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Naruto: Ninja Council 3 Cheats

Cheats and Tips for Naruto: Ninja Council 3

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Check out our cheats to unlock all leaf village Genin, unlock Tayuya, Jirobo and Tsunade.

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We have 10 cheats and tips on Nintendo DS. If you have any cheats or tips for Naruto: Ninja Council 3 please send them in here.

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Easy Beating

On missions where you have to beat a certain amount of an enemy get the jutsu "toad blade cut" find a safe place and use TBC and it kills alot of enimies $H!N3Y TR33K0 =3

get itachi

To get itachi you have to beat "revenge". To beat it you must reduce itachis hp to 50%.

Throw weapon info

Angle:does it fly straight(example: -:straight /:up -/:both
Damage:damage to enemy bar(example: (|||____________)
Hits boxes /walls: does the weapon disappear when it hits something
Deamon wind shuriken:
Angle: -
Speed:med walk
Damage: (|||____________)
Hits boxes/walls:no
Speed:med run
Hits boxes/walls: yes
Speed:med run
Hits boxes/walls:yes
Needles(cant remember name):
Speed:fast run(lee)
Hits boxes/walls:yes

Secret attacks kinda

I have 2 special melee attacks /tecniques that I have used that are very helpfull in most cases
1: continuous punching | keep hitting the attack key but not fast enough for it to make a combo to keep hitting (helpfull for the bridge level killing fat guys)
2:combo changing | hit the attack button twice fast but only twice and quickly hit up+attack for third attack and you will go[left punch, right punch, uppercut attack]or use Y button instead of up+A for[left punch, right punch, throw

Unlock ALL Leaf Village Genin

To achieve this you must beat the mission 'Kakashi Sensei's Test'.


I've heard all these bogus comments about having to beat the whole game to get Orochimaru but all you have to do is get the S class missions and beat the mission supervillain which is the on over the blank space.


In the mission with Tayuya you can't hurt her. Just run away and evade boulders and enemies for 120 seconds. Then you unlock her.


After you beat all the D rank missions you get C ranks. Beat all the C ranks for B ranks. Beating all the B ranks give you A ranks and after A you get S ranks.

Easy Hits!

Use the moves that are blue when you pick them. They are moves that hit the enemy where ever he or she is.

Unlock Characters

Complete the following missions to unlock the corresponding character.
Unlock Sakon:
Beat 'Combo!'.
Unlock Tayuya:
Beat 'Calculated'.
Unlock Jirobo:
Beat 'Chubby's Pride'.
Tsunade Beat:
'The Famous Kunoichi!'.
Unlock Kidomaru:
Beat 'Pinpoint Blindspot!'.
Unlock Jiraiya:
Beat 'Teach him a Lesson'.
Unlock Itachi:
Beat 'Revenge!' with Sasuke.
Unlock Kisame:
Beat 'Kisame's Counterattack'.
Unlock Kakashi:
Beat 'Secret Technique Training'.
Unlock Gaara:
With Chidori beat 'Secret Technque'.
Unlock Kabuto:
With Lighting Blade beat 'Betrayal!?'.
Unlock Migh Guy:
With no Techniques beat 'Taijutsu Training'.
Unlock Temari:
With Shadow Possesion Jutsu beat 'What a Drag...'.
Unlock Kankuro:
With Paeasitic Insect Justu beat 'I'll Handle This'.
Unlock The Third Hokage (support Character only):
Beat 'Find the Glowing Scroll'.
Unlock Orcohimaru:
Beat ALL missions.
Unlock Gallery 1:
Beat the 3 rows of missions.
Unlock Gallary 2:
Beat ALL missions.

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