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South Park Rally Cheats for N64

Cheats and Tips for South Park Rally


We have 11 cheats and tips on N64. If you have any cheats or tips for South Park Rally please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : PlayStation : DreamCast

You can also ask your question on our South Park Rally Questions & Answers page.

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The following features become available options when you complete the corresponding task.
Unlock Cheat Sheet:
Don't pick up any pick-up's and win in 'Rally Days 1 race'.
Unlock Random Checkpoint:
Complete Championship mode.
Unlock Random Track Option:
Complete Championship mode.
Unlock Speech Test:
Complete Championship mode

Unlock Characters

Complete the following tasks to play as the corresponing racer.
Unlock Grandpa:
Win the Halloween race.
Unlock Jesus:
Win the Christmas race.
Unlock Big Gay Al:
Win the Pink Lemonade race.
Unlock Satan:
Win the New Year's Eve race.
Unlock Mr. Mackey:
Win the Spring Cleaning race.
Unlock Mephisto:
Win the Independence Day race.
Unlock Shelly
Win the Valentine's Day race.
Unlock Mr. Garrison:
Activate ALL 4 checkpoints on the Rally Days 2 race.
Unlock Tweak:
Collect 5 caffeine pick-ups in the Spring Cleaning race.
Unlock Bebe:
Lose the Cowdays race without collecting any health pick-ups.
Unlock Pip:
Only act..

Unlock Courses

Complete the indicated race in Championship mode to unlock the corresponding course.
Unlock Big Gay Al's Animal Sanctuary Course:
Complete the 'Cow Days' race in Championship mode.
Unlock Farm Course:
Complete the 'Rally Days 2 Race' in Championship mode.
Unlock Forest Course::
Complete the 'Spring Cleaning Race' in Championship mode.
Unlock Mountain Course::
Complete the 'Read-A-Book Day Race' in Championship mode..
Unlock Sewer Course::
Complete the 'Valentine's Day Race' in Championship mode.
Unlock Volcano Course::
Complete the 'Pink Lemonade Race' in Championship mode.


Unlock ALL Tracks, Cars, Skins, Random Checkpoints, Speech Test and other Options:
Win Championship mode without using any tokens.
Unlock Alternate Ending:
Successfully complete the Championship as Satan, Damian or Jesus.

Race as damian

To race as damian you must win the new years race and be the only racer to touch the millennium key.

here is everything you need to get and know mr...

here is everything you need to get and know
mr.garrison-win rally 2 days
cheatsheet-win the first race without colecting any pickups
pip-activate only checkpoints 1 and 4
bebe-lose the cowdays race without colecting any pickups
shelly-colect the 3 gold cows in valentinesday
mr. macky-win spingcleaning
tweek-get 5 caffine pickups on spingcleaning
cartmancop- hit the chicken lover 5 times with salty balls
big gay al-win pink lemonade
ike-get the small gold cow on the air plane wingtip on memoial day
alien visitor-get 2 pot pies on memorial day
ned-colect 15 of the turbo pickups combind
mephesto-win 4 of july
death-take each of your candy..

On Cowdays, first get the antidote; then give ev..

On Cowdays, first get the antidote; then give everyone pinkeye (it's behind the bell near the bullpen) afterwards climb the stairs in the room with the haypile in the corner.

Go to the top and pull a 180 and wait till someone gets to the top. Before they hit you, floor it off the edge and take off out the door.

For added enemy slow-downage, get taco pickups or the frog pickup and lay them on the stairway leading up.

You can also launch turds, cats, stupid beams, or peace signs at them as they come up.

Cats are the best because they stop anyone who comes too close to the enemy hit by it, also there is a Mr. Hanky Poo on one of the ledges in the same barn.

Get it..

there are three golden cows that you have to fin..

there are three golden cows that you have to find on
valintines day. One is on the top of each tower. Where the
boat goes find a picture with Ice skaters on it and you
can go into it and there will be a golden cow right there.

Unlock everything

Succcessfully compete championship mode without using any tokens to unlock all track, cars, skins, and other cheat options.

Drive as shelly

To race as shelly you need to get the three golden cows in th valentines day race. One of the golden cows are behind a skating picture, another is on one tower, the other is on top of the other tower.

7 extra credits

Rally days 1- in the group of cows there is a buildings instead of going all the way around go behind the green building
Rally days 2- on the railroad there is a credit at the end of it
Valentines day- go in the disco room then go out into the swamp turn around and on the wall behind it is a credit
Cow days- go to the room with all the hay on the south side in a corner is a credit
Pink lemonade race- in the velvet carpet hallway there is a credit on the first turn
Memorial day- on the ledge near the millenium key

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