat Yokato, you'll finally meet the big head Kira guy. You're 
continuing to find Endou's grandpa's note. Tachimukai will follow you. 
Head back to the town.

  Fukuoka's town
Run to the soccer field. The scene will be triggered. Go back to Yokato 
Junior High 

  Yokato Junior High
Looks like the "G" will attack the school. Hiroto will aproach Endou and 
have a little talk. You'll be back in the cabin to take a look at the 
note. The skill "Fist of Justice", "Mugen the Hand", and "The Eatrh" are 
written in it, Go back to the school to train the Earth technique. 
However, Fubuki's not in a very good shape, thanks to confliction with 
his alter ego. There'll be a few more scenes about Tachimukai's attempt 
to master Mugen the Hand, and angst filled Kazemaru.

You're back at the town's ground. Head back to Yokato Junior High to see 
Team Genesis. Now watch the Genesis throwing Yokato down. Now it's your 
turn to fight. Be prepared.

  VS the Genesis
 Objective: Have Kazemaru dribbled pass 2 Genesis players
 Difficulty: Normal
 Be wary of: Everyone, yep.

Put Kazemaru into the field.

This is similar to the first battle with Epsilon. Only that this time, 
it's Kazemaru. Let the Genesis beat you until Fubuki puts some sense into 
Kazemaru. Pass a ball to him after your kick off, have him engaging one 
of Genesis's players who isn't Gran or Ulvida. You may want to swap his 
position to right so he will has less chance to go up against Gran. Have 
him use his special, Clone Feint is preferred. Hefll successfully get 
pass the player, try the same thing on another player and it'll work as 
well, but soon enough, Genesis will start playing rough on him and 
crashing him into the ground. This ends the match immediately.

Endou will realize that Gran's actually Hiroto. Inside your cabin, 
Hitomiko will tell you more about Fubuki's past which link to his strange 
symptom he has had recently. You can't go anywhere when you get the 
control of Endou, so talk to Hitomiko. You'll be led outside, where 
Kazemaru says he won't be going with you. In Kazemaru's place, Tachimukai 
the Goalkeeper will officially join your team. End of the chapter.

   Chapter 8 [CH08]
You'll be introduced the chapter with a strange vortex and creepy 
laughing in Okinawa region, your next target. When you get the control of 
Endou, talk to Furukabu to open it up in the world map.

  Okinawa's town
This town has some nice special shot on sale like Inazuma-1. You don’t 
need to buy a Dragon Cannon because you’re going to get one soon. 

As soon as you're here, you'll notice the vortex, and the information 
about the "Man of Fire" who is obviously Goenji to you. Talk to Aki to 
begin training. You'll also meet Tsunami, a punk guy on sulf board. After 
that, you'll be in the cabin. Head to the Oumihara Junior High.

  Oumihara Junior High
There're a few special manuals lying around this place. Dragon Cannon is 
a good skill to teach one of your strikers if you haven't taught them 
anything so far. When you're ready, talk to Tsunami to play.

  VS Oumihara
 Objective: Win this match!
 Difficulty: Hard
 Be wary of:
- Tsunami (DF)
- Otomura (MF)
- kojya (FW)
- Kyan (DF)
- Syuri (GK)

You're jumping right into the second half with the score of 1-1. This 
team isn't much of a problem especially if you trained and boosted your 
team well. The defense doesn't usually use skills and they don't have 
very much dribble special, except for Kyan. That little girl’s a pain. Be 
careful of Tsunami as well. He's dangerous one. Also, if any of their 
forward have a sign of using special shoots. Go ahead and use Majin the 
Hand and God Hand's getting too old to use at this point of the game. 
Also, Syuri is a pretty goal GK. Do not underestimate him.

If you lost and take a rematch, you'll play full game.

After the scene, head back to the town for more practices.

  Okinawa's town
There's nothing much here but cutscene, which involves Tachimukai's 
training, Tsunami having a conversation with Endou, and a flying fire 
ball which comes out of nowhere to surprise him. Head back to the cabin 
and talk to Aki to end the day.

After the cut scene about Fubuki's past, head back to Oumihara school and 
talk to Tsunami. Kyan, a girl with seashell head, will run out upon 
hearing a topic of the Man of Fire. You have to follow her. Go back to 
the town. Fubuki and Goenji (I doubt you can't notice him despite his 
hood) will bump into each other, and Fubuki will pick up a pendant. 

Once you get the control, head south and talk to Tsunami. After he leaves, 
go north to the lighthouse and talk to him again. Kabeyama will notice a 
black ball (which looks more like a rock if you ask me,) and the team 
realizes the mysterious man is certainly Goenji, but apparently Kyan 
won't let you in. For now head bsck to Oumihara Junior High and talk to 
Kantoku (marked flag on the map.) He will say he has already given a 
lighthouse key to Tsunami, so back back to the lighthouse. You can get in 
there this time. Witness the cutscene. You'll notice Goenji's Raimon 
uniform hanging inside the store room. The large sound alerts you, You 
need to back to Oumihara Junior High.

