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Ultimate Mortal Kombat Nintendo DS Cheats and Tips

We have 8 cheats and tips on Nintendo DS. If you have any cheats or tips for Ultimate Mortal Kombat please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : PC

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All Ultimate Mortal Kombat Cheats and Tips - Latest First.

Easter Eggs

Play as reptile or (human) smoke and use the invisibility move and fatality will be invisible e.g. The the tasty fatality it will just be a floating head eating enjoy

Sub-Zero Special Move:

To perform this move where you make a frozen copy of Sub-Zero which freezes an opponent if they walk into it or touch it press Down, Away, B (like ALL the other Mortal Kombat Kombos this must be done quickly). This move does not work with the unlockable Classic Sub-Zero.

Human Smoke Moves

The following is a list of Human Smoke moves and the corresponding combination to perform them during gameplay. Human Smoke does not have an Animality or a second fatality.

Air Throw:

Press Block (in air).


Press Away(2), Low Punch.


Press Down, Away, High Punch (can be done in air).


Press Forward, Up(2), Low Punch (close).


Press Down, Away(2), Forward, High Punch.


Press Run, Block, Run(2), Low Kick (close).

Ultimate Kombat Kodes

At the 'Ultimate Kombat Kode' screen enter one of the following codes to enable the corresponding effect. The numbers indicate the number of times you need to tap an icon in a particular position to change it. To access the 'Ultimate Kombat Kode' screen select not to continue after a defeat. Scorpion's Lair will be replaced by the 'Scislac Busirez' stage (Ermac's Portal or The Lost World).

Play as Classic Sub-Zero:

Enter the code 81835

Play as Ermac:

Enter the code 12344

Play as Mileena:

Enter the code 22264

Unlock Random Select

If you want to challenge yourself then at the 'Character Select' screen hold 'Up' and press 'Start' on the following characters (depending on what player you are) to get a random character to use in the game.


Hold 'Up' and press 'Start' on Kitana.


Hold 'Up' and press 'Start' on Scorpion.


To enable these effects in the game Player 1 and Player 2 must enter the corresponding codes at the Vs. Screen. The order that the codes are entered is B-R-A (LP-BLK-LK).

Unlock Infinite Run

Player 1: 4-6-6

Player 2: 4-6-6

Play in Kahn's Kave

Player 1: 0-0-4

Player 2: 7-0-0

Play on the Pit 3

Player 1: 8-2-0

Player 2: 0-2-8

Play on Jade's Deset

Player 1: 3-3-0

Player 2: 0-3-3

Play on Kahn's Tower

Player 1: 8-8-0

Player 2: 2-2-0

Play on Rooftops

Player 1: 3-4-3

Player 2: 3-4-3

Play on Scislac Busorez

Player 1: 9-3-3

Player 2: 9-3-3

Play on Subway

Player 1: 8-8-0

Player 2: 0-8-8

Play in the Kombat Temple

Player 1: 6-0-0

Player 2: 0-4-0

Play on the Belltower

Player 1: 0-9-1

Player 2: 1-9-0

Play on the Bridge

Player 1: 0-7-7

Player 2: 0-2-2

Play on the Graveyard

Player 1: 6-6-6

Player 2: 3-3-3

Play on the Street

Player 1: 0-7-9

Player 2: 0-3-5

Play Scorpions Lair

Player 1: 6-6-6

Player 2: 4-4-4

Unlock Silent Kombat

Player 1: 3-0-0

Player 2: 3-0-0

Throwing Disabled

Player 1: 1-0-0

Player 2: 1-0-0

Play on the Waterfront

Player 1: 0-0-2

Player 2: 0-0-3

Throwing Encouraged

Player 1: 0-1-0

Player 2: 0-1-0

Play in the Soul Chamber

Player 1: 1-2-3

Player 2: 9-0-1

Play on Noob Saibot Dorfen

Player 1: 0-5-0

Player 2: 0-5-0

Unlock Unikoriv Referri: Sans Power (1HKO)

Player 1: 0-4-4

Player 2: 4-4-0

Unlock Puzzle Kombat Characters

To unlock Bo Rai Cho the drunken master and Kabal the Black Dragon Warrior you have to perform the following tasks in the game.

Unlock Bo Rai Cho:

Get a score of at least 19,000 points

Unlock Kabal:

Break at least 3 chains.

Unlock Human Smoke as a Playable Character

To unlock this former member of the Lin Kuei clan select Robo Smoke and just before the battle begins press and hold Block + Run + High Punch + High Kick + Back. If you have entered the code correctly you will see smoke flaming into Human Smoke.

Ultimate Mortal Kombat FAQs