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Nintendogs: Labrador and Friends Cheats

Cheats and Tips for Nintendogs: Labrador and Friends

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We have cheats that will give you easy Trainer points, money and presents. We'll also tell you how to unlock the Dalmation and reset data.

More Nintendogs: Labrador and Friends Cheats and Tips

We have 76 cheats and tips on Nintendo DS. If you have any cheats or tips for Nintendogs: Labrador and Friends please send them in here.

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Unlock Princess Peach Kart

When you are walking try to get the '?' to have the possibility of finding Princess Peach's kart from the Mario Bros. Kart games. To control it, press B to move forward, A to move backwards, and Left or Right to turn. It will spin around in place if dog(s) hit it but can be controlled again when it stops.

Delete Saved Data

You can delete your Nintendogs saved data by quickly pressing and holding L, are, X, Y, A and B together on the Nintendo screen (before the dog screen) while the game loads up. You will then be given the choice of deleting all data.

Jack russel WITHOUT BOOK

Hi, I just want to inform people that there IS more than one way to unlock the Jack Russel Terrier. I don't know if it always works or not, but I PROMISE that it is possible. If your friend has already unlocked the JRT, then tell them to take it onto bark mode. After playing with their dog for a while exit bark mode.
If it doesnt work I am truly sorry, but if it does it will say;
After playing with (someones) jack russel, the kennel now offers jack russel terriers
thanks for reading!!!

Easy Trainer Points

Leave the sponge on your dog while washing it and leave overnight.
Leave the brush on your dog while brushing it and leave overnight.
You get one trainer point for each minute that passes.
Happy point collecting!

Nintendogs: Lab & Friends cheats

Unlockable Dogs
Collect 2,000 Owner Points
Collect 4,000 Owner Points

German Shepard:
Collect 8,000 Owner Points

Collect 10,000 Owner Points
Yorkshire terrier:
Collect 14,000 Owner Points
Collect 17,000 Owner Points

Collect 25,000 Owner Points
Jack Russel Terrier:
Visit the kennel when you have found the Jack Russell book whilst on a walk to get the single Jack Russell Terrier.

To get Clover Clock, Santa Hat, New Years Tiara, Cool stuff

To get clover clock , go to your nintendo settings and change the date to St. Patricks day, it'll be so much easier to get Clover Clock
To get Santa Hat, adjust the date to christmas
To get new years tiara, adjust the date to new years and to get other cool stuff change the date to your birthday ^^
Hope I helped Smile
- Christy

Easy items

When you take your dog for a walk
First gather all the ? Mark boxes
Then go to the park and change your clothing [hat,collar etc.]
Which will save the game
Then lastly turn off the DS and restart the game you will have all items you
Collected and can take your dog for another walk.

Overnight trainer points

If you put your dog in the bath on a night, you should wake up to about 500 trainer points depending on how long you slept and left the dog
(Dont close the ds lid)


B4 you do ANY competition, save, then at the end of it, if you don't like you're score, qickly turn of you're ds, then it might be like you never even did the competition!

When on a walk go through all the blue boxes you..

When on a walk go through all the blue boxes you want but then go 2 the park.when you get there go into your supplies then on to accesories change the thing your dog was wearing and it will then turn it off and on'll have all the items you found and you'll be able to go on a walk as soon as you go back on the game!

Trainer points quick

To get trainer points quick enter in a contest,the amount of money you get from winning in the contest is how many trainer points you get!

Floating Pee

All you have to do is take your dog for a walk and as soon as pee starts to hit the ground pull the leash realy hard in the oppisate direction of the pee and the pee should continue to flow in midair!
It works.
[works best with boy dogs]

How to get easy money you need to trainer your d..

How to get easy money you need to trainer your dog at agilty (my dog got very good at it I just trained it 3 times)and enter him/her at agilty trial and you make lots of money!in champ you earn like 1000$ in 1st place make lots of money!

Trainer Points Cheat

When you go to bed. Wash Your dog and brush it but leave it on and don't brush your dog. Then wake up and you should have 500+ extra trainer points.
Remember to leave your Ds on charge =P

Restart mania!