  Oumihara Junior High
Talk to Hitomiko and surpirse! It’s Epsilon! Complete with new red eyes 
makeup! They're making a strike back now, be prepare to play a match 
against them. Put Tsunami into the team then put him, Fubuki, Kidou and 
Kabeyama into the team, fanally, place Endou as the keeper.

   VS Epsilon Kai
1) Recruit you-know-who by the end of the first half
2) Win this match
 Difficulty: Normal
 Be wary of:
- Zel (GK)
- Desarm (FW)
- Midon (FW)
- Kripto (MF)
- Makyoa (MF)
- Fado (DF)

Despite their scary red eyes make-up, Epsilon Kai isn't that great. 
Consider your performance with Oumihara, they can be even worse than the 
last time you faced them. However, do not underestimate them. Desarm, who 
has changed to forward, has a special that even Majin the Hand can't stop, 
and Zel, the goalie this time for Epsilon Kai, can catch almost anything 
if he uses his Worm Hole, and WILL continue to block many things even 
when his TP is gone.

The most annoying thing about this match is that it's swarmed with events 
which prevent you from scoring. First, when Fubuki's attacking for a few 
time, the cutscene will happen where his Eternal Brizzard is easily 
stopped by Zel, and you need to put him into the bench.

Let Epsilon Kai approach your team side of field, Desarm will pull off 
his special shot, and Endou, Kidou and Kabeyama'll desperately stop it. 
This however, snaps Goenji out of his doubt, and rejoins the party. Place 
him into the formation and start your attacking. You're going to start 
right off in the second half, with Desarm pulling off his Gungnir. Endou 
will punch it out with his new Fist of Justice (Seiki no Tekken.) Now 
it's time to strike back. Have Goenji showing out his Bakunetsu Strom. 
It's a sure goal. Play the rest of the game defensively if you can't 
drain Zel's TP out enough to take him on with the point-blank range shots. 

If you lose, you’ll have to fight them again, but with both Fubuki and 
Goenji in their finest, and no more events.


Epsilon has satisfied with the duel and quit. You can now scout members 
from them. Tsunami and Goenji will also permanently join you. End of the 

   Chapter 9 [CH09]
After the cut-scene, talk to Hitomiko and say yes. The team prepare 
themselves for final showdown with Aliea Academy, but Fubuki's missing. 2 
Aliea agents approach him, and Fubuki, now is under Atsuya's influence, 
will follow them.

Back to the cabin, Natsumi's father will inform you that Fubuki's at 
Raimon Junior High's soccer field. How the hell did he get there so fast 
from Okinawa? Nah, just forget it and head there.

  Raimon Junior High
This is the new Raimon school. Fastest construction has been working here, 
since we went there three minutes ago and it was still a ruin. Whatever, 
once you're in, you'll notice Fubuki at the center of the soccer field. 
After the cut-scene, talk to Aki and say yes to trigger another. Gazelle 
comes and bully you, and even try to shoot at Aki. Luckily, Aphrodi helps 
her out in time. He then challenges Gazelle into a duel, and fail 
miserably because of Gran.

Aphrodi will challenge you into a match. Fubuki is put back into the 
friend list. Be sure to put him into the squad first.

  VS Zeus
 Objective: Win this match
 Difficulty: Hard
 Be wary of:
- Aphrodi (MF)
- Demeter (FW)
- Poseidon (GK)
- Ares (DF)
- Hera (DF)

The most dangerous players here are Demeter and Aprohdi. Both play center 
field, and you shouldn't let them get the ball. Zeus's overall 
performance is good, but it has really weak wingers. Focus your attack 
through Zeus's wings with trick passes and you should be fine. The next 
problem you'll face is that Poseidon will punch away almost everything 
you throw at him. Your best bet is to keep attacking to drain Poseidon's 
TP out and score a goal or two.

After you win, the cut scene will take place. After that, back back to 
Raimon school and talk to Aki to try another practice on The Earth 
technique, which end up in failure again. Hitomiko will tell Endou to 
give up his keeper postition and went to be a libero, and Tachimukai is 
now officially Raimon's goalkeeper. He is also learning Majin the Hand. 
Head to Riverside area to keep up the practice on Mugen the Hand.

Note that no one's going to yell at you if you still insist in keeping 
Endou as a keeper or making him a forward instead of a libero like 
Hitomiko ordered you. Just do what you want. This is your team after all.

