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Pokemon Diamond


Old Chateau/ Haunted house in Pokemon Diamond

Question asked by Anthea Sefira on
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Old Chateau/ Haunted house in Pokemon Diamond

I've seen the rumors on the old Chateau in Pokemon diamond and pearl, but I have no idea if they are true. What is the real story line behind it? Like, who is the little girl who appears in the last room next to the room with the painting with the watching eyes, and is there really an old man in the kitchen? Why is the statue glaring, and what is up with the picture with the watching eyes? And who abaindened it? Why?
Sorry if it's a complicated question, but it really has been bugging me...

Comment:(Feb 24 2008) Thanks for answering guys, it sucks that there is no story line behind it, because it really has sparked some ideas in pokefans...

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cheating-is-good answered:

I do not think that the old man, or young girl do anything in the game. They are just to add to the effect of the mansion, and to make the mansion seem more haunted, that is all. You cannot interact with them, or find out more about them, they are only for show. So you see, there is not really any, if a storyline behind the mansion at all. It is just there for you to explore, and capture the Pokemon that are in there. Like Gastly's, Haunters', and a rare Gengar. After you beat the Elite Four, and get the National Pokedex from Professor. Oak, then you can come back at night, and catch the legendary Pokemon Rotom. You must come back to the mansion at nighttime, go up the stairs and go into the small room with the TV. When you are in the room, go up and click on the Television. You should see a message saying that something is behind the Television, do you want to hit it? Select the Yes option, and the capture Rotom, he will not be hard at all.

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Guest said: 27th Apr 2016 | REPORT
Maybe ?
Guest said: 27th Nov 2016 | REPORT
my friend said that.. the old man raped the tv.... the children were the little girl and rotom... doest seem funny at all :-(.... and i also dont know why did i post this, i think im a moron
Guest said: 19th May 2017 | REPORT
I always thought that maybe gardenia killed the little girl and her grandfather so they would't become the gym leader, and maybe that's why she is always saying spooky things about the place!?
Guest said: 11th Nov 2017 | REPORT
Maby she was under mind control by the genger? Thats will make her the persephone of sinho

tbug2007 answered:

Well, it's not a problem. I don't know about any of those secrets, but here's one.

When you go there at night, go upstairs to the TV room and talk to the TV. You get a legendary Pokemon, easy to catch, and easy to kill.


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Guest said: 19th Jul 2012 | REPORT
dude rotom is not legendary pokemon
Guest said: 12th Nov 2014 | REPORT
yeah tbug2007 it is not legendary pokemon i
Guest said: 30th Jul 2015 | REPORT
i just caught him in dpp but he`s hard to catch in xy
Guest said: 10th Jul 2016 | REPORT
It is true about rotom I caught him the same way

v-gamer answered:

The Old Chateau adds some taste to the game. Really, the only important thing about it is being able to catch Rotom in the room with the television after obtaining the National Pokedex.

The room with the picture with moving eyes is a key in finding which room the rare Gengar can be found in after obtaining the National Pokedex and with any GBA Pokemon game inserted in the DS slot.

The little girl and the old man are ghosts, and they only add taste to the "haunted" and "abandoned" part of the Old Chateau, and they are real. The statue with glaring eyes also adds a bit of the "haunted" part in the Old Chateau.

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Guest said: 7th Jun 2012 | REPORT
there is a statue with glarin eyes...hmmmmm...also...wut is a gba?
Guest said: 27th Jun 2012 | REPORT
Well GBA stands for Game Boy Advance and in the old DS's (like the DS and DS Lite) you were still able to use GBA cartridges so you could play the old GBA Pokemon games like Sapphire, Emerald and Ruby Smile
Guest said: 30th Jul 2015 | REPORT
i wish i had a gameboy but is it only for boys
Guest said: 8th Oct 2015 | REPORT

hypofreak answered:

I can tell you one thing on the old chateau. If you in the old chateau at midnight, (change game time on DS menu) go to the TV room and talk yo the TV. You should fine a Rotom, a lengendary pokemon. But he's the WORST! But I would still get him though.

