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Mario Party DS Cheats

Cheats and Tips for Mario Party DS

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We have several cheats for you to check out and includes how to win Party mode easily, Boss trophies, making characters jump and getting easy Mario Party points. We'll also tell you how to get all the mini games.

More Mario Party DS Cheats and Tips

We have 23 cheats and tips on Nintendo DS. If you have any cheats or tips for Mario Party DS please send them in here.

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Get Every Mini-Game

Instead of having to search for the hidden mini-games and playing them before they become an available option on the list you can link your DS with someone who has played Party mode and ALL the mini-games can be selected.


Earn the indicated amount of 'Party' points or complete Story mode with a certain character to get the corresponding badge.
Unlock Mario Party DS Beginner Badge:
You start with this badge.
Unlock Goomba Rival Badge:
Earn 1,000 Mario Party points.
Unlock Scuttlebug Rival Badge:
Earn 3,000 Mario Party points.
Unlock Cheep Cheep Rival Badge:
Earn 5,000 Mario Party points.
Unlock Boo Rival Badge:
Earn 7,000 Mario Party points.
Unlock Shy Guy Rival Badge:
Earn 9,000 Mario Party points.
Unlock Whomp Rival Badge:
Earn 11,000 Mario Party points.
Unlock Monty Mole Rival Badge:
Earn 13,000 Mario Party points.
Unlock Bob-omb Rival Badge:
Earn 15,000 Mario P..

Boss Trophies

When you complete the indicated task for the trophy you want to unlock you can view it in the Gallery section.
Unlock Winner's Pen Trophy:
Beat Kamek once
Unlock Yummy Lychee Trophy:
Beat Dry Bones once
Unlock Jagged Leaf Trophy:
Beat Piranha Plant once
Unlock Toadette's Chair Trophy:
Beat Hammer Bro once
Unlock Bowser's MegaMorph Belt Trophy:
Beat Bowser once
Unlock Electromagnetic Generator Trophy:
Beat Bowser twice
Unlock Delicious Durian Trophy:
Beat Dry Bones twice
Unlock Enchanted Bookcase Trophy:
Beat Kamek twice
Unlock Toadette's Timpano Trophy:
Beat Hammer Bro 3 times
Unlock Kamek's Brown Book Trophy:
Beat Kamek 3 ..


When you have completed Story mode the following features become available.
Unlock Expert CPU Difficulty Level:
Complete Story mode.
Unlock Triangle Twister Puzzle Mode:
Complete Story mode.
Unlock Music and Voice Room:
Complete Story mode.

Unlock Rocket Rascals Mini-Game:
Beat the Boss Bash mini-game to unlock Rocket Rascals where you build a bridge to your rocket (to play this mode you need to have unlocked ALL the mini-games).

Easy Mario Party Points

First, go in Puzzle Mode. Then, choose your charecter. Then, go in Mario's Puzzle Party. Start it. Now, try your best. (Also, try to clear all blocks on the stage to earn an extra 1000 points.) Then, when you lose, CONTINUE. Keep trying your best until level 10. Then, just keep holding down. You will keep making pairs without even trying! I got up to 96 Mario Party Points and someone else got up to 189 using my cheat. Hope this helped!

Microphone Fun!

During Microphone games I found a better way to use the Microphone! All you have to do is when a Mini-Game that requires the Microphone appears, Instead of blowing and wearing yourself out you can just tap the Microphone and it will think your blowing on it! I tried the Thomp game where you gotta blow it over to your enemies. I got a 100% win! I even tested this! This is my first cheat I ever did!

Easy MPP

To get lots of MPP quickly, go to Party Mode, choose Tag Battle, choose 4 charcters, choose DK's Stone Statue (essential to gaining lots of MPP due to the Star Splurge Space), set your ally to Expert (as this will not only make minigames easier, it will also give you bonus MPP) and the other CPUs to Easy, choose a game length (for quick MPP leave at 10, for huge amounts of MPP choose 25 turns), ensure Bonus Stars are on (each is worth 30MPP, so they are quite usefull) and finally set yourself a 3 star handicap so that you effectively get 30MPP before you start, although they aren't counted until the end. Also, if you want more MPP, reach the Final 5 Frenzy and keep quitting until the 'Stars for 5 coins' bonus comes up. This is a great way of getting lots of stars - and lots of MPP - in t..

Gallery Unlockables

Below is a list of the unlockable board elements that you can get for the in game Gallery. They are accompanied by instructions on how to get each one:
Banana Skin: Finish first on DK's Stone Statue after obtaining the Donkey Kong Friend Badge.
Bank Bulb: Use the Bank Bulbs in Wiggler's Garden three times.
Barrel Sign: Get flattened by the barrel on DK's Stone Statue three times.
Battered Drum: Get 40,000 or more points in the Focus mode of Triangle Twisters.
Beehive: Land on Beehive space on DK's Stone Statue three times.
Blue Blooms: Play on DK's Stone Statue.
Blue Tower: Finish first in Score Scuffle five times.
Bothersome Barrel: Get flattened by the barrel on DK's Stone Statue ten t..

