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Follow the dark path or use the light
Castlevania: Legacy Of Darkness Pack Shot

Castlevania: Legacy Of Darkness



by Canaarie

Castlevania: Legacy of Darkness
Walkthrough by Canaarie

I. Version
II. Story
III. Items
IV. Walkthrough
V. Henry's Quest
VI. Contact
VII. Legal
VIII. Credits

| I. Version |

Version 0.75 (8/11/2007) First upload! Only three levels need finishing.

| II. Story |

Cornell's story:

Cornell, a.k.a. Blue Crescent Moon

Through magic of the ancients, this man-beast warrior obtained a physical
body of near immortality and a power that surpasses that of a wild beast.

The man-beasts, choosing tolive harmoniously with humans, sealed away their
enormus magical powers to prevent them from being used.

However, through severe ascetic training, Cornell acquired the art for
releasing the sealed man-wolf power.

After a year of traveling and ascetic training, Cornell rushed back to his
village, only to find that evil spirits had set the village on fire,
engulfing the village in a lotus flower of flames. 

His only living blood relative, his sister Ada, was carried away by the evil
spirits. Now he must save her.

Cornell uses the man-wolf's acute sense of smell to track the scent of his
sister's blood.

Reinhardt Schneider

Carrie Fernandez

We go back eight years in time before the period in which these two young
warriors risked their lives battling against the devil.


Reinhardt's story:

Transylvania, in the mid 19th century. The Province of Wallachia.

In this time of peace and plenty, no one forsees the return of ancient

But the old legends live, and soon the land will again be plunged into

The people have returned to the path of wickedness, and the bonds that seal
their evil ruler's spirit are weakening.

Deep in his castle, he stirs from a century of enforced sleep...

Count Dracula awakes!

Reinhardt Schneider...

Heir to the ancient Belmont clan of vampire hunters, his blood dooms him to
oppose the might of Count Dracula.

Wielding the holy whip of his ancestors, the young vampire killer begins his


Carrie's story:

Transylvania, in the mid 19th century. The Province of Wallachia.

In this time of peace and plenty, no one forsees the return of ancient

But the old legends live, and soon the land will again be plunged into

The people have returned to the path of wickedness, and the bonds that seal
their evil ruler's spirit are weakening.

Deep in his castle, he stirs from a century of enforced sleep...

Count Dracula awakes!

Carrie Fernandez...

A young girl gifted with great magical powers.

Sensing Dracula's return, she sets off alone to the dark castle.

Now she must wield her inherited power in the fight against evil...


Henry's story: 

Transylvania, in the mid 19th century. The Province of Wallachia.

In this time of peace and plenty, no one forsees the return of ancient

But the old legends live, and soon the land will again be plunged into

The people have returned to the path of wickedness, and the bonds that
seal their evil ruler's spirit are weakening.

Deep in his castle, he stirs from a century of enforced sleep...

Count Dracula awakes!

The year was 1852.

As Reinhardt Schneider and Carrie Fernandez were locked in battle to the
death with Dracula, the church began a rescue mission...

Henry was sent to save the children in the castle.

Will Henry be able to rescue all 6 children within 7 days?

| III. Items |

Contract: Scroll that summons Renon. The words are so hard to read...

Cure Ampoule: Cures POISON status. Whatever "ampoule" means...

Gold: Allows you to buy items from Renon.

Healing Kit: Restores all of your health and cures status.

Moon Card: Moves time forward to sunset (6:00 p.m.)

Purifying: Cures VAMP status.

Roast Beef: Restores 80% of energy.

Roast Chicken: Restores 50% of energy.

Sun Card: Moves time forward to sunrise (6:00 a.m.)

| IV. Walkthrough |

       /    Foggy Lake   \

Playable with: Cornell, Reinhardt and Carrie.

You emerge from a canoe and see a chain hanging from a ship. 
Grab hold and climb aboard, matey! Welcome to the first level of the

There are two torches on either side of you. Smash them for a red jewel and 
some gold, then jump over to the deck. A Fish Man flies out of the water. 
Stand far away and attack. Once it's dead, a hidden box will emerge from
the ship, which you can use as a platform. Hop onto it and climb to the
upper deck.

There will be ghosts up here, so keep an eye out for them- they can be
Turn left and you will see a white jewel. When standing near it, 
press the > C button to save your progress. To the left of the save jewel 
is a wooden mast. There is a lever on it, so pull it and the mast will

Jump onto the crate behind you and then to two stacked crates. Smash the
barrel for a red jewel, then jump over to the newly-created platform. Look
right and you will see another mast. Jump there and pull the lever, then run
across the net to a torch. Smash it to get some Roast Beef and head back to
the mast. You'll see the top has been rotated, so pull yourself up to the
uppermost platform. 

Destroy the torch to get the Deck Key and go back to where you climbed up. 
To the right there is another narrow platform like the one you just climbed, 
so hop to that and to another plank. Walk to the end and find you're walking
on air, so keep going straight to the mast you see in the distance. Once
you get there, smash the left torch for a Healing Kit, and the torch to the
left has an Axe subweapon. Walk off the platform to drop down to some Roast
Chicken in a torch. Then go back down to the deck you first appeared on.
You'll see a door to the left; use the Deck Key on it and go inside.

When you enter, a skeleton appears. Once you save at the Save Jewel on the
right, you'll find an elevator up ahead. Ride it downstairs to see Skeletons
climbing out of the chests left and right and a Fish Man guarding the door-
watch out, this one spits water. Kill it first because the constant stream
of water can get annoying, then tackle the four Skeletons. Once you're done,
break the barrels for a red jewel and 300 gold. Open the door and go inside.
There will be a few Fish Men in here, so take care of them and--

What's that? A gigantic hand? Oh, no, it wants you for its dinner! Not
really, it just wants you to drown. You'll find that your character can't
swim, so you'd better find an escape route. Once the cutscene ends go over
to the now floating box and climb it. Thanks to the handy-dandy Auto View,
jump to the platform just above your head and follow the path. You'll see a
swinging lantern on fire, so jump to the next platform when it's out of the
way. Walk the boards again until you see a ledge sticking out of the ship.
Jump onto it and go through the doorway.