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Guest said: 7th Jun 2012 | REPORT
somthinelse bout th legendary Rotom is tht...if u go 2 a certainn buildin and bring rotom wit u,there are a fan,microwave,washin machine and other will find out wut happens if u click on one of them!
Guest said: 7th Jun 2012 | REPORT
somthinelse bout th legendary Rotom is tht...if u go 2 a certainn buildin and bring rotom wit u,there are a fan,microwave,washin machine and other will find out wut happens if u click on one of them!
Guest said: 14th Aug 2012 | REPORT
Rotom isn't a legendary. It's just super rare.

squirrels_r_cool answered:

This part of the game is FUN! The rumors are true! The man and the girl just make the place look more realistic, but if you go to the room with the weird tv inside at night and click on it, the legendary Rotom will appear! You have to have beaten the Elite 4 and obtained the National Dex first though. But here's the best part, the Rotom is only at level 15! So becareful!!!

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Guest said: 31st Mar 2015 | REPORT
I think your a little mistaken there Squirrel_r_Cool, I got rotom right after the eterna city gym. And he was level 20 not 15
Guest said: 20th Sep 2015 | REPORT
Same here
Guest said: 19th May 2017 | REPORT
you must of had platinum, in diamond and pearl you cannot get Rotom or Eevee until you receive the national Pokédex, also it is level 15 in diamond and pearl, I have diamond and platinum!

Jake000 answered:

I'm not sure, but me and a few buddies think there IS a little story behind the ghosts, we have a sneaking suspicion that the Little Girl is a "spirit" of ghastly, and the parent is the spirit of haunter, or maybe vice-versa. But the painting? I dunno. And I never even heard of the story about Rotom and the old mans relationship. But we we're just havin' a guess, we're also trying to find out when you can see the old man and girl. Also, is your wondering why you can't get Rotom, it's because (s)he only appears at midnight.

Hope this helps, Jake.

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Guest said: 30th Jul 2015 | REPORT
people say that the little girl`s sister is Gardenia { gym leader }

Aeon-Flux answered:

When you go there at night, go upstairs to the TV room and talk to the TV. You get a legendary Pokemon, easy to catch, and easy to kill.

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Guest said: 7th Jul 2013 | REPORT
Rotom and phione are not legendary. Legandaries can not be bread and are the last of their kind.
Guest said: 5th Aug 2013 | REPORT
Phione and rotom are legendarys
Guest said: 9th Dec 2013 | REPORT
Phione and manaphy ARE legendaries !
But rotom is not!
How could you think that
Guest said: 30th Jul 2015 | REPORT
will you guys stop arguing rotom is not a legendary check it out for yourself

Guest answered:

To catch Rotom, it has to be midnight. You can simply wait till it is, or if you're impatient, change the settings of the time on your DS (and don't worry, you can revert it back to the real time after you're done).

Go to the Old Chateau in Eterna Forest, which is to the left of Eterna City, and you'll have to cut through trees to get to it. Go to the second level and into the second last room on the left. Speak to the television, and you'll have the option of thumping the TV and challenging Rotom. Beware, Rotom's only Level 15! It's fairly easy to catch, and be sure not to kill it.

Save the game after you've caught it, revert the time back to the original, and you're done!

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Guest said: 30th Jul 2015 | REPORT
yeah one time i killed him and i had to wait till the aftergame

Guest answered:

the picture has to be a haunter becuse the hide in walls watig for prey to suck their life force

Guest answered:

Heres the real story a long time ago in Eterna city they used to have festivals of the statue in the city ( which is dialga if you haven't noticed) and when they were celebrating and talking about the statue but then a earthquake happened all the people were ok but then...KABOOM!!! everybody heard the large explosion by the Old Chateau everybody ran all the pokemon ran out and scattered then they saw Dialga , dialga was caught in a crazy trance it was angry and insane everybody ran off and hid but the explosion happened cuz of roar of time and the house or the people in it were never saw again 100 years later the house came back people think cuz of the ghosts but now the little girl and old man and creepy pokemon live in there and thats the real story

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Guest said: 7th Jun 2012 | REPORT
ther really is a possibility tht they got poisoned...i found th do u get tht hidin pokemon in th statue and the picture frame
Guest said: 6th Jun 2015 | REPORT
Gardeina poisoned her grandad siter her momdied backlot is her father read my other comment on the top aka higher from this comment to know the story youll get it
Guest said: 6th Jul 2015 | REPORT
i agree but i hope they make a dpp remake if they do i hope the mansion returns
Guest said: 29th Aug 2015 | REPORT

Guest answered:

you guys, i caught rotom without beating the elite 4 so it can be caught earlier than that. I read somewhere that there is a thirth ghost. It's an old women. still finding out what to do with the chateau