  River Bank
Head to the ground and talk to the Inazuma Eleven old men. After 
Tachimukai's practice, you'll be at the small tower. After the talk with 
Aki, you'll be called back to the cabin. Head there. Prime Minister 
Zeizen will give you more information about the Kira's ambition on using 
his power to gain weapons and missiles. The team decides to head for the 
final confrontation with Aliea Acedemy despite not mastering The Earth 
and Mugen the Hand. Talk to Hitomiko to take off to Mount Fuji

  Fuji Area, Forest
You van can't go on due to the small river blocking your way. Fortunately, 
there are large pieces of wood across the river you can use to make a 
bridge. You have to go around the wood to get there. The reason why they 
don't jump across the small river is beyond me, so don't ask. Just head 

The forest is pretty tricky. At the first intersection, head north. Go 
straight pass the first turn. You will come across an intersection. North 
of it is the item sellers. West is the chest with Military uniform and 
more corners. East takes you to more turns, in which if you keep heading 
east, you'll find the skill card "Tackle Strom." If you take the west 
route and keep heading north along the path, you will head into a dead 
end with 1020 Nekketsu points and skill card merchant. Whatever you take 
the west or east path, you'll eventually reach the map with 2 north exit. 
Take the second one and follow the path. You'll end up in another 
intersection. West of it is the restore point, east is equipment sellers, 
and south is the other side of the river where you need to go.

When you get to the pieces of woods, check the light spot to trigger the 
cut scene. Not only that the cabin can cross, Goenji will talk to Fubuki, 
and Shirou and Atsuya will merge together at last. Be sure to get the 
treasure, and talk to Masaru of the Kidokawa to play a half match with 
them if you have cleared every other team in the Football Frontier 
competition route already. Talk to Hitomiko to continue.

  Mountain Base
The animation shows that Hibiki's revealing that Hitomiko's the daughter 
of the Kira guy with an epic pointer finger, complete with shocking 
thunder. Even that, of course, Hitomiko's still trustable, so she is 
coming along anyway.

You're now in the base. The Raimon team will have to go inside while the 
managers, Hibiki and the detective will stay back.

The base area's maps are blacken out only except your position. The first 
floor is simple, just follow the path. No matter if you enter a door or 
not, you'll be at the north area of the map. There's a path which is 
blocked by beam bar to the east, the "Cardkey LV 1" which you need to 
have is in the room directly to the west of it.

The second floor starts with an intersection. The door ahead is a room 
with a chest. Eastern corridor leads you to another chest the exit, which 
leads you to 3F in the room with "Double Cyclone" move. Taking the west 
corridor eventually leads you to another intersection. West is a stair 
with laser lock. East from there are two rooms with "B-Lancer Card" and 
"Cardkey LV 2."

The third floor is nothing special. In fact, the room you need to go is 
just straight ahead. The entrance to a room you see the very first thing 
in the third floor has nothing in it. Head north a bit to find an 
intersection. West is a dead end. At the very end of the East corridor of 
the intersection is a chest containing "Clone Block" and a robot which 
actually sells items to invaders like you. Head back to the intersection 
and head north. You'll see the door to the west, and a split path, to the 
east is another room. This room contains "Super Water". 

If you enter the room you see earlier, you'll evantually come across a 
corrider with a robot in it. There, head south to the dead end and check 
for new spike equipment. North of it is the restoration point. Heal up 
and head east to get to a door. Hitomiko will open it for you. Save, and 

It's Aliea's huge meteorite in this room, which is the reason while 
they're so deadly to begin with. However, before you can do anything, 
you'll be attacked by 11 robots. Looks like they are programmed to
eliminate only invaders who fail at soccer. They even let you out of the 
room unharmed as long as you don't try to mess with the meteorite. Get 
ready and talk to one of them to begin a match.

  VS Machines
 Objective: Win this match
 Difficulty: Hard
 Be wary of: Everyone

This team is full of players with Super Scan and impressive teamwork. 
Plus, the GK can punch out everything. The easiest way to win this match 
is to follow the story events, which guarantee 2 points for your team.

In this match, Tachimukai is forced to be the GK, but it isn't really bad 
since he has Majin the Hand by his side. Have Kidou use his newly learned 
Death Zone 2. It's evented and a sure goal. Fubuki'll learn Wolf Legend 
at the half time. Use that on the second half for another goal. Play the 
rest of the match defensively and don't let these robots score any goal. 

Note that Robo S's is getting weaker after the Death Zone, meaning that 
some of your shots can actually score against it.

After you win, the robots will break, but the door you entered will be 
locked. Hitomiko and the others will come and aid you. After the cutscene, 
climb up the ladder, and check the Meteorite to deactivate it. Even with 
the ore stopping giving anymore energy, you still have to beat the 
Genesis on your own. Get out of the room and head east. Check the lock to 
shut down the beam gate and get to the 4th floor.

In the 4th floor, there's a few room that has nothing in them. First, 
west of the first turning is a chest. Keep heading down the path won't 
net you anything. Turn back.

