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Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates Cheats

Cheats and Tips for Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates

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We have a collection of cheats that includes unlocking Multiplayer difficulty settings, completion bonuses which includes unlocking New Game+.

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Ok guys if you don't know this to get to the first thing you have to pass you must defeate all enemies there. When you fight your father you should stock up on your spells (maybe bring a few potions and revives only if you are level maybe 40 the lower levels must!). Your father is tough but you must fight somthing harder after you defeate your father but be cautious because when you fight the second enemy he will be tricky so make sure to get the highest level item you can(sword bow and that!)! Ok well after you defeate that evil spirit you have to go back in time to before the princess had died and must save them this time! So go through the first part so kill every eminy again than get through the water you know blow up the yellow orb on the first part than push the block off and jump across with your archer(any name my little bro calls em tutenstine and calls al alexandra XD)and wait for the water to refill than just jump and fight the way through!Sorry but that is as far as I can go!

first boss( that scorpian cristal thing)

Jump on it's back when it's gem starts glowing jump off you can hit it untill than if you keep doing this over again you can get some money the scorpian eye sells for 500 and the shell sells for 250 so try to get 2 shells and one eye if you can each battle good luck!


When you have completed Story mode once through in it's entirety the area called 'Home' becomes unlocked where you are able to communicate with characters from Story mode.

Unlock Multiplayer Difficulty Settings

Unlock Hard Mode:
Clear ALL the stages once.
Unlock Very Hard Mode:
Clear ALL the stages on the Hard difficulty setting.

hold alot of magicites

Go to the first level in multi player (play alone) and go to the part where you make the boulder bust down the wall. Now when you enter the next room just go straight and you should see a big door. Go in and you should see a crystal. Go all the way to the right of the room and you should see a ledge with an indentation. Drop a magicite NEXT to the small pit in the ground. Jump on to the magicite on the ground and jump on to the ledge. Go in to the door on the ledge (push a block on to the button to open it). Go up the ramp and use a fire magicite on the red alter thing. Now go in to the door that the alter opend. You should see lots of candels. Don't bother lighting them. Go to the back of the room and lay down a magicite. Get on the magicite and hop up to the ledge and travile to the other ledge and you shouold see a chest open it and there will be an ice pocket a thunder pocket and a fire pocket. Grab them and exit the stage. Repeat.

How to get to a higher ledge

Take a magicite from your pockets and toss it below the ledge your trying to get to. Now hop on to the magicite and get to the ledge. If it's not high enough just add another magicite. Keep adding until your stack is tall enough.

fly moogle

Remember the moogle near the save crystals that give you stamps when you find them,well try to lift them up...
You will be carried(fly) by the moogle while the moogle drops items (mostly magicites but sometimes items/materials)..
Get the items fast cause they disappear fast...
Anyway you can do this as many times as you want.. Smile hope this helped

Completion Bonuses

Unlock New Game +
Beat the game once and save when prompted to be able to play 'New Game+'. If you then complete the second Varl Mountain event in 'New Game+' you will enter a bonus dungeon.
Unlock New Game ++
Complete 'New Game+' to unlock 'New Game++'.

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