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Pokemon Diamond



Question asked by mew13 on
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Lord_Liu_Chan answered:

Ok... Being as nice as I can... WHO TOLD YOU THAT MEW EVOLVES INTO MEWTWO?? There is no such thing as a legendary that evolves, especially not Mew. The guy who told you that Mew evolves is either sadly misinformed or a cruel liar. Sorry to burst you're bubble though Smile

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Guest said: 21st May 2018 | REPORT
how does it evolve in some games?
Guest said: 24th May 2018 | REPORT
Mega Evolving is different from actual evolution, mew can't evolve, if it does, you're either playing a mod, or you're just bullshitting
Guest said: 25th Jul 2018 | REPORT
mewtwo mega evolving doesnt mean the mew evolves into mewtwo
Guest said: 21st Nov 2019 | REPORT
You said that legendary Pokémon don't evolve. Buddy, SOLGALEO EVOULTION LINE!!!

sk8rboy answered:

Sorry to burst your bubble, but Mew does not evolve into Mewtwo. Whoever told you that either lied, or they didn't know themselves. Even if one evolved into the other, it'd be Mewtwo to Mew because of their Pokedex entries. Another thing, so far in the series, there's been no legendary Pokemon that evolves.

Hope this helps,

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Guest said: 3rd Dec 2015 | REPORT
First of all, those types of pokemon are known as Pseudo-Legendary pokemon, and second, Lucario isn't even a Pseudo.
Guest said: 7th Jun 2016 | REPORT
Guest said: 25th Jul 2016 | REPORT
No,Dragonite,Tyranitar,Salamence,Metagross,Garchomp,Hydeigon and Goodra are pseudo-legendaries.
pseudo-legendaries have 3 evoution stages and the pokemon you listed don't.
Guest said: 3rd May 2018 | REPORT
Snorlax is sometimes considered a pseudo

dan1994 answered:

If any of them eveolved it would be Mewtwo into Mew because Mewtwo came first but no legendary evolves, so the person who sead that is quite stupid.

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Guest said: 1st Jan 2017 | REPORT
Mew came first....the stupidity on this thread hurts
Guest said: 10th Jan 2017 | REPORT
Then HOW do you get mewtwo if me doent evolve into mewtwo?
Guest said: 13th Feb 2017 | REPORT
There is a legendary that evolves.... Cosmog - Cosmoem - Solgaleo OR Lunala
Guest said: 12th Oct 2018 | REPORT
By catching Mewtwo, genius.

r0na1d0 answered:

Dan1994 your wrong I mean neither of them evolve but mewtwo didnt come first it is a clone of mew

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Guest said: 26th Sep 2015 | REPORT
Mew never evolves to the end. My mew I'd lv. 100.
Guest said: 15th Mar 2016 | REPORT
ok mew is diffent from mewtwo so ut will not evolve into mew but there is a possibility it transformsv into mewtwo
Guest said: 1st Sep 2016 | REPORT
u need an clone machine and put mew into the clone machine and after a long time it will be mewtwo
Guest said: 10th May 2017 | REPORT
Is there a "clone machine" in pokemon sun

Kakarotman answered:

Yah r0na1d0 is right. Sorry if you want mewtwo you need to have the one of the following games: red, blue, yellow, firered, leafgreen. What game do you have?

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Guest said: 2nd May 2015 | REPORT
Yes he is super smash bros said he is on smash pedia and bulbapedia
Guest said: 29th Oct 2015 | REPORT
Mewtwo is in XY
Guest said: 30th Oct 2015 | REPORT
Lol that third dude is SO stupid
Guest said: 20th Jun 2017 | REPORT
If it is Lucario ?

the devils son answered:

Dude who told you that Mew evolves into Mewtwo it doesn't

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Guest said: 7th Jun 2016 | REPORT
Guest said: 16th Jan 2017 | REPORT
no one

axin123 answered:

All those other guys are right man....

Guest answered:

Mewtwo I believe with the right training will evolve into Mew.

