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Rune Factory 2: A Fantasy Harvest Moon Cheats

Cheats and Tips for Rune Factory 2: A Fantasy Harvest Moon

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Check out our cheats which includes unlocking costumes and an easy way to win Dorothy.

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We have 7 cheats and tips on Nintendo DS. If you have any cheats or tips for Rune Factory 2: A Fantasy Harvest Moon please send them in here.

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All Cheats and Tips - Latest First.

Easy way to get Rosalind

To get Rosalind to full LP, all you need to do is take Mana's "I Want a Four Leaf Clover" request. Once you find it at Blessia Island-Center(Right side) Give the clover to Rosalind(NOT MANA). Rosalind will then say "I am throughly pleased! Thank you!" with yellow music notes. Then quit Mana's request and do it again the next day. This will be good if you want to get the 100,000G for the school or marry her fast.
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Getting underground.

In Rune Factory 2 near the end of the game, after you've collected all the tablet fragments, Barrett will mention something being sealed under the city. He'll also say that theres no way to get under the city. This isn't true, to get under the city you need expand your barn until it's at the 28th floor. Once you have that final floor built there will be a hole in the floor. Going through the hole takes you to dungeon under the town. You need to be ready to fight because the monsters there are extremely strong.

Easy Way to Win Dorothy

Dorothy is a rather difficult one to win over as she likes only Char or the Emery Flower which is expensive. To get Char, go to Blessia Island-Centre. Don't go to the left or right but go straight up and you'll notice that there will be a gate blocking you from going up further. To the left and right is a small river flowing. Throw your fishing pole in there and you will end up catching either Masu Trout or Char. If you fish all day and do nothing else, before six, head to where she is and give her all the fish. You'll raise her love and friendship levels in no time.

The Calender

So here's the calender of people's birthdays and such, and the stuff you give them for bonus points. This is for the 1st generation.
1 Spring: New Year's Day
2 Spring: Douglas' Birthday (Give Skipjack or Skipjack Sashimi)
5 Spring: Barrett's Birthday (Give Salmon or Iron)
9 Spring: Yue's Birthday (Give Daikon Radish)
13 Spring: Flower Festival
16 Spring: Julia's Birthday (Give Carrot)
21 Spring: Natalie's Birthday (Give Tomato or Pumpkin Pudding)
25 Spring: Eating Contest
27 Spring: Byron's Birthday (Give Eggplant or Autumn Grass)
1 Summer: 1st Day of Summer
7 Summer: Monster Taming Contest
9 Summer: Mana's Birthday (Give Pink Turnip)
12 Summer: Cecilia's Birthday (Give Apple or any Gem)
15 Summer: Cammy's Birthday (Give Strawberry)
19 Summer: Dance Festival
23 Summer: Jake's Birthday (Give Spinach)
25 Summer: Fishing Contest
28 Summer: Alicia's Birthday (Give Strawberry or Diamond)
1 Autumn: Adventure Contest
6 Autumn: Max' Birthday (Give Proof of Warrior or Fluffy Scarf)
8 Autumn: Ray's Birthday (Give Pink Melon)
13 Autumn: Harvest Festival
15 Autumn: Gordon's Birthday (Give Pumpkin)
21 Autumn: Egan's Birthday (Give White Cabbage)
25 Autumn: Monster Contest
27 Autumn: Rosalind's Birthday (Give a 4 Leaf Clover or Sweetie Potato)
2 Winter: Dorothy's Birthday (Give Char)
7 Winter: Shooting Star Festival
10 Winter: Herman's Birthday (Give Tomato Juice or Doria or Omelet)
19 Winter: Mining Contest
21 Winter: Tanya's Birthday (Give Wolf Fang or Apple)
25 Winter: Roy's Birthday (Give Cheap Cloth or Shoulder Piece)
30 Winter: New Year's Eve

Easy cash (2nd Generation)

An easy way to make some money is to go to school. When the workshop is built, go into it from about 12pm-1:30pm, around lunch time. Douglas will come in and give you lunch, which you could sell for easy money. This works everyday except for holidays.

Unlock Costumes

When you complete the indicated task the corresponding costume will become available in the dresser on the second floor of the house (only accessible in the Second Generation).
Unlock Handsome Armor:
Win the Adventure Contest.
Unlock Monster Costume:
Win the Monster Taming Contest.

Avoid The Storms

If you don't like if when a storm messes up your field, or keeps you in your home for an entire day, then here are some ways to avoid the trouble.
First of all, to avoid a storm you first need to know it's going to happen.To do this just talk to Alicia and ask for tomorrows weather (she'll make you pay 10g for her fortune telling, but if there is a storm, it's definately worth it).
If she tells you that there is a storm, there are two things you can do to stop it, and one thing you can do to make it not so bad.
One way to stop it is simply ask Alicia to change the weather (100G to change to sunny weather, and 1000G for rainy).
Another way is to camp out... The storm wont happen because it can't stop you from going outside if you're already out there.
And lastly, if you didnt know that there would be a storm, or you just didnt feel like changing the weather or camping, all you have to do is save you game the morning after the storm, and reload you game if the storm messed up anything important. (the damage will reset every time you reload)
Personally, I just change the weather, but you may be broke, so these hints may come in handy Smile

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