On the right of your floating crate you'll see a Save Jewel, so save your
game, and hop the other crates to a brick platform with Roast Beef, an Axe,
and a red jewel. Now, heal if needed, because once you hop onto the bridge
you'll be facing...

       /  Boss: Sea Serpent  \

Attacks: Hits the surface of the bridge with water which will send you flying,
grabs you and throws you to the bridge, spits green stuff which will paralyze 
you if touched.

Difficulty: 3/10

Suggested Subweapon: Axe

How to beat: This is an easy boss, fortunately. Use your long-range attacks 
to damage it and using the Axe subweapon helps, too. Running around will save 
you from the attacks where he will draw his head back before spitting, 
but when he raises his hand, jump just before it grabs you, because that 
attack can do lots of damage. It's tricky to perform, but it's doable. 
You can attack the green things, and they can drop red jewels, which are 
handy when throwing Axes. While you can't fall off the sides of the bridge,
be wary of the broken "entrance" to the boss battle. You can actually fall off

Once dead, it gives an earsplitting yowl and falls back into the sea. 
Keep going to a doorway framed by two statues and enter...

        /  Forest of Silence  \

Playable with: Cornell, Reinhardt, Carrie and Henry.

Save at the Save Jewel on the left and head to the edge of the bridge. 
Tackle the Goblins in the distance using long-range attacks and climb up 
each and every one of the platforms sticking out of the wall. Now follow 
the route and watch out for the tree that will fall over. Don't touch it! 
When you finally reach the end, attack the large metal seal two or three 
times to reveal...

       /  Boss: Giant Skeleton  \

Attacks: Waves bone around, conjures more skeletons to attack you.

Difficulty: 2/10

Suggested Subweapon: Axe

How to beat: Not much to say here except to attack with your long range 
weapon and to throw Axes. When he waves his bone around, jump. It's pretty 
easy. If you're lucky, the skeletons he conjures will drop some goodies for 

He stomps his feet in frustration and hops over the edge, leaving room for a 
bridge to appear. Save your progress at the Save Jewel on the right and 
continue forward to a statue.

Now, there are two ways to go here: The more accurate way and the shortcut. 
I prefer the shortcut, but I'll write down both ways to get to the end of the 

The shortcut:
Go left at the statue and hop on and over the piece of stone. Activate the 
mechanism and face another boss-like monster- the Weretiger.Collect the
PowerUp and the money he drops and go back to the statue and through the gate.

Follow the cobbled path until you reach a clearing. Ignore this 
(you did take the shortcut, after all!) and go around the hole so you can 
keep heading forward until you reach a dead end. Now descend the cliff until
you reach a cracked wall. Smash it to reveal a tunnel. Destroy the torch for
some Roast Beef while at the same time keeping an eye out for the Blue
Skeletons and the zombie appearing from the ground. 

Go right to reach a cluster of 
platforms and jump to the patch of land. Activate the mechanism, scale the 
cliffs, and head right into the gate for the boss battle.

The long way:
Head left and jump over to the plot of land to pull the lever. Fight the 
Weretiger, go back to the statue crossroads and go through the newly-opened 
gate. Attack the torch for an Axe and stop when you come to a big hole. 
Go to the other end of the hole and pull the lever there, then quickly go 
over to the other lever and pull that. Two stubby footholds have appeared, 
but they won't last long, so hop over them quickly. Jump over the broken 
bridge pieces to get to the other side and follow the path.

Save at the Save Jewel on the right and pull the lever. Two Blue Skeletons
and a Skeleton appear. Once you've finished them off, go back to where you
first got to this plot of land. However, the two bridge pieces disappeared.
Now you have to carefully go down the stone platforms to get to the bottom
where you should hop onto the lowered bridge pieces and then go back up the
other cliff. You're back in the place with the stone pillars, so go back to
where the statue was and this time, from where you just entered, go right.
Two bridges await. Take the left one (the right one will crumble). Go
straight and save at the Save Jewel ahead. The crypts, if you can climb into
them, have Sun and Moon Cards inside if you break the coffin, but you can
forget about it unless you want to run into Red Skeletons, which never want
to die.

Anyway, from the Save Jewel, go right and follow the path. Hop into the pit
 and prepare for another boss battle.

       /   Boss: Werewolf   \

Attacks: Slashes viciously... actually, I think that's it.

Difficulty: 1/10

Suggested Subweapon: Cross

How to beat: Run far away to attack it, and when it comes running at you, 
jump over it.


Once dead, it leaves behind some Roast Chicken. Pick it up and go over the 
rims that will lead you to the top of the pit. Save, if you'd like, and go
down the cliffs to a spot of land where you should pull the lever and go
back up the cliffs. Smash the torches, save your progress at the Save Jewel
and prepare for battle.

Both paths lead to this boss battle, so the regular walkthrough will
resume here.

       /  Boss: Giant Skeleton  \

Attacks: Waves bone around, conjures more skeletons to attack you, 
jumps to make shockwaves, breathes poison breath at you.

Difficulty: 2/10

Suggested Subweapon: Axe

How to beat: Start by attacking him, of course, but when he goes into the
middle of the room, when he hits the floor, jump. Don't be hit by the
shockwave things he creates. Also, when he crouches down, he'll breathe
poison at you, so run out of the way. His limbs will start to fall off as the
battle progresses, though, and when his legs finally fall off he'll only be on
his ribs!


Once you regain control, you'll be in the next level, the Castle Wall.

        /  Castle Wall  \

Playable with: Cornell, Reinhardt, Carrie and Henry.

Save at the Save Jewel on the right and, depending on whether it's day or 
night, go through a door. The fastest way is to use a Sun Card and go through 
the right door, but if you don't want to waste a Sun Card or don't have any, 
leave the game on and go read a book or something. At any rate, once it's 
daylight go through the right door.