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Alexus :D said: 19th Jan 2012 | REPORT
Dude, does it really matter? Its a typo get over it!!!
Alexus :D said: 19th Jan 2012 | REPORT
Dude, does it really matter? Its a typo get over it!!!
Guest said: 7th Jun 2012 | REPORT
do u kno where it might be...i went into all of the rooms...coulndt find it...wish there was a 3rd one
Guest said: 30th Jul 2015 | REPORT
i never seen her before does she have glasses on shes a counterpart of the butler character {she is also scene in sunyshore city once and hearthome city twice ]

Guest answered:

hm..i also heard this story to : To see the little girl you have to enter and go up the stairs. Then go to the middle on the second floor and enter the door. Then go to the room second from the right. If you don't see her then go out and come back in. Once you enter she will be in the room on the right. She will hear you in the next room and float out of the room. She floats because you can't see her legs moving.

The next is the butler. Go into the first room ahead of you on the ground floor. You should automaticly walk up and the butler will be on the other side of the table. He will glare at you and then float off to the left. If you don't see him then go out and do it again. He is a little rarer than the girl so be patient.

This creeped me out. I think the girl is Gardena's sister and that's why when you beat the game Gardina is standing outside the gate to the Old Chateau. I think she want's to say sorry for something. Notice that if you walk into the kitchen there is an antidote in the rubbish bin? I think the Gardina poisoned the Butler and the girl and threw the antidote from the cupboard in the bin so they wouldn't live.

There is a TM of Substitude in one of the rooms. This might mean that Gardina wanted to kill both of them so she could become the Gym Leader instead. Her pashion for Grass Pokemon overpowered her and she was forced to kill members of her family. Her father was the owner of the Pokemon Mansion. You know the one down from the city where all the Pokemon like Pikachu and Eevee are. And Fantina has an accent of French right? She also uses Ghost Pokemon right? And Chataue is a French word right? Maybe she was Gardina's mother. And the rooms in Pokemon Mansion that are blocked off by the maids are the DEAD BODIES OF THOSE WHO WERE KILLED. There are all hiding a terrible secret and you all know it.

The Fantina idea was not by me though. It was from someone at PokeCenter Forums.

Post your own Ideas to what happened to the people of the mansion..

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Guest said: 2nd Aug 2011 | REPORT
The little girl is gardinias sister and the old man is her grandfather. The story is that gardinias sister became leader of the gym and gardinia wanted to become leader of the gym. So she put poisin in her sisters drink and her sister drank it. The old man did to. They both died. Gardinia is scared to go in because she knows they haunt the place. Another way to prove this is thst there an antidote in the trash can.
Guest said: 24th Nov 2011 | REPORT
ya i believe they were poisened
Guest said: 7th Jun 2012 | REPORT
i totally believe tht theory
Guest said: 12th Aug 2012 | REPORT
actully there was a fire.the microwave broke and rotom turned into one.the old man is a butler who loved rotom and made a connection with it.they tried to test rotom and rotom exploded.the girl got poisoned by the gas and the butler tried to find the antidode but couldent and it was to late and both died and rotomturned into a tv, never to come ot of this state again...

Guest answered:

But what about the antidote in the trash can. you can go all over the whole map and find very few things in trash cans. and if you do find anything, its fairly simple stuff. But whats weird about this is that an antidote is suppose to heal people/pokemon/etc. why would it be in some where lifeless. And because of the fact very few people have the hm cut. hardly anyone can get in there. so it can't be some careless trainer throw away. And hardly anyone knows about the mystery in the game. So there was not a big scene about about, it would have to been on the news. And two people are ghosts in there, and to be a ghost (i believe) you have to be a spirt that still wanders Earth for some reason or another. And the ghosts were a Little girl, and an older man (dressed unusually fancy so I guess that he's the butler). And you can say that the butler could of died as a younger man cuz of something. But I would say that if the ghost looks like a little girl, so i would guess that she died young. thats my idea! :D

Guest answered:

in the old chateau when you go up the stares on the right hand side and the door right next to the stares when u go into the room there should be a little file thing at the bottom it sais "Som...hing so pecu...r shou... make off ...ith the mot...

can some one tell me what it all means

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Guest said: 7th Jun 2012 | REPORT
it looks like it says..."something peculier should make off with the motor" might be talkin bout rotom...Rotom can go into microwaves, motors, ovens, fans, washin is 100% possible
Guest said: 12th Jul 2012 | REPORT
i think you guys are right
Guest said: 21st Jul 2012 | REPORT
something so peculier should make off with the motor (do u realize that is rotom spelled backwards)
Guest said: 6th Jun 2015 | REPORT
After gardenia and all the stuff that i told you guys up on the top charon investigateed and left his diary

