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Harvest Moon: Island of Happiness Cheats

Cheats and Tips for Harvest Moon: Island of Happiness

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Find out how to unlock the bonus characters and crops.

More Harvest Moon: Island of Happiness Cheats and Tips

We have 13 cheats and tips on Nintendo DS. If you have any cheats or tips for Harvest Moon: Island of Happiness please send them in here.

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Unlock Bonus Sub-Villagers

When the indicated tasks have been completed the corresponding character will appear.
Young men
Unlock Lloyd:
Lanna has appeared.
Unlock Hiro:
Island Hotel is built.
Unlock Jake:
Upgrade the cafe/diner.
Unlock Logan:
Upgrade road at Regis' place.
Unlock Taka:
Over 15 sub-villagers have appeared and East Town is available.
Unlock Luke:
Over 10 sub-villagers have appeared and East Town is available.
Unlock Daniel:
Upgrade the road from the ranch, the Original Inn has appeared, and East Town is available.

Young women
Unlock Robin:
Sean has appeared.
Unlock Tonya:
Win 1 Cooking Festival.
Unlock Marisa:

Unlock Bonus Characters

When you complete the indicated task the corresponding bonus character will become an available option.
Unlock Cliff:
He will appear between Spring 1 to 25 when you have visited ALL areas and built the Island Hotel.
Unlock Denny:
Catch 50 fish.
Unlock Lanna:
Catch 70 fish.

Unlock Bonus Crops

When you've shiped the following crops the correspondng bonus crops will become unlocked.
Unlock Cucumber:
Ship 100 spring crops.
Unlock Onions:
Ship 100 summer crops.
Unlock Yams:
Ship 100 autumn crops.
Unlock Cabbage:
Ship 100 wheat.
Unlock Wheat:
Ship 100 each of five different crops.
Unlock Strawberries, Pumpkins and Spinach:
Ship 100 crops from two out of three seasons.

Elliot Heart Events!

A heart event is an event where when you have raised your lover's heart level to a specific number.
1st heart event- busy elliot - at taro's house 5pm to 11pm, sunny cloudy or clear weather, ship at least 200 items in that season at or above purple heart. Go into the house and elliot will ask you to help him and you say yes.
2nd heart event- whats on elliot's mind? - at Taro's house at 8pm to 11pm not on tuesday same weather as the last one. He talks about his problems about his sister then she walks in and he says you were talking about farming and wants you to go along with the idea. You do.
3rd heart event- A chat with elliot - café at 9am to 1pm rainy drizzle or snowy weather again not on tuesday Elliot at or above yellow heart. He says his gra..

Making natalie happier

If you give natalie a chocolate every day it will raise her heart level fast.
She also likes fruit so if you give a peice of fruit daily it will make her heart level go up rapidly.
And remember to never give her mushrooms! She hates them terribly so never ever give her a mushroom

Three Ways To make Easy Money

1.get a fishing pole and fish everyday also if it's spring go to the beach and get seaweed off the rock and ship what ever you got that day(with the money you make buy the brigde to the forest if you don't have it all ready)
2.collect all the wild grasses everyday intill the end of the season(if it's winter go to the mountain top and get white grass but don't mine intill the end of spring unless you have chickens and cows) then go to the mine on the mountain and start breaking rocks when you get to level 25 and if you have chickens and cows take some milk to the diner if you have it upgraded and give it to him and keep doing this intill you get the recipe for ice cream and when you do collect enough eggs and milk to make it 60 times then go mine.
3.if your to lazy t..

Seaweed on the beach

You may not of noticed but the rock on the beach is actully full of seaweed. Seaweed sells for a good 800-
900 Gs. Seaweed only apears in the springtime. If you ship all of the seaweed in the season, you will get about 30,000 Gs. Seaweed is a great way to increase your income!

how to save money

if your too lazy to cut your own lumber and you pay for Gannon to use his materials, you should know that buying it separate is much cheaper. it cost 5000gms to buy 100 pieces of lumber,so i figured that you can save around 20,000gms ,or whatever the currency is just by buying the lumber separate.

How To Get The Fishing Pole

Well when you first start or even later in the game if you want you just befriend taro up to 2 hearts and fishing is probrably the second easy way of making money.

How to earn money better

all you should do is at the start of the season plant many crops when all or some or ripe put it in the shipping bin and don't spend any money till the season is done . Ps you could also sell the wood and stone on the field

Where to put items

Simple look at the color circle the item is in and put it in the storage box with the same color.

Mythic ore

I am not the one who found this cheat but I saw it wasn't on here and decided to put it on. If you have 100 mythic ore in your cabinet and want to upgrade your toolbox/cabinet ect. Leave in in there and go to Gannon's and get the up grade. Gannon does not take it out of the cabinet leaving you with 100 mythic ore so you don't have to go into the mine and collect them all again.

Vaughn Purple Heart Event.

Purple heart event
Walk from W.Town to E.Town
9:00 am to 5:00 pm, Sunny, Clear, or Cloudy weather
This event can occur if Vaughn is not on the island
Denny must be living on the island
Vaughn at or above a purple heart color
Vaughn seems to be looking for something, but when you confront him, he will not tell you what's up.
Denny then walks by, and Vaughn reveals that he has lost something, but tells Denny to go away.
You can reply with:
I don't get your attitude! (-friend points) OR I'll help you look! (+friend points)
More Vaughn Heart Events may be coming soon!

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