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Bomberman 64 Cheats and Tips

We have 5 cheats and tips on N64. If you have any cheats or tips for Bomberman 64 please send them in here. For more Codes for Bomberman 64 go to:
Bomberman 64 GameShark Codes

You can also ask your question on our Bomberman 64 Questions & Answers page.

All Bomberman 64 Cheats and Tips - Latest First.

Gold Cards

If you name your character 'BOMBS' (case sensitive without the quotes) you will automatically get the maximum number of gold cards when you complete a level.


Complete the following tasks to unlock the corresponding effect.

Unlock 4 Secret Stages:

Get 120 Gold Cards

Unlock Rainbow Palace World:

Complete the game with 100 Gold Cards

Unlock Full Power Option:

Complete the game with 120 Gold Cards

Unlock Clown Mask, Clogs, Boxing Gloves and Karate wear:

Beat the game in 3 hours or less

Unlock Custom Gold Set:

Beat Hard mode with 120 Gold Cards in under 3 hours

Unlock High heels, Fan, Shogun Kimono and the Samurai Head:

Collect 120 Gold Cards

Unlock Gold Suit, Gold Gloves, Gold Boots and Gold Visor:

Beat the game in 3 hours with 120 Gold Cards

Unlock Sound Test:

Complete the game in Adventure mode on Normal difficulty setting

View Credits Anytime in Options:

Complete the game with 100 Gold Cards

Custom Piece!

In the 1st stage of the Snow level,go to where the cottage is next to a red button.If there is a snowman on top of it,than stand on the ledge and throw SMALL bombs at him until he dies.Now don't jump off the ledge!Get out a PUMPED bomb and throw it off of the ledge onto the foor infront of the house and bounce off of it on to the house. Now go to the side where you can see an Icy tree and jump off of the house onto where the tree is. Blow up the tree.Congatulations!You have found the CUSTOM PIECE!!!

Four New Arenas

If tapping start really fast while highlighting the battle option is to hard for you than you shuold get the MADCATZ controllers.

On them is a SLOW button next to the start button.(And also a TURBO button.)

Now follow the instructions bellow........

1.Go to the menu.

2.Highlight the BATTLE option.

3.Now press the SLOW button.

4.If you hear a chime than press the SLOW button again.

5.Go to the 'Level Select' option in the BATTLE mode.

6.Now go to the last four levels and they will be new levels.

(note: The reason it works is because the SLOW button is like the START button,but it keeps on repeating the START button.

That is why it is so fast! Just press it again to make it stop.)

Extra levels

Highlight battle and tap start until you hear a sound.

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