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Kirby Super Star Ultra Cheats

Cheats and Tips for Kirby Super Star Ultra

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A collection of cheats for you to look through and includes how to beat computer virus eaiser, unlock golden frame on corkboard, how to win Milky Way Wishes without beating Great Cave O and how to unlock the bonus videos.

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We have 43 cheats and tips on Nintendo DS. If you have any cheats or tips for Kirby Super Star Ultra please send them in here.

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Unlock Special Videos

The following videos can be viewed when the indicated task has been completed and they can only be viewed in the Theater as they are not part of the story.
Unlock Video 00:
As ALL of the helpers complete Helper to Hero.
Unlock Video 31:
Complete Meta Knightmare Ultra.
Unlock Video 34:
Complete The True Arena.
Unlock Video 35:
Complete 100 percent of the game.

Unlock Sound Test

When you have completed 'Milky Way Wishes' the sound test feature becomes unlocked which allows you to lisen to ALL of the songs and sounds in the game.

Unlock Golden Frame on Corkboard

When you manage to get 100% in your file you will be rewarded with a golden frame around the Corkboard.

Unlock Bonus Films

During the course of the game in Theatre mode you can unlock little films which enable you to view hidden videos or past cutscenes. Listed below are the film names and what needs to be accomplished to unlock them.
Unlock Grand Opening:
Watch the opening of the game.
Unlock Spring Breeze:
Play through Spring Breeze.
Unlock Dyna Blade:
Play through Dyna Blade.
Unlock Gourmet Race:
Play through Gourmet Race.
Unlock Great Cave Offensive:
Play through the Great Cave Offensive.
Unlock Revenge of Meta Knight:
Play through Revenge of Meta Knight.
Unlock Halberd Scenes 1-3:
Play through Revenge of Meta Knight.
Unlock Great Escape-Hero Up High:
Beat the Great Cave O..

Mario Characters in King Dedede Battle

If you go to the far left and right of the arena when you are battling King Dedede (final boss) of Spring Breeze you will be able to spot different characters from Mario games.

Unlock Games

Complete the following tasks so that the corresponding game becomes an available option.
Unlock Dyna Blade:
Beat Spring Breeze
Unlock Gourmet Race:
Beat Spring Breeze
Unlock The Arena:
Complete Milky Way Wishes.
Unlock Helper to a Hero:
Complete The Arena.
Unlock The True Arena:
Complete Helper to a Hero
Unlock Revenge of The King:
Complete Milky Way Wishes.
Unlock Megaton Punch:
Clear Revenge Of The King.
Unlock Meta Knightmare Ultra:
Complete Revenge of the King.
Unlock Samurai Kirby:
Clear Meta-Knightmare Ultra.
Unlock The Great Cave Offensive:
Beat Spring Breeze, The True Arena and complete Helper to a Hero.

Unlock Alternate Game Select Screen Music

If the default music on the 'Game Select' screen (corkboard) is getting on your nerves and you want to change it then beat the Arena once.

Somethings VERY odd about Metaknightmare Ultra....

Again, not a hint, tip, or cheat, but odd things about "Metaknightmare Ultra".
First of all, on level 4, aren't you destroying your own ship? If you are Meta Knight, and you're taking down the're destroying your own ship for NO reason! Very odd.
Secondly, in the Halberd, there are enemies that look like chickens and chicks? Maybe they're for food? O_O Also, very odd.
This one isn't very odd, unless you think about it. OK, so in Level 5, you are basically in "Milky Way Wishes". However, this whole game must be in the past then. It cannot be in the future because then there would be no Nova, as in Kirby's "Milky Way Wishes", you ***SPOILER ALERT!!!*** end up destroying Nova.***END SPOILER ALERT!!!*** It probably isn't in the prese..

Games order

You can play games in this order:
1.Spring Breeze
2.Gourmet Race
3.Dyna Blade
4.The great cave offensive
5.Revenge of Meta Knight
6.Milky way wishes
7.The arena
8.Revenge of the king
9.Helper to hero
10.Meta Knightmare ultra
11.The true Arena

Planet ??? on Milky Way Wishes

On the Milky Way Wishes map: if you go to the flashing star you see and hit the A button, you'll enter Planet ??? which has a lot of Tac enemies. When you get to the last part of the level you'll see the Copy Ability (copy deluxe essential) available, no platforms and only the warp star. As soon as you get there, HOVER IMMEDIATELY! If you don't, you'll fall off course and lose a life! When you get there, hover and pick up the ability, then hover to the warp star and you're done!

HAL Secret Room(invincible candy inside!!!)

Hey! Does anyone know about a HAL room......Oooohhhhh!ME! The room is in The Kings Revenge Stage 2.You need to be stone ability.There will be a plug to smash so jump over it & STONE!Theres a semi boss though,so be careful!!!
Double S Shocker

Last boss in "The True Arena"

When you complete 9 bosses in "The True Arena", a new boss are created. The boss, you have never beated (or try to beat it), he calling: "Marx Soul".