Head left to find a flight of stairs. Climb them and destroy the Bone Pillar. 
Hop across the gap and go up some more stairs. Destroy the bats, go onto the 
platform and reach the other side. If you drop down here, you'll land on an 
area with a torch. That torch has a Moon Card in it. You'll have to climb up 
again, though. Once you're up, go forward but don't get hit by a giant blade.
Again, ascend more stairs and destroy the Bone Pillar at the top. Hop
on and over the platform and watch out for another giant blade. Once more,
go up the stairs, kill the Bone Pillar and go over the platform, dodging the
blade. Whew! You're finally at the top! Destroy the torch on the
right for some Roast Chicken, save at the Save Jewel on the left and get
ready for another boss battle.

       /  Boss: Quetzlcoatl  \

Attacks: Shoots small fireballs, sheds skin and breathes wave of fire.

Difficulty: 3/10

Suggested Subweapon: Axe

How to beat: This boss isn't too hard, but if his attacks hit you they can
be devastating in the harder modes. Start off by climbing on top of the door
you emerged from. Not a single thing can hit you from here! Now attack. You
might get blasted by his wave of fire once he sheds his skin, but that will
happen rarely.


Once they're dead, rush down and pick up the goodies they leave and examine
the lever socket. There's no lever in there! So jump down to a floor below and
save your game. What looks like a tree stump contains lots of red jewels
inside and you can easily get 99. Jump to that thing sticking out of the
floor for a PowerUp and finally go to the bottom floor to find the Winch Lever.
Find another hole in the floor and drop down to where you first entered. If
it's nighttime, use a Sun Card and go back through the Sun Door. Go up the
room, through the door, insert the lever and pull it. That should close both
doors, so drop down to the bottom floor and save with the Save Jewel. If you
need to, use a Moon Card and open the Moon door.

In this room, too, you must go up lots and lots of stairs. It's pretty
straightforward so I'll be lazy and leave you to it. Watch out for the trick
platforms and stairs (which are green) and the axes! Pull the lever
here, opening both doors and go down to the bottommost floor, exiting the
level. Don't forget to save!

        /  Villa  \

Playable with: Cornell, Reinhardt, Carrie and Henry.

What's that a'snarlin'? Why, it's a couple of Cerberouses! Kill all three. To
the left the torch contains a Purifying. Enter the gate where you'll find
some more Cerberouses. Kill those three, and if you're lucky, one of them will
drop some Holy Water, which is the handiest subweapon in the game. Take the
Roast Beef and go through the gate to a pretty little garden. Head left to find
a Save Jewel in front of a tombstone and save your progress. Now go into the
Villa itself.

Now, if your character is Cornell or Reinhardt and Carrie, the walkthrough will
be different between them. Thus, there's two walkthroughs to choose from.

As Cornell:
Smash the candles for red jewels and gold galore and once you're ready, go up
the stairs-- But wait! A vampire distracts you and you must battle him. If a
vampire decides to bite you, you'll turn into a vampire yourself. You won't be
able to use your long-range weapon if afflicted and you won't be able to use
healing items. If this ever happens, use a Purifying to heal yourself. Now go
up the stairs and to the left. Smash the vase for the Archives Key and go
right. Destroy the chandelier for a Red Jewel (L), 500 gold, a Roast Chicken,
a Purifying and a Cure Ampoule. Now you can leave the house for the moment.
Go through the door on the bottom floor into a servant's entrance. Smash the
torch to find some Roast Chicken and save using the Save Jewel. Now exit
through the door.

Go through the gate, but be wary of the skeleton on a motorcycle. The torch
on the right has a Purifying. Go farther up the path to be attacked by another
motorcycle skeleton with the torch on the left containing a Cure Ampoule. Go
even farther to find another motorbike, with a gun-wielding skeleton in the
passenger's seat. Defeat it and go through the door on the left. Now go
forward and left, following the path to a large tower. Destroy the torch for
Crest Half B. Facing the torch, turn around and head that way. Follow the path
until you reach an iron fence, then go right. Go right again and defeat the
motorbike skeleton and grab the wealth he drops. Then, when you run into a
Bone Pillar, defeat those three. Go left and slice the torch and recieve the
Rose Garden Key. Now go back to the servant's entrance (go right, then right,
then right again, then another right, then left, then right) and enter.

If you don't want to bother with the archives, go out the main door to the
courtyard and save with the Save Jewel. Now examine the tombstone nearby. What
do you see? Press the switch and turn around. Now press the button on Mary's
tombstone, then press the button on Henry's, and then press the unreadable
tombstone's button. You hear a scraping noise. If you turn around, you'll see a
pillar has risen from the depths of the fountain. Hop on top then to the
middle ledge of the pillar where 1,000 gold, a Sun Card, a Moon Card, Roast
Beef and a Purifying awaits. That's all you can do here for now. Go back into
the villa, up the stairs, to the left and use the Rose Garden Key on the
double doors. You'll emerge in... a rose garden! Take the door on the right,
go up the stairs, go left, and take the first door on your left.

You will meet Lord Oldrey inside, who seems to need a drink and explains he and his
wife are having an argument. Cornell explains his situation and when you look
back on Oldrey, he seems to look a little pale... Handle this vampire as you
usually would and defeat the vampire bat to get some gold. Now enter the door
and talk to Mary. She explains that her son, Henry, had to escape, so if you
save him she'll give you the Copper Key. Before we save Henry, though, (don't
worry, he'll be fine) we have a little business of our own to take care of.
Take the Garden Key from the table before leaving.

Exit the two rooms and take the second door on your left after defeating the
stained-glass soldier who hops out of the window. The first one on your left is
the Storage Room, but that's locked. Anyway, go left again, hop on the dresser
here and examine the lion's head to get some Roast Chicken. Crush the two vases
between the couches to get the Storage Room Key and a Roast Chicken. Unlock the
Storage Room, take the Roast Chicken, the Roast Beef and the Purifying from the
statue and save. Now head back to the Rose Garden.