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Guest said: 14th Dec 2013 | REPORT
You know-Theres something called a pokedex. Try looking at it
Guest said: 19th Aug 2016 | REPORT
Guest said: 20th May 2017 | REPORT

Guest answered:

mew can evolve into mewtwo with dusk stone.

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Guest said: 7th Dec 2013 | REPORT
a mew can't evolve sorry
Guest said: 20th Dec 2014 | REPORT
How to get dawn stone in pokemon flora sky?
Guest said: 30th Jul 2016 | REPORT
He has to evolve 😯
Guest said: 8th Feb 2017 | REPORT
He needs use transform on a mewtwo

Guest answered:

mewtwo is after mew i have evolved mew 3 times it evolves into mew three then mewfour

Guest answered:

Mew will only evolve into Mewtwo if u mix all of the stones and use it on him

Guest answered:

But how can Mew evolve in to mewtwo that mewtwo is a copy that scientes made from Mew in to mewtwo thits hole thing is wear I gust the Pokemon creators don't have no more ideas for new pokemons thats sad lol but in my reachers I found out that they do evolves but is crazy you tell me .....

Guest answered:

Guys seriously. Think logic. Heatran evolves into entei!!!!! Wowwwww. No it doesnt. Therefore Mew to mewtwo does not work. Dont get the names mixed up. ID #366408 has the right idea though... Lol mewtwo to mewthree and Mew sixty nine

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Guest said: 12th Feb 2020 | REPORT

Guest answered:

I've seen a video of this actually happening, I don't know if the person was just that good at a video program but it made no sense to me.

Guest answered:

It makes absolute no sense. No legendary has ever been able to evolve, they've all been their own entity. Whatever videos you may have seen, or things you have heard aren't real. Though some people somehow can have the game on their computer. I don't know how they do it, but they can cheat from there by changing the program. If you're able to mess with the codes that put the game together. You can do pretty much anything in the game.

Guest answered:

Accept it Mew, unless you have basically hacked your Pokemon games is unattainable, Though I did see a copy of the Emerald version on ebay the "Not for resale" on the front of the game, it's around 200.00 but does have Mew in it from what I know, I'm sure they'll come up with some amazing way of getting him if you have him you should clone him on emerald go buy Pokemon games for 3 bucks at pawn shops and sale them on ebay. Lol BTW, I have a Mew. And A Mewtwo no evolution for either..

If anyone is interested post back, I have several copies of the last of the gba games. All have Mew Smile and almost 250 Pokedex.

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Guest said: 1st Nov 2012 | REPORT
Hey. I'm interested in a Mew.
I've been looking for one for so long..
I use Pokémon SoulSilver, Black and Black 2... I have all the games, but I usually play these three. If you can help me, then it would be lovely! Because I can't really get my nintendo to actually work with me here...
Guest said: 8th Jul 2013 | REPORT
I have mew.
Guest said: 8th Jul 2013 | REPORT
I have mew.

Guest answered:

It can't. The only way to get a legitimate Mewtwo in your game is to PalPark it from FireRed/ LeafGreen or trade from HeartGold/SoulSilver.

Guest answered:

No...just, no.
This is absolutely awful. Whoever said this needs to research Pokemon and study it much more. The cycle begins in the laboratory and then Mew two conquers. Finally the Mew two evolves into the mew. What is wrooooong with you people?!

Guest answered:

They make Mew Two from DNA of Mew he is a stronger clone of Mew you should know this since it was team rocket that made him then he went on to fight Mew which was first as a legendary pokemon. Also you should know you can't evolve Mew.

Guest answered:

Uhhh this fight has gone on WAY too long. The people saying Mew2 is cloned are correct. Obviously most of you haven't seen the movie. If Mew were EVER able to evolve, it would mean:
1) It wouldn't be a legendary
2) Mew would come first (and Mewtwo has TWO in it's name! Think basic here!)