Guest answered:

it sounds like "Something so peculur should make off with the mother." i heard a theroy that an unseen force killed the mother and possesed her. she killed the butler and one daughter (if u notice that in one room there are two beds). then the spirit took the mother and the other daughter. in mr.baclott's (?) study there is a statue that your not aloud to tuch (except when the gaurd is on break at 2 in the moring) and the two blocked doors. I think that baclott is the father, and Garaina is the missing sister. Baclott was in hearthome when the murder happened. when he got home he found them dead. the blocked rooms are tombs of his dead wife and child. WHY HE WAS IN HEARTHOME! i think he was visiting his neice, fantina (If u notice, it's a lot like Gardania), who just got to the sinno from some region that speaks french. then when he found them dead (and in one case missing) he moved into a mansion near Fantina because couldn't stand to be in the house anymore. in his new mansion he put a statue from his old home and sacrid tombs. when he told fantina, she visited the house and her ghasly ran amuck. finally, she set it free where it multiplied. then gardania goes to pay a visit, having been spared. that's my theroy.

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Guest said: 10th Oct 2012 | REPORT
The truth is that my uncle works for game freack and u petty mush got it right mark my words Rotom is EVIL
Guest said: 1st Apr 2015 | REPORT
Guest said: 6th Jun 2015 | REPORT
Actually all that is true excapt gardeinia poisoned and killed because she wanted to be gym leader but she felt sorrg and deserted and backlot tokk the wrong statue thzts why because the mother diad before it all hapenned and backlott took the wrong statue and the spitrit of da mother is angry
Guest said: 21st Jun 2015 | REPORT
A place that speaks French would no doubt mean Kalos in the 6th generation

Guest answered:

Of all the theories, I like the one added on the 11th of August the best.
Though it's hard to believe ANY theories at all since in all pokemon games the connection to the supernational has always been fuzzy, like for example; In the very first pokemon games there is a pokemon tower which is actually a mass gravesite for pokemon, it was in Lavender town and was haunted exclusively by ghastly. In the storyline you were not allowed to move on until you obtained the sylph scope and used it to get past the ghost on the top floor, so you could get past mr.fuji, who after being rescued, gave you the poke-flute which was necessary to wake the sleeping snorlax in order to travel to fuchsia city and beyond.
Allright, so with all that in mind, we were left with the impression that nintendo were trying to say that in the pokemon universe, ghastlys and haunters are pretty much the deceased spirits of all pokemon, and are capable of wreaking much havoc on the living.
Yet when you return to Kanto in Silver, you find that ghastlys and haunters are no longer exclusive to the pokemon tower in lavender town, in fact, they can't be caught there any more at all. Why? The Kanto radio station is sitting in the spot where the pokemon tower once stood.
If the spirit of a dead Marowak(Actually Haunter) can cause so much trouble, why was there no aftermath on humanity for the demolition of the game's only mass burial site? Could this be related vaguely to spiritomb? Since none of the games are properly connected, neither through a clear instruction of time nor date we can only wonder and write more and more ridiculous fan fic.
One last thing, in black and white, there's a museum which holds the complete skeleton of a Dragonite...Chronologically, where does that put Black and White?
Too many loose ends nintendo aren't paying attention to.

Guest answered:

part of all those answers are true, gardenia the eterna gym leader is the little girls sister and she killed her family ( her sister and the butler) but she used poison(which is why you can find the antitote in the kitchen. at the end of the game, yes she is stanndnig outside near the old gateau looking as if she was saying sorry. her mother was "attacked" by a mysterious force and possesed therefor killing the butler and the little girl again when they were laying down to sleep.(which is why there is two beds in one room)

Guest answered:

[color=red][/color] Well.. I think what happened was..that the old man and the old woman were the little girls parents... and when the parents were younger they tried to have a child, they set up the room and everything for the little girl, well i think that they had a miscarrage so they thought, and everyone thought the baby was dead, I think that the old man knew and killed the little baby because he did not want one.. and i think that his wife found out and threatened to tell the police so he killed her and then killed him self. (yes I know I can make a big story with little things to work with :D)

Guest answered:

I think there was a baby,a mother,a butler, a father,and a cousin.The cousin came to see the baby(Gardenia)they bought two beds thinking to have a new baby but the new baby died drinking an antidote the mother thought the butler had killed him so she burned the butler,The next morning the butlers ashes turned into a Gengar killed the mother,however the father gave the baby a pokeball and gave it to the eterna city gymleader(which at that time was fantinia) the father now lives in sunyshore with his his wife and daughter(his daughter is jasmine the jhoto gymleader)and his son CYRUS!Cyrus after being deafeted by ash he heard his father died he lived with BERTHA his mother.(His father was giavanna!)