If it's not nighttime already, use a Moon Card and wait until dawn. When it's
dawn, check the center rose garden for the Thorn Key. Now it's time to rescue
Henry. Go back to the hallway and take the second door on your left, then go
through the golden double doors at the end of the room and go down the stairs.
Unless you're like me and will just hop off the balcony. Either way, at the
bottom you'll spot a contract. A demon named Renon tells you that you can buy
stuff from him. He looks like he's from Men in Black, but whatever. Be careful
when buying from him, though. If you spend more than 30,000 gold, you'll sell
your soul! It doesn't affect the game, though, other than the fact that you'll
get an extra boss battle near the end. Use the contract if you need to and save.
Then go through the double doors.

Open the gates and go left, then keep going straight to activate a cutscene.
You will see Henry, but you've got to save him from a chainsaw-wielding 
Frankenstein's monster- lookalike. The goal of this minigame is to
lead Henry to the forest. When he is attacked by the monster, his health bar
depletes, and if it reaches zero, he dies and the game will end. There is no
way to restore Henry's health. Like the dialogue says, if you run too fast and
leave Henry behind, then he will just stop wherever he is so you can go back
to him. Press the ^ C button to see from his point of view. To stun
Frankenstein temporarily, slash at him. He will fall over and probably leave
some Roast Chicken, leaving you time to escape. 

Stun Franky, go left and through the door. When going through doors, you'll
have to wait for Henry to catch up with you. Once you're through the door,
wait for the monster, stun him and go right, then straight. Then go right again, then right, then right, then straight past the arch, then left. When you're in the tower clearing, go left,
then another right. Then go straight to the door. Congratulations! You've saved
Henry! Now follow the straight path back to the side entrance of the villa.
You can hear the last revving of Frankenstein's chainsaw, but you won't meet
him again.

Go talk to Henry's mother. She gives you the Copper Key. Before we leave,
though, we have to get one last item: Crest Half A. Go back to the iron gates
you saw earlier in the maze. Using the Thorn Key, open the gate and destroy the
candles for some red jewels and the Rose Brooch. Now return to the villa.
Go to the top of the fountain in the courtyard and fit the Rose Brooch into it
to recieve Crest Half A.

Again, go back to the main entrance to the maze and go straight this time.
At the tower clearing, go right and open the door. Wade through the water and
hop onto the bridge. Jump over it and chop the candle for some Roast Beef. Now
cross the bridge this time, hack the torch for a Purifying and save. You know
what this means... another vampire! Insert the Crest Halves and go inside.
Defeat this like you normally would and view the cutscene. Now slap the coffin
and hop on in.


As Reinhardt or Carrie:
Use a Moon Card. Trot on up the stairs, defeat the vampire, and go in the door
to your left. Now go through the next door. Go behind the pillar to activate
the cutscene (if it doesn't work, wait until dawn). Go through the other door.

Go up the stairs and in the left door. A lot of doors we've got here, eh? Go in
the last door and you will meet a man with a cross strapped to his back. He
suspects you of being a monster and even goes so far to call you childish, but
please, look at this oddball. Talk to him again and he'll give you the key to
the Archives.

Exit, go down the hall and through the very last door. The door slams and you'll
meet another villager there, who happens to really be a vampire. Defeat him,
go through the two doors and into the archives. Pick up the Garden Key far in
the back of the room and leave the archives, antechamber, and dining room. Open
the door at your right, and smash the vases left. Take Roast Chicken and
Storage Room Key, then go to the mounted lion head. Go out the closest right
door. Go right again, pick up the food and the Purifying in the statue, and
save. Now exit, go in the left door, and go to the end of this room. Open the
door. Jump down from the balcony. Once you're at the bottom, use the Contract,
save, and walk outside.

Open the gate, go left and forward, and run into a child. His name is Malus,
and he's here because monsters burned down his home. However, at this moment,
the garden statue dogs come to life and he runs away. The statue dogs are
pretty quick on their feet, so make good use of your subweapon here. Turn
around and go left, where Malus will disappear again. Open the door,
chase him around the corner, but go right when you get the chance. Then go
left again, and right. The statue dogs and the Frankenstein's-monster lookalike
should have arrived by now, so be sure to stun them whenever you get the chance.
Follow Malus and go right twice, left, and finally right. He'll be let through
the gate. Turn around and go down the path, destroying a candle on the left
and get the Copper Key. Go through the gate and the door. 

Save your game, and crack open the candle for some Roast Chicken. Open the
door. You'll be back where you started. Go back up the stairs and through the
three doors. Climb the stairs and go to the door to the farthest left. Enter
and go through the right door. Jump down from the balcony, save, and exit.
Go through the gate. Watch your back here, because the garden dogs and Franky
are still alive and kicking. Go forward and through the arch, then go right.
Open the door with the Copper Key, jump onto the bridge to your left, then go
left and save again. Go through the other door.

Descend into the crypt and attempt to approach the coffin. View the cutscene
and defeat the vampire and its victim. Pop on into the coffin.
Carrie will be sent to the Underground Waterway, while Reinhardt will be sent

        /  Outer Wall  \

Playable with: Cornell, Henry.

Slash the torch for a red jewel and save at the Save Jewel. Now walk forward
slowly; the ledge is short. Climb up onto that ledge, then jump onto the next
three. Now hang from the ledge and make your way to the other ledge.
Ride the elevator and save at the first save you see. Go around and enter the

Run then press Z to slide under these blades. With luck, you will reach the
end of the room unscathed. Press the switch and leave this area.

Save again if you'd like, and heave yourself up to the red metal thing you now
see. Turn around and jump to the arch, then to the broken blocks, then to the
other side. Now jump onto the stone ledge and onto the roof. Now turn around
and jump onto the higher ledges. In a little nook to your right, there's the
torch with the Wall Key. Now go back to the roof and hop down to the little
clearing. You know what to do with the torches, I presume, so once you're done
turn around and use the Wall Key on the door. Ride the elevator.