The room has nothing in it either, so just head east and foolow the path. 
You may check every room you encounter for equipments and "Keeper Up" 
which is a new skill manual to teach Tachimukai. At the very north of the 
map is a door, do not enter it now. Continue to the west to find another 
room with "CardKey LV 4" in it. Back to the oom earlier and follow the 
route. You'll end up at a beam gate and a restroation point. Deactivate 
the beam with the key card, restore, and save before heading to the final 

  VS the Genesis
1) Complete the events
2) Score ahead of the Genesis by the end of the first half
3) Win this match!
 Difficulty: Very Hard
 Be wary of: 
- Gran (FW)
- Ulvida (MF)
- Wiz (FW)
- Ark (MF)
- Kil (MF)
- Geil (MF)
- Keep (DF)
- Nero (GK)

Nero can stop anything, I repeat, ANYTHING, and he has enough TP to last 
the first half, in which you'll lose if you can't score any goal by the 
end of it. The only way the score is to follow the events, which are 
luckily almost chained into one. Have Fubuki use Wolf Legend. After it's 
stopped by Nero, Kidou will automatically pull out the Death Zone 2. 
Still doesn't work so far. Gran will try to shoot with his special, but 
Majin the Hand will save it. Upon another shot which is the combination, 
Tachimukai will finally learn Mugen the Hand.

Note that Nero haven't used up any of his TP back there.

The sign of The Earth is clear. Swap Endou to forward and pass the ball 
to him. Have him blow Nero away with The Earth. Play the rest of the half 
defensively, and don't use special shots. You'll know why soon.

All The Genesis players will release their limiters after the half ends, 
recovering all their TP and GP. Continue the second half with your best. 
Try to drain out Nero's TP as fast as possible. The midget is nothing 
once he can't use his specials. I scored two more goals using normal 
shots against him, and one of them isn't even in a point-blank range.

Opps, looks like it wasn't a final battle. WHatever, the base collapses 
after the battle, and the chapter ends with Hitomiko and Hiroto part way 
with you.

   Chapter 10 [CH10]
Talk to Furukabu and head back to Tokyo. You'll be receiving a big hero 
welcome here. Head to Raimon Junior High.

  Raimon Junior High
It looks like nobody's here. Talk to the only man to the west building to 
find out that everyone's attending the cerebration party. Natsumi, Aki, 
and Haruna will leave to help the school. For you, you have to go see 
your old friends who are left at the hospital.

Head inside. Yuuka will come and greet her big brother. the rest will 
head upstair to meet their friends, but they find no one. The doctor 
tells them they were cured and went to River Bank. Head there.

  River Bank
The prime minister's peaceful day has ended with the arrival of Aliea 
agent gangsters. Back to your side, head to the soccer field. You'll find 
Saku and the detective. Talk to them. After that, talk to a granny to the 
north. The large bang occurs, and you'll have to check it out. Head to 
the Tower.

Head to the flag mark to talk to Hibiki. The black soccer ball's at it 
again, and it seems that the one who wrecked the place up has anything to 
do with Raimon Eleven members after all. Haruna phones in and it looks 
like they're in trouble. Try to get out of the map, and you'll have to 
fight some of Aliea agents. After beating them, Furukabu will tell you to 
get on the cabin. Do so to find out headmaster Raimon and the prime 
minister is fine. 

Now get ready and Head to Raimon to face Aliea's last remnant, the Dark 

  Raimon Junior High
As the team approach the captured manager girls, people in black robes 
appear. You have to beat them before you can save the girls.

  VS ???
 Objective: Win this match
 Difficulty: Easy
 Be wary of: ---

??? is nothing. They can use a few techniques, but by this time, you'll 
have no problem beating them. The keeper can use Bakunetsu Punch, which 
is really weak compared to those you have faced. Just play carefully and 
blow their goal away with specials. You only need to play one half 
against them.

It turns out the men in black robes are the Raimon OB members. Soon, the 
real Dark Emperors, who are exactly the old Raimon Elevenfs members. Get 
ready for the real final battle of the storyline.

  VS Dark Emperors
 Objective: Win this match
 Difficulty: Hard
 Be wary of: 
- Kazemaru (FW)
- Someoka (FW)
- Handa (MF)
- Jin (DF)
- Takeshi (GK)

Every player of this team has stat boost skills, and they are 
ridiculously fast. Use everything you have and don't hold them. This is 
the final battle in the storyline, so go all out with no regret. Be 
careful ofthe midfielders and forwards because they can be tough. 
Kazemaru's Dark Phoenix is very dangerous here, so don't let a ball get 
to him and let him shoot. 

Be very careful of Dark Emperorsfs Burning Phrase. It's painful even if 
you're over-leveled. Most of the players will be able to get pass you by 
making you "miss" duels over and over again. If you have problem, trigger 
your Burning Phrase to keep up with them.

Somehow, Dark Emperors doesn't have a good selection for their keeper as 
they choose Takeshi as their goalie, since some of your most powerful 
shots can easily make it through him, but that doesn't mean he isn't 
dangerous. He can use his specials a lot of time and his Double Rocket 
can punch away even The Earth and Wolf Legend. The Dark Emperors may be 
fast, but they can't really keep the ball with themselves if they don't 
use their special dribbles. Even so, focus on playing a passing game to 
avoid confrontations, and you shouldn't have much problem.

Note that their defenders tend to play rough. I got two PK's caused by 
Shishido in a row.

Enjoy the ending, you've earned it.