DoNtCaRe answered:

I know why Gardenia is in the front of the Old Chateau because it's the hint of spotting Rotom. 2 Ghosts are one of odd game effects. It's nothing to do with the game. There's no Old Chateau Story in the actual Pokemon Diamond

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Guest said: 18th Jul 2012 | REPORT
are you sure about this?

Guest answered:

Recently I've been playing platinum, and personally I belting that there is no creepy backstory, it's just where you can catch rotom. Silly people, don't scare yourselves! ;)

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Guest said: 7th Jun 2012 | REPORT
i amnot tryin 2 sound rude, but ther are many in-game clues suggesting different bakstories...
Guest said: 7th Jun 2012 | REPORT
i amnot tryin 2 sound rude, but ther are many in-game clues suggesting different bakstories...

Guest answered:

I think the old chateau is just a run down house and I checked most websites and I conclude that the ghosts are people that are just coming in and out of the house really fast just like all the different characters. Also the old man is not a ghost but a man from the islands (either orange isl or the seven isle)
And the little girl is just visiting rotom (they might of been good friends but she was not strong enough to release it so she wanted someone strong enough to release it and capture so she came back to check everyday)and the old women I think she lost a Pokemon there and comes everyday to pay her respect.the items like gateau and antidote might be just junk that the last family that lived in the house threw out and hid(such as the gateau).
Oh ya the writing might be just some things written by people that come into the house.
P.s: the eyes are rotom watching you through the electricity and waiting.(observing)

Darkmon answered:

Well, here's my suggestion.
Go to the room with the freaky painting that 'looks' at you.
On your right, you'll see a weird girl that you did not see when you went in the last room.
Then, you go to the dining room where you see a old man sitting. When he disappers, you go in the direction that he went. He's gone? Well, he is a ghost like the girl you saw upstairs.
Then, get the heck out of the haunted house...
Then, wait until night comes.
At night, go upstairs, and find the room with the tv. Talk to it (press A) and press yes.
Rotom will come out. You can kill him, or either catch him. The yellow ball with the black "H" on it will sort(?) of catch it. Well, when you throw the ball, don't just sit there and cross your fingers!
When the ball shakes the first time, press the L button, when it shakes twice, press the are button.
Last of all, when the ball shakes the third time...
Press both at one time!

Guest answered:


There is no backstory, there is no mother and there is no poisoning involved.

The antidote in the Thrashbin is there because every item hidden in the game is randomly generated during the developing of the game.

The "Something so peculiar it should make off with the motor" text is used to refer to Rotom, since it has 6 different forms in Pokémon Platinum.

Gardenia is only standing in front of the Chateau to point you towards Gastly. Why? Well, Nintendo has developed D/P/P in such a way that you will get to see all Pokemon within the Sinnoh Dex(Pre-National), and Gastly is only to be seen in the Old Chateau.

The 2 ghosts and the statue are only there to add to the "Eerie" and "Sinister" feeling of the Old Chateau.

The purple portrait with the red eyes is actually a portrait of Gengar's face, meaning that Gengar can only be caught in that room. (You still need to insert any of the previous Pokémon Advance Gameboy Pak's)

Another theory I heard about (don't know if it is true) is that, when you enter the house at about 23:00 and stay there till 01:00 you will get to battle yourself. It would sure be one of those things Nintendo would program into a game.

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Guest said: 19th Mar 2012 | REPORT
yeah! It's a kids game! why would there be a
scary backstory with killing and poisoning
Guest said: 12th Jan 2014 | REPORT
They put a lot of freaky stuff in these games. It is possible that one creator put this in with a dark backstory. Since there are many older kids (like me) and adults that play the game the creators might of thought it would be fun for us to make up stories about it. Or you could be right and it's just there to add to the "creepy" aspect of the house.