If you wish to restart your game then here is what to do.
1.Turn on your nintendo ds.
2.Click on your nintendogs.
3.Straight away hold in a,b,y,x,l,r.
4.Something will pop up saying do you want to restart your game.Say yes and your game will be restarted.
hope I helped!

Unlimited Walks

When you go on your walk get as many items as you can. Then head to the park as your last stop. Once you get there go to your accesories then put an accesory on your Pup. It will save. After that turn your DS off. Turn it back on and go for another walk!

Cheap & Clean

Use the brush instead of shampoo it's more time consumeing but still cheaper

Get presents easily

If you want to get presents easily get a dog who can walk a long way. Get as many ? Mark boxes as you can then go to the park when you are at the park you have to change your accesory then it will say saving. You can now turn off and go on another walk but you will still have the presents!

How to make your dog have puppies!

To make you dog have puppies, Get a male dog and a female dog of the same breed (leave the other spot open so that you have room for the puppy) Only feed them milk and dry food. Do NOT do anything with the female (no walks, contests, etc,)it should take about 4 days and it dosen't always work.

What to get at a ? while on a walk

First take your dog on a walk to some ? marks. When you get there Your dog will bark once or twice. When your dog barks once, it will Be a present and two barks it will be another dog. $$Hoped I helped$$

Spinny Spinny!

Get the Pull Rope form anywhere. Get a dog to hold it and pull up it first, then rub the stylus around the screen and the dog goes flying everywhere with the rope in it's mouth!
It's great fun, try it


Here are the real cheats that I know:
Beagle:14,000 trainer points
Chuhuahua:45,000 trainer points
Dachshund:50,000 trainer points
Siberian Husky:30,000 trainer points
German Shepherd Dog:8,000 trainer points
Cavaleir K.C. Spaniel:22,000 trainer points
Shetland Sheepdog:28,000 trainer points
Boxer:10,000 trainer points
Pug:2,000 trainer points
Dalmation:Find the RED FIRE MAN HAT on a walk
Jack Russell Terrier:Find the Jack Russell Book on a walk
Ranch House:25,000 trainer points
Desktop:18,000 trainer points
Seaside:20,000 trainer points
Outer Space:27,000 trainer points
Viking Hat:$40
Lisa Doll:$30

Make sure your dog is well trained for the frisbe or agility con

On your next walk go to the gym and train your dog then go to the park and Train your dog. Then change your dog's accessory and it will save. When it has Stoped saving turn your ds off and turn it back on again and go on another walk And do the same thing.
Hope I helped

Infinite rare items

After you get the clover clock and the lucky collar then put the collar on and choose the clock and go for a walk. You will find all sorts of items when you go over the blue "?".
The last place to go is the park (while on the walk), then change your lucky collar out with any kind of accecory, ten tap the back arrow (this will save the items you just got on the walk), then turn off your game.
Turn your game back on (you know how to get the game going), and put your lucky collar back on then go on the walk again.
This works every time and is unlimited.
P.s. This works better when your dog can walk very far.

Rarest Item

Promise ring....
Heres a cheat to get rare stuff and make dogs like each other:
When you are goin 4 a walk then when you go towards a question mark click L 3 times. That how I got the promise ring.
Also, When you meet a dog turn your volume up full then grab your dogs lead and bring it forward til it kisses another dog then if the music is nice then they will like each other but if the music isn't nice then leave the other dog or it will chase yours. The more you do this the more trainer points you will earn

Unlock Dalmation

Find the FIREMANS HAT on a walk.
This works for any nintendogs game

How to keep your dogs clean and fed if you get too busy to play

You know if you accidently skip a day maybe because you're very busy - you lose trainer points and your dog can get dirty and very thirsty and hungry.
If you know you're not going to be able to deal with your dogs - maybe you're going out of have a family do then follow these instructions:
1) Make sure all the dogs are fed, watered and clean then plug DS into the mains adaptor. VERY IMPORTANT!
2) Select one of your dogs to go for a walk.
3) When you're on the route planning screen, just close your DS so it goes into standby. ( you can even plan your route and OK it and when your dog appears close the DS).
4) When you come back the next day or so, open your DS, you can either take your dog for a walk or cancel the walk, either way, A..