   After The End [CH11]
Now, you're wraped back before you beat ???. Tsunami's coach's opening up 
the free match routine. Try to beat Dark Emperors again to gain an 
extended ending and another competition route held by Hakuren's 
headmaster. The rest of the game is to enjoy the competitions and gain 
all secrets for this game includes hidden special moves and players such 
as Goenji Masato, Old Raimon Eleven members and the manager girls.

   Diamond Dust [CH12]
So far that you've cleared the game and Inazuma Eleven 1 competition 
route, you'll have only one unknown team in Hibiki's recruiting list, and 
if you notice in the extended ending, Gazelle and friends teleports 
across a huge rock that blocks a road in the forest into a soccer field. 
Return there to find a cat looking at the boulder. Talk to it, it'll tell 
you to go see other cats in Tokyo area. Head to Tokyo's Shopping Area, 
and head to the secret warehouse. There, you'll see a boy in front of it. 
Talk to him, and Endou will give some comment. Head back to the forest to 
find Gazelle there. Talk to him, he to will blow up the boulder for you. 
Head east.

This area of the forest is simply a maze, although not as dangerous as 
others, a wrong turn either lead you to a dead end or teleport you back 
to the entrance of that map. Overall, as long as you don't get depressed 
and keep enter any exit you see, youfll sooner or later get to Gazelle. 
Here's the correct order of exits you need to take as follow:

west, north, east, east, north, east, south, east, north, west, north, 
north, north

Once you've reached the soccer field, Gazelle will greet you. DO NOT talk 
to a biology teacher, who's also around that place as he'll sent you out 
if you say yes to him. Collect all the treasure which is the sum of 
healthy 26800 Nekketsu points around the map, and talk to Gazelle to 

  VS Diamond Dust 
 Objective: Win this match
 Difficulty: Hard
 Be wary of: 
- Gazelle (MF)
- Purou (FW)
- Aikyuu (DF)

As you may notice that most of this team's made up of wind elemental, you 
may want to put more wood players to gain advantage over them. Diamond 
Dust is very tough. These guys are crazily fast and have strong dribble 
moves, and Gazellefs the very dangerous one. He has very strong special 
shot and dribble. So far, Purou is the only one of the two non ace 
strikers that has dribble moves, and hefll not hesitate to use it. Be 
careful of him even though his shoot special is not that strong. The 
keeper of this team has earth element, which Fubuki can easily overcome.

Once again, be careful of their Burning Phrase. Use trick passes and your 
strongest moves to score against them, and you should be fine.

After you beat Diamond Dust, youwill be sent back to the forest’s 
entrance, and the team can be recruited.

That’s it for the storyline. I won’t list any event that can be done via 
Wi-Fi because I can’t use it.


Furukabu [CR01]
- Story teams
Name            Region               Location                      
- Condition
-SP Fixers       - Nara           - Shika Park
- Beat them during the story.

Manyuuji        - Kyoto           - Manyuuji Junior High       
- Beat them during the story.

Osaka CCC Gals  - Oosaka          - Naniwa Land           
- Beat them during the story.

Yokato          - Fukuoka         - Yokato Junior High
- Beat them during the story.

Oumihara        - Okinawa         - Oumihara Junior High
- Beat them during the story.

Gemini Strom    - Hokkaido        - Hakuren Junior High
- Beat them during the story.

Epsilon         - Oosaka          - Naniwa Training Facility
- Beat them during the story.

Epsilon Kai     - Okinawa         - Oumihara Junior High
- Beat them during the story.

The Genesis     - Fuji            - Aliea's base
- Beat them during the story.

- Football Frontier
Name            Region               Location
- Condition
Occult         - Nara            - Town, stair      
- Beat SP Fixers.

Nosei          - Nara            - Shika Park, northern exit
- Beat Occult's challenge 

Mikagesenou    - Hokkaido        - Great snowfield, northeastern
- Beat Nosei's challenge

Shuoyomaido    - Tokyo           - Shopping Area, [email protected]
- Beat Mikagesenou's challenge

Taikoku        - Toyko           - Taikoku Academy     
- Beat Chapter 5 and Shuoyomaido's challenge

Sengokuika     - Kyoto           - Town, east of the entrance
- Beat Taikoku's challenge

Senbayama      - Fukuoka         - Town, east map       
- Beat Sengokuika's challenge

Kidokawa       - Fuji            - Above the river    
- Beat Senbayama's challenge  

Zeus           - Tokyo           - Raimon Junior High
- Beat them during the story

- Inazuma Eleven 1 Friendly Matches
Name            Region               Location                     
- Condition
Kasamino       - Tokyo      - Kasamino Middle School         
- Beat SP Fixers

Inazuma KFC    - Tokyo      - Riverside ground               
- Beat Kasamino's challenge.

