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Nintendogs: Dachshund and Friends Cheats

Cheats and Tips for Nintendogs: Dachshund and Friends

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Check out our large collection of cheats which includes how to get free gifts, unlimited contests and how to get quick Trainer points. We'll also show you how to make your dog do tricks.

More Nintendogs: Dachshund and Friends Cheats and Tips

We have 78 cheats and tips on Nintendo DS. If you have any cheats or tips for Nintendogs: Dachshund and Friends please send them in here.

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Breeding Your Nintendogs

Okay, I'm going to teach you how to breed your Nintendogs. And don't think " They are puppies, and puppies can't breed!" I know that, but this actually works. Go look on Youtube!
(1) Get a girl dog and a boy dog within the same day. They have to be the same breed, but color doesn't matter. Make sure their personalities are nice and they rarely get in fights.
(2) Leave one spot for the baby in your house. Don't have any other dogs in the house than the ones you are breeding.
(3) Feed them only milk and dry food. Nothing else!!! Only bathe them when when they need it, and don't take either for a walk. Do Not take them to competitions.
(4) Only go on the game to take care of them... Try not to play with them because it slows down the process.
(5) You do not n..

how to have puppies on nintendogs

Step 1 need to have a boy and a girl.Step 2 both need to be very consderate and rarely get in to fights. Step 3 feed them Only milk and dry food.Step 4 let them cuddle and bond as much as they want.Step 5 do not take neither of them to contests or walks.Step 6 this routine may take about a week and if you lucky it will only take about 4 days.

Delete Saved Data

You can delete your Nintendogs saved data by quickly pressing and holding L, are, X, Y, A and B together on the Nintendo screen (before the dog screen) while the game loads up. You will then be given the choice of deleting all data.

How to Get Your Nintendogs TO have PUPPIES!

This really works! My german sheperd Katelyn Is pregnant! Don't think they can't breed!
I will show you how!
1) Buy 1 male and 1 female same day, and breed colour doesn't matter
2) Make sure the female is Very considerate and rarely gets into fight while the male is This male puppy is full of love but can get lonely at times but will make the perfect pup for family life!
3) Only feed them Dry Food or Natural Dog Food bag and milk!
4) Come on every day once a day for 1 hour to feed them, let them bond, and let the female rest!
1) Male dog will start to keep a close eye on your girl
2) Girl dog will always be a little hungrier than the male
3) Female will start to sleep and be tired
4) Female will not get up for..

free gifts

Take your dog out for a walk and after you make your path walk the dog but don't go on stop wait put the game on charge wait 10 hours after then go home when you get there you will hae $999999 and all supplies and when you go to kennel every dog will be available for purchase.


Unlockable Dogs - Japanese Version:
Beagle Collect - 2,000 Owner Points

Shih-Tzu - Collect 8,000 Owner Points
Toy Poodle - Collect 4,000 Owner Points

Welsh Corgi - Collect 10,000 Owner Points

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel - Collect 14,000 Owner Points
Shetland Sheepdog - Collect 17,000 Owner Points
Yorkie - Collect 2000 Trainer Points
Shiba Inu - Collect 4000 Trainer Points

Unlockable Dogs - US Version:
Cavalier K.C. Spaniel - Collect 8,000 Trainer Points
Pembroke Welsh Corgi - Collect 10,000 Trainer Points
Shetland Sheepdog - Collect 14,000 Trainer Points
Miniature Schnauzer - Collect 16,000 Trainer Points
Boxer - Collect..

poop in house

play sleepy record 20 times then dog poops in house!!!!


Ever wondered how 2 get treats for you're dog well go to walk and the is a discount shop located up and down from the house and in the discount shop there are many things you can buy but they are not alwayz there so keep an eye out for them
Special items:
A keyboard
Jumpin rope
Dog biscuits

National Dog Food Bag/Points

To get the national dog food bag,you need to be a nintendogs master.And the best way to get trainer points is when you are giving your dog a bath,put the sponge above it`s head.
P.S:let go of it,and let it sit for 5 minutes,and you will earn 100 trainer points.
Happy Cheating! Smile,Lucario987

Unlimited contests

Go to your settings on your ds and change them to these specifications:
Time 23:59
Date 1 day before todays date
You must do this very quick or it wont work.
Turn on nintendogs game and wait till the time changes to 00:00 then you can do it. You have to do this again and again if you want to do contests like 12 times in a row or something.

Dachshund and Friends Cheats and Hints

Ok... So I have lots of hints and cheats:
You probably already know all of the basics, and probably some advanced too... But whatever!