Get rare items when you go for a walk

First get all the blue ? Boxes you can then go home. When you start to walk press L (don't hold it) until you get to a blue ? Box. If it's a present it will say "looks like your pet has found something." Hold the up button ( don't press it hold it)and press the arrow. You have a 30-40 percent chance that you will get a rare item. That's my hint:

,reddude77 <(^..^)>
( __ )

Slow, But good money!!

OK. You should start off with around 2 or 3 dogs. I reccomend Beagles or any dog that blitzes the agility challenge. Take them all for a walk to the gym to train them then enter them in an agility competition. If you win all of the Beginner Classes with each dog you make an easy $300. When you make enough for another dog, buy one and keep repeating that process.
Hint:: Money prize increases every contest, but you can only enter a dog in a contest three times a day!
Happy Nintendogging!!

New items not in normal shop

Every time you walk your dog go to the bottom shop on the map. There will be a differant item like balloon or a dog biscuit, each time.

How to get a puppie

You get a puppie by feeding the parent dry food and milk don't take your dogs on walks,don't compete in compatitions, don't play with them ,and don't train them if you want to and you have 1 or more roses than you have to give one espessialy to the female if you have 2 roses than you can give both of them one this should help and if it dose work wich I'm not saying it wont than congrats on the new born
Ps it should take about 3 to 6 day hope this helps

doggie paraide

First dress-up your dog then put on the colonel bogey record then watch your dog do you a pet parade!!!!!

Good Presents

Set the date as your birthday and you will get better presents than usual.

Nintendog puppy

Having a nintendog puppy:
1.get a female dos and a male dog(same breed)colour does not matter.
2.feed only milk and dry food.
3.make them friends and cuddle.
4.wait 3 days and each 3 days check to see if your female has gotten fatter.
5.then after 1 week you could have a puppy but I'm
not 100% sure so may not happenalso do not enter dogs competitions or take the dogs in the bath,brush them if truly needed
Hope I helped!

Tricks and Hints, (c)

Nice hints from for Nintendogs.
~Dog Tricks
~Back Flip
Teach your dog to sit and jump. While it is sitting, tell it to jump. Your dog should do a back flip.
~Flip From Back
Teach your dog to roll over and jump. Tell it to roll over then quickly have it jump. It should flip forward onto it's legs, with something that resembles a Kung Fu-style move.
~Stand Up
Once your dog has learned to beg, lift it's paw up, and make it stand on it's hind legs. It will stand and you will be able to teach it how so it is remembered...

Easy money!!!!!!!

To get easy money get a labrador retriver and enter it in the disc throwing comp it is easy to win on it because it jumps for the frisbe you will get 100

Easy way to get money

The easiest contest to get money is the agility contest after you practice I bet it will be the easiest one for you too.


Here are some signs if your dogs are bonding or fighting if there bonding they'll bight eachothers necks walk or run next to eachother sleep or cuddle next to eachother maybe possibly bark at eachother Hope I Helped!

Your dogs DO grow

Your dogs grow the more your with them e.g my first dog (had for year) spent 19hrs with herand bought a dog (same breed) and my dog was MASSIVE compared to the newbie soo there dogs do grow ;P

Lots of tips!

5 ways to get trainer points!
1.pick a dog go onto supplies then go onto care go down to sampoo or a brush click on any leave your ds on over night and you will get loads of trainer points!
2.enter a contest every time you win you get 100 trainer points
3.after a walk you get 50 trainer points
4.while stroking your dog if your dog sparkles you get a trainer point
5.when you play bark mode with friends I don't know how many put you do get trainer points.
3 ways to get a jack russel terrer book
1.if you know a friend who has the book go on bark with them and get your friend to give you the book not for long,but you will still get the dog.
2.wait untill you have 64,000 trainer points then you have a 95 persent chance of getting the book

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