Guest answered:

Ermmmhh I'm not being funny... But all this about ghosts and that, it's just stupid:S it's a kids game why would it have such a creepy twisted back story about poisoning and murder and everyone being everyones sister and mum and niece just because youve made yourself belive that the names are the same or similar . Grow up :L I was reading through these and it actually made me laugh out loud. Please, for your sake , get a grip :L

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Guest said: 19th Jul 2012 | REPORT
um, well, have you ever thought that older kids play it too? grown men play it (only some) teenagers play it, I PLAY ALL POKEMON GAMES FOR DS AND WII, but there is always a story/legend behind something, like in black and white, KYRUEM has a back story in Lacunosa Town, a huge MONSTER arose from a meteor that fell close to town and would come at night and take all people and pokemon at night! in SS (Soul Silver) what about the broken tower-thing where you first find Entie, Raikou and Suicune befour they flee! and whut about pokemon rangers gardian signs? and a few more i still havent un-raveled! SO DONT SAY THERE NOTHING


Guest answered:

Its because it's gengars face he is trying to trick you.Someone released a gengar and gengar is haunting the house.LoL :D hope this tells why it's haunted

Guest answered:

There is actually a backstory. A wealthy family including a mother, father, two sisters (whom one of which was Gardenia) and a butler lived in the old chateau. The father also had a brother (Mr Backlot) who was living in his Pokemon mansion. Mr Backlot made Gardenias sister a gym leader and Gardenia was packed with rage, so she got her Roserade to poison the sisters food when she had to cook it. After, she threw away their last antidote (which is why you find an antidote in the kitchen trash can) so her sister couldn't find it. Her sister became terribly ill and when her father found out that she was poisoned, he got a kitchen knife and stabbed the butler (which is why some people see a shadow of the butler being stabbed). The butler tried to flee although the father delivered one final blow and killed him. His body was left to bleed and rot at the dining table (which is why you see the ghost butler sitting at the table). The sister died a few days later,when her father found her lying on a TM (which is why you see the ghost girl on top of the TM when you enter) and the father realized to his horror that Gardenia had killed her when he found Roserade poison in the rest of her sisters food. He was so angry he decided to kill his own daughter. So he took the knife he used to kill the butler and snuck up on Gardenia and stabbed her there and then. She got up and ran, stealing all of the family's remaining money and fleeing from the house. When she found a nearby city, she spent some of the money on potions to cure her wounds. She then spent the remaining money on fixing up her sisters old gym to make it her own. Meanwhile, the father was fuming that he accidentally killed his butler AND let Gardenia escape. He decided to kill the mother next because she wasn't doing anything about it. The mother knew very well what was going on, so she took one of her gastlys and locked it in the library to let it multiply. The father hunted the mother down and killed her and buried her under the right statue next to the door leading to the dinning room. Although when he came to the library, he found that it was locked (duh). And he couldn't find the key because the mother had it in her pocket when she was buried under the statue. So he picked the lock with the poison barb which Gardenia had used to poison her sister (which is why you find a poison barb in the library). When he opened the door, WHOOSH. There were a dozen or so Gastlys stormed in on him and murdered him. Rotom, the household pet, dragged the body of the father in a secret basement. So that's where the bodies are located, to this day. And that is the story...

Guest answered:

3 other things you might not have known LOL:When you see Gardenia out in Eterna Forest she acts like she's scared toward you about going back to her old chateau because if she goes in there she will die as the ghosts will seek revenge against her.

You don't have to get the national dex to catch Rotom in platinum.

If you use the walk-through-walls cheat and walk into the Gengar painting, the ghost girl will appear
And kill you and you'll have to start all over again!!!!!

Guest answered:

Something else about the ghost girl: When she died she was lying on TM90 Substitute which means that she probably made a copy of herself before she died so the original girl could still be living. She might even be the girl in Amity Square with the Clefairy because Hearthome City has quite a few things related to the Old Chateau such as Fantina, the church, etc. But I don't know

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Guest said: 20th Jun 2012 | REPORT
Yea, your right. The little girl made a substitute so that the butler wouldnt poison her. But she still has it.

Guest answered:

I'm not sure if you know but there's 3 ghosts, actually. There's an old lady too. I haven't seen her myself, but apparently you can see her only once in the upstairs room on the right on on the stairs. I also heard if you see the ghosts in this order you will apparently battle sore really cool dark type level 100: Little Girl, Mum/Old lady, Butler(old man.

