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Spore Creatures Cheats and Tips

We have 3 cheats and tips on Nintendo DS. If you have any cheats or tips for Spore Creatures please send them in here. You can also ask your question on our Spore Creatures Questions & Answers page.

All Spore Creatures Cheats and Tips - Latest First.


When you are on the ice place (I forget the name, but it is the first arctic place that you will go 2)

You need to get the frozen fish to move on. In the river (btw, this is a BIG duh) the fish are in the white thingys sticking out of the water. You need to throw a rock at each of them to open them, then walk over to it to collect it. Make sure that you have a lot of energy b4 you do, though!

Cheat Shop Items

When you purchase the following items using Badge Points at the Cheat Shop the corresponding cheat will become available. Some items cannot be purchased until the game has been completed.


Cannot be hurt.

Super Attack:

Always do highest damage.

Alt Food:

Food has alternate appearance.

Butterfly Exploding:

Butterflies will rise from your explosions.

Scaling/Spinning Parts:

Your body parts will scale and spin.

Exploding Sporelings:

Sporeling will explode when thrown and does not hit it's own nest.

Ignore Body Points:

Allows you to build your creature with no body point restrictions.


Allows you to alter the appearance of a level to resemble the design of another level.

Auto Play Dance:

Automatically hit a 'Perfect' on each note in the dancing mini-game to get a creature's happiness to the maximum.

Random Colour:

ALL creatures (except Gar'skuther's body parts) will have a random colour when a level starts or after the Sporepedia is used.

Meat Trees Banana Beasts:

Enemies will drop fruits instead of meat and trees will drop meat instead of fruit.

Alt and Real Creatures:

Creatures have alternate appearance, but still give same parts.


Throw rocks at walls to make paintball marks.

Super Vision:

Maximum vision; can see ALL dirt mounds.

Ignore Poison Terrain:

Immune to damage from harmful terrain.

Completion Bonus

When you have completed the game you will be able to replay the levels with everything already collected. This now allows you to collect everything if any items were previously missed.

Spore Creatures FAQs