Ichibankai     - Tokyo      - Shopping area's pitch.         
- Beat Mikagesenou and Kasamino's challenges


Hakuren’s Coach [CR02]
Work in progress

Rika’s Mother [CR03]
Work in progress

Oumihara’s Coach [CR04]
Work in progress

Secret Warehouse [CR05]
Work in progress

Name                 |    Usage
Mineral Water        |  Restore 25 GP
Sport Water          |  Restore 25 GP
Super Water          |  Restore all GP
Milk                 |  Restore 15 GP
Cookie Flavor        |  Restore 25 TP
Stamina Flavor       |  Restore 60 TP
Hyper Flavor         |  Restore all TP
Rice Ball            |  Restore 15 TP
Fine Veggies         |  Restore all GP & TP
Soccer Magazine      |  Key item
Insect               |  Key item
Card Key LV1         |  Use to unlock a gate in Alieafs base.
Card Key LV2         |  Use to unlock a gate in Alieafs base.
Card Key LV3         |  Use to unlock a gate in Alieafs base.
Card Key LV4         |  Use to unlock a gate in Alieafs base.
Secret Warehouse Key |  Use to unlock the secret warehouse.
Lighthouse Key       |  Use to unlock a door in the lighthouse.
Manyuuji Uniform     |  Key item.
Shining White Spike  |  Key item.
Daisukefs Notebook   |  Key item.
Naji Pendent         |  Key item.
The rest in working in progress.
Raimon Junior High Uniform
Taikoku Uniform
Occult Uniform
Nosei Junior High Uniform
Mikagesenou Uniform
Maido Uniform
Sengokuika Uniform
Senbayama Uniform
Kidokawa Uniform
Zeus Uniform
KFC Uniform
Kasamino Uniform
Sally Uniform
Classic Uniform
Chaos Uniform
Rain Uniform
Battle Uniform
Dafunes Uniform
Tecno Uniform
Intense Uniform
Flurry Uniform
Abyss Uniform
Fortified Uniform
Ocean Uniform
Hot Blooded Uniform
Clawed Uniform
Graft Uniform
Sunset Uniform
King Uniform
Victory Uniform
Youth Uniform
Gentlemanfs Uniform 
Three Star Uniform
Pirate Uniform
By Sign Uniform
Kung fu Uniform
Inazuma Uniform
Best Uniform
Noble Uniform
Flaming Uniform
Inabekari Uniform
OB Black Robe
Gemini Uniform
Epsilon Uniform
Genesis Uniform
Epsilon Kai Uniform
SP Uniform
Hakuren Uniform
Shin Taikoku Uniform
Yokato Uniform
Oumihara Uniform
Dark E Uniform
Osaka Girls Uniform
Security Machines Uniform
Retoro Uniform
Skull Uniform
Frog Uniform
Single Star Uniform
Sailor Uniform
Pure Heart Uniform
Military Uniform
Heinous Uniform
Martial Uniform
Raider Uniform
Space Uniform
Genkou Uniform
Stripe Uniform 
RBH Uniform
Slash Uinform
Kaminarri Uniform
Spirit Uniform
Warrior Uniform
Future Uniform
Prominence Uniform
D-Dust Uniform
Legendary Uniform

 - Match [FT01]
F-Death Zone
F-Ghost Dance
F-Wild Park
F-Super Star 5
F-Crane Wings
F-Infinite Wall
F-Mukata March
F-Heaven Zget
F-Dot Prison
F-Bow & Arrow
F-Middle Block
 - Battle [FT02]
B-Flat Back
B-Right Wing

