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Spectrobes: Beyond The Portals Cheats

Cheats and Tips for Spectrobes: Beyond The Portals

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We've got cheats for the Spectrobes card input system and an explanation on how to enter them.

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We have 14 cheats and tips on Nintendo DS. If you have any cheats or tips for Spectrobes: Beyond The Portals please send them in here.

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Spectrobes Card Input System

When you have reached a certain point near the beginning of the game the 'Card Input' Console will appear in the upper left corner of the cargo room (blue elevator in the ship). Enter the following codes to activate the corresponding effect.
Unlock Plasma Blaster - Most powerful gun in the game:
Enter the code 1432BDJ
Unlock Marine Wing; Cruiser Parts - Full Set:
Enter the code 1432FQJ
Unlock Shimainu; Child Spectrobe - Corona:
Enter the code 2341AJG
Unlock Dendama Spiko; Adult Spectrobe - Aurora:
Enter the code 4213LFP
Unlock Bakuraiya Wolve; Secret Spectrobe - Flash:
Enter the code 4213GBM
Unlock Defense Seed; Mineral - Raises a Spectrobe's Max Def:
Enter the code 1432CLS

Mega money and exp.

Hard to get money? Easily? Just go to the Hakaba System (through portal 3) and go the planit with the huge chunk out of it. On the side without the chunk out of it, battle the krawl. If there is 4 of them, each battle gives you alot of exp. And 1000 gura.

easy money and exp.

I just go to Daichi and battle a lot of times and you will get money and exp. Easier (should use a high level spectrobe)

Easter Egg

Go to Nox which is the planet where you find Aldous. Go to the same area after you have cleared the game which is at the end of the planet. You will see Rallen doing a reenactment of his triumph over Maja.

Ship Parts,Fossil Locations,suggested team for Geo Hunting,and m

here are some hints and places that will help you get titanium,marble,metallium,mokapod,and the suggested team for the krawlosphere,and how to make your own card input.
Im going to start off with the Ship Materials.
They set the prices for the parts so high because they know you can find a abundance of them from somewhere right.But you can't right.Well if you go to Nessa,Area 1 west colony,and search all over the place youll find out that it's loaded with metallium,marble,and 1 or 2 titanium.The west side has more than the east but if you titanium hunting then go to the east.
Next is the long awaited nokapod(komanus dark form)
First go to the final planet.Go into the temple.Go throught the first portal and kill the two cyclones.(I used a Torgapo..

Where some hidden doors are

The following are planets that have hidden doors.(The ones you need child spectrobes to find.)These are all know. 2 are on Genshi, 1 is on Nessa, and I'm pretty sure ones on Daichi.

Minerals 4 ever

You need to go to malik and get out of the ship. After that you walk on to the next room and see a huge hall.well it's full of minerals and fosiles if you use a child spectrobes with search lv 4 or more you can get about 30 minerals and/or fosiles. When you are finish you walk on the other room than come back. Do it a lot of times to get good minerals the limit is 99 minerals of a kind so use only minerals with an s on it
By johny chiasson (add me on facebook)

General hints for finding buried items

Buried items include minerals, fossils, cubes and mystery stones. Some minerals, such as marble and titanium, and certain types of mystery stones are rare and very hard to find. Using your child-form Spectrobe, scan at the bottom of cliffs and at the sides of rocks and boulders, if you want to excavate some rare hidden items. You may find some rare minerals if you use this tip. Sometimes, when you are scanning, you may find a diagonal-shaped door. These doors are one of the three properties - Corona , Aurora and Flash. Use a child-form Spectrobe of the opposing property to pass through it. Inside these doors, you will find many, many rare types of minerals and mystery stones. So, it is good th..

Where are the most corona minerals

There are ALOT on akaboshi(one of ziba's moons).Just excavate :D hope this helped

how to put in the spectrobes card input system cheats

When you get into that room using the blue elevater you go to thr machine in the top left corner then when that loads to put in the cheats you have to know where the numbers and letters are witch i'll show you now
1 2
a b c d e

f g h I j
k l m n o
p q are s t
3 4
The numbers are in the corners and the letters are as close to where they are on the ds screen as possible so I hope this helped :D Smile
Happy cheating!!!!! :D

pretty useful

Ok listen up ya no when you battle and you need to fight a boss example maja you need 2 dark spects well I bet ya hate the nag of training I do heres a glitch I found my self. If you lose and don't want to use those weaklings switch to you're best spects and walla youll be able to fight with two spects that are normal

Ps it's also works in other areas I think oh and you have to lose to fight with a spect plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz comment

Training Spectrobes

Leveling up
A Spectrobe grows stronger as it battles Krawl. As a Spectrobe battles, it will gain exp. points. Once the exp. gauge fills up, the Spectrobe will gain one level. The Incubator is a function of the Cargo Room's Lab System, in your Patrol Cruiser. There, you can train your Spectrobes, and also evolve them. If you want a Spectrobe to gain much more exp. points than normal, follow this hint. Match the room property with a certain Spectrobe's property, and then feed the Spectrobe minerals of its own property. This way, the Spectrobe will gain much more exp. points.
To evolve a Spectrobe, make sure that it has ate the required no. of minerals, won the required no..

Card input

on the Card input the cvreen is this one
Ot kind of close to that ( when you are able to input the old spectrobes cards the new one is red)

unlimted health and attack and deffense

to lv up all your spectrobes to lv 100 to one hit kill any kwarl in one and also one hit kill to the high kwarl

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