No, Mew cannot evolve. Period. Question answered. You CAN get a Mewtwo in the games where you get to play in Kanto (of course, I only have the DS games and in Heartgold/Soulsilver you can get a mewtwo in kanto). A Level 70 Mew2. And there is NO such thing as a Mew3 or Mew4. If there was, it would probably be like Deoxys or would continue until atleast Mew100. So whoever says "Oh Mew does evolve into Mewtwo/Vice Versa!" or "Yea and into Mew3 and Mew4", they are either liars wanting to strike or have been lied too and believed it. Unless they make it possible in the future generations. If you want, take your Mew, level it up all the way to 100 (Rare candies or not), and get every single stone and evolutionary item and test it out. If nothing works, your research is done! If something DOES work, then congratz to you! But I highly doubt anything would.

I hope this answers your question and ends the fighting.

Guest answered:

Mewtwo was created by genetic engineering and modification to a Mew done by team rocket, thus where he got his ability to speak telepathically being connected to that machine(forget what it's called) your being trolled if you hear otherwise. Jesus am I the only one who ever read the manga or watched the original movies? Legendary Pokemon don't evolve that been explained in game (if you take your time through it and READ) come on guys the girl just wants a handle on understanding it, take your trolling sh*t over to 4chan. Honey your best bet is build a solid high level team and trade a couple out for a Mewtwo with someone on wifi, but besides why would you even want Mewtwo, slap a couple TM's on Lucario or Umbreon and he/she would mop the floor with any Mewtwo.

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Guest said: 31st Mar 2013 | REPORT
unless your ripping roms and using emulators, in which you don't deserve an ounce of help, saying game designers don't deserve to get paid is like saying the carpenter who worked very hard on the roof over your head every night doesnt deserve to be able to feed his family. A job is a job, you wouldn't like someone coming in to your work and stealing something right in front of you.
Guest said: 19th Jun 2015 | REPORT
it cant evolve because ut is a ledgendary and i would not want to evolve a super rare pokemon into a comon ledgendary

Guest answered:

Don't complain i'd choose Mew over mewtwo any day I would gladly trade with you

Guest answered:

You don't evolv Mew into mewtwo you find mewtwo in a cave in Pokemon village it's hard to catch it the pokeball I used to catch it was a reaper all I used it twice.

Guest answered:

To evolve Mew you must level it up several times, each time with a different stone (I.e Fire stone, Leaf stone, Water stone, Thunder stone, Dusk stone, Dawn Stone, Shiny Stone, Hard stone) after you successfully do that, Mew will evolve!

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Guest said: 31st Jul 2016 | REPORT

Guest answered:

Well,Mew can't evolve because mewtwo is a failed science experiment

Guest answered:

First of all Mew doesnt evolve and mewtwo isnt an evolved form either so the quick answer is that you can't evolve mew

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Guest said: 29th Dec 2016 | REPORT
Actually u can evolve mewtwo into mew
Guest said: 16th Jan 2017 | REPORT

Guest answered:

Mew can't evlove into Mew two but Mew two can evlove into mega Mew two

Guest answered:

Mew only evolves into Mewtwo when you use a very specific set up.
1. Train Mew who knows Psychic to Level 69. This is a long, and arduous amount of time since you cannot use Rare Candy.

2. Use one Rare Candy at Level 69 to grow to Level 70, this is the only acceptable time to do so.

3. Give Mew a Psychic-enhancing Hold Item. I recommend TwistedSpoon.

4. Induce evolution with High Friendship and a Moon Stone.

5. Ignore everything written here, and trade Mewtwo from FireRed/LeafGreen, from an Event, or Trade.

Guest answered:

U can't do that it not possibles

Guest answered:

You can’t evolve Mew in into mewtwo or vise versa as they don’t evolve.

Guest answered:

I've looked. I've studied. You're on crack buddy. Genetic experiments on Mew created Mewtwo. That's not evolution. That's you taking the genes of a Pokemon to make another. I don't know WHO TOLD YOU that Mew evolves into Mewtwo, but they don't know what Pokemon is. If you look online, type up "Mew evolutionary line" there will be no direct results. BECAUSE it's JUST MEW. Mewtwo is just a beefed-up version of Mew.


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