 - Shoot Type [SM01]
Name               | Evolve | TP | Element | Co-op | Ability |  
Space Penguin      | Normal | 35 |  Earth  |   2   |    -    |
Super Nova         | Normal | 35 |  Earth  |   2   |    -    |
Neo-Gyarkusii      | Normal | 70 |  Fire   |   2   |    -    |
The-Earth          | Grade  | 70 |  Earth  |   2   |    -    |
Cross Fire         | Normal | 70 |  Fire   |   1   |    -    |  
Cross Fire         | Normal | 70 |  Wind   |   1   |    -    | 
Fire Brizzard      | Normal | 35 |  Fire   |   1   |    -    | 
Fire Brizzard      | Normal | 35 |  Wind   |   1   |    -    | 
Inazuma-1 Drop     | Normal | 66 |  Wind   |   2   |    -    |
Dark Phoenix       | Normal | 66 |  Wood   |   2   |    -    |
The Gyarkusii      | Normal | 66 |  Fire   |   2   |    -    |
Gaia Break         | Normal | 31 |  Earth  |   2   |    -    |
God Break          | Grade  | 64 |  Wind   |   -   |    -    |
Nezun in Poct      | Normal | 31 |  Wind   |   -   |    -    |
Atoming Flare      | Normal | 31 |  Wind   |   -   |  Block  |
Death Zone 2       | Grade  | 64 |  Wind   |   2   |    -    |
Tripple Boost      | Normal | 80 |  Wind   |   2   |  Long   |
Tri Pegasus        | Normal | 62 |  Wind   |   2   |    -    |
The Phoenix        | Normal | 62 |  Fire   |   2   |    -    |
Wyvarn Brizzard    | Normal | 62 |  Wind   |   1   |    -    | 
Twin Boost F       | Normal | 62 |  Fire   |   1   |    -    |
Wolf Legend        | Grade  | 62 |  Wind   |   -   |    -    |
Penguin Emporor-1  | Grade  | 62 |  Wood   |   -   |    -    |
Bakunetsu Strom    | Grade  | 62 |  Fire   |   -   |    -    |
Double Tornado     | Normal | 59 |  Wood   |   1   |  Block  |
Triangle Z         | Normal | 59 |  Fire   |   2   |    -    |
Eagle Buster       | Normal | 59 |  Earth  |   2   |  Long   |
Death Zone         | Normal | 59 |  Wood   |   2   |    -    |
God Knows          | Normal | 59 |  Wind   |   -   |    -    |
Gungnir            | Normal | 28 |  Wind   |   -   |  Long   |
Inazuma Break      | Normal | 46 |  Wind   |   2   |    -    |
Penguin Emporor-2  | Normal | 56 |  Wood   |   2   |    -    |
Revolution V       | Normal | 56 |  Wind   |   2   |    -    |
Universe Glass     | Normal | 28 |  Wood   |   2   |    -    |
Flame Weather Wane | Normal | 71 |  Fire   |   1   |  Long   |
Butterfly Dream    | Normal | 56 |  Earth  |   1   |  Block  | 
Divine Arrow       | Normal | 56 |  Wind   |   -   |    -    |
Ryusei Blade       | Normal | 56 |  Fire   |   -   |  Block  |
Ryusei Blade       | Normal | 28 |  Fire   |   -   |  Block  |
Dragon Grand       | Normal | 56 |  Earth  |   -   |    -    |
Dual Strike        | Normal | 53 |  Wood   |   -   |    -    |
Tsunami Boost      | Normal | 64 |  Wind   |   -   |  Long   |
Gemimedi Porotan   | Normal | 24 |  Wood   |   -   |    -    |
Assault Shot       | Normal | 64 |  Fire   |   -   |  Long   |
Rifurekuto Buster  | Normal | 53 |  Earth  |   -   |    -    |
Inazuma-1          | Normal | 51 |  Wind   |   1   |    -    |
200 Lines Shot     | Normal | 51 |  Wood   |   1   |    -    |
Dragon Tornado     | Normal | 51 |  Fire   |   1   |    -    |
Gut Krab           | Normal | 51 |  Fire   |   1   |  Long   | 
Eternal Brizzard   | Normal | 40 |  Wind   |   -   |    -    |
Clone Shoot        | Normal | 51 |  Wood   |   -   |    -    |
Dragon Cannon      | Normal | 51 |  Fire   |   -   |  Block  |
Megaton Head       | Grade  | 51 |  Earth  |   -   |  Block  |
Inazuma Drop       | Normal | 51 |  Wind   |   1   |  Block  |
Twin Boost         | Normal | 44 |  Fire   |   1   |    -    |
Security Shot      | Normal | 44 |  Wood   |   1   |    -    |
Megane Crash       | Normal | 44 |  Earth  |   1   |    -    |
Astro Break        | Normal | 20 |  Wood   |   -   |    -    |
Outenkaku Shot     | Normal | 44 |  Fire   |   -   |    -    |
Hawk Shot          | Normal | 42 |  Wind   |   1   |  Block  |
Tokachip Bomber    | Normal | 42 |  Wood   |   1   |    -    |
Gut Bat            | Normal | 42 |  Wood   |   1   |  Block  |
Japan Thunder      | Normal | 42 |  Earth  |   -   |    -    |
Dark Tornado       | Normal | 42 |  Wood   |   -   |  Block  |
Shine Drive        | Normal | 42 |  Wood   |   -   |    -    |
Kunfuu Attack      | Normal | 42 |  Earth  |   -   |  Block  | 
Corodora Shot      | Normal | 35 |  Wind   |   -   |    -    | 
Rose Splash        | Normal | 35 |  Wood   |   -   |    -    |
Double Grenade     | Normal | 35 |  Fire   |   -   |  Block  |
Back Tornado       | Normal | 35 |  Wind   |   -   |  Block  |
The rest in working in progress.

