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WWF No Mercy Cheats

Cheats and Tips for WWF No Mercy

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We have several cheats that inlcudes unlocking Shane McMahon, Jerry Lawler and making Hulk Hogan.

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We have 33 cheats and tips on N64. If you have any cheats or tips for WWF No Mercy please send them in here.

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Extra WrestlersUnlock the following wrestlers by..

Extra Wrestlers

Unlock the following wrestlers by completing the following tasks:

Jerry Lawler: Defeat the 21st opponent in survival mode.

Shane McMahon: Defeat the 31st opponent in survival mode.

Mae Young: Defeat the 41st opponent in survival mode.

Cactus Jack: Defeat the 51st opponent in survival mode.

Ken Shamrock: Defeat the 61st opponent in survival mode.

Mick Foley: Defeat the 71st opponent in survival mode.

Vince McMahon: Defeat the 81st opponent in survival mode.

Shawn Micheals: Defeat the 91st opponent in survival mode...

Different Intro:Edit any wrestler's costume that..

Different Intro:

Edit any wrestler's costume that appears in the introduction sequence to a different costume and save it.

Restart the game, but don't press Start at the title screen. THe Wrestler should now be wearing the new outfit

How to create The Big Show ..

How to create The Big Show

Body:Fat 1

Head:Male 1


Hair:Short 2


Facial Hair:1

Ring Attire:Half Tights Black

Upper Body:Tank Top 3

Tattoo:Original 4

Wrist Band:1

Feet:Boots 7 Black

Special:Huge Chokeslam

Weight:500 lbs

How to do opponents special and taunts.this is h..

How to do opponents special and taunts.

this is how to do oppenents special. get a special a strong grapple to your opponent a and b down at the same time.this also works on back special as well.

Now 4 the taunt.

spin your anolog around in circles

then there u have it folks !_!

Okay if you want to cover your opponent with bur..

Okay if you want to cover your opponent with burns, just buy the fireball move from Smackdown mall and use it in a match. You can cover them in poison with the move Poison Mist.

This one isnt really a cheat but you can get a lot of laughs from it. Do the womens Championship and about halfway through you will be at the bikini contest. Its really funny if you're Andre the Giant or something.....

To win Cactus Jack you can go on survival or go ..

To win Cactus Jack you can go on survival or go for the hardcore title and you will face him at the end, he is hard to beat.

How To Become an Expert at "THE WORM"1) Choose a..

How To Become an Expert at "THE WORM"

1) Choose any type of match or go for a championship.

2) Choose "Scotty 2 Hotty" as your player.

3) Fight your oponent until you are in special.

4) Your special taunt while your openent is on the ground is the worm.

5) After the 3rd "Hoo!" press B and you will finish the worm; they almost always stay down.

6) Pin and win your match.

Congradulations! I have taught you THE WORM! (tell your friends)

-Quote the Orone: "Nevermore..."

Ladder MatchThe Ladder Match is similar to the C..

Ladder Match

The Ladder Match is similar to the Cage Match. To get the ladder, press C-LEFT (like getting a weapon).

Run int o the ring, and set the ladder up by pressing C-LEFT again. Be sure to set it up over the shadow on the center of the ring.

Make sure opponent is down, and climb up it by pressing C-UP and up on the control pad.

When the word "TAP" starts flashing, press B over and over fast until you get to the last rim of the ladder.

(be sure your spirit is up before you attempt tp climb) Then when you are at the top, press A fast

to grab the briefcase or belt.

If your opponent is..

How to Create Brock LesnarName:Brock LesnarShort..

How to Create Brock Lesnar

Name:Brock Lesnar

Short Name:Brock


Picture:Edit 1





Body:Thick 1/Shade color 1

Head:Male 3

Face:Male 88

hair:curly Hair/Shade 2 this is the best one.

Ring Atture:Short Tights/default

Wrist Band:Wrist Band 1/default

Knee Pad:Supporter 1 left and right/default

Feet:Boots 1 default/default


I gave him all powerful moves his finisher is the Fireman Carry to Pancake


Pick a created player with taunt 196 and start a..

Pick a created player with taunt 196 and start a ladder match.

Then get the ladder from outside and put it in the ring(standing or flat doesn't mattter).

Then go to the announce table(as created player) and facing the ring, flick the stick and half way through the taunt press A.

Then you should be in mid air. Then to the ladder and press left C.

The ladder should be picked up, and now go back to announce table with the ladder. Once on the table press left C. The ladder should be set up on the table.

To climb the ladder, go back in the ring with the created player ,(near the ropes and turnbuckle) facing the ladder, flick the stick and halfway through the taunt pre..

To make the strongest wrestler ever:1.Make his h..

To make the strongest wrestler ever:

1.Make his height 7'11.

2.Make him weigh 300 pounds.

3.Make his endurance Strong.

4.Make his stance Wrestling.

5.Make is Offensive and Deffensive strength all 3.

6.Make his recovery rate fast.

7.Make his bleeding None or Rarely.