How to knock out Drybones

When Drybones butt bounces the ground some berries will fall. Just punch the berries and try to hit them at Drybones. Then Drybones will be knocked out. Do this 2 times. Then the third time, try to punch the big brown spiky thing.

Story Mode

Having a hard time opening up new minigames? I've found a way to automatically get the new games when the wheel is spinning. Your "Touch Screen Configuration" needs to be aligned. What you do is put your stylus on the touch screen where the "??????????'s" are and...BAM! There's the new minigame for you! I can guarantee that this will happen AT LEAST...HALF of the time you do it.
Go SuPeRcHeAtS!

beating bosses guide

Feed and seed: first you will be on a ballon press A rapidly when he blows in and then 2 bomb seeds will be swallowed then he will blow it out catch one bomb seed by pressing B but watch out for the second one if you touch it you will lose a heart then he will stop now he blowing in now press B he should lose a heart and do it all over again but he will blow tougher and swallow more bomb seeds and also
When you get to the bottom you will get swallowed and lose a heart
Hammer Chime: All you need to do is repeat the colours but do it quickly otherwise
You lose a heart
Hexoskeleton: DRY BONES IS HERE use the map on the top and when you see a fire on
A switch the map press A-A on the switchs then he loses a heart now you will see that the fire will move and will b..

Final Five Frenzy

Bowser will come out before the final five turns, and will give the bottom team/player an advantage of some sort. It could be a power-up, Coins etc.

Easy MPP

I saw this from a friend and if your new to the game it is really useful.
This is how you do it. mode.
2.Battle cup thing.
3.set all cpu's to expert(if you can, if not hard)
4.Set all mini-games to Study fall.
5. WIN the battle cup and if you win all the minigames you will get around 195MPP
6.Repeat over and over again.
Please Rate.

Beat bowser.

Do you want to know how to beat bowser? Well press x and watch until the tornado. Then press x again. Then keep pressing b rapidly. Then when he turns block keep pressing b rapidly. Then it's train. Dodge the fireballs and press b rapidly. It should be blinking red. Dodge the fireballs again and press b rapidly. He should be done. That's how you beat bowser.

HINT: item 71

To get item 71 ( Toad fountain) you have to get all 70 other items. I think. Because thats what I did.

How to defeat Bowser

If you are a beginner at this game and you are at Bowers pinball machine at the place where you have to fight Bowser and you get to the place where Bowser turns into that train thing and you just keep losing to Bowser and you can't beat him. Well I found a way to defeat Bowser when he is that train thing very easily. Whenever Bowser stops the train thing and shoots those three fire balls at you you have to go to the edges of his gold box that way the fire balls will not get you once the fireballs are already shotten start punching his gold box until he dies.

Win Party Mode Easily

How do you do this?
Well just lisen.
-The first thing you do is of course press party mode.
-Then press NEW GAME.
-Then select tag battle you want.Does not matter.
-Then pick your charactor.
-Then pick your opponents charactors.
-Select the teams.
-Select DK`s Stone Statue
-Then on the bottom there will be a settings button. Press that.
-Now you will press COM Difficulty.
-Now find your team mates icon and press HARD.
-Now press easy for the rest of the players.Press OK after doing that.
-Select Handicap
-Now press *x3 for your team and make sure the oppisite team has *x0
-Press OK
-Now press

The game Is coming out...

On November 19, I can't wait...

Easy and fast points

If you are ever trying to unlock something by getting Mario Party points but you never really felt like going to story mode to get all the points well guess what you do not have to go to story mode to get all those points you can just go to mini-game mode and get all those points that you need faster. The only thing is that story mode gives you a lot more points then mini-game mode does so you have to decide between do I want to get points fast and quick or do I want to do story mode and gets lots of points. Personally I like to go to mini-game mode to get points.

Item number 71

You don't HAVE to get all the other items to unlock this. I have no clue how I did it or how many I have but I don't have all of them.

2 Badges

Get 39000 points 2 unlock starbadge; get 49ooo pts 4 a badge. Ps. I do not know what this badge is.

Beat the first boss easily

When your challenging the first boss this is what you do.first when he throws bombs at you stick your tounge out with the a button.And then the bomb will go into your mouth and then press it again to throw it back. NOTE:you have to do this 3 times.

Make the Characters JUMP!!

First, go to Gallery and then Collection. Choose a character that you have unlocked and make them show up on the touch screen. Simply, touch the character that you have selected and it will jump!! You can do this again and again!
The Nintendo Master,

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