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Mortal Kombat 4 Cheats for N64

Cheats and Tips for Mortal Kombat 4


We have 8 cheats and tips on N64. If you have any cheats or tips for Mortal Kombat 4 please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : PlayStation : PC : GameBoy : Arcade

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Unlock Secret Menu Option:
Go to the 'Continue Options' screen and then hold Block + Run for 10 seconds
Automatic Fatalities
Go to the 'Continue Options' screen and then press and hold Block + Run for 10 seconds.

Unlockable Characters
Unlock Hidden option, highlight Shinnok and press Block + Run
Noob Saibot:
Unlock Hidden option, highlight Reiko and press Block + Run

Johnny Cage's Moves List

Johnny Cage:
Nut punch: BL+LP
Shadow kick: left,right+LK
Shadow uppercut: left,down,left+HP
Low fireball: down,left+down,left+LP
High fireball: down,right+down,right+HP
Draw: right,down,right+LK
Throw: right,down,right+LK
Uppercut swing: LP
Weak uppercut swing: left+HP
Turn slash: left+LP
Torso rip: right,left,down,down+HK (next to opponent)
Head punch: down,down,right,down+BL (next to opponent)
Fan pit: down,right,right+HK (next to opponent)
Goro pit: left,right,right+LK (next to opponent)

How to get Noob Saibot and his moves

Go to options, Highlight Continute, and hold BLK+RUN for ten seconds. This will allow you to select Noob Saibot and Goro. Select Hidden from the Select Screen. Move up three and over one to Shinnok, and press RUN+BLK together to play as Noob Saibot. Here are his moves...
Fire Ball: down,right + LP (also works in air)
Teleport: down,up (BL to slam)
Air Throw: BL
Weapon Draw: right,right+HK

To get in Sha Kahn Go to Jhonny Cage then press ..

To get in Sha Kahn Go to Jhonny Cage then press up and start then something will appear then go to pit three Pick noob soboot Then press down and hold A,B .....

If right A big pfoof of fire will appear at beging of match...

I know how to get goro for mortal kombat 4.first..

I know how to get goro for mortal kombat 4.first get the cheat menu turn on
the last 3 cheats then go to arcade or versus.
select hidden press up up up and left you shoul be on shinnok then press and hold c-left and should have goro and his moves are very cool!

Hidden charichter:Meat:To get the hidden charict..

Hidden charichter:Meat:

To get the hidden charicter Meat you have to go to the 2 player


Then 1st player has to go to team mode at the bottem of the screen.

Play in team mode every match until you have played with every charicter.

Next choose Quan Chi as your charicter.

You should be a skelonton with a lot of blood if you won every match.

In two player mode, To get Kai's suit: Highlight..

In two player mode, To get Kai's suit: Highlight Kai's square then press start and all of the c buttons at the same time. If done correctly, you should see a ying yang sighn. Then you will hear two sounds. You'll hear alaugh and a exellent or a supurm. It might work on 1 player too.

If you want to be champ. without beating everyon..

If you want to be champ. without beating everyone, here's the cheat for you.

Go to the championship mode and fight the first guy, or girl.

During the match, hit your opponent a couple of times so he or she has less life than you have. Then stay away from him or her and let the timer run out.

If you did as I said, you should see your opponent fall into a pit full of lava.

Then you will see the ending credits and after that you will see you character's ending.

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