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Hi! I need help on Murph's Ranger Contest. I already have Probopass. Thanks..

Question asked by djtwinx on
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Question for Pokemon Ranger: Guardian Signs

Hi! I need help on Murph's Ranger Contest. I already have Probopass. Thanks to everyone who answers.

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J_Skellington1 answered:

Heracross can be found in the canal ruins near Furret.
Cherrim is in the field of pink flowers to the left of the striped bridge. To get there you need to ride Suicune along the water then you should see a place to get off the water. Stay on Suicune. There should be 2 Bellossom and 1 Venasaur. Use Suicune's roar and Cherrim should pop out.
Kabutops is near the end of Mitonga road.
To get to Quagsire go to the old mansion. Then go right towards Noir Forest. You should see some Wooper. Get on Suicune and jump onto the water then head right and Quagsire is on the little island in the middle of the small body of water.

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Guest said: 27th Nov 2010 | REPORT
Togekiss and honchcrow are flying in the sky.You have to use charge when u draw latios sign and you can catch up with those pokemon.quagsire is on the island near the pond near the old masion you need sicune( i no i spelled it wrong)use suicunce to get to the flower patch on latolado trail then roar and cherrim pops out.i finsh the second murph ranger cup already :P.

Guest said: 13th Jul 2014 | REPORT
NO Kabutops is at the end of dangerous cliff
Guest said: 13th Jul 2014 | REPORT
where the pincher sub is at
Guest said: 8th Jul 2015 | REPORT
sunken duh!
Guest answered:

Heracross can be found in the Canal Ruins near a Furret and Raichu. You need Suicune to get him.

Cherrim is at the field of pink flowers west of the bridge Nick built. To get there you need to use Suicune and hop off the bride and walk on the water.

Probopass is west of the Daybreak Ruins. (Past the Daybreak Ruins to the east.) You will need Entei to break the rocks. Then go up to where the Jumpluff are and Probopass should be there.

Kabutops is near the end of Mitonga road(Past the Dangerous Cliff).
You need to use Raikou and Entei to get to him.

To get to Quagsire go to the old mansion. The go east past the Noctowl and Duskull and you should see some Wooper. If you chase after them, they go into the water. Summon Suicune and jump onto the water. You should approach a small island of grass with a Quagsire on it.

To get Honchkrow, you need to hold down the styler when summoning a pokemon(Drawing a Ranger SIgn) like when you boost up the loops of the styler in battle. Then make the Latios sign, and he should be supercharged. You must supercharge summon Latios in the Aqua Resort and go south(A little but to the west)

To get Togekiss, you also need to summon Latios(Not supercharged) from the Aqua Resort, if you go south from the resort, Togekiss should be there. Don't boost directly at it, instead go slowly aiming a direction away from it, then get into position near it and boost towards it. Otherwise, if you chase at it and immediately boost, watch out for sharp turns.


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Guest said: 16th Nov 2014 | REPORT
Where is the bridge that nick built again i forgot
Guest said: 23rd Jun 2015 | REPORT
The bridge is near Rands house
Guest said: 24th Mar 2016 | REPORT
Yo i need to find togikiss and honchcrow
Guest said: 25th Aug 2016 | REPORT
umm heracross i need more description then just heracross goto canal ruins near a furtet and raichu you need suicune to getem
Guest answered:

you have to slowly go to it when you get close you double tap on the screen to make latios faster to get togekiss.

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Guest said: 25th Aug 2016 | REPORT
or press b instead of double tap XD
Guest answered:


Pinohorse answered:

Help! I got hanchcrow and togetiss but, they aren't in my party. Can some one help me. I have them regersteid in my brower, but that really doen't help!