8.Reaction to blood Aggressive(If bleeding is on rarely,or other wise none).

9.Body size thick 2.

10.Speed Fast

11.Give him strong moves like:

Body Press Drop

12.Do not give him cruiserweight moves.

13.Then desighn him.!!

In survival mode the more people you eliminate t..

In survival mode the more people you eliminate the more the money earn. I recently found out that you only win lots of money after you eliminate 50 people.

If you eliminate everyone by nocking them over the ropes then you will earn about $50,000. But if you eliminate only 50 people you only get $9,000. Less then half of what you get if eliminate everyone.

And if you eliminate 50 people by pin and 50 by knocking them over the ropes because you only earn about $75,000. You have pin about 70 to to start earning the big bucks.

Easy Tag Team Ladder Match Win For a quick and e..

Easy Tag Team Ladder Match Win For a quick and easy victory beat up your oppenets and throw them out of the ring.

Have one person climb the ladder and one person stay down so in case they get up you can hit'em and the other person has already got the belt

Hulk Hogan caw

Body: Austin [5th Shade]
Head: Male 1
Face: Male 75
Hair: Middle 1 [Light Blond]
Front Hair: None
Facial Hair: Facial Hair 05
Masks/Etc: None
Hats/Caps: Bandana 2 [Yellow]
Ring Attire: Rios [Red, Yellow]
Upper Body: None
Tattoo: None
Gloves: None
Wrist Band: Wrist Band 1 [White]
Elbow Pad: None
Knee Pad: Knee Pad 1 (Right) [Red], Knee Brace 3 (Left) [Red]
Feet: Pull-ons 17 (SDM) [Yellow, Red]
Entrance Attire: Showster (SDM) [Red, Yellow]
Weapons/Props: Random

This is how to make RVD!Name him Rob Van Dam.His..

This is how to make RVD!Name him Rob Van Dam.His short name shouuld be RVD.I gave him Y2J's face but you put what ever you want.

Give him a long ponytail.Then go to lower body and give him Funaki's wrestling suit and make it all black.

Give him black pads and don't forget to give him the frogsplash and something similar to the Vandaminator.....!

None of theese chaets work. Iv'e tryid all of th..

None of theese chaets work. Iv'e tryid all of cool cheat is when you unlock everybody you get 90,000 green.

It 100% works.come over my house and see it.

To unlock micheal shamrock you win ken shamrock and win every belt with ken shamrock and at the end of the latz belt that you are on mike will come out with ken.

[you have to go through the career,but you dont have to get 100%......!



















This is noy really a cheat, but none of the cool..

This is noy really a cheat, but none of the cool cheats work. I put a lot of time and effort in it but I still don't have Table matches, Hell in a Cell etc.

The Bret hart, K-Kwik and Spiderman cheats don't work either. Come on aren't there any cool cheats that work?

why do u people put fake stuff here????well anyw..

why do u people put fake stuff here????

well anyways I have a good raven creation.


upper body-cut sleves 2nd shade

ring atire-cut jeans 3


hair-medium 3, and front 7

facial hair-8

gloves-taped 2nd shade

knee pads-x-pac 2nd shade


entrance attire-biker

weapons and props-kendo stick



there u go. fix him up anyother way u want.

sent in y deadmanwalking15

GANGRELProfile/MusicName:GangrelShort Name:Gangr..




Short Name:Gangrel





Music:Original 2



Body:Medium 2 Shade 4

Head:Male 2

Face:Male 43

Hair:Middle 2

Front Hair:6 Color 2

Facial Hiar:None



Ring Attire:Christian (Color 9 Dark)

(Color 2)

Upper Body:Gothic(Smackdown Mall)



Wrist Band:None


Hey you know how everyone is saying you have to ..

Hey you know how everyone is saying you have to get hidden stars in Championship and survior? Well I have another way.

Just get a Gameshark Pro (3.0 or higher) and come back to this site and find the gameshark cheat.

So much easier.

80s Hulk hogan

Body:Medium 1 (4st Shade)
Head:Male 2
Face:Male 3
Hair:middle 1 (Light Blond)
Front Hair:none
Facial Hair:3
Masks/Etc: None
Hats/Caps: None
Ring Attire: Short Tights [ light Yellow]
Upper Body: None
Tattoo: None
Gloves: None
Wrist Band: Wrist Band 1 [White]
Elbow Pad: None
Knee Pad: Knee Pad 1 (Both) [Red]
Feet: Boots 09 [light Yellow, White]
Entrance Attire: Showster (SDM) [Default]
Weapons/Props: Random

Here is a cooooool cheat.First start a hardcore ..

Here is a cooooool cheat.

First start a hardcore match with rock and rikishi (make sure you are the rock)

Next throw rikishi into the parking lot.

you will see some sort of box on the wall next to the red car.

Smash rikishi's

head into it.Then you will see another box to the left of the truck.

Smash his head into it and the big steel door should open.

Go into it and you will be on the street.