Sup peoples, If anyone is wondering where to fin..

Sup peoples, If anyone is wondering where to find the copy ability in Milky Way Wishes it is not in an actual level. It is hidden on a blinking star that appears near the fire planet.

mario and samus?

Here is something I found out while playing around in milky way wishes.get the stone power and go to any planet and keep using the stone power.if you keep going,you will either turn into a statue of mario or a statue of takes a few munites,but it's fun to do.

The Plasma Challenges

Today I have but two, for Plasma this time:

Challenge #1: Plasma Wave Frenzy

Game Mode: ANY

Location:Anywhere with a lot of enemies.

Ability: PLASMA

Directions: 1. Have the "Plasma" ability.

2. Go to a place with a lot of enemies.

3. Use Plasma Wave on every enemy you see.(Plasma Wave is the move
You use when you charge up the most energy)

Hints/Tips: Hope you can charge fast. And make sure not to defeat regenerated

Challenge #2: Plasma Needle Victory

Game Mode: The Arena, Helper To Hero, or The TRUE Arena

Location: As above

Ability: PLASMA


beat computar virus eaiser

To beat the the computar virus eaiser all you need is mirror kirby and stay in front of it.then,press down b the whole time(sometimes it don't work but only because your not in the correct range).hope this helps.

play as meta knight.

To play as meta knight you must unlock meta knightmare ultra by beating milky way wishes.

The Winged Challenges!

This isn't really a cheat, hint, or tip. Rather, it is a couple of challenges for people who are bored. You MUST have the "Wing" ability to do these. All are in Milky Way wishes. Here goes:
Winged challenge #1: Suicide Fly!
Game Mode: Milky Way Wishes
Location: Fire Planet HOTBEAT
Directions: 1. Have the "Wing" ability.
2. FLY!
Restrictions: DO NOT lose the wing ability more then once. If that is too hard, try not losing it more than three times.
Hints/tips: get to know the terrain.
Winged challenge #2: Tease the Earth- er, Space- er, Ground-lings!
Game Mode: Milky Way Wishes
Location: Grass Planet FLORIA
Directions: 1. Have Wing ability
2. Get ..


...There's another reference in this game! We all know that the Mario crew appears to the left and right of the Dedede arena(the first time you beat him.) But also, in the Minigame "Megaton Punch" they appear to the left and right of the bleachers! How curious.Yup, there's a lot of weird things in this game and I want to try to find them all!
Have fun,

the moon trick

In spring breeze at level 3 in the room right before kracko if you go up until youre at the moon. Then press up and you should teleport to new room containing lots of food,1up and a revenge of the king theres a grand wheelie.
This trick is also in kirbys dreamland and kirbys adventure at bubbly clouds

meta knight on title screen

After beating metaknight knightmare ultra sometimes metaknight will show up on the opening instead of kirby

How to win Milky Way Wishes without beating Great Cave O.

First you go to the tournament, then you win 2/3 times. It should be unlocked but I'm not entirely sure!

Kabula's Big Bullets

When Kabula opens, it signals its now shooting huge bullets. When this happens, quickly move behind the fortress to avoid taking damage.

Helper 2 Hero & Bonus Movie # 00

Hey! I just played Helper to Hero, And i can't beat it with anyone else but hammer!! The best way to beat them with hammer is by pressing Up+B at the same time! its cool too cause it makes it on fire! I did it in about 8 minutes. If you beat it faster with hammer then let me know!
Double S Shocker :l


When you face King Dede (in what looks like a ring like Wwe) go to a corner and look in the stands you see Mario and friends

MetaKnightMare Ultra Cool Stuff!

Metaknights sword can break rock blocks(Fighting)Pushes posts into ground (Hammer/Cart) lights fuses (Fire/Jet) Sword does damage and cuts ropes (Sword duh) and wings do damage (Wing) Cool Right MetaKnight is 7 powers combined!

Final bosses

1st off, I know, it belongs in walkthroughs, but oh well. Really, all 4 final boss fights are other fights loaded up on steroids. The four are Masked Dedede(appears in Revenge of the King), Galactica Knight (Appears in MetaKnightmare Ultra), Wham Bam Jewel (appears in Helper to Hero) and Marx Soul (appears in The True Arena) I will rate them on how hard they are as Plasma Kirby, and whatever it makes you be in the fight.
Masked Dedede(King Dedede on Steroids): Not to hard but don't touch the cage around the is electrified. If he starts to spin, hide above him, guarding against it still hurts you. Rating as Plasma Kirby 6/10 As hammer Kirby 7/10
Wham Bam Jewel(Wham Bam Rock on steroids): Unless you absolutely hate Wham Bam Rock, This shouldn't be too hard. ..