Walk out onto the platform and jump out onto the one on the left. Then go to
the one under you. Use the tiny ledge to go over to the other side, but wait
until the brick platform is completely emerged, then drop onto it. Once on the
bottom ledge, go through the door. Dodge the boulders in the little crannies
on all sides, then ride the elevator.

Save at the Save Jewel. Next, hop the brick platforms until you reach
a set of blades. When the blade is out of the way, that's your cue to jump.
Even the smooth side of the blade face will cause damage, so watch out.
Follow the path into the distance and slide down the left side of the roof.
Save at the bottom, and take the eleporter to the platform. Encounter the boss:

       /  Boss: Harpy  \

Attacks: Throws a tornado at you, flies down to hit you, throws sharp feathers
at you.

Difficulty: 3/10

Suggested Subweapon: Cross

Since Harpy is a bit annoying, use Lock-On to keep sight of her- hold R when
the target is focused on her. Attack with long-range weapons and subweapons.


Once you're finished, go down the elevator and forward.

        /  Art Tower  \

Playable with: Cornell.

Go forward and save. Depending on whether it is day or night, take the left or
the right door.

If it is not daytime already, use a Sun Card. Take the left door and
defeat the suits of armor. Then take the sun door again. Take the gold and
turn around. Use the scroll if you want and exit. Now, from the door you just
opened, go right and take the Holy Water if you'd like, then turn around and
smash the torch. Exit this room, then go forward.

You'll be in a long room with platforms extending on either side. You must jump
from platform to platform while avoiding the hazardous mine cart that will
knock you off the little ledge. The alcoves in the wall by your platforms
contain stuff. Once you're at the top, use a Sun Card to make it daytime once
more, and go through the door. Pick up Art Tower Key 1. The torch contains a
Purifying. Now go back down the mine cart room. Once there, use a Moon Card to
get through. Then use a Sun Card and take the right path.

Use another Moon Card and go through the Moon Door. Take the right door.
Pick up the PowerUp and use the Contract if you have to, then use a Sun Card
and go forward. Get the cash and the Sun Card in the torch, then enter the
last door.

Now you'll be in a room with a sliding platform. You can actually touch this
one without getting hurt. You'll have to ride this down to the bottom of the
room, while avoiding the monsters that shoot fire. Usually just ducking (press
Z) will do the trick, but sometimes they'll lower their spray, so you'll have
to jump over those. Once you're at the bottom, press the switch to make the
platforms go up, use a Sun Card, go through the door and pick up Art Tower Key
2. Smash the torch for a Moon Card, save, and ascend the long room again. Go
through the door, destroy the knights, and use a Moon Card. The worst part is
over; however, once you leave this area, two vampires will be waiting for you.
Kill them and save, then take the door you couldn't before, the one to the

You'll be in a room with a single suit of armor. Two or three invisible ones
will jump from the wall, so keep a lookout for them. Use your last key to emerge
in a very large room. Go immediately to the left and hop on the ledges. If you
take the time to break the torches, one of them has a Purifying. Ascend the
wall. Look right and you'll see a tightly-stretched rope with chandeliers
waving above. You must cross the tightrope without being hit by the chandeliers
or else you'll plummet to your death. Once you're over, pick up the cross
subweapon if you want to, and save your progress. Now go through the door.

Throw your subweapon over to the Bone Pillar heads to destroy them, then hop
on their platforms before the flaming mine cart hits you. Enter the doorway to
the next area.

        /  Tower of Ruins  \

Playable with: Cornell.

Save at the Save Jewel and enter the door. This is the
most befuddling level in the game, so pay attention closely. Whenever you walk
into the middle of the room, the floor will crumble and you will drop to a room
below. Walk around the edges of each room to get to your destination.

These are the doors to take in the order you should take them: Left, right,
left, then right, then press the switch. Defeat the knight there if you're
playing in Normal mode or above. Turn around and go back through the door. Then
take these doors: The left one, left, go up the stairs and through the door,
forward, left. Now press the switch, turn around, and go back through the door.
Go right, forward, down the stairs, left, forward, forward, up the stairs,
then fall through both floors.

Now follow the path, keeping an eye out for the monsters. Press the switch, and
continue on down the path to a door. Go up both flights of stairs, defeat the
zombies, and take the only door out (use the scroll before you go). Now go
forward, right, forward, up the stairs, left, then go forward. Go up the
flights of stairs, open the door and save. You're almost done!

Open the door to reveal what looks like an unstable room. The floors
occasionally collapse beneath your feet, so be prepared to jump a lot.
Follow the path heading left. There are some crumbling floors here, so watch
out. Smash the torch and hop onto that pillar, onto the patch of floor, then
the next piece of floor extending into the distance. There is a piece of
crumblage here, so jump as much as you can. Once you reach the other end, go
down the stairs and look left. Quickly hop over the crumbling floor onto the
other side. Then hop on and over the moving platform. Do this until you reach
another pillar. Climb the floor and look left. Hop over the crumblage here and
save at the jewel. Press the switch, but stay on it. Ride it down to the
platform with the Holy Water on it, go past the torch (which contains a PowerUp)
and ride the platform upwards. Press the switch over here, make your way over
the crumbling floor, and get to the other side. Once again, follow the path,
but this time, watch out for the falling boulders. Now go up the stairs and
save. Brace yourself for another puzzle. You must choose the correct pillar to
hop on. If you go down the ledge you're on to go left or right, there are clues
on the walls. You're on your own for this one. Once you're at the dome, turn
around and go through the door. 

        /  Tower of Science  \

Playable with: Cornell and Carrie.

Save at the Save Jewel, and look right. This part of the level is pretty
straightforward: you just jump over the platforms while avoiding hazards.
Ascend the tower. Go up the elevator and save at the jewel. Now go through the
double doors marked "I". See that machine that pops out of the floor? If you're
carrying Holy Water, now's a great time to use it. Once it's destroyed, go
through the doors marked "II." Destroy the monsters as you go down the path,
and hide in the little alcoves on either side. Once you're through, go through
door III.