 - Dribble Type [SM02]
Work in progress

 - Block Type [SM02]
Work in progress

 - Catch Type [SM04]
Name               | Evolve | TP | Element | Co-op | Sub Type  |  
Mugen the Hand     | Grade  | 57 |  Wood   |   -   |   Catch   |
God Hand Dribble   | Grade  | 21 |  Fire   |   2   |   Catch   |
Infinite Wall      | Grade  | 57 |  Earth  |   2   |   Catch   |
Jikura Wall        | Normal | 25 |  Wind   |   -   |   Catch   |
Beast Fang         | Grade  | 57 |  Fire   |   -   |   Catch   |
Fist of Justice    | Grade  | 57 |  Wind   |   -   |   Punch   |
Ice Block          | Normal | 22 |  Wind   |   -   |   Catch   |
Time-Space Wall    | Normal | 25 |  Wind   |   -   |   Punch   |
Burnout            | Normal | 22 |  Fire   |   -   |   Catch   |
Tripple Defense    | Normal | 50 |  Earth  |   2   |   Catch   |
Procyon Net        | Normal | 22 |  Wind   |   -   |   Catch   |
Drill Smasher      | Normal | 22 |  Fire   |   -   |   Catch   |
Gigant Wall        | Normal | 50 |  Earth  |   -   |   Catch   |
Dual Smash         | Normal | 48 |  Wood   |   1   |   Catch   |
Clone Block        | Normal | 48 |  Wood   |   -   |   Catch   |
Double Rocket      | Normal | 48 |  Fire   |   -   |   Punch   |
Safety Protect     | Normal | 46 |  Wind   |   -   |   Punch   |
Counter Strike     | Normal | 43 |  Fire   |   -   |   Punch   |
Majin The Hand     | Normal | 46 |  Earth  |   -   |   Catch   |
Majin The Hand(TK) | Normal | 46 |  Wood   |   -   |   Catch   |
Tsunami Wall       | Normal | 41 |  Water  |   -   |   Punch   |
Worm Hole          | Normal | 19 |  Wood   |   -   |   Catch   |
Flame Emission     | Normal | 41 |  Fire   |   -   |   Catch   |
Raging Table Toss  | Normal | 41 |  Earth  |   -   |   Punch   |
Aurora Curtain     | Normal | 36 |  Wind   |   -   |   Catch   |
Black Hole         | Normal | 16 |  Wood   |   -   |   Catch   |
Bakunetsu Punch    | Normal | 36 |  Fire   |   -   |   Punch   |
Gut Catch          | Normal | 36 |  Earth  |   -   |   Catch   |
Whirlwind          | Normal | 34 |  Wind   |   -   |   Catch   |
Slash Nail         | Normal | 34 |  Wood   |   -   |   Catch   |
Full Power Shield  | Normal | 34 |  Fire   |   -   |   Punch   |
Goal Sliding       | Normal | 34 |  Earth  |   -   |   Catch   |
Flower Snowstrom   | Normal | 35 |  Wind   |   -   |   Catch   | 
Shoot Pocket       | Normal | 28 |  Wood   |   -   |   Catch   |
Nekketsu Head      | Normal | 28 |  Fire   |   -   |   Punch   |
God Hand           | Normal | 21 |  Earth  |   -   |   Catch   |
God Hand (TK)      | Normal | 21 |  Wood   |   -   |   Catch   | 
Kogarashi          | Normal | 27 |  Wind   |   -   |   Punch   |
Rocket Kobushi     | Normal | 27 |  Fire   |   -   |   Punch   |
Power Shield       | Normal | 27 |  Fire   |   -   |   Punch   |
Wild Glow          | Normal | 27 |  Earth  |   -   |   Catch   |
Tornado Catch      | Normal | 19 |  Wind   |   -   |   Catch   |
Space Warp         | Normal | 19 |  Wood   |   -   |   Catch   |
Pressure Punch     | Normal | 19 |  Fire   |   -   |   Catch   |
Makiwari Chop      | Normal | 19 |  Earth  |   -   |   Punch   |
Swoon Type         | Normal | 17 |  Wind   |   -   |   Catch   |
Killer Blade       | Normal | 17 |  Fire   |   -   |   Catch   |
Nekketsu Punch     | Normal | 17 |  Fire   |   -   |   Punch   |
Toughness Block    | Normal | 17 |  Earth  |   -   |   Catch   |
* (TK) = Tachimukaifs version

 - Skill Type [SM05]
Name               | Effect
Keeper Plus        | Keeper's saving power increases.
Speed Plus         | Speed increases.
Shoot Plus         | Shoot special move's power increases.
Defense Plus       | Increases defender's power.
Offense Plus       | Increases forward's power.
Rikabari           | A player recovers from stunning faster.
Ikasama!           | An oppornent's foul rate increases.
Aoiroke UP!        | Success duel rate with males increases.
Ikemen UP!         | Success duel rate with females increases.
Sashyaku!          | TP usage decreases.
Chouwaza!          | Special moves' power increases.
Zokuseikyouka      | Power up when facing winning element player
Gakushuu           | Increases more status in special trainings.
Namakeru           | Give other players one's EXP rate.
Critical!          | Ramdomly increasing special move's power.
Muzokusei          | Cancel any elemental effect.
Lucky!             | Randomly increase winning duel's rate. 
Yakubyougami       | Randomly decrease winning duel's rate.
Speed Force        | Team's speed increases.
Shoot Force        | Team's shoot special move's power increases.
Defense Force      | Team's defending's power increases.
Offense Force      | Team's attacking's power increases.
Nebargibu Up       | Winning duels rate increase when your scores
                     are lower.
Ike! Ike!          | A player's experiences increases when
                     winning, but reduces when losing.
Minna Ike! Ike!    | Team's experiences increases when winning,
                     but reduces when losing.

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