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Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days Cheats

Cheats and Tips for Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days Guide
Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days Guide
All the missions done in a no-nonsense easy to ready style. Plus details of all the games playable characters plus extensive game lists of item drop..
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Several cheats here including how to get 'freebie' items and unlocking characters in Mission mode.

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We have 11 cheats and tips on Nintendo DS. If you have any cheats or tips for Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days please send them in here.

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Free Items from the Organizations

Talk to ALL of the organizations in the Grey Area when you complete a mission and they may give you free items or quests to do. If you complete the quests they give you there is a good chance that they will reward you with rare items such as Diamonds.

Dual-wielding Roxas character in Mission Mode

Complete the game and and then purchase Zero Gear from the Moogle shop. Equip it with Roxas and add 3 Ability Units and you will be able to play as a dual-wielding Roxas in Mission mode. In Story mode, Zero Gear will gain the three abilities from the ability units but it will revert to it's original form and you will be unable to dual wield.

Unlock Theater Mode

This feature which allows you to view every cutscene in the game will become an available option when you have beaten the game.

Freebie Items from Sythesis Moogle

Earn the indicated amount of Challenge Sigils from Holo-Mission challenges to unlock free items that will be given to you by the Sythesis Moogle.
Slot Releaser:
Earn 5 Sigils
Earn 10 Sigils
Casual Gear(2):
Earn 15 Sigils
Fire x 3:
Earn 20 Sigils
Cure x 3:
Earn 25 Sigils
Slot Releaser:
Earn 30 Sigils
Thunder x 3:
Earn 35 Sigils
Wild Gear+(3):
Earn 40 Sigils
Fira x 2:
Earn 45 Sigils
Slot Releaser:
Earn 50 Sigils
Thundara x 2:
Earn 60 Sigils
Phantom Gear+(4):
Earn 70 Sigils
Slot Releaser:
Earn 80 Sigils

Freebies Items

Collect the indicated number of Crowns by completing missions in Mission or Multiplayer mode. Then select 'Freebies' at the shop to get the corresponding item.
Adamanite X2 (Material): 180 crowns.
Aero X3 (Magic): 25 Crowns.
Aeroga (Magic): 130 Crowns.
Aerora X3 (Magic): 80 Crowns.
Blizzara X2 (Magic): 40 Crowns.
Blizzard X3 (Magic): 15 Crowns.
Crimson Blood (Ring): 160 Crowns.
Cura X2 (Magic): 35 Crowns.
Elixir X10: 70 Crowns.
Ether X10: 8 Crowns.
Guard Unit (L): 240 Crowns.
Hi-Ether X10: 55 Crowns.
Hi-Potion X10: 50 Crowns.
Lift Gear+ (3) (Weapon): 10 Crowns.
Limit recharge X5: 75 Crowns.
LV Doubl..

Limit Pass

To unlock the 'Limit Pass' in the Moogle shop for purchase you must first complete ALL Mission mode missions with a 'Gold Crown' rank. This item allows you to customize limits in Mission mode.

Unlock Characters in Mission Mode

When you reach the indicated day in Story mode or complete the game under the stated condition the corresponding character will become an available option.
Unlock Xion:
Play story mode to day 96
Unlock Riku:
Play story mode to day 171
Unlock Donald:
Play story mode to day 244
Unlock Goofy:
Play story mode to day 277
Unlock King Mickey:
Beat the game and purchase the item 'Return of the King' from the moogle shop.
Unlock Sora:
100% complete ALL missions and purchase the item 'Soul of Sora' from the moogle shop.

Easy Crowns in Mission Mode

Wait until you get Zero Gear and then choose Lexeaus and do all of the missions. When you have done them all do mission (?)14(?) where you battle the Heartless Darkside. Just rush to the train station where you battle him. It is easy if you just hit it's hand about 5 times. It should take about a minute or 2 every time.

How to Get Fast Easy Heart Points

The best way is to do missions with the Deserter heartless. They're easy to kill and this gives you a higher bonus and they take little time to kill. Deserters are in missions 13, 19, 40, and 70. 70 gets you the most HP. The best and fastest way is to equip the ring Extreme so you start with your limit. Use your limit and final limit to easily take out the heartless. After thats done just go to the dark corridor and restart. Since Extreme is equiped you also get a decent amount of EXP as well.
Happy Gaming

Blocking and Gliding

Just so people are aware, unlike blocking in KH1 and 2, you can hold your block for a while, making it a lot easier to guard against attacks. Also, gliding can be used to dodge attacks sometimes more effectively than just dodge rolling, since you can glide for a long time, even up hills.

Unlock all Keyblades

94000130 FFFB0000
22194EB4 00000063
22194EB9 00000063
22194EBF 00000063
12194EC0 00006363
22194EC2 00000063
C0000000 0000000A
02194E88 63636363
DC000000 00000004
D2000000 00000000

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