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Follow the dark path or use the light

Koopa Koot's favor guide

by Serlkamb

			       Paper Mario 64
                          Koopa Koot Favors Guide
                   Nintendo 64/Nintendo Wii Virtual Console
                               Version 1.01
                            Guide by: Serlkamb
=			     Table of Contents				    =
= 	Updates and Memo's		-		1.01		    =
=	Favors and Rewards		-		2.01		    =
=	Credits and contact info	-		3.01		    =
=	Copyright disclosure		-		4.01		    =
					=	Updates and Memo's - 1.01   =
-Version 1.01- Fixed the approved site's link to the correct location. Fixed
               e-mail subject line title. Added a fourth footnote.
               Re-evaluated some of the tasks and rewards. Changed task 9 
               reward from "This task is impossible to complete" to "1 coin 
               or 3 Star pieces". Fixed spelling mistakes. Changed guide
               title on SuperCheats from "Koopa Koot's favors" to "Koopa
               Koot's favor guide". Fixed ponctuation errors. Added guide 
               creation date and last update date and time. Added file size.
-Version 1.0 - No updates yet available.
-I have successfully written a FAQ for this game once before, so I thought I
would create another. In this guide I will be focusing on Koopa Koot and his
whacky favors. Since this guide is a very early verion, I will keep it basic
and simple to understand and to use.
					=       Favors and Rewards - 2.01   =
In the following section, I will be underlining Koopa Koot's Favors and his
Rewards, but first lets start this section off with Koopa Koot's introduction
to Mario, for his introduction always leads back into each of his favors. In
doing these favors for Koot, you will eventually collect an additional 15
Star Pieces. If you wish to collect all 160 Star Pieces, then please bear 
with me whilst completing these favors. Koopa Koot can be found in Koopa 
Village in the house with a red colored shell roof just north of the blue

Koopa Koot's Introduction:
 Oh, welcome young fella ! I'm the elder of Koopa Village. Folks call me
 Koopa Koot. Say... might you do me a favor ? Oh !!! How very kind of you. I
 guess the younger generation isn't so bad afterall. Well then, young fella !
 I don't usually ask for favors, but... perhaps just one little one ?

Koopa Koot's favor list:
 1. Could you borrow the book "Koopa Legends" from Kolorado? I'm certain that
    if you ask Kolorado's wife, she's lend it.
	Reward(s): 1 coin

 2. Could you be so kind as to buy me a Sleepy Sheep from a little shop in 
    Toad Town?
	Reward(s): 1 coin + Silver Credit*

 3. I don't suppose you could go to Goomba Village and find Goompa, the 
    grandfather? He still has the Tape I lent him a while back. Could you get
    it for me? I really want it. If you say "The Tape", he'll know what your
    talking about.
	Reward(s): 1 coin

 4. I've got a hankering for some Koopa Tea. It's the very best! Fetch a bit
    for me, would you?
	Reward(s): 3 Star pieces

 5. I have a secret wish to get the great Luigi's autograph. He's your
    brother, right? If you could somehow get his autograph, I'd be really
    happy. Could you help, young fella?
	Reward(s): 1 coin

 6. The other day, I went shopping at Koopa's shop in the village, but on the
    way home, I must've dropped my wallet on the road. Look for it, would
	Reward(s): 1 coin

 7. If you find the time, I really do have a craving for a Tasty Tonic. Most
    shops sell it. It's my all-time favorite drink. It really clears out the
    old beak, yes indeed. Fetch me a cold one, would you? I'm parched over
	Reward(s): 1 coin

 8. I've heard through the grapevine that there's a beautiful fortune teller
    living on Shooting Star Summit. So... if you would, I want you to hike
    up there and ask her for an autograph. I'm too shy... Run along for me
    now. I can barely wait. You promise to hurry?
	Reward(s): 3 Star pieces

 9. I'm not quite mobile as I was in my salad days, and as a result I feel
    like I'm losing touch with the outside world. A newspaper would be the
    best way for me to catch up, no? Would you mind reading the Toad Town
    News for me? You could tell me the news then. My eyes aren't so good,
    see? Don't spare the juicy gossip, either! I'm all ears!
	Reward(s): 1 coin or 3 Star pieces.

 10. I've been ailing a bit lately. I'd like to get a Life Shroom, you know,
     to have on hand, just in case of an emergency. I must have one! I must!
     Please, please find one for me! You should be able to find one at
     select shops. Please hurry -- I'm not feeling well at all. You promise
     to return?
	Reward(s): 1 coin

 11. I do have this sudden craving for one of Tayce T.'s scrumptious Nutty
     Cakes. The secret ingredient is the Goomnut, which grows on certain
     trees. If memory serves (which it doesn't always) you can find them
     near someone's house... I don't know if it helps, but you still have
     to find one so Tayce T. can bake the cake. I'm getting pretty famished,
     actually. Would you hurry up? Promise?
	Reward(s): 1 coin + Gold Credit**

 12. I must tell you, there's quite a racket coming from next door. It's far
     too loud! Say, you and Kooper are friends, no? Well it's his house and
     he should keep his guests from raising a ruckus. I can't sleep with all
     this noise! Can you go over there and complain for me? Just tell them
     to put a lid on it. Go as soon as you can -- I'm at the end of my rope.
     Tell me when they quiet down. I have your word?
	Reward(s): 1 coin