To reset your game, when the Nintendogs game icon is loading... Pres A,B,X,Y and the L and R buttons. Then it will ask if you want to delete all data.. Confirm it and you will have no puppies, and you can start fresh.
To get a Jack Russell Ter. Dog, you have to go on lots of walks, and get most of the ? Boxs. **its a good idea to get the ? Boxes in the corners of the city** anyways... If you find a present with a Jack Russell Ter. Book inside **please note that this is a very rare present** then when you visit the kennel.. You will be..

Unlimited walking

First,take your dog on a walk like normal, getting as much presents as you can to get more gifts.but when you are making the walk make the last thing you do is go to the park, then make the path go home.
When you get to the park, do whatever you want but then when your done go to accessories then go to your outfits (where the collarsand bows are) change your dog into an outfit and then once it saves turn the game off.
Turn it back on and you have all the items you got on the walk and can go for another walk! Enjoy, but if you do this too much it gets boring, but I got a lot of rare items this way.

How to get trainer points

Give your dog a bath and when it says someone looks beautiful than get the type of brush for your dog than get your charger and plug it in leave your nintendo ds on all night and then in the morning you'll have more trainer points

Doggie Smart Lightbulbs

When you make your dog do a trick, a little light up lightbulb thing will appear above it's head. You can drag the bone to your dog's mouth to make him eat it. This also works on bones.

Pregnancy, Puppies, and New Families!

Hey there gamers! I know most people don't think breeding on this game is possible...but it is! (If anyone still plays other than me)
Here's how! 😊
1) Have a female and male dog. Each at least new, or have spent lots of time together.
2) Feed them milk and dry food. Or, natural dog food, and milk.
(The only time to feed them water and wet food is, after she's pregnant.)
3) When breeding, don't take the female for walks, or comps. Take the male out once every week. Not for long walks, and only one competition.
BONUS- If they like each other, when playing the NapTime record, they will sleep close to eachother. When cuddling, they never want to stop. Also, your female will be bigger when brushing, and compare their stomachs, female will have extra line und..

Trick to getting presents

Watch the top screen if you see that you are still moving on the bottom screen but the dog stops at the top, stop walking and you will find a present.
When walking if your dog barks twice it is another dog but if it barks once it is a present.


If you go for 100 walks if your lucky you will get a gold bar! its worth $20000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Extra Trainer Points

Choose one of your dogs to brush. Leave the brush in the middle of the dog and
Leave it like that over night. If you sleep fo 10 hours you should have 600 trainer points. Get more by entering trials and walking your dogs. Interact act with your pups!

Easy for trainer points

brush your dog and leave the brush in the center of the dog for the night when you wake up you'll get them.

More unlockables

Trainier points dog/house
14000 shetland sheepdog
16000 minature schnauzer
18000 outerspace
20000 boxer
22000 Toy Poodle
25000 Northern european
30000 German sheppard
35000 Miniature Pinsture
40000 Urban Living
45000 Chiuahua
50000 Labrodor Retriever
Jack Russel Terrior If you find the Jack Russel Book on a walk youll unlock the Jack Russel terrior breed at the kennel.
Dalmation If you find the firemans hous..

How to get fast trainer points?

1.first use a brush.
2.use the dogs type (hair)
3.scratch it a little bit
4.leave the brush in his stomach
5.pulg on the charger of your ds (if you want to take too many trainer points)
1h:180 tp
3h:540 tp
5h:900 tp
7h:1260 tp
10h:1800 tp
24h:7320 tp
1 year:26280 tp

Unlockable Rooms

Unlockable Rooms - U.S. Version:
Desktop: Collect 6000 Trainer Points
Urban Living: Collect 40000 Trainer Points
Seaside: Collect 12000 Trainer Points
Northern European: Collect 25000 Trainer Points
Outer Space: Collect 18000 Trainer Points

Make Your Dog Sneeze On Demand!

To make your dog sneeze, pet it's nose. It will sneeze and the lightbulb will appear. Tell it to sneeze, and wa-la the trick is very easy to learn and you'll have a bunch of laughs about it!

Quick Wash

If you rinse your dog before you wash, it cuts some time off of washing!

How to have puppies

You have to have a boy and girl of the same breed. Then only feed the dogs Natural Dog Food bag. Also only milk. Do not bring any other dogs you have into the house because when the puppies come you need 1 spot free for the puppy! Do not take your dogs that are breeding anywhere, or do anything except feed, wash, and brush. It will take up to 1 week. You might not get the puppy the first time but if you keep doing everything properly it will work! The dogs that you are breeding must have this personalty.. "rarely gets into fights"! Also in the male put "the lucky collar and on the female put the rose! Then you should be able to get the puppy!