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Guest said: 7th Apr 2012 | REPORT
How can you get honchcrow i got togekiss and the others for murphs ranger contest but i cant get honchcrow ive tried everything i can but i cant find honchcrow (the wierd thing is one time i found honchcrow without a charge and got togekiss with a charge)
Guest said: 11th Sep 2012 | REPORT
Um how do I get Latias,s ranger sign

JPNHN602 said: 26th Dec 2012 | REPORT
You have to go to the Aqua Resort. Then you talk to the girl in the wingull hat, Supurna, she will show you the Pokemon that you caught in the sky. You can just touch them, then you can bring it to your party.
Guest said: 13th Jul 2014 | REPORT
you need to be a girl to get latias if your a boy you get latios
Guest answered:

NO NO NO YOU ALL ARE WRONG you go to aqua resort SUPERCHARGE latios/latias then toge kiss will appear I did it abd I caught it do not just boost at it if you do be ready for sharp turns!

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Guest said: 16th Aug 2011 | REPORT
thanks dude it works

Guest said: 6th Jan 2012 | REPORT
I don't know if there's a fixed point for Togekiss and Honchcrow (maybe Honchkrow, can't remember), but charge Latias/Latios and fly around until you find it. I haven't found Togekiss, but I have found Honchkrow. If you can't find either of them, talk to the guy next to Supurna, and he'll say something like, "I've seen Honchkrow and Togekiss in the sky recently. Maybe it's because you brought peace to Oblivia." Then they'll be up there, but you should probably capture the other Murph's Challenge Pokemon first, for you'll be spending a lot of time in the sky looking for them. Honchkrow's a bit easier to find, but then I haven't found Togekiss yet.
Guest said: 2nd Oct 2012 | REPORT
Togekiss is in the sky over by tilikule monument.
Guest answered:

I know how to get togekiss you have to talk to the person diagnaliy from the bird lady then supercharge latios and turn to the sun and chase it if you don't see it try it again

Guest answered:

Talk to the guy near the birdlady he'll unleash togekiss and honchkrow. Iam sorrry if this dosen't help.

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Guest said: 18th Jan 2012 | REPORT
I've captured Honchkrow pretty fast....still can't find Togekiss....Is it because i'm charging my styler when i summon latios???
UsagiTheRanger said: 3rd Mar 2012 | REPORT
Um yeah. DONT SUPER CHARGE LATIAS!! You'll fail and you'll scare it away faster.
Guest said: 13th Jul 2014 | REPORT
so? Honchkrow is a pain in da ASS TO SPEED UP TO. and no you just have to keep trying.
Guest said: 28th Feb 2015 | REPORT
I still cant catch a honchkrow
Guest answered:

You can only find togekiss by going south of the aqua resort. You seriosly have to keep an eye out for a small white shape in the distance so go slowly don't turbo boost

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Guest said: 2nd Jan 2017 | REPORT
Where can i capture latias?
Guest answered:

Ok, Tegekiss is hard.
For people stuck on tegekiss, goto Surpurns andshe hasa togekiss on dock. Smile

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Guest said: 6th Feb 2012 | REPORT

Guest answered:

The lady named supurna has only the Pokemon with her that you have captured in the sky. So, if you catch togekiss or hownchkrow go and talk to her to get them.

Guest answered:

Okay, I got Togekiss and Kabutops, but I can't find Honchkrow. Also, where is the old mansion?

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Guest said: 13th Jul 2014 | REPORT
the open gate and go up
Guest said: 23rd Jun 2015 | REPORT
it is near the noir forest near tilt village
ilyleilani answered:

Im still confused on how to get both of them. Their either to fast or I'm just not chraging right

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Guest said: 17th Aug 2015 | REPORT
i am not getting herracros
Guest answered:

Honchkrow and togekiss:in the air. Heracross in canal ruins kabutops on dangerous cliff cherrim roar at venuaurs place quagsire island in pond next to old mansion

Guest answered:

For totakiss go to the aqua resort summon Latias/latios face the sun you should see a white dot. That's togakiss.

P.S. Where is honchcrow

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Guest said: 13th Jul 2014 | REPORT

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