Dodge the laser beams- you can hop over most of them- and enter IV. Go forward,
kill monsters, and save. Go through V. Watch out for the guns in this room.
Jump on the plinth in front of you, and diagonally three times. Go over this
bridge, dodging the lasers. Then jump to the right plinth, and to the diagonal 
one. A Contract is in the alcove here. Jump to the other diagonal plinth, then
to the one connected to the bridge, and recieve the Control Room Key. Go
back to the beginning of this room, save at the jewel, and go through VI.
Follow the twisting path.

       /  Boss: Security Crystal  \

Attacks: The crystal itself does nothing. The multiple guns around it,
however, will shoot an array of lasers and fire.

Difficulty: 5/10

Suggested Subweapon: Holy Water

How to beat: Stun one of the guns by whacking it. Once it falls, the path will
open up to the crystal. Now go in there and throw lots and lots of Holy Water,
which will deal constant damage, but be sure to attack a lot to speed up the
process. Be warned, though: the guns will be on your tail, and you could get 
damaged a lot with this method. The crystal crumbles easily, though, and you're
near the end of the level, so it shouldn't be a problem.


Turn around and go into the...

        /  Duel Tower  \

Playable with: Cornell and Reinhardt.

This is an area chock-full of bosses, so don't let your guard down. Go forward
to encounter the Weretiger. Use Holy Water on him and attack from afar. When
you're finished with him, jump over to the crumbly platform and go around
with the spiky turnstiles. Hop on over to another arena.

You can finish this boss using two methods:
You can go over to the Werewolf and attack as usual, and pick up the
cash he leaves. Or you can approach the Werewolf. Now hold A and WALK
CAREFULLY over the edge. You should be hanging on, and the Werewolf might fling
himself into the water from the effort of chasing you. You have to be close to
him for it to work, though, because if you're not he'll just stand there and
slash at your hands, and then you'll fall into the water. Alternatively, you
can walk to the very very edge and he'll fling himself in anyway. This method
is fun, but you don't get the wads of money he leaves.

At any rate, once he is no more, turn left and hop over the platforms. Climb up
and avoid the turnstiles, then go up the path. Go across the platforms here,
avoiding the four-pronged spikes as you go. Once you're across, save and use
the contract. Then go up another ramp to another boss. What looks like a
Minotaur is pretty tough, but if you don't let him touch you, you'll be fine.
Just attack like usual, and when he seems to charge up his punch attack, jump
when he charges at you. Now go past the horizontal turnstile-platforms and go
up a ramp to the official final boss of this area:

       /  Boss: Warewolf  \

Attacks: Pounds the ground to make shockwaves, slashes at you, falls on you.

Difficulty: 6/10

Suggested Subweapon: Holy Water

How to beat: First things first- keep off the lava triangles. They'll damage
you, but they won't hurt the Warewolf. Keep your distance and throw lots of
Holy Water. Keep in mind that you're near the end of the level, and need not
waste all of your items.


        /  Tower of Execution  \

Playable with: Cornell and Reinhardt.

First off, save. Then go forward, hopping on the platforms. Once you're on the
strip of floor, slide under the swinging blades (run, then press Z). When
you're over the gap, climb up the steps to some gold and a Purifying in the
niche. Go back and jump over the spikes. Smash the statues on either side of
you, then go into the next room.

Save. Then jump over the log-like platforms to the wall, then climb the wall.
If you turn around here, you'll see a patch of floor that holds the swinging
blades. Walk over it to arrive at 500 gold. Now dodge the blades that threaten
you. You can slide past them. Then go into the next room.

Lucky there's a Save Jewel here, isn't it? Walk over the mesh and watch out for
the flames- they make a hissing noise before they rise. Follow the path and go
right. You can go left for a save jewel, a Sun Card and some Roast Chicken, but
that's about it. Watch out for the collapsing grate and jump past the blades
into the next room.

Follow the path here, but watch out for the invisible knights that pop off the
walls like the ones you saw in the Art Tower. Save at the end of the path. Go
right. You'll see a semi-circle with boulders that fall into it and cause the
lava to splash. To avoid getting hit, though, jump onto the grate the very
second the boulder hits the lava. Then jump to the floor. Go through another
semi-circle and to the floor. Now look right, and you'll see a full circle.
This'll be a little trickier, but it's okay if you take some damage. Go past
another one, and into the next room.

Follow the path. You can smash the bottom halves of the pillars here, but they
reveal skeletons. Go into the next room and save, of course. This room contains
every hazardous device you've seen so far, but relax! The end is in sight! Go
past the blades here and be careful to avoid the grating- it contains flames.
Jump over the circle and dodge the blades on the other side. Watch out for the
swinging blade above the lava! Now save on your left, and go around the circle,
hop over the logs, and dodge the blades. Jump to the platform, go past the
swinging axes, and dive into the next level.

        /  Tower of Sorcery  \

Playable with: Cornell and Carrie.

Save on the left and go forward on the ice-like floor. Throw Holy Water
at the saliva monster who will poison you, and continue forward, killing the
other saliva monster. Jump on the platforms, dodging the electrocuting ice, and
jump over the rest of the matzah-bread platforms until you reach a save.
The pointed red crystal platforms will dissolve every once in a while if you're
not on Easy Mode, so watch your step. Use the Contract and head forward. These
crystals will make a noise and send signals to attack you, but you can smash
them. Ascend the platforms, smashing the ice crystals as you go, and go past
the matzah platforms. Save. Go up some more platforms, and leave this very,
very short level behind you.

        /  Room of Clocks  \

Playable with: Cornell, Reinhardt and Carrie.

This is an even shorter level than the Tower of Sorcery! Smash the candles for
subweapons, red jewels and PowerUps, then go up the elevator to a boss that 
varies depending on your character.

For Cornell:

       /  Boss: Ortega / Chimera  \

Attacks: Hits you with a long claw-sword thing, hovers then pounces on you,
slams into you, spits poison, breathes fire, sends vibrations to hurt you,
bites you.