There will be cars and everything!Try other rooms and see if you can find any secrets, this is the only one ive tried so far.

If this doesn't work try it again and it should.

Easy Special(doesnt work in ladder match)First s..

Easy Special(doesnt work in ladder match)

First start a match with any 2 characters.Then grab your the opponent an throw him in the back.

Throw him till you get to th hallway. Once your in the hallway throw your opponent down the hall and then throw him again but into the parking lot.

Knock him out grabb a weapon and go in the truck.your apponent will not follow you.they ony follow you on rare ocasions.

Taunt as until you get a specia.(dont go nar the edge or the opponent will pull you)if you want to do it again you dont have to go back to the ring just get a weapon and hope in.....

The easiest way to win Andre The Giant is to win..

The easiest way to win Andre The Giant is to win heavywieght title in chamionship mode with anyone,then in an exhibition make Benoit win it and then go back into the Heavywieght chamionship mode and successfuly defend it with Benoit.

Also can i tell you the cheat do 3 pedigrees with HHH to Mankind and u will get TLC match does not work!!!!

So don't waste your time doing it and if you want to win Linda McMahon easily go into wwf chamionship mode,win every match but lose at wrestlemania and then win the remaining matches.all of these cheats and tips are 100%

In a ladder match keep on puttin your opponent i..

In a ladder match keep on puttin your opponent in a subbision.When he taps out the match won't be over but it is a good chance for you to go for the case or belt.

It might take you a few tries at this before you can get the belt.

Bye from your friendly neiboor hood cheater.

If you are in a triple threat match or fatal 4wa..

If you are in a triple threat match or fatal 4way match here is how you can win both.

HOW TO WIN A TRIPLE THREAT MATCH:Let the other two people fight then u move the control stick around until you get special.

Go for the weakest opponet and do your special on them then just throw your other other opponent out the the ring and pin the opponent you just did your special on.

HOW TO WIN A FATAL 4WAY MATCH:Let the other three people do battle.Move your control stick around until you get special.

This is tough first do your special on the opponent thats the strongest.Second do your special thats in the middle (like the person thats is strong and weak).

Last do your speci..

Survival Mode

Easy way to win survival mode is to be Stone Cold and just punch them I did this and I eliminated everyone.
My friend took this idea and eliminated 87 people and to tell you on my game Mick Foley came out as the 97 person so DON'T LISTEN TO THOSE 21,31,41 and so on because they are not true!!!!!
Another cheat that talked about the lat ride off the cage cant happen ive tried it 5 times!!!
Easy way to do the 5 Stone Cold Stunners do a Royal Rumble put 4 people in to do a 4 fatal way.
Get your special do a stunner to all of them then the last guy do it to him three times. Note: It takes time I've done it once.

Easy Way of Hard Way

If you are thinking about going through the WWE Tag Team Championship in championship mode heres a hint DONT FOLLOW SHANE MCMAHONS WAY!!!!!!!!!!!
First of the journey you face Gerald Brisco and Pat Patterson which well thats easy but then you face someone else.
If you lose that match then you are stuck with Shane the next match Shane wants you to put the Dudleys in the hospital thats easy.
Then he wants you to beat the hell out of Steven Richards well thats easy on the count its a handicap match.
Next he wants you to beat the hell out of Chris Jericho and yet again thats easy since it is another handicap match.
Then after that you Face the Tag Team Champions for the belts they are kinda hard. When you beat that match you think YAY..

Create Harley Quinn from Batman

This is how to create her:
Body: Petit 2
Head: Female 2
Hair: Middle 2 colored red and with Front 60
Mask: Bat Mask(need to unlock and not to be confused with the one that's blue)
Hats: Trish hat color 4
Ring Attire: Kane 1 default colors
Upper Body: Sleeve L Kane default colors
Gloves: APA color 4
Feet: Heeled Boots default color

In upper body go to full body and give him mark ..

In upper body go to full body and give him mark henrys cloths.the color is all black.move on to face.give him a face of you pick.his hair is middle 4.and you have rhino.

Instead of creating Torrie Wilson all you have t..

Instead of creating Torrie Wilson all you have to do is change Tori's name ( the tori who managed X-Pac 2 years ago)to Torrie Wilson and her short name to Torrie and her music to original 5.

Maybe if you want to change her cloths you can do,then if you have created Tajiri you can pur Torrie Wison as his manager.

Hulk Hogan

Height: 6'7"
Weight: 267
Theme: Real American
Body: Medium 2
Head: Male 1
Face: Male 50
Hair: Long 1 (2nd Color)
Front Hair: 54
Facial Hair: 5
Hats/Caps: Bandana 2 (7th Color)
Ring Attire: Short Tights
Wrist Bands: 1
Feet: Boots 1 (Top: 7th Color, Bottom: 3rd Color)
Entrance Attire: Showster
Speacial: Big Boot, Legdrop. (Cannot not get as special, but you can get in, Standing: for Big Boot under strong striking, and Ground: for Legdrop under ground attack: Facing up.)

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