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Nier Reincarnation Cheats and Tips

Android, iPhone/iPad
Last Updated: by Dennis

Nier Reincarnation is a free-to-play mobile RPG that takes place in the universe of Nier and its sequel, Nier: Automata. Set in the realm called The Cage, you take the role of an amnesiac and voiceless young girl guided by a ghost-like being who traverses through the labyrinth-like structure entering statues called Scarecrows where she discovers the stories of others and has to set them right. Nier Reincarnation is available on Android and iOS. Take a look at our tips to get help in the game.

Nier Reincarnation Trailer

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Jumping Tricks

Knowing the right combinations of controls can help you considerably in certain situations. You will encounter a lot of areas in Nier Reincarnation where you will need to leap across a large area and a simple jump will not suffice. In these instances you need to use a jump boost which is performed by activating a pod mid-air, and use it to assist your jump. Another jumping trick is an uppercut attack, which is very effective against enemies. To perform it, you need to jump towards the enemy and immediately hit your heavy attack.

Start Off on Easy Mode

It is recommended that you begin playing Nier Reincarnation on Easy mode to give yourself the opportunity to get used to the game. In Easy mode, the enemies you encounter will be significantly weaker than the protagonist, and you will be able to equip Support Chips such as Auto Shoot and Auto Dodge. Normal difficulty is how the game should be played and for players that want a challenge there is Hard mode where the enemies are a little stronger than the protagonist, and you will not have the ability to lock on target. Nier Reincarnation also has a Very Hard mode where the enemies are much stronger, there is no ability to lock on target, and one hit will kill you.

There is No Autosave

It is important to remember that Nier Reincarnation does not have an autosave, so it is essential that you manually save the game whenever possible, so you retain your progress. In order to save, you must reach the save points which are scattered throughout the map, each of which having a different usable radius to save in. These areas though will be attacked by enemies which you will have to fend off. At a save point, you will be able to activate quick-save and also update the map.

Stock up on Stamina Recovery Potions

You will need stamina in order to continue playing Nier Reincarnation and grind out the events. Stamina recovery potions refresh every day at the end of the Item shop menu, and it is essential that you buy them. Regardless, if you are not grinding or using up all your stamina, you should still purchase all the available stamina recovery potions to hoard them for later use.

Don't get Attached to Prologue Weapons

Although during the prologue of Nier Reincarnation you are able to gather various different items and weapons, you should not get too attached to them because once the prologue is over you will be left with only your starter weapons and nothing else.

Focus on the Guerilla Quests

Guerilla quests in Neir Reincarnation act as a side supporter to level up quickly in the game. These quests occur several times a day, and it is recommended that players new to the game and also seasoned players alike grind these quests whenever they are available in order to take significant steps in the right direction. The time of opening Guerilla quests are:

8.00 - 8.30
12.00 - 12.30
18.00 - 18.30
22.00 - 22.30

Focus on the Guerilla Quests

Play the Tutorial

Resist the temptation to skip the tutorial and get straight into the game. There is no save option and no checkpoints in Nier Reincarnation, so it is essential that you fully understand the mechanics of the game, otherwise you will find playing it a very frustrating experience. Even dying in the tutorial means you will have to start the entire thing from the beginning.

Play the Shooting Game to Increase your Rank

Increasing your character's rank in Nier Reincarnation is your number one priority, and the fastest way in which you can do this is by playing the shooting game. You will be given access to the shooting game every 8 hours, and you should not miss the opportunity to play it. There are several ranks that can be obtained, these are Reset marathon, Strongest formation, Strongest character, Strongest weapon, Strongest Otomo, and Strongest memory. Raising your character's rank will help move along the game and also allow you gain more Enhancements and materials.

Play the Shooting Game to Increase your Rank

Get the Benefits of the Shop Discount

In Nier Reincarnation, you are given the option to unlock the shop discount, and it is recommended that you do so in order to gain the benefits. To unlock the shop discount, you need to first go to the resistance camp and then the space station to start the side quests. There you will be given a quest by 16D, called '11B's Momentos'. When you complete the quest you will receive a small sword which when you upgrade will gain a special bonus which will give you a 25 discount on items in the store.


Nier Reincarnation FAQ's

Our Latest Questions

How do you get free daily summons?
When you reach Chapter 9 in the main story you will unlock the free daily summon.
What is the best way to farm coins?
The best way to get coins in Nier Reincarnation is to farm the event stages.
What are the best weapons in Nier Reincarnation?
These are the S tier weapons which are Wretched Blade and Kaine's Sword.
How do you rank up quickly?
The fastest way to increase your character's ranks and status is by playing the shooting game. You will be able to access this feature after every eight hours.
How do you get Chapter Summons?
You can get chapter summons by completing the chapters. Summons are reset every month.
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