 13. You know all the Boos living in Boo Mansion? Well, one of them has an
     old photo of mine. So... Well... I'd like you to ask them if they'd
     give it back. And if you don't mind, could you hurry up about it? You
     promise you'll go?
	Reward(s): 3 Star pieces

 14. I really haven't had a tasty meal in a Goomba's age. Miss Tayce T.'s
     Koopasta would really hit the spot right now. Could you head over to
     Toad Town and have her whip up a batch? Did you hear my belly grumble?
     I'm ravenous! Please hurry up! Please don't let me starve!
	Reward(s): 1 coin

 15. I seem to have misplaced my glasses, which is vexing. I suppose I must
     have dropped them somewhere. I haven't gone beyond the borders of
     Koopa Village, so, logic suggests that they're somewhere in the
     village. Could you drop what you're doing and find them? I have your
     word, young fella?
	Reward(s): 1 coin

 16. I've really been dragging my shell recently. I need a tart pick-me-up.
     Let's see... Oh, I know! A fresh Lime should do the trick. Can you go
     find one? Hurry up, if you could. I feel as slow as a tortoise. Do 
     you promise?
	Reward(s): 1 coin

 17. I recently heard about a snack called a Kooky Cookie. It's supposedly
     delicious. I must confess that I have a sweet tooth. you
     think you could track one down? One of the ingredients is a Koopa Leaf
     but I have no idea what the other one is. Hurry up, if you can. I need
     sweets, posthaste! Do I have your word, young man?
	Reward(s): 3 Star pieces

 18. There is one thing. I have an old Boo friend who lives in Gusty Gulch.
     Can you go and get a package from him? You may have a little trouble
     finding him, since the Boos there look pretty similar. I'm sure you
     can do it, though. A long time ago, when Goompa, Bootler, and I were
     traveling, we met the Boo and became friends. He recently sent me a
     letter saying that there is a package there addressed to me. What are
     you waiting for? Go on and get it! I mean... Please?
	Reward(s): 1 coin

 19. People keep talking about something called a Coconut. They say they're
     delicious. I just have to try one! Go right away, if you can. Promise
     to hurry back?
	Reward(s): 1 coin

 20. I wouldn't mind getting one of those Red Jars that they say were made
     in Dry Dry Desert's ancient desert kingdom. According to popular
     opinion, you get one if you buy things in a certain order at the shop
     in Dry Dry Outpost. Firts you buy a Dusty Hammer, then you go ahead and
     get a Dried Pasta, get another Dusty Hammer and then...
     Let me see... Hang on... I've forgotten the other thing... ... Aaaaa!
     Well, you'll have to figure out the rest. But do hurry. I really want
     one. Do I have your word?
	Reward(s): 1 coin or 3 Star pieces

 21. Now Mario! I have one last favor to ask! That cad, Bowser... You must
     defeat that evil King Bowser once and for all! The dear children of
     this village will never sleep in peace as long as Bowser rules. I wish
     for nothing more than peace and a reason for my fellow Koopas to hope
     again. Please help us, Mario!
	Reward(s): Unknown

= Footnotes:=
*Silver credit is used as a membership all-access card to the Toad Town Play-
**Gold credit is used to aquire more coins when playing in the Toad Town 
^Koopasta is made with Dried Pasta (only bought at a shop in Dry Dry Outpost)
 and a Koopa Leaf.
^^When unlocking the sequence in the Dry Dry Outpost shop to unlock the Red
 Jar, the final purchase needed to complete the sequence is a dried shroom.
					=  Credits and Contact Info - 3.01  =
=  Credits  =
= There are currently no credits for any users who have helped me with this=
= guide.								   =

=  Contact Info  =
= If you wish to use this guide on your website or wish to upload it to    =
= another Faq's website, feel free to do so using the list of approved     =
= sites, which can be found on my website at:                              =
=                                                                          =
=      =
=                                                                          =
= If you spot any mistakes or know something thats not found on this Faq   =
= and would like to share it with me, simply let me know what it is you    =
= wish me to add and / or correct, by sending me an e-mail to:		   =
= [email protected] with the title "FAQ: PM64 - Koot's Favors" in the	   =
= subject line. You will be given full credit in the next update. Thanks!  =

					=    Copyright disclosure   - 4.01  =
This FAQ and all its wording and design is (C)Copyright 2013 SerlKamb (Kambel 
Serle). All Rights Reserved. All information regarding Paper Mario is (C)
Copyright of Nintendo. Use of this FAQ is intended for private use only. This 
work is not to be tampered with, modified or sold, in any way. Such acts will 
be deemed unlawful and is blatant plagiarism. Should you want to create a FAQ
for this game aswell, and would like to use some of the information found 
here, feel free to ask for my permission by Contacting me via e-mail at the 
address marked above under Credits and Contact Info section of this FAQ.
==============================end of file====================================
=Last Updated: v1.01 - January 21st, 2013 at 14:30 (2:30p) EST ==============
=Created on: v1.0 - January 17th, 2013 at 16:55 (4:55p) EST    =Size: 12.3Kb=