Easy way to learn a backflip

This is the best way to learn the backflip early
1:make sure you have the flower waltz music record
2:put the needle at the middle of the record
3:wind the record backwards once
4:let it play and quickly go to the home screen
5:tap on the dog you want to learns picture(not name)
6:wait until the dog backflips at the end of the record and tap the lightbulb in the top corner
It takes about 15 times but it works no matter how much the dog likes u

Fireman's hat

I just got the firemans hat and you get it by going on lots of walks. Someone told me that you can get it by listening and waiting until you hear sirens and then go. I tried that twice and both times it didnt work so the only way to get it is if you just go on lots of walks.
Also having lucky items on might not hurt.
Hope I set the record straight,

Making More Money

Don't do disc competions. They are very easy and championship 1st place is $600.Agility trials are harder but 1st place championship is $1000, Dachshunds do very good at agility trials.Obedience trials are probably the hardest competion and require constant training but first place championship is $2000.You enter trhee a day and win thats $6000. You get alot more especially if you use the 23:59 trick to learn more tricks and enter more competions. I traded Lab and friends for Dachshund and friends 2 days ago and I'm in a tamanti room have three dogs and four in the hotel and$22000 about. This cheat works great. Hope I helped

Jumping tricks

If you want you're dog to do a back flip Tell you're dog to sit or beg, then tell it to jump, then you're dog did a backflip

How to get your nentendog to have a baby husky

Get two dogs the same breed a girl and boy don't take them for walks for a full week and no copatasions for a week feed them just milk and dry food make sure one is lying down wile the or dog is biting the neck.

Get different items

Keep every item you get, because you can only get 99 of it. If you have 99 sticks, you will never get a stick again!!!!!!

Nice Things.

Treat your dog real nice, (brush it, pet it etc...), for a few minutes before a walk, and sometimes it brings back good items, or it increases the amount you find on the street. I've tested this out on me and my brother's nintendogs and it seems to work. Having a Lucky Clock and collar seems to work as well too.
;D Hope I helped


Here are some various puppy tricks not listed in the trick book.
Back flip: Have your puppy sit and then jump.
Twirl( puppy spins around on back): Get them on their back and then say your command for spin.
Hand stand: Tell your puppy your lay command followed by your beg command.

Unlocking Breeds Easier

This isn't really a hint, but to do this cheat, you need two people to do this cheat. One person needs to have a breed of dog higher than the other person.
First of all you need to go onto Bark Mode, and the person who is trying to get a new breed takes a dog of his/her choice, while the other person takes the breed of dog he/she is going to help the other person unlock.
While in bark mode all you need to do is spend at least five to ten minutes playing with both the dogs. After the person trying to unlock a breed returns home, he/she should have unlocked the breed of dog that the other person had brought to Bark Mode.
This should work the first time you unlock a breed but may not if you try with a different breed. I have tried the this cheat myself an..

This is funny when you do a trick grab the light..

This is funny when you do a trick grab the light bolb after the trick when the dog understands the command drag it to the dogs mouth it will eat it

Easy trainer points(very easy)

First. Get your dog walk much till his meter of walking is to the maxium.
NOTE: VERY IMPORTANT: then if thats is so go walk.
But to get it easy to the maxium use this cheat if you do this then you get sometimes 2000 trainer points a day here the cheat comes:get at least 1 dog(if you have 3 then you get 2000 points a day.)
Walk so far if you can and go to the park then switch the thing for your dog like a collar or a sombrero or something else something like just buy it from a shop and change to a different.
Then the nintendogs save then reset the game and then you start in the house and got some more and higher meter to walk. Repeat this and you get about full meter and maxium meter in 2 days.

NOTE:if you use this thing for higher ..

Discount Shop

Actually, this works for all nintendogs games I just have dachshund and friends.
Whenever you're on a walk stop at the discount shop, it tends to have special items.

Hope I helped!

New Food

After you get over 300 Trainer Points, go to the store and buy Milk and Dog Food Cans. If you give them to your dogs then take them for a walk, they will be happier and you will find more presents.

Call Your Dog

When playing fetch, don't call your dog's name over and over and keep getting frustrated. Instead, tap the touch screen twice and your dog will come straight to you.

Unlimited Contests!! (does work!)

First go to the date and time, then change the date 2 days before then set the time to 23:59 then quickly (must do in less than one minute) go to nintendogs and wait till it goes to the time 0:00 then go to the contests and well you get it please reply when it works

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