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Follow the dark path or use the light
Castlevania: Legacy Of Darkness Pack Shot

Castlevania: Legacy Of Darkness

Castlevania: Legacy Of Darkness Cheats for Nintendo 64

We have 7 cheats on Nintendo 64

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Max STRAdded 19 May 2017, ID #6701
AD345872 0003

Hard Mode AdditoinsAdded 1 Jul 2009, ID #6397
Foggy Lake- The Boss is ALOT harder
Forest Of Silence-None

Castle Wall-No Power up where the Lever was

Villa-You have to FIGHT the Chainsaw Guy and kill him
Underground Waterway-More Lizards

Castle Center-second Magical Nitro Mission-Fire Lizard is on top of the short cut of the walk way, and there are Dragon Heads on top of the gears to shoot fire balls at you.

Tower of Science-Walls dissapear
Sweet Hard Mode AdditionAdded 1 Jul 2009, ID #6396
This works ONLY on Hard mode with Carrie and Reinhardt. After helping Malus escape, go and pick up the Copper Key. A boss health bar will appear and the Chainsaw Guy will appear. You actually get to fight and kill him. He is pretty easy though. But, if you go back into the Maze, he will get revived and chase you. I don't think the dogs do either.
Secret Beefs And ChickensAdded 26 Jun 2009, ID #6393
1.Foggy Lake-At the part where you are looking for the Deck Key and have to climb the big poles, jump in front of the last one BEFORE the one where the key is. If you walk forward, you will notice that there is an invisible Floor guiding you. At the end, go to your left and hit the lamp, you will find a Roast (Chicken on Hard Mode).

2.Forest Of Silence- At the part where you have to pull the levers, go to the last lever and stand on the edge of the cliff. The camera should adjust and you will see that there are ledges to jump on to. Jump until you reach a spot where you can tell that the wall is breakable. Attack the wall and it sould crumble down. If you hit the lamp, there will be a Roast Beef (Roast Chicken if you're playing on Hard Mode).

3.Castle Wall-Play until you get to the floor, not stairs, that is all spikes. If yopu look, there will be a platform with a lamp on it. There is an Invisible Floor so don't worry about falling. Make your way to the lamp and inside is a Roast Beef.

A. After fighting the Cerberus' you can go through the gate. Go left until you see a cross. Hit and and inside is a Roast Beef.

B. After getting the Copper Key, find the Copper Door which is by the big Land Formation with the stairs where you helped out Henry/Malus. Go to the bridge after entering the Copper Door and go over the bridge. There is a hidden spot and in the lamp is a Roast Beef.

Locations Of All The ChildrenAdded 18 Jun 2009, ID #6391
1. Forest Of Silence-When you get to the part where you have to pull two levers and hury up and jump on to them before they go down (the pit with the zombies), go over to the side, if there is a ledge, go down until you see a child.

2.Castle Wall-Go straight to the door on the left (the one with the lock) and when you come up to the part where the bridge is a floor that turns over into spikes, there is a kid on a platform next to it. Walk on the invisible floor until you get to the kid.

3.Villa-Go to the Maze Garden and around the place where you found the Rose Brooch, there will be a little hiding spot where a kid will be standing.

4.Underground Waterway- Go to the part where there is a bridge and if you look over to the part a head of you, to the right, there is a kid.

5.Outer Wall-When you get to the second floor, jump on to the metal thing next to you and jump across to the support beam type thing. Now jump across to the part that is close to the pedastal and turn aroound. Press the R button when on Action Veiw and you will see a kid.

6.Tunnel-The kid in the Tunnel is located in a Moon door so you will have to take Moon Cards with you. You will find the kid after you take the red and blue lifts.

Awards-For finding all 6 children, you can Play as Reinhardt, Carrie,and get everyones second costume except for Henry's.
Locations of 4 ChildrenAdded 9 Jun 2009, ID #6386
1. In the Forest of Silence, go to where you have to use the levers and where the zombies appear. Off one of the edges, you will be able to junp off. Do it, you will almost die if your on full health. Attack the wall and it will explode. Inside is a kid.

2.Castle Wall- In the Castle Wall, , go through one of the doors. When you come up the stairs to where the floor flips into spikes, look to your left and there will be a kid. Just walk over there becuase there is an Invisable Floor.

3.Villa-When you are getting chased by the Chainsaw Guy, near the gate, there will be an opening in the maze, He looks like Malus through the back.

4.Underground Waterway- When you get to the part on the bridge where the lizard throws fire balls at you, you will have to jump over the bridge and near there is a kid hiding in a wall.

Note: Its been about 3 years since I played this game, so some of these may not be that accurate.
ID #325

For alternate costumes:

Rescue two children as Henry to unlock an alternate costume for Cornell.

To play as Henry:

Successfully complete the game as Cornell and save the game after the credits. Load the saved game to play as Henry. Henry must save seven children within seven days.

To play as Reinhardt:

Successfully complete the game as Henry to play as Reinhardt


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