Guest answered:

It is nothing to do with murders for goodness sake and stop saying it was years ago that is wrong for a fact since you have these new magazines like Pokemon pal in the library(room on the left)and these are new and there are other reasons too after all they didn't even have antidotes there are clues for this too and every single Pokemon game is a bit spooky black has marvelous bridge girl.when do you see gardenia outside of the house and what do you mean the sealed off rooms

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Guest said: 4th Nov 2014 | REPORT
Guys. There. Is no story like. That. It. Is. A. Video game. For. Kids. They. Wouldn't. Add. Some thing. Like. That poison story. Derp duurp. Magi duurp

Guest answered:

You don't need national for rotom just go at night and click the tv and boom battle.

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Guest said: 14th Apr 2013 | REPORT
Actually you do, I tried it by setting the clock at midnight, I clicked it a thousand times and it didn't work

Guest answered:

I don't know about the rest of you, but I choose to believe some sort of backstory... It makes it more cool LOL! But I'm curious about how to see the old lady ghost? Anyways, I have platinum version but I didn't find a antidote, I found a poison barb? I think the idea with the mother going insane and killing the first daughter and butler, I like that theory the best xD

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Guest said: 6th Jun 2015 | REPORT
It changed in platinum and the other storg you said wasnt true it was gardenia but in platinum she used a poison barb and years after the crime sharon discover the former shuppet rotom and after his studies he lest his notebook

Guest answered:

The tv has rotom at night once you get the natinal

When you look at the picture you have a chance to
Battle haunter or gengar.

I don't know if there is a man in the kitchen or a girl in the room beside the one with the tv.

Casno answered:

Well I actually found the answer to this mystery on my youtube channel... Here is a link to the video

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pokechampioncynthia said: 19th Jul 2012 | REPORT
thank you casno for this video this is prove for other

Casno answered:

Well I actually found the answer to this mystery on my youtube channel... Here is a link to the video

Guest answered:

Hey Casno I'm pretty sure that Gardenia might have done the poisoning because she obviously used to live in the Old Chateau and she has a Roserade which is GRASS/POISON. Also Rotom may be able to learn TM06 Toxic although there is really no proof that Charon may have OWNED a Rotom, he may have just been interested in it. Gardenia is also scared of going near the Old Chateau because if she makes contact with the ghosts again they may do something horrible to her because she was the one who got her Pokemon to poison them. This is just a thought-there may be other stories out there suggesting other incidents.

Guest answered:

Guys, FYI, You don't "Kill" Pokemon
You Knock them out =.=

And yes, the ghost are just for show, I spent hours one time when I was younger just exploring the mansion
I wish there was more of a storyline of that house, but unfortunately, there isn't :(

Guest answered:

If you REALY think there is no story line to the
Pepole in the old chateau,you are wrong.
Following a tip I got from the Owner himslef
Out at stark mountain alcatraz and I retruned to
The mansion olny to be jumped by the little gril.
I have never seen such strong Pokemon in all my years of playing the game I went through close
Sixty full restores and twenty revival herbs trying
To beat her.All her Pokemon are completey maxed out.
I did beat her but it took close to three hours.

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Guest said: 4th Jul 2013 | REPORT
go away 5 year old

Guest answered:

Actually my uncle works for this stuff and he said that the ghosts are just to add the haunted effect to the place. And the items there are just stuff you can find throughout games all the time.They just put the old chateau there for you to find rotom and the rare gengar. And even if there was a backstory don't you think nintendo would put some sign or something to let us know that?

Guest answered:

The girl was the child that abused the butler then one day the butler poisoned the father,child and him self.

Guest answered:

Gardenia was sick f not being chosen as the gym leader so she got her Pokemon to poison the.m so sh could be the gym leader and have all the money, the ghost girls you see in Pokemon black and x are the girl and thr mother. Says the wiki

Guest answered:

It is said to believe ghosts are Gardenia's family. Her little sister is supposed to be the gym leader and her grandfather is proud oh her. Gardenia poisons both of them. She tries to save them but she is to late.

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Guest said: 12th Jul 2014 | REPORT
But what about the old lady how did she become a ghost
Guest said: 17th Jan 2015 | REPORT
i like ghost type things . I don't know why somebody would put a murder plot in a game that is ment for kids under ten and under . it needs to be kid friendly I do wish it could have a backstory though it would make it more interesting .
Guest said: 6th Jun 2015 | REPORT
The ghost is gardenias mother she can also be at the glaring statue


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