Difficulty: 8/10

Suggested Subweapon: Axe (unless you have 3 Holy Waters)

How to beat: Curse those childhood rivalries! Despite all of the attacks the
Chimera does, there is a simple but risky method of defeating it. If you bought
lots of food from the Contract downstairs, you should be fine. Hold R to lock
on to it and stay a fair bit away (so its claw won't attack you) . Now run and
jump at the same time, and attack. Just keep doing this until he dies. It's
still dangerous, though, so keep an eye on your health meter so you can heal
when necessary.


For Reinhardt:

       /  Boss: Death  \

Attacks: Sends mini-scythes toward you, summons some fish.

Difficulty: 4/10

Suggested Subweapon: Cross

How to beat:
If you've got Reinhardt's glowing whip, this battle is in the bag. Rush up to
Death and attack him. Jump and attack. Rinse and repeat, and you should be
able to kill him before he summons his gigantic fishes.

For Carrie:

       /  Boss: Actrise  \

Attacks: Throws powder to freeze you, creates harmful crystals to spike you,
makes a whole bunch of spikes at a time, makes magic bounce around the screen,
throws magic similar to Carrie's at you.

Difficulty: 2/10

Suggested Subweapon: Holy Water

How to beat: Actrise's battle is pure fun. Start by targeting her with R.
Don't let go of R for the whole battle. Now, run in a circle around her,
charging your weapon and attacking her with it, all the while. Never stop
running! She'll summon crystal spikes to guard herself. Throw some Holy Water
at her which will damage the crystals surrounding her to a point, and then
release your charged shot.


Go on back into the Room of Clocks, buy some more stuff except for Roast Beef 
(there is a lot of free Roast Beef in the upcoming level), save, and go into
the doorway.

        /  Clock Tower  \

Playable with, Cornell, Reinhardt and Carrie.

Look to your right and climb that ledge. Now go left and jump onto that ledge.
Cross the gears, but don't walk into the middle of the two, because you'll get
smashed and die. Now climb to the other ledge. Keep doing this until you get to
the top. In between ledges, attack the metal boxes in the corners. They hold
lots of gold and Roast Beef, which is why I told you not to buy more. Once
you're at the top, cross the long gear on a pole, and make a flying jump to the two
candles on a ledge. Smash them- one of them contains Clock Tower Key A, the
first in a series of Clock Tower keys. Cross the ledges and the gears, and
open the door with your key.

Save in here and open the door. Cross the gears, killing the Bone Pillars on
the way, and get Clock Tower Key B in an alcove. Open the door up. Go through
the hallway and open another door. Descend the ledges and save at the bottom.
Look left. See the rotating pillar? There are ledges carved in here that will
help you on your way up. Hop from ledge to ledge until you can hop no longer,
and see a ledge sticking out of another alcove. Go across the rotating
gear-pole. Smash the torch on the ledge and get Clock Tower Key C. Get back on
the pole, hop to the little ledge sticking out, and you can either descend the
pillars you just did, or walk off SLOWLY while holding A. Let go of A, and you 
should be back where you saved. Save again and open the little cage. There's
an elevator in there.

Ride it up and cross over to the other side. Save again if you want, and go up
this pillar, watching out for the fire. Smash the little metal box and go up
these next pillars until you can climb to the top of one. Hop to the alcove and
cross the big pole. Use the gear as a ledge, smash the candle in the alcove
and get Clock Tower Key D. Now hop across again, avoiding the fire. You'll see
something lying on the ground: Ada. Death steals her away at the last second,
so go through the door and down the hallway.

Save and use the scroll, if you want, and go up the stairs. Open the door. The
camera'll spin around to show you're standing on the clock face. Smash the
torch and pick up Clock Tower Key E. Go back inside, down the stairs, and into
the only door you can right now.

First go left and hop on the very big platform, then jump to the spinning gear,
and then to the alcove sticking out of the wall. Go up again, and look left
from here. Hop on and over the gears. Now cling to the wall to get to your
right. Watch out for the things that spit flame, in case you hadn't noticed
them already. Jump forward and pull the lever. Save, and go back to the wall,
making your way left this time. Drop onto the new red platform, and hop up
three times. Now cross the pole, making sure you don't get hit by the rotating
spikes on the stick and the flames. Go through the door and hallway.

Save, then hop over the swinging platforms, which is easy enough, and get to the
slope. Once you drop down this ledge, you'll lose control because you'll
be sliding down a steep hill. There are many falls and wrong ways to go, and
if you get it wrong the first time, you'll have to climb the WHOLE tower all
over again. So let's get this right, shall we? Walk SLOWLY around the small
ledge, and use the ^ C button to look down. Make sure you're positioned exactly
over the small tan-colored ledge sticking out of the slope. Slither down there,
and walk left a bit, so you can slide down to the raised walkway. Pull the 
lever, slide down, and save. THIS IS THE LAST CONTRACT YOU WILL EVER SEE, so
use it wisely. Head out onto the clock face again and go through the new
door. You're finally at...

        /  Castle Keep  \

Playable with: Cornell, Reinhardt and Carrie.

Jump up the stairs (it's much more fun than walking) and go inside this hut.
Smash the torches and go walk towards the door. Renon appears and will either
say that he'll see you in the next life, or he tells you a little about the
contract. If you've spent over 30,000 gold, you've sold your soul to him! 

       /  Boss: Renon  \

Attacks: Shoots fireballs at you, summons Death's fish.

Difficulty: 7/10

Suggested Subweapon: Axe

How to beat:
Renon's fireballs you can attack. That can be a good thing in terms of defense,
but if you're trying to get a shot in, this could be tricky. Once his health is
low, he'll summon the fishes Death also summons, and he'll fly off in the 
distance. Once the fishes are gone, he'll twirl a bit and surround himself
with the fireballs. It'll be hard to hit him that way, but you can muddle
through. With luck, you can do him in before he even summons Death's fish

Either way, if you fought the boss or not, go up the stairs and into the hut.
Go up some more stairs, but don't go into those big, looming doors just yet.
Jump to one of the torches on either side of you and to the small ledge
surrounding the tower. Smash the torch and pick up the last PowerUp, and then
walk to the torch out in the distance. It'll be like the first level, Foggy Lake.
Now you can go back to the doors that hold the last boss inside. How exciting!