Rock Power Easter Egg

When you have rock power randomly you can transform into things, one is the dog in a nest next to three eggs (the logo at the beginning of the the game).
1. Get rock power.
2. Start transforming.
3. Eventually you should turn into a golden block with a dog in a nest next to three eggs inprinted on it.
4. You found the easter egg.
NOTE: For all I know this is very, very rare.
P.s. Also two other things you can turn into with rock power are Mario and Samus statues (this is rare).

Super Easy Bosses in Milky Way

In Milky Way Wishes, when you have hammer and stoe follow this process for a
1. Become hammer Kirby.
2. Make an ally.
3. Become stone Kirby.
4. Turn to stone.
5. Let your helper do the work!
Enjoy cheating! Smile

Health for helper

If your helper is low on health, just push "x" the swallow the item then push "x" again. The helper should have full health.
Hope this helps.

Kirby Super Star Ultra Unlockables+Extras

Here are some unlockables & extras for Kirby Super Star Ultra.
1.-Unlock "Meta Knight's Revenge"-Beat first 4 games.
2.-Unlock "Milky Way Wishes"-Beat Meta Knight's Revenge.
3.-Unlock "Revenge of the King"+Sound Test-Beat Milky Way Wishes.
4.-Unlock "The Arena"+"Meta Knightmare Ultra"+Nostalgic Sub-Game 1 "Megaton Punch"-Beat Revenge of the King.
5.Unlock "Helper to Hero"+Nostalgic Sub-Game 2 "Samurai Kirby"-Beat Meta Knightmare Ultra.
6.Unlock "The TRUE Arena"-Beat Helper to Hero.
7.Unlock Secret Final Boss-Get to #10 in The TRUE Arena.
8.Unlock Bronze Liner for Corkboard-You start with it.
9.Unlock Silver Liner for Corkboard-Beat Helper to Hero.
10.Unlock Gold Liner for Corkboa..

Heavy Lobster Glitch?

This kinda took me a while, but while battling the Heavy Lobster, I found that it was easy to pass the first part by floating up and behind him. The screen pushes you along, so you are able to relax for this part( For lazy gamers, like myself)

Smile Saradomin0137 (:

Unlock the Last video number 00.

To unlock the final video you must have the game 100% complete and you must have beaten the regular and true arena as well as helper to hero. Helper to hero must be beaten with EVERY character.

Helper to Hero

If you really stink at this game like me and can't get past Helper to Hero, use Tac. You're probably thinking "WHAT!?", but it's true. I was at an indecision on who to use, so as a little joke I used Tac, and he rocked. Although his moves are few, they're simple to use and moderately damaging, plus his block makes him 100% invicible. Hope I helped. P.S. Rocky and Plasma wisp are good, too.

Minigame Hint #1

This is for the minigame "Megaton Punch". It is by far my favorite minigame and I have some hints on how to get the longest crack when you punch the ground.Now, you may have noticed, but the power meter(the red meter that goes up and down) glows white for a second when at it's max. As for the targets that eventually come together, I really don't think there is a sign that tells you when to press, but I suggest not waiting too long for the perfect time to press a button, else you will probably miss it when the time is right. Lastly, the pendulum clicks AND glows white at the perfect time to press.However, I suggest using the white glow it does instead of the sound.
Now go crack that star!


meta knightmare ultra: sword knight cheat

How to get sword knight instead of blade knight:
1-use knight call
2-find a 2 point enemy
3-press X then kill the enemy
4-right after you kill the enemy press X then boom the evevolved form of blade knight!

Flaws in Galacta Knight's and Meta Knight's Attacks

After beating these bosses several times, I have found a flaw in two of their attacks.
1.) They do an attack where they both become tornadoes and float down to the floor. But here's the flaw: both of them cannot float up! They can only float down, meaning they are easily avoided by staying at the top of the screen.
2.) They both send out a tornado by putting their sword/lance into the ground. At first, it should not get to you if you stay at the sorner of the screen. But later on, it goes all the way, and it will inevitably hit you. But here's the flaw: If you have an ability that has a dash attack, then when it is close enough, you can pass right through without taking damage!


If you go up 2 the chameleoarm boss and use copy power on his rainbow ball things you get a wierd ability called paint, which makes chameleoarm become visible when he is invisible it is awesome!!!

fly like the wind

In a level where there is wind blowing at you and you are haveing trouble swallow a bird and then fly to the wind so now you don't have to run to the wind now you can fly.

For Those who have trouble in "The Arena".

"The Arena" is a pretty hard game mode in which you fight all the bosses in the game(So far.) If you are having trouble, I suggest using the Plasma ability. The first time I used this, I at least got to the goal of 13 bosses defeated. However, the second time I got serious and beat the whole thing. Here are some tips on using Plasma for "The Arena":
1. Attack FROM A DISTANCE! That way, the boss has to take time walking towards you, depending on the way it attacks. While it approches you, you may charge quickly.
2. Charge any time you can. When and if there is a pause in a bosses attacks, use the time to charge up a Plasma Wave, or at least a Plasma Laser.
3. Know when and when NOT to leave the Plasma barrier on. If the boss is dropping rocks(or any other ..

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