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Star Wars: Rogue Squadron Cheats for N64

Cheats and Tips for Star Wars: Rogue Squadron


We have 13 cheats and tips on N64. If you have any cheats or tips for Star Wars: Rogue Squadron please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : PlayStation

You can also ask your question on our Star Wars: Rogue Squadron Questions & Answers page.

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Enter the following codes as a password to unlock the corresponding effect.
Unlock ALL Levels:
DEADDACK (this includes the bonus levels).
Unlock ALL Power-Ups:
Unlock Harder Levels:
Unlock Infinite Lives:

I have heaps of codes:FARMBOY=fly Millenium Falc..

I have heaps of codes:

FARMBOY=fly Millenium Falcon

TIEDUP=fly tie interceptor(note:you must

have the farmboy code activated to use this code because in the craft selection

you must select the millenium falcon then press up on the control stick to get the tie interceptor.)

Be careful though,as the tie interceptor's shields are ridiculous.

IGIVEUP=infinate lives

DEADDACK=all levels including bonus levels

HARDROCK=lukes face will be replaced by a bearded face on the main screen

CHICKEN=AT-ST bonus level

BLAMEUS=photo of the producing team

TOUGHGUY=all powerups

KOELSCH=V-Wing will be ..

To get the Millenial Falcon as a ship.

Try using FARMBOY as a passcode.
It and DEADDACK both work well.

This is sort of a cheat. First go to options the..

This is sort of a cheat. First go to options then passcodes then type in DEADDACK (no spaces) and then type IGIVEUP (no spaces) and now you will be invincible but if you Fail Mission you will lose a life and you will also have all levels.

Note:If you crash three times don't worry you can crash as much as you want.

Harder Game & Infinite Lives

For a harder game type in Ace.
For infinite Lives type in Igiveup.

Better radar

Type in RADAR

some good cheats

Go to passcodes or whatever you call it ( havent played in 2 yrs. )
All levels and bonus levels:DEADACK
Infinite lives:IGIVEUP
Milenium falcon:FARMBOY

Alternate Menu ScreenIn the Passcodes screen ent..

Alternate Menu Screen

In the Passcodes screen enter "Hardrock".

Go back to the Main Screen, wait for the demo to start, then go back to the main screen where Luke will have a different face!

Weaker shield

If you feel that you are too good for the game go to password and put in 'ACE', that makes it a harder game to play.

Millenium Falcon and Tie-Fighter

After beating the level before the moon like level go to the cheat screen. Type in Farmboy to unlock the Millenium Falcon. Then enter in Tiedup.
Go to a level and go over the Millenium Falcon press Up on the D-Pad and you should be able to fly in the tie fighter.

All Weapons

Create a new file and put the name (as spelled) _Jabba "_ = space" and choose the difficulty of jedi. Now on first person shooter levels you will have all guns with full ammo.

Fun Mini-Game

Type in ChickenWalker in the cheat screen and you will be in a AT-ST.
I still havent found out the purpouse of this so post it if you find out.

Easyer playing

If youve unlocked the naboo starfighter or are using the y wing using the barrel roll button can be of great use .with the nabbo starfighter if you use it skill fully enought you can dodge almost all the enemy blasts I've finished the game by using this manuvere so it's great
Peace out dudes metalfire

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