SAVE at the jewel on your left. Heal if it's needed. Then go forward. The
coffin lid flies off to reveal the big man himself. 

       /  Boss: Dracula  \

Attacks: Shoots fireballs at you, makes shockwaves, throws bats at you, pulls
you in and sucks your blood.

Difficulty: 7/10

Suggested Subweapon: Cross

How to beat:
You can pretty much dodge a lot of the attacks here by jumping and hitting him
in the face. Which is what you should do- jump and hit him in the face. You
can hit the bats he throws, and occasionally they'll drop a Roast Chicken or
two. You shouldn't need to heal here, but do it if you must.


Like all boss battles with Dracula, he's got a second form, but this second
form is very much unlike all of the others...

       /  Boss: Dracula Ultimate \

Attacks: Shoots fire, ice, or skulls at you, summons lightning bolts to hit
you, slams the ground and makes ice spike up from the floor, throws you up and
blasts you.

Difficulty: 10/10

Suggested Subweapon: Don't use subweapons here, if you can. Save your jewels
for your werewolf form.

How to beat:
In case you hadn't noticed when he opened his stomach, his head is encased in
there. It's your job to finish that part off, because that's his weak spot.
Unfortunately, he only opens it a few times, so you've got to work quickly.
Transform into a a werewolf straight away, so you can run around while
attacking him, jumping and destroying fireballs and obstacles headed toward
you. Good luck.


Dracula starts to sink into the dark abyss, but he reaches for something...
Ada! He can't just take her, after all we've been through! So for the sake of
the game, Cornell's wolf power hops into Dracula's palm instead, while in the 
process saving Ada. Shame, because that's what Dracula was intending to do. Oh
well. Cornell and Ada manage to get out of there, and while wondering where to
go afterwards, they stumble upon Henry! Henry explains how the pendant warded
off evil spirits and how the wolves living in the forest protected him. Cornell
decides to reminisce during all of this, but in time, the sun breaks over the
hill, and the credits roll. If you choose to save over your original data,
you will unlock a new character- Henry! Just when you thought the game was
done, though, you see the ritual for bringing the Count back to life. 

The epilogue tells us that, quote:
"About that time, a priest of the Eastern Orthodox Church gave this prophecy.
One clear night after 7 days of thunder and rain, a blood moon will shine down
on a foggy lake and children of darkness will gather in the old castle. An
infant with blue eyes and blue hair will be born on this night to a young
couple living in a small village in the forest. On this child's eighth birthday
the soul of the true devil will wake from a deep sleep and play a destructive
melody. Still there is no reason to grieve. For our lord has given us one hope:
To entrust our future to 2 youths who inherited the powers to fight the devil."

Once you play Henry's mode, you'll unlock those two youths described in the
prophecy. Get moving!

| VI. Henry's Quest |

Back so soon? Couldn't get through the first level? Never fear, walkthrough is
here! The object of his quest is to find all of the children in the castle
before the seven day period ends. Sounds easy, right? Well, you have a gun, so
it will be. Let's find those rugrats!

Anthony (Forest of Silence):
Save at the Save Jewel on the left and head to the edge of the bridge. 
Tackle the Goblins in the distance using long-range attacks and climb up 
each and every one of the platforms sticking out of the wall. Now follow 
the route and watch out for the tree that will fall over. Don't touch it! 
When you finally reach the end attack the giant metal sticker two or three 

Save your progress at the Save Jewel on the right and 
continue forward to a statue. Go left at the statue and hop on and over
the piece of stone. Activate the mechanism. Go back to the statue and
through the gate.

Follow the cobbled path until you reach a clearing. Go around the pit
so you can keep heading forward until you can't anymore. Now descend the
cliff until you reach a cracked wall. Smash it to reveal a tunnel. Destroy
the torch for some Roast Beef while at the same time keeping an eye out for
the Blue Skeletons and the zombie appearing from the ground. There's Anthony!
Go right to reach a cluster of platforms and jump to the patch of land.
Activate the mechanism and scale the cliffs, and defeat the boss.

Bess (Castle Wall):
Save and go into the left door. Go up until you reach four trick platforms
(the green ones) and look right. You'll see Bess there. Quickly use the trick
platforms to jump to where she's at, and talk to her. Go back down the stairs,
open the door, and save. Exit the Castle Wall.

Clark (Villa):
Defeat the Cerberouses, save and enter the Villa. Go through the servant's
door, save again if you want, and go through the door.

Go through the gate now. Remember this place? Yes! It's where you escaped as a
child. Bet you never thought you'd come back into this place, did you? Destroy
a candle in an alcove Go through the door on your left.

Now, I'm sure Franky is in this maze somewhere, but with luck, you can rescue
the child in this maze without running into him. Follow these directions:
Go left, right, and into the niche. There's Clark. Now go left and forward.
Open the door, go forward into the clearing and left. Open that door. It seems
someone has already been here, so you don't need a key. Go right, jump on the
bridge and go left. Save and enter. Go forward and jump on into the coffin.

Depending on what time you jumped into the coffin, you'll be transported to a
different place: the Underground Waterway (8:01 A.M. - 4:00 P.M.), the Tunnel
(12:01 A.M - 8:00 A.M.), or the Outer Wall (4:01 P.M. - 12:00 P.M.).


|VII. Contact|

I check my e-mail every day, so feel free to send an e-mail at:

[email protected]

Remember a few things before you write:

1. If you've got a question about the walkthrough, put something like
"Castlevania" in the heading so I'll know what the e-mail is about.
2. If you don't understand something, be sure it's not covered in the
walkthrough already before asking me. I'll just redirect you towards the
walkthrough anyway.
3. Don't send spam, because I'll block any further e-mails you'll send me.

Thank you!

| VIII. Legal